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Automatic Fall Alert System

Darpan Sodhi, Patricia Donnelly, Kamil Abu-Shaban, Jeremy Bojnowski Professor Brian Mundo

User Needs Statement Design Verification

Design a device that will contact emergency personnel Design Output Component Price
in the event that the user is in need of them, but Arduino Uno [1] $24.95
Pulse Sensor[3] $3.97
unable to contact the personnel themselves,
specifically following a fall or collapse. Adafruit ADXL Accelerometer [4] $14.95
IO pins [5] $4
User Needs/Design Input IO pin header [5] $5
Solder [6] $15
User needs Design Input Bluetooth Adapter[7] $7.99
A component that can detect Outsourcing of 3-D Printing $17.72
Detects fall instantaneous changes in Jumper cables $0.00*
movement Total $93.58**
Connects to a land line via
Alerts emergency *Already in our possession so did not need to purchase new ones.
Bluetooth to make a call within a **Since custom-boarding after creating the prototype will be costly due to the size,
600 foot radius it is estimated that the total price when creating the actual device will be 2 to 3
times that necessary for the prototype.
Water resistant to at least 5 feet
Functions in water
for 1 hour
Affordable Prototype costs less than $100
Future Development
Currently our device is set to work with a land line, but in
Battery lasts 5-6 days on one the future we would like to have it connect via Bluetooth
Long Lasting Battery
charge cycle (4-6 hours) to a smartphone app. This would allow for several new
Option to cancel false Design Development
Uses a system of fail safes features including:
Accelerometer & Detects rapid acceleration Heart Rate
Heart Rate
and deceleration Present Before Ability to use device outside of house
Fail Safe Gyroscope Monitor
Allows user to add in a secondary contact besides EMS
Fail safes are a unique feature of our design which
Provides health information to user (i.e. heart rate)
differentiates it from similar devices on the market. Detects
Magnitude of Arduino Uno Provide information to hospital about patient injury
Their purpose is to protect against false alarm calls. Motion
Add other fail safes or equipment
Fail safes in our device include:
No input from Heart
No input from Button Heart Attack Patches
Heart Rate Monitor Fall Rate Monitor
30 seconds preceding fall Detection
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ditch effort if other fail safes do not function properly.
Acknowledgements to the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Professor Brian Mundo, Yang Zhou