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Most important Questions repeated again and again in NTS, PPSC exams

1-Which surah starts without Bismillah (Al Toba)

2-A Male is coffined /wrapped in (3) dressed sheets
3-Amount of zakaat cannot beused in(Mosque)
4-what is sahihain?
(Bukhari and Muslim)
5-what is istelam(Kissing of Hajre Aswad)
6-who collect Quranic verses in one place?(Hazrat Usman)
7-How much surah the Quran contain?(114)
8-The nisab of zakat (7.1/2)
9-Makka was conquered in:(8A.H)
10-who is called :Saqi zamzam"?(Hazrat Abbas RA)
11-"Namaz-e-Istisqa" is prayer for(Rain)
12-what is the number of Ramazan in islamic calender (9th)
13-How many Stages the Quran contains?
14-Hajj is not completed unless u go to(Arafat)
15-what is the num of month "Rajab"in islamicCalender?(7th)
16-in which surah of Quran there is mention of Zulqarnain?(Alkahaf)
17-Masjide Khied is located in (minna)
18-Imam Dar ul Hijrat is the Title of (Imam Malik)
19-khateeb ul Anbia is a title of (Hazrat shoaib As)
20-Ada bin Hatam Tie embraced islam in (9 Hijri) nts mn aya ye in 2013
21-Batha valley is situated in (Makkah) 2014 NTS Educators mn aya
22-Arbaeen is the Book of Hadith in which there are (40 Ahadith)
23-Fidak garden was bestowed to the Holy prophet as (Fay) 2014 NTS mn aya
24-The Head of zakaat are (8) NTS mn aya
25-Which country is known as the "Land os Prophets)(palastine

Solved Current Affairs MCQs from CSS 2016 Paper

1. Order of rising sun is highest award of which country? JAPAN
2. Old name of Sri Lanka? CEYLON
3. When is Nelson Mandela day? JULY 18
4. Obama is US president? 44th
5. Largest arm importer of 2014? SAUDIA ARABIA
6. Largest democracy? India
7. First secretary general of UN was? TRYGVE LEI
8. Headquarter of Freedom House NGO is in? WASHINGTON D.C
9. Headquarter of ICJ is in? HAGUE
10. Pakistan sent its first satellite with the collaboration of china in 1990 was? AL-BADR
11. Reconstruction of religious thoughts book by: ALLAMA IQBAL
12. Largest democracy is? INDIA
13. National anthem composed by? AHMED GHULAM CHAGLA
14. Headquarter of ICJ? HAGUE
15. Kala Bagh dam is yet not constructed due to? POLITICAL CONFLICT
16. Fifth international recognized mode of payment: currency? YUAN
17. President of Asian infrastructure investment bank? JIN LIQUN
18. India cNBP Trainee Officer OG-II NTS TEST 2016 General Knowledge
MCQs Solved Questions and Answers

Q.1. In Urdu literature, who is short story writer and poet?

