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1) Integrity is a way of life. Provide specific examples of how you have lived with integrity
in your professional and private life. I have exemplified qualities of a leader, I have
served in several capacities where my character has been beyond reproach.

2) What do you plan to do to prevent the same problems from reoccurring within BISD and
the School Board? An open and transparent dialogue with the entire community.

3) As a student who has experienced and seen a tragic flaw with education at my high
school, how will you make sure behavior issues, in schools, are not interfering with
academic studies for all students? My goals is to help implement policy and allow staff to
maintain discipline and ordr.

4) What regrets, if any, do you have of the way business was conducted by the past board of
trustees? If elected and serve what would you do differently? My goal is to be open and
transparent when it comes to BISD school board policy.

5) What qualifies you to make policy decisions about education? I have a formal training in
public policy Sociology/ Government B.A. Degree, plus I have over 25 years of
practical training in the area of public policy.

6) How will you make the district better? What changes will you make? Effective leadership
and stay up on the needs of the students and employees in BISD.

7) Which schools have the highest numbers of Spanish speaking students? Are their needs
being met? Fletcher Elementary and Charlton- Pollard Elementary. I am not totally sure
of that at this time.

8) BISD doesnt have enough bilingual staff, what would you do to attract more qualified
bilingual personnel? As board member I would ask for a comprehensive study in this

9) What are your thoughts on all the drug and alcohol abuse in our kids? My thoughts are I
think parents should be the first to address this issue.

10) Do you support ESL and bilingual education? Yes

11) How would you help BISD students if you win, specifically those with special needs?
Work very with the Superintendent and his staff to address this matter.

12) What is your opinion or position on limiting the number of students per classroom?
Teacher/Student ratio I believe smaller classroom size makes effective teaching methods.
13) What is BISDs ranking among other Texas schools of the same size? Dont have that

14) What is the biggest change you want to make if you are elected? Open and fair dialogue
with BISD and the stakeholders.

15) What is your position on transgender bathrooms? I am not in support of this new law.

16) Sitting on the board, what is your stance on protecting both students and parents from
ICE entering school and terrorizing our undocumented community? That is a local law
enforcement matter.

17) As a student who has had more than 5 teachers in a single subject during 1 semester, I
would like to know how you will assure every classroom is receiving adequate education
with excelling teachers. Again there will have to be a comprehensive styudy.

18) To the Candidates in district 2: In other areas of the district the four year olds are on the
same campus as are the k-5 students in new buildings. In this part of the north end, the
four year olds are in an old facility at Lucas Elementary which means those parents will
have to be involved in two schools rather than just one, if elected will you look into that

19) It is believed by some that having paid parent coordinators on high economic
disadvantages campuses helps to get parents involved, if there is merit to this thinking, if
elected will you address this matter? I certainly would like to look into this area.

20) If elected will you work on a plan to attract and retain highly qualified teachers in high
economically disadvantages schools? Ask that the board try put in place a progressive
recruitment program.

21) How close are the school trustees to actually handling the money, do they write checks
and pay the bills? The board has first look at money concerns, they sign off on the bills,
and approve the budget.

22) What is the difference in the role of the trustee and that of the superintendent?

23) What ideas do you have of how to make sure that all schools are equitable not equal? Do
a regional study and compare our ISD to other ISDS across the region

24) For those of you with children and grandchildren here in Beaumont, What school/schools
do your children currently attend? My kid is a graduate of BISD. I have no other kids
attending BISD schools
25) Mr. Dunn: Do you believe that school atmosphere plays a role in the student discipline?
If not why not, if so will you consider improving school atmosphere as a part of the
discipline process?

26) Mr. Dunn: Your platform is built on discipline. What do you plan to do to solve the
discipline problem that has not been tried already?

27) Mr. Reese: Critical thinking ability is an important trait for a public servant. Do you think
filing both City Council and School Board which is not allowed and a school district that
you do not live in exhibit good critical thinking?

28) Ms. Bush: What will you do differently this time if you are elected than when you were
on the board previsouly?