Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Region 02
Division of Cagayan
Aparri East District


1.1. Gaining 1.1.1. Organize learners into group and have a Year round ICT Teachers School Canteen Learners are equipped with
knowledge and class on every vacant time 3:00- 4:00 p.m. Learners Donation proper skills and
developing basic Generation Z Monday to Friday. School Head Personal knowledge in keyboarding.
skills in computer. 1.1.2. Learn proper finger assignments. Master Teacher MOOE
1.2. Learning basic 1.2.1. Provide hands-on activities on MS Word, Year round ICT Teachers School Canteen Learners produce outputs
application MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Publisher Learners Donation using software applications
software 1.2.2. Prepare a logbook, progress chart, record, School Head Personal
journal of learners’ outputs. Master Teacher MOOE
1.3 Increasing the 1.3.1 Present lessons in a multi-media form to Year round ICT Teachers School Canteen
Performance capture the attention of the pupils Students/ Donation Improved performance
Level of pupils by 1.3.2 Encourage pupils to use the computer in pupils Personal level of students/pupils
at least 2% in all making their assignments and projects. Advisers MOOE
ICT classes 1.3.3 Organize hands – on activities among School Head
Grades 4-6 pupils Master Teacher

1.4. Decreasing the 1.4.1 Strictly monitor students’ attendance ICT Teachers
Number of 1.4.2 Maximize the use of computer units to Students/
Students with motivate students to learn Year round pupils Decreased number of

4.3. Invite resource speakers during ICT seminar CSU-A generated reports workshop .4.8 Prepare a special schedule for those about – to – fail students where they can use the computer units during their vacant time 2.5 Conduct meeting to the parents of those Students faltering pupils Advisers 1.4 Encourage students to be participative and Master Teacher getting high scores from their exams by giving exciting activities 1. seminars. TIME RESOURCES SUCCESS STRATEGIES PROJECTS ACTIVITES FRAME Human Financial INDICATOR faltering 1. Guide the teachers in their paper works Year round School Head School Fund Equipped teachers on the 2. programs and School Head Attended different competency ICT Skills Mo. Upgrading the ICT 2.1.3 Motivate students to be serious in their Advisers faltering pupils performance studies School Head 1.2.4. Enhance one’s skills and update oneself in Head Teachers technical know-how of the world of computers Teachers preparing computer- 2.4. surfing the Year round Head Teacher activities internet and for computerized paper Teachers works/reports 2. programs and level of Adopt Ko ICT Teachers trainings Teachers 2.4.6 Assign special tasks and additional School Head homework for those who have very low Master Teacher scores in their exams to develop the value of responsibility in them.7 Integrate lessons more on valuing 1. Encourage teachers to use their vacant time School Head Engaged teachers in all the in exploring the computer. Attend meetings.4.5. in-service trainings Year round Head Teacher seminars. 1.4.

CALATA. Submit reports needed (as the need arises) Updated and submitted data and other reports reports Prepared by: Noted: ALFREDO T. Join the Microsoft Education Community Teachers Ready-made video lessons Memos and Alumni TECHIE guidelines in preparing lesson exemplars with ICT integration 4.2 Prepare a logbook to monitor the users of Year round and Computer Units Computer Ko. PhD ARTURO F.1.1. TIME RESOURCES SUCCESS STRATEGIES PROJECTS ACTIVITES FRAME Human Financial INDICATOR Maintain cleanliness and orderliness of the Well-maintained e- Computer Computer Laboratory ICT Teachers classroom Laboratory and 3. JR. Maintaining the 3. PhD .1 Submit a quarterly report on the Quarterly School Head Quarterly Reports is to process performance of the ICT students and other Teachers submitted on time assessment and activities ICT Teachers Never Say Late evaluation of 4.3 Monitor the correct usage of the computer units 3. Stakeholders School Fund with ICT integration Division ICT 3. Supporting and 3..1.1.1. the computer Students Linis Ko 3. GARCIA.1.4 Consult technicians quarterly 5.1. Provide technical support in the finalization Year Round School Head Donation Improved lesson exemplars participating the of prepared lessons in the different learning areas. Using ICT as a tool 4.

School/District ICT Coordinator Principal III .

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