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Driving Value and Performance

with Certication from SAP

Certication. Its much more than a piece of paper. Its peace of mind the kind you get when you know that the people working
on your SAP software landscape know exactly what theyre doing. Whether you want smooth operations from your internal IT
group or low-risk, on-time, and within-budget implementations from a certied SAP partner, certication from SAP helps ensure
that you get the IT value you need to succeed.

What do you want from IT? How can you convince them that you can deliver?
If your company is like many companies, you want Increasingly, companies are placing a lot of value on certication. Why?
faster deployments, less risk, and higher performance.

64% 76% 67%

Compared to only

of companies report that completing of certied IT professionals state of noncertied IT professionals

enterprise software deployments on that they are condent in their who state that they are condent
time is extremely or very challenging 1 ability to implement IT systems in their ability to implement
on budget and on time IT systems on budget and on time 3

of projects run over schedule

of projects run over budget 2

Why do your customers place so much importance on certication?

80% of organizations cite an IT skills gap as negatively impacting their productivity 4

56% of employers do not have a process or method in place for identifying an IT skills gap 5

How does certication from SAP benet companies like yours?

Certication helps drive tangible benets.
Instill condence
Increase adoption When your IT people are certi-
Lower risk When your IT people are
ed, you have a clear measure
of your technical capabilities
certied, they understand
When your IT people are which gives you the condence
the software inside and out
certied, they mitigate risk to take on new technology
which leads to higher user
by completing more projects challenges.
on time and within budget.

How does SAP make certication easier for your IT people?

The SAP certication program emphasizes:
Along with our extensive
experience delivering
Choice Choose among a wide variety of certications at the associate or professional levels
SAP projects, certication
Relevance Benet from the eorts of the Certication and Enablement Inuence Council,
which works with SAP customers and partners to dene certication oerings and align them
is an added way for us
with market requirements to oer value and deliver
Ease Search for training and exam opportunities in the Training and Certication Shop successfully to our SAP customers.
Monitoring Track certication levels and receive alerts for outdated certications Claudia Brack
Global SAP Community Lead
Validation Publish lists of valid certications and obtain logos, certications, and more Capgemini

Join the growing ranks of SAP-certied professionals.

SAP-certied people globally

year-on-year increase

in 2011
in 2012

Learn More
Want to maximize the success of your business with a certied workforce that
helps you get the most out of your SAP software investment? Call your SAP training
representative today or visit us online at

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