Ans. Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi
Q.2. Who was Hemmingway?
Ans. Novelist
Q.3. In recent series between Pakistan & New-Zealand, who Captain &
Vice Captain were:
Ans. Shahid Afridi & Misbah-ul-Haq
Q.4. Pakistan won ___________ Gold Medals in Asian Games 2010.
Ans. 3 (Three)
Q.5. Who is the Speak of National Assembly & Chairman of Senate?
Ans. Fahmida Mirza & Farooq H.Naik
Q.6. Who is the Governor of State Bank of Pakistan?
Ans. Shahid H. Kardar
Q.7. Who is US Defence Secretary?
Ans. Robert Gates
Q.8. Currency of Philippines:
Ans. Peso
Q.9. Pakistans circular debt in Oil & Power sector is:
Ans. 700 Billion Rupees
Q.10. Opposition Leader in National Assembly:
Ans. Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan
Q.11. In Tunis, majority of population is:
Ans. Muslims
Q.12. Largest Muslim country with respect to population is:
Ans. Indonesia
Q.13. who is the writer of Harry & Potter?
Ans. J.K Rolling
Q.14. which is the smallest continent in the world?
Ans. Australia
Q.15. Which is the Oldest Newspaper?
Ans. Its Daily Jang founded in 1939 (Dawn was founded in 1941)
Q.16. Largest Oil producing country is:
Ans. Saudi Arabia
Q.17. In which language Das Kapital was written by Karl Marx?
Ans. German
Q.18. By the use of Watan Card how much money per person is given
to flood-hit people?
Ans. Rs. 20,000/-
Q.19. President cannot appoint which of the following?
Ans. Chief Minister of Province
Q.20. which of the following is Interest rate in Pakistan?
Ans. 14%
Q.21. which of the following is Inflation rate in Pakistan?
Ans. 16%
Q.22. which is the first month in Islamic Calendar?
Ans. Muharram
Q.23. who is UN Secretary General?
Ans. Ban Ki Moon
Q.24. The biggest leader of Germany is called:
Ans. Chancellor
Q.25. A computer program that work for few minutes on one area than
moves to an other is?
Ans. Structured Programming
Q.26. Pakistan Hockey Team defeated (in final) _____ in Asia Games
Ans. Malaysia
Q.27. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC) of
Pakistan is:
Ans. General Khalid Shameem Wynne
Q.28. Cotton grows richly in which of the following provinces?
Ans. Sind & Punjab
Q.29. Which of the following books was not written by George Bernard
Q.30. Which province is contesting Reko Diq (Gold & Copper Mines)
Case in Supreme court?
Ans. Balochistan
Q.31. Which of the following is not an official language of UN?
Ans. E (None of these)
[Six are Official Languages of UN: English, Chinese, French, Arabic,
Russian & Spanish]
Q.32. Thailand is also known as:
Ans. Land of White Elephants
Miscellaneous MCQs for Jobs of NBP Trainee Officer OG-II
1 The Age of Girl 20yrs
2 Language which is not official in Un ARABIC
3 Gold medals of Pakistan in Asian games 3
4 Thailand Land of White Elephants
5 Area of circle 125
6 Time of complete job 6 mins
7 Decrease in stock value 36
8 Interest rate 14%
9 Governor SBP Shahid Kardar
10 Speaker of NA Fehmida Mirza and Naik Senate Chairman
11 Circulation debt 700b
14 Pak defeat Malaysia in A.Games
20 ..129( JUST ADD 15)
21 Fence for area 396
23 HEAD OF state in Germany = President ( head of government is
Chancellor) 24 Ch Nisar Ali khan
25 Balochistan
26 700billion
27 Contingent Liabilities were all of them
28 SBP dont clear customers cheques
29 Relation of Banker and customer is debtor and creditor
30 Jung oldest paper
31 She..would have told us
32 Company siad to have been bankrupt
33 Operatus operandi= Standard produres
34 Karl Marx book I think German as he was German too
35 Income statement is for specific time period
36 KYC compliance department
37 After completion of specific time ( term deposits)
38 Investment bank to have term deposits
39 Defense secretary Robert Gates
40 Misbah and Afridi
41 Order cheque (both A&C)
NBP MCQs Sample Paper Syllabus Jobs 2016 of NBP TraineeOfficer OG-II
NTS TEST 2016 General Knowledge / Miscellaneous MCQs Solved for
NTS Recruitment Test Must Prepare Now
hina military exercise in OCT-2015 took place at KUMMING (yunan province)

Imports Questions Repeated again nd again in FPSc/Ppsc/NTS All Exams

1-When pakistan won the cricket world cup (1992)
2-National Bird of pakistan is (chukor)
3-Who composed the verses of the National Anthem? ( hafeez jallandhri)
4-The Number of amendments in the pakistans consitution (21)
5-Picture printed on the Back of Ts 5000 note (Faisal Mosque)
6-the new name of 'Micro-Finance Bank'is (Khushali Bank)
7-which is the largest jungle of pakistan (changa Manga)
8-Blinddolhons r found in which river of pakistan (indus)
9-The Badshahi Mosque of lahore was Buit by (Aurangzaib)
10-The salty wayer'Humun Mashkhel lake' is in (balochistan)
11-The period od pakistans first five year plan was (1955-60)
12-Which is the Highest peak with a height of 8611 meter sea level (K.2)
13-Which is the biggest natural lake in pakistan (manchar lake)
14-Name the Biggest library of pakistan (Pnjb pblc lbrry lhr)
15-Which is the biggest man-mad lake in pakistan (keejhar lake)
16-Which is the Biggest Mobile company in pak(Mobilink)
17-Which country has the largest GNP (USA)
18-The Highest dam of the world is located in (Tajikistan)
19-General Zia-ul-Haq imposed Martial Law in pakistan on (5th july 1977
20-Tarbela Dam was constructed (1976)
21-Who built shalimar Garden (Shah jahan)
22-Shah Faisal Masjid is located in (Islamabad)
23-pakistan is the (2nd) most populated islamic country
24-Muslim calender 12 month
25.What was the last 'Ghazva'of the holy prophet (PBUH) (Tabuk