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2017 PTE

Fill in the Blanks

1. online business meeting
time troubleunrivalled qualitybusiness meeting is

2. team work meeting


3. Medical education, weight, consequences, diverged, dissipated , strike

4. transitionstransition refers to the period between the (completion) of the degree and the
beginning of vocational education and career.... some students are able to
initiate (successful) strategies to cope with...but most of the uneducated people find it hard,

5. The recognition of good customer service is important, otherwise the company is at a

distinctive (disadvantage), no matter how much the company spend
on(marketing), it's (wasted) money

6. In the year of..., American skies will have three (times) as many plane than now, there will be
(thousands) of tiny jets, .... at airliner (altitudes),competing for space with..... avoiding
midair (collisions), ....carrying (satellites) and tourists into space.

1. Surely, reality is what we think it is; reality is revealed to us by our experiences. To

one extent or another, this view of reality is one many of us hold, if only implicitly. I
certainly find myself (thinking) this way in day-to-day life; its easy to be (seduced) by the
face nature reveals directly to our senses. Yet, in the decades since first (encountering)
CamusText, Ive learned that modern science (tells) a very different story.

There were twenty-six freshmen majoring in English at Beijing Language Institute in the
class of 1983, I was assigned to Group Two with another eleven boys and girls who
had come from big cities in China. I was told that language study required smallness so
that we would get more attention from the skillful teachers. The better the school, the
smaller the class. I realized that my classmates were already all talking in English, simple
sentences tossed out to each other in their red-faced introductions and carefree chatting.
Their intonations were curving and dramatic and their pronunciation refined and accurate.
But as I stretched to catch the drips and drops of their humming dialogue, I
couldn't understand it all, only that it was English. Those words now flying before me
sounded a little familiar. I had read them and tried to speak them, but I had never heard
them spoken back to me in such a speedy, fluent manner. My big plan of beating the city
folks was thawing before my eyes.

Reorder paragraph
Australia used to have a policy
in contrast.


3. (4 sentences)
A German writer has books list for ***,
the lists also has other publications...;
it sorted by dates and***;
but it doesnt provide search function

4. (5 sentences)
... called UN;
it.. to focus on world problems;
for example, it invites presidents etc to attend the conference and discuss problems such
as..; those problems will otherwise not be able to...

5. pdf
1. language cognitive skill , similarity
2 language is universal, everyone know at least one language,
3 by contrast, not everyone becomes a professor of a certain skill,
4 language seem to be simple,
5 language skill

1). After finishing first in his pilot training class, Lindbergh took his first job as the chief
pilot of an airmail route operated by Robertson Aircraft Co. of Lambert Field in St.
Louis, Missouri.
2.) He flew the mail in a de Havilland DH-4 biplane to Springfield, Peoria and Chicago,
3.) During his tenure on the mail route, he was renowned for delivering the mail under
any circumstances.
4.) After a crash, he even salvaged stashes of mail from his burning aircraft and
immediately phoned Alexander Varney, Peoria's airport manager, to advise him to send a

wood steel

10. A.
B. debt
C. Leave it to the cook for X years
D. That is the recipe of many....companies.

1. what do mothers think about the education for their daughters?

their focus should be on home issues (correct)
they envy their daughters (incorrect)
they want them to school education (incorrect)

2. from the article only, which is the group of people that need illiteracy policy most?
woman from central and south Asia (correct)
man from..(incorrect, man has 1/3 illiteracy rates, while woman has 2/3)
woman from xxx, country (incorrect)
3. What portraits will be displayed?
Unknown subjects (correct)
People from royal families (incorrect, was thought to be Elisabethbut they have
been disapproved, missed ect..)
..writers (incorrect)