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Public Private Partnership

Driving continuous investment and scalable project development through successful

PPP frameworks & innovative financing options

Prince Hotel & Residence “Successful public-private partnerships enable both parties to do
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia what they do best to achieve a common goal. In the end, it is as
much about open honest communication as it is about money."
Eugene A. Schiller
25th & 26th October 2010
PPP has become a powerful strategy to magnify your investment growth, capitalise on improved technology ‘know-
how’ and strengthen managerial capabilities to optimise project development. The exigency has arrived to showcase
better control in risk management and financing options to fortify infrastructure project success

Your distinguished chairpersons: Private sector representatives:

Ajay Saxena PPP Expert - Asian Development Bank
James Harris Chairman
Government of Maharashtra
International Project Finance Association (IPFA) Asia
Managing Partner Contributed in different capacities of major PPP projects such as Mumbai Metro Phase II and Integrated Water
Hogan Lovells Lee & Lee, Singapore Supply and Sanitation Project in Bhiwandi
Project Finance Law Firm of the Year - ACQ Acquisition Finance 2009 Puvan Selvanathan Chief Sustainability Officer
Project Finance Deal of the Year' and 'Singapore Deal of the Year - Asian Legal Sime Darby Group
Business 2009 Puvan innovated a PPP delivery system that led to his appointment to UN Expert Groups in Information
Keith Martin Chief Executive Communications and Satellite Technologies; and he also wrote the E-Government Strategy for Mozambique
Infrastructure Asia, Plenary Group
Edgar Saravia Program Manager, East Asia Advisory Services, Infrastructure Department
Asian Council Member
International Financial Corporation (IFC) Hong Kong & China
International Project Finance Association (IPFA)
20 years experience in infrastructure development and financing in developing economies
Singapore Government’s Development Director on the US1 billion Singapore
Sports Hub PPP Kanesan Velupillai President
Scomi International
Scomi delivered the first monorail car for the Mumbai Monorail Project in conjunction with India’s Republic Day
Government sector representatives: Robert Gan President
Ismail Ibrahim CEO Project Management Institute Malaysia
Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) Robert is a seasoned professional director and Project Delivery Partner with 20 years of Programme and Project
Board Member of the Board of Town Planners Malaysia and Vice President of the Management experience that has included people, processes and technology
Malaysian Institute of Planners (MIP) Christopher Chuah Head of Infrastructure Projects & Construction
Alberto Germani PPP Advisor Wong Partnerships Singapore
Department of Transportation Abu Dhabi The asia pacific Legal 500 has identified Christopher as a leading individual in Singapore for construction work.
Currently managing the bidding process of the PPP Mafraq - Ghweifat Highway Who’s Who Legal – Singapore 2008 describes Christopher as a “very fine disputes lawyer”
Project the first PPP project in the highways sector in the GCC Region
Alex Wong Of Counsel
Sumangal Narendra PPP Director Hogan Lovells
Department of Transportation & Highways, Government of India
Nick Merritt Partner
Dr. Bastary Pandji Indra Director of Public