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Roman Day

Dr. Colombo
UWRT 1104
13 February 2017
Is Greed Good?
Alford, Harry C. Conquest and Greed: What Made America Great.

Conquest and Greed: What made America Great, National Black Chamber of Commerce,


The article discusses greed in America. Greed is viewed in a positive manner and attributed to
the success of America as a nation. America grew to be one of the worlds largest empires
through constant want and conquest for more- greed. The author predicts that greed will continue
to push America to conquer obstacles as well a new and possibly lucrative inquisition, as the
U.S. has done in the past.
Christianson, Thomas. Wheres the Line Between Greed and Ambition? RELEVANT

Magazine, RELEVANT Media Group Inc., 14 Oct. 2015,

The article examines the line between greed and ambition. Specifically, the article interviews

Warren Buffet, the third wealthiest man in the world, to get his take on ambition. The article will

be useful to my research as it discusses the relation and use of goals in ambitious individuals.

Hansen, Laura L, and Siamak Movahedi. Wall Street Scandals: The Myth of Individual

Greed. SOCF Sociological Forum, vol. 25, no. 2, 2010, pp. 367374.

The paper illustrates modern Wall Street Scandals and those who are involved. Often in
scandalous situations the media focuses on just a few key individuals. However, Hansen and
Movahedi argue that modern scandals are the products of human nature and systems full of greed
rather than one personal trait or flaw.
Helbing, Dirk, and Wenjian Yu. The Outbreak of Cooperation among Success-Driven

Individual under Noisy Conditions. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of

the United States of America, vol. 106, no. 10, 16 Jan. 2009, p. 5.

This source investigates selfishness. Specifically, how individuals are growing increasingly
selfish in order to succeed, but they are doing so in packs. The articles suggests that successful
induvial join together and mimic strategies of other successful individuals in order to reach set


vol. 30, 2002, pp. 879-922.

The scholastic article reflects on the growth of economies through greed. Specifically, the
expansion of American greed through corporate enterprises. The article also reflects on why
people chose to enter the world of greed. Statistics appear on the growing income disparity as
those who have wealth wish to acquire more.
Robert, John Paul. Greed Is Good: A 300- Year History of a Dangerous Idea. The Atlantic,

Atlantic Media Company, 7 Apr. 2014,


This article describes the negative effects of greed. In a historical concept, this source views
greed as controlling society for the worse. The article focuses on the crimes committed through
greed stemming back to the Roman Empire.

Stern, Linda. Economy: The Human History of Greed. Newsweek, IBT media, 13 mar. 2010,
The article describes the human capacity for greed. The author uses Wall Street as a modern
example and examines greed in a modern way through this lens. Greed is discussed in the
accumulation of an abundance of material wealth, more specifically, material acquired in a less
than honest fashion.
Top Fifty under Forty: Euromoney's Rising Stars - The Rise of the Thirtysomething in

Finance Continues. Euromoney's Second Selection of Rising Stars Reveals the

Drive and Ambition of the World's Top Whizzkids.. Euromoney., Jan. 1998, p.


The article lists and describes successful and ambitious individuals in the technology market.
This source discusses similar attributes that can be seen in everyone as well as interviews.