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Home Healthcare Market Research and Media Liaison Team

Darpan Sodhi, Henry Kisthardt, Oksana Doubrovski, Matthew Colligan, Catherine

Cvetkovski, James Hartrick
Detroit, MI 48202
April 20, 2017

Jason Wolfe

440 Burroughs St.
Detroit, MI 48202

Dear Mr. Wolfe,

As your home healthcare market research team, we have conducted some thorough
investigations that can help guide CarePRN in its business approach decisions. After
speaking with you, we know that you are interested in target audience advertising and
forecasting possible events that may impact the lifespan of CarePRN. Understanding
Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne County residents in terms of age distribution, living
arrangements, income, chronic disease statistics, and technological tendencies will
allow you to determine where the premium $25/hr pricing approach will take and thrive.
Additionally, learning from HomeHero and the events that lead up to its cessation will
aid in the prediction of possible obstacles that could interfere with the growth of
CarePRN. Moreover, we incorporated the accomplishments of Honor to reflect
opportunities that CarePRN strategically use. Legislation could affect CarePRN is
described and analyzed. Finally, we summarized the Department of Labor Standards
legislation and looked into healthcare bills that could affect CarePRN.

1. Understanding the Audience
a. Summary 1 and Summary 2
b. Detailed Research
2. Potential Obstacles: What We Can Learn from HomeHero and Honor
3. Interpreting Healthcare Legislation
4. Department of Labor Standards
5. Advice for Social Media Team
6. Interview with Client (Our First Paying Customer, Dan!)
a. Communication within Our Team
b. Communication with Social Media Team
c. Communication with Website Team
7. Interview with Family Caregiver Coordinator for Henry Ford Health Systems
8. Suggestions for Facebook Posts
Jason Wolfe 2 April 20, 2017

Research Methods:
This research is intended to provide additional insight for CarePRN, so as to promote its
success. CarePRN can contribute to the establishment of long term home healthcare
improvements in the metro Detroit area. We hope to see the company develop and
prosper in the upcoming years.

Our research included three different areas of inquiry: data work, interview work, and
source work. We started with data work by collecting information on: age demographics;
population health statistics; average income by county; U.S. Labor Department
regulations; and current and proposed Michigan legislation dealing with labor standards,
contract workers, and/or minimum wage. We then followed that up with some source
work to further research demographics and population health statistics.

Moreover, we conducted two interviews, one with a client of CarePRN and one with a
Family Caregiver Coordinator for Henry Ford Health Systems. Our team developed the
scripts for the interviews through drafts and feedback from Jared. We decided to
conduct the interview with the client over the phone and conduct the interview with the
CareGiver Coordinator over email.

Once we had conducted all of our research, we decided to make our deliverables
memorandum instead of research reports. This was done due to the fact that our
information needed to be concise to make sure it was usable by the readers, whether it
be CarePRN or other teams within our class. Peer-Reviewing was a huge component of
our deliverables to make sure that we were able to create the best product for

We also collaborated with the website and social media teams in order to develop
methods to make their work successful. For example, we synthesized the information
gained from the client interview into memorandums for both the website and social
media teams. The memorandums pulled relevant information from the interview and
delivered it in a useable format, specific to each team.

The last part of our report was making our report readable and usable by standardizing
the format of all of our memorandums to make them consistent. For example, we added
a standard color header to all of our memorandums.


Home Healthcare Market Research and Media Liaison Team

Wayne State University