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Competence 1 OIC ENGINE

Which of the substances listed is satisfactorily

C1 removed from the fuel b a centrifugal oil Carbon particles

Reduction gear lube oil temperatures for keel higher than raw water
cooler installations are generally _________. cooled installations

If the temperature in a hot air manifold were

C1 found to be 122oF, what will be the equivalent 50oC
reading on the centigrade scale?

Which of the listed fuel oil ignition methods are

A high energy electric
C1 commonly found on automatically fired auxiliary
boilers aboard merchant vessels?

What maybe the cause of injection lag in a The diesel fuel used
diesel engine? having a high viscosity

A lube oil filter can be used to remove most

C1 contaminants from lube oil. What contaminant Fuel/Diesel oil
will remain in the lube oil after filtering?

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A pneumercator is an instrument used to
C1 tank fluid level
indicate _____.

The expansion tank for the jacket cooling water

maintain constant head
C1 which is a closed cooling type is used to
in a system

Before any work is done on a burner in an

close all manually
C1 automatically fired auxiliary boiler, you should
operated fuel valves
always ___________.

What reading will be obtained if we use a dry

C1 uncoated sounding rod or tape to measure the Very inaccurate
depth of water in a reserve feed water tank?

What would be the possible cause of high diesel

C1 Air in the cooling system
engine cooling water temperatures?

only after the engine

Diesel engine control can be obtained by the room control station is
bridge __________. switched to Bridge

Where is the contaminated oil enters the At the top through the
centrifuge in a disk type centrifugal purifier? regulating tube

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Why is condensate being pumped from the Condensate should be
C1 condenser to the DC heater instead of directly deaerated before
to the boiler? entering the boiler

The device most commonly used to measure the

C1 exhaust gas temperature of a diesel engine pyrometer
cylinder is called a _______.

Exhaust valve grooving and corrosion is caused

by certain components of residual fuel oil. These
C1 vanadium
components are sodium, sulfur, and

Why do most temperature control valves in

excessive cooling would
diesel engine closed freshwater cooling systems
C1 take place in the heat
bypass the flow of jacket water around the
exchangers at high loads
cooler instead of around the engine?

A pyrometer is capable of producing a voltage heating a junction of two

by _____. dissimilar metals

Store, heat, and

C1 The DC heater functions to _____.

Excessive lubricating oil consumption in a

excessive valve-guide
C1 running diesel engine can be caused by

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Increasing the valve clearance between a valve
staying open for a
C1 stem and rocker arm, will in the valve
shorter period of time

Oil accumulating in the exhaust piping or

C1 manifold of a diesel engine can be caused by worn valve guides

Crank web deflection readings will give a worn main bearing

positive indication of ___________. journals

Cooling water pumps driven by direct-reversing straight impeller vane

diesel engines are usually ______. with concentric housing

A boiler feed stop-check valve would be

C1 Economizer discharge
located at the _____.

Rapidly discharging condensate into the DC

Decrease in auxiliary
C1 heater during normal steaming conditions could
exhaust pressure
cause _____.

Most large main propulsion diesel engines use a ensure a positive flow of
duplex lube oil strainer to _______. oil at all times

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Throttling a burner air register on an auxiliary
C1 smoky boiler operation
boiler could result in ________.

A dirty intercooler in the ship service air higher than normal

compressor will result in _____. power consumption

Which of the following problems can cause

cavitation in the cooling
C1 fluctuating pressure in the closed cooling system
water pump
of a main propulsion diesel engine?

The effective stroke of a constant-stroke,

C1 individual, fuel injection pump is varied by the control rack

Minimum net positive

The minimum design height of the DC heater is
C1 suction head required by
determined by the _____.
the main feedpump

You are operating a main propulsion diesel

engine at a constant load when the jacket
C1 a piston about to seize
temperature begins to rise. This could be caused
by _________.

The bulk of the solid material entering a

C1 trapped in the bowl
centrifugal purifier with lube oil is ________.

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The DC heater automatic level dump valve is Drain excess feedwater
used to _____. to the distilled water tank

While at sea, the flash type evaporator is

discharging the output to the distill tanks. If it Continue the current
becomes necessary to reduce the feed water evaporator operation
temperature below 165oF, you should _____.

Exhaust pyrometer readings provide an distribution of the load

indication of the _______. between engine cylinders

A salinity indicating system functions on the electrical conductivity of

basic principle of measuring the____. water

The main propulsion diesel engine jacket water

temperature rises above normal, with the raw
Faulty thermostatic
C1 water sea suction and the expansion tank water
bypass valve
level being normal. Which of the following
problem is most likely the cause?

The purpose of an oil mist detector in a main

a possible overheated
C1 propulsion diesel engine is to warn of

During cold ship start-up you should open the

Avoid running the feed
C1 feedwater outlet and condensate valves to a DC
pump dry
heater in order to _____.

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Which of the filters listed will deplete the
C1 Adsorbent filter
additives in lubricating oil?

The direct cause of a crankcase explosion can

C1 an overheated bearing
be attributed to ___________.

