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Annotated Bibliography Keanu Gomez

Burke, M. S., & Ellis, D. M. (2016). Electronic health records: Describing technological

stressors of nurse educators. Nurse Educator, 41, 46-48.


This source examines the technological stressors undergone by nursing educators while

using and interacting with electronic medical files. It was written by two nursing

professors and was published in the Nurse Educator journal which focuses on the current

research concerning nursing education. This source will be used to explain the need to

train nurses to adapt to different EHR systems.

Duffy, M. (2015). Nurses and the migration to electronic health records. The American Journal

Of Nursing, 115, 61-66. doi:10.1097/01.NAJ.0000475294.12738.83

This source examines the positives and negatives for nurses who have experienced the

shift to electronic health records. It was written by a registered nurse and published in

The American Journal Of Nursing which only accepts evidence-base clinical application

papers. This source will be used to extrapolate the disadvantages concerning the effect of

technology on the nursing profession.

Elgin, K. H., & Bergero, C. (2015). Technology and the bedside nurse: an exploration and review

of implications for practice. The Nursing Clinics Of North America, 50, 227-239.


This source examines the different challenges between integrating bedside care with

technology for nurses. It was written by two family health nurse practitioners and

published in The Nursing Clinics Of North America which focuses on helping current

nurses improve their quality of patient care. It will be used to identify further issues

concerning nursing and electronic health systems.

Annotated Bibliography Keanu Gomez

Kowitlawakul, Y., Chan, S. C., Pulcini, J., & Wang, W. (2015). Factors influencing nursing

students' acceptance of electronic health records for nursing education (EHRNE) software

program. Nurse Education Today, 35, 189-194. doi:10.1016/j.nedt.2014.05.010

This source depicts the goals for the migration into electronic patient databases, including

its relation to the nursing field. It was written by three nursing professors and published

in the Nurse Education Today journal which focuses on current research that influences

nursing education and pedagogy. This is will be used to examine the difficult transition to

continuously adapt to electronic records databases.

Sullivan, D. H. (2015). Technological advances in nursing care delivery. The Nursing Clinics Of

North America, 50, 663-677. doi:10.1016/j.cnur.2015.07.005

This sources enumerates the different technological advances within the nursing field and

how they have streamlined patient care. It has been written by a nursing professor who

focuses on nursing education and published in a journal that strives to help nurses

improve their quality of patient care. This will be used to identify the efforts of the field

of technology in streamlining patient care.