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Georgia PTA Board of Directors, Tyler Barr, President

Dear Georgia PTA:

Thank you for your response of March 17, 2017. Georgia PTA remains out of compliance with the
National PTA Standards of Affiliation (SOA) policy as first noted in our noncompliance letter of February
17 2017, and again noted in our letter of March 2, 2017.

As stated in the February 17, 2017 letter, Georgia PTAs noncompliance status is deemed knowingly and
willfully as per the Standards of Affiliation Policy Procedures Regarding State Constituent Associations in
NonCompliance with the SOA, Section 1B. Georgia PTA has not appropriately responded to National
PTAs requests. This letter is official notification that Georgia PTA has now entered the Probation
Phase of noncompliance.

Per the SOA Policy, a state constituent association shall remain on probation until all requirements have
been met or for a period not to exceed six months or September 29, 2017. This Probation Phase is
related to the following unresolved portions of the SOA Policy (in bold italics):

Standard 5: The state constituent association shall adopt, revise, and adhere to bylaws that
reflect correctly the current rules and practices of this association.
Georgia PTA has failed document its adherence to the Georgia PTA Bylaws as outlined in our
previous letter specifically to Georgia PTA Bylaws, Article X, Section 6, If a member of the Board
of Directors shall at any time cease to meet the qualifications or fulfill the duties of the position as
specified in these bylaws and the Georgia PTA Policies and Procedures, that person may be
removed from the board by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board of Directors.

The National PTA Board of Directors reserves the right to revoke a state constituent
associations charter, with notice, if the state constituent association violates the ethics,
policies, or principles of PTA or in any way jeopardizes the tax exempt status or endangers the
good name/good will of National PTA.
National PTA has ongoing concerns about damage being done to the PTA brand by the Georgia
PTA Board of Directors as noted in our letter of March 2, 2017. National PTA continues to receive
requests for national intervention from Georgia PTA members who do not feel Georgia PTA is
conducting business transparently or in the spirit of member approved bylaws.

What does it mean to be in probation? Per the SOA Policy, the Probation Phase includes
forfeiture of the state constituent associations rights to the following (and this loss of benefits is
1 Funding to attend National PTA meetings and events as may be specified in National PTA
Bylaws and/or budget.
2 Eligibility to receive grants or program participation funds from National PTA.
3 Eligibility to participate in National PTA awards and other programs, including the PTA Reflections
program at the national level.
4 Eligibility to receive National PTA representation at the state constituent associations annual
meeting/convention or other events.
5 Eligibility to receive benefits of sponsored gifts or rewards and to participate in sponsor/member
benefit programs.
6 Eligibility to receive benefits from any partner-related incentive type of program. Specifically, over
the next few months, Georgia PTAs representative will lose the benefit of paid travel to the
NCAAC meeting and to National PTA Convention. Also, Georgia PTA will not be eligible to receive
a National Representative to Georgia PTAs Convention.

In accordance with the SOA policy, Georgia PTA is assigned a support team to assist Georgia PTA in
returning to SOA-compliant status. Wayne Bauman, National PTA Secretary-Treasurer, will chair the
support team and he will soon reach out to the Georgia PTA President, Tyler Barr. Other members of the
support team, all members of the National PTA Board of Directors, are Donald Dunn, Tina Hartman, and
Roxanne Rhinehart, as well as Mary No Neil, National Service Representative. We ask that you
communicate directly with the teams chair and rapidly take action. The support team is charged with
collaborating with Georgia PTA to create a plan addressing the issues and concerns noted above and to
hold Georgia PTA accountable for achieving milestones and outcomes according the plan and timeline.

Georgia PTA must cooperate with the committee which is charged with:
Ensuring the restoration of Shanda Ross to her seat on the Board of Directors without retaliation
against Ms. Ross.
Reviewing Georgia PTA board-approved minutesin their entiretyand ensuring those minutes
substantiate a 2/3 vote of the Georgia PTA Board of Directors to remove Nicole Ponziani, Lisa-
Marie Haygood, and Marina Staples.
Ensuring Georgia PTA engages a qualified parliamentarian and follows his/her counsel on the
hierarchy of governing documents and overall governance of the association;
Analyzing Georgia PTAs current Policies and Procedure and making recommendations for
changes that 1) ensure P&P aligns with bylaws and Georgia nonprofit law, and protects members
rights, 2) leads to open and transparent governance and, 3) ensures members have a reasonable
expectation that the leaders they elect are allowed to serve their full terms.
Acquiring a copy of the revised Georgia P&P that demonstrates the hierarchy of governing
Reviewing Georgia PTAs last five years of financial reports and ensuring Georgia PTA addresses
members concerns about the Georgia PTA boards financial oversight and financial

What happens if Georgia PTA does not comply with probationary requirements?
Per the SOA Policy: the Probation Phase Failure to comply with probation requirements by the end of the
Probation Phase may result in restructuring of the Congress and/or the revocation of the state constituent
associations charter.

National PTA is deeply concerned about fractured relationships that are driving units and individuals away
from Georgia PTA when engagement is often the best way to address internal state PTA problems. We
worry about the long-term consequences of such fractures on the lives of Georgias children and the well-
being of Georgias families. It is our goal to work with you to restore Georgia PTA to good standing and
support Georgia PTA in its efforts to heal. Please respond to the support teams offers of help and take
advantage of the resources offered to you. Thank you for your attention to this matter, and thank you for
all you do for PTA.

Sincerely, Laura Bay

President, National PTA