A burned exhaust valve may be detected by a exhaust temperature

higher than normal _______. from a particular cylinder

Mist detectors used on large low-speed and

medium speed main propulsion diesel engines lube oil vapors in the
monitor and check for the presence of crank case

Improper maintenance of an automatic auxiliary decreased boiler

boiler oil burner could result in ______. efficiency

A change in engine speed is required before a

governor is able to make a corrective movement
C1 of fuel rack. This aspect of governing is governor sensitivity
commonly expressed as a percent and is known
as ___________.

percent of speed change

Sensitivity for a diesel engine governor is
C1 necessary for corrective
described as the ___________.
action by the fuel control

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Reducing the clearance between a valve stem
having a longer duration
C1 and rocker arm will result in the valve
of opening

Diesel engine injection lag is caused by compressibility of the

____________. fuel

Which of the following procedures decreases the

C1 total dissolved solids concentration in the water Bottom blowing
of an auxiliary boiler?

Air trapped in the hydraulic fluid of a steering

system would be indicated by _____. I. An
C1 improper rudder response II. Hammering noises I, II & III
in the equipment or transmission lines III.
Popping or sputtering noises

Which of the DC heater operations listed will

result in excessive dissolved oxygen in boiler
C1 water? I. Excessively high water level in the I, II & III
heater II. Adding excessive make up feed III.
Operating the heater with a closed air vent

In a flash-type evaporator, an electrical salinity

cell would be installed in the _____. I. Distillate
C1 outlet from the distillate cooler II. Distilate inlet I, II & III
to the distillate cooler III. Condensate drains
from the distiller feedwater heater

Salinity cells are strategically installed in flash

type distilling units to indicate the _____. I.
C1 Neither I nor II
presence of leaks in the flash chambers II.
quantity of the distillate produced

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Engine protection by means of an alarm or
shutdown control can be obtained with devices
C1 I, II & III
that are sensitive to ___________. I.
temperature II. pressure III. engine speed

What would be the result of adding phosphate

compounds into the cooling system of a diesel
C1 II only
engine? I. Protect the coolant from freezing II.
Protect metallic surfaces from the corrosion

With regards to a diesel engine crankcase

C1 explosion, the most violent is the ________. I. II only
primary explosion II. secondary explosion

A large low speed main propulsion diesel engine

may become overloaded by ________. I. A
C1 both I and II
heavily fouled hull II. Strong head winds and
heavy seas

The exhaust system for a turbocharged two-

stroke /cycle diesel engine functions to
C1 _______. I. discharge exhaust gases and smoke I, II & III
II. furnish energy to the turbocharger III.
reduce engine room noise
If oil is dripping from the burner of a coil-type
auxiliary steam generator, the cause may be
C1 _______. I. the oil valve not seating properly II. I, II & III
a loose boiler burner nozzle III. carbon on the
burner nozzle causing deflection of oil spray

If the fuel/air ratio in an automatically fired

auxiliary boiler is insufficient, the result could
C1 I, II & III
lead to _______. I. inefficient combustion II.
dark smoke III. automatic shutdown

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What should you include in the body of a radio
message seeking advice for a medical
emergency at sea? I. the name and owner of
C1 the ship, its position and destination II. The I, II & III
patient's name and next of kin III. The patient's
age, sex, nature of the emergency, pulse and
length of illness, treatment given and diagnosis

With all the responsibilities and work his

position entails, the Master needs the _____
C1 I, II & III
from his staffs? I. Acceptance and recognition
II. Respect and compliance III. Support

What is/are the content of table #1 of

radiotelephony procedures? I. Nature of distress
in code from the International code of signals II.
C1 II only
Phonetic alphabets and figure spelling III.
Position in code from the International code of
The control system for a controllable pitch
propeller can be programmed _____________.
I. to produce a maximum combined propeller
C1 both I and II are correct
and engine efficiency between pitch and a give
engine speed II. For continuous operation of the
engine at preset conditions

allow the engine to cool

If a crankcase explosion occurs in a diesel
down naturally before
C1 engine, you should stop the engine and
opening the inspection

Prolonged operation of a diesel engine with a

closed cooling water system, at lower than cause sulfuric acid
normal designed operating temperatures can formation

When an auxiliary boiler is panting and emitting

C1 increase the air supply
black smoke, you should ______.

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In diesel engines, hydraulic valve lifters are reduce valve gear
used to _________. pounding

In a diesel engine exhaust system, the cooling

C1 of the exhaust gases below their dew point, will sulfuric acid corrosion
result in ______.

Which of the following will have the greatest

effect on the mean effective pressure in a Increasing the quality of
cylinder of a diesel engine operating at normal the fuel-air mixture

Some fuel injection systems utilize port-and- Injection has a constant

C1 helix metering. Which of the following statement beginning and variable
describes a system timed for port closing? ending

Which of the following conditions could cause

improper turbine shaft
black smoke to be discharged from the stack of
C1 speed in the atomizer
an auxiliary boiler equipped with turbine-driven
rotary cup atomizers?

Compensates for the

expansion and
What is the purpose of a hydraulic valve lash
C1 contraction of the valve
stem due to changes in
operating temperature

The highest pressure in any closed diesel engine

C1 cooling water pump inlet
freshwater cooling system is at the ____.

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The longer ignition delay period resulting from
higher cylinder firing
C1 the use of low cetane fuel, will result in

The bearing used to support the crankshaft of a

C1 main bearings
diesel engine are generally called _________.

The overspeeding of the diesel engine driving an damage to the field

electric generator could cause _____. windings

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