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By definition, spontaneous combustible is a result chemical reactions within a

1 of_________. substance

2 When using mechanical foam to fight a bilge fire, the at a vertical surface
stream of foam is most effective when directed.
Chemical foam is most suitable for use on a fire oil
3 involving _____________.

One of the limitations of foam as a fire extinguishing conducts electricity

4 agent is that foam ________.

The piece of equipment shown in the illustration is used Mechanical foam

5 in conjunction with a fire hose to produce which of the
listed fire extinguishing agents?
Which of the following fire extinguishing agents is best Aqueous film forming foam
6 suited for use on a large class "B" fire occurring on the
open deck of a vessel?
Foam extinguishes a fire by __________. smothering the burning material

The use of which type of fire extinguishing agent Foam

8 involves covering the burning surface by deflecting the
agent from a bulkhead to avoid undue agitation?
The best way to combat an engine room bilge fire is foam extinguisher and low velocity
9 through the use of a_____________. water fog

Which of the following would be considered a Class B Waste rag fire in the engine room
10 fire?

The most important characteristic of a fire extinguishing Non-conducting

11 agent to be used on electrical fires is for the agent to be

An extinguishing agent which effectively cools dilutes dry chemical

12 combustible vapors and provides a heat and smoke
screen is ___________.

Through which of the listed process is sufficient heat Heat of oxidation

13 produced to cause spontaneous ignition?

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When approaching a fire from winward, you should low-velocity fog

14 shield fire-fighters from the fire by using
Which statement is FALSE regarding Halon as a fire It is always non-toxic.
15 extinguishing agent?

Which of the following statements concerning chemical It is formed as a result of the

16 foam is true? reaction between dry powder and
A fire extinguishing product produced by first mixing a mechanical foam
17 foam concentrate with water to produce a foam solution,
then mixing the foam solution with air is termed
When an electrical fire has been extinguished with a electrical contacts or relays being
18 drychemical agent, there is always a possibility of the rendered inoperative

Each drilling unit equipped with helicopter fuel storage landing area and sources of vapor
19 tanks must have the tanks installed as far as practicable ignition
from the ________.

In which of the circumstances listed would a carbon Within a closed space

20 dioxide fire extinguishing agent be most effective?

Spontaneous combustion is most likely to occur in oil soaked rags

21 _______.

Spontaneous combustion is most likely to occur in rags soaked in linseed oil

22 ________.

Fire-fighting foam is only effective when the foam completely covers the top of the
23 ___________. burning liquid

The advantage of using a dry chemical fire extinguishing its good stability and nontoxicity
24 agent is _________.

Dry chemical extinguishing agents extinguish a fire by breaking up the molecular chain
25 _________. reaction

What danger to personnel exists when a carbon dioxide Suffocation

26 fire extinguisher is discharged in a small enclosed
Mechanically foam used for firefighting is produced by foam chemical with air and water
27 mechanically mixing and agitating ___________.

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One of the disadvantages of using carbon dioxide to prolonged exposure to high

28 extinguish a fire in an enclosed space is ____________. concentrations of CO2 gas
causes suffocation
If flammable liquids are being pumped with a centrifugal stop the pump immediately if it
29 pump, you should_______. becomes vapor bound

Dry chemical extinguishing agents are effective when with any other dry chemical
30 used ___________. extinguishing agents

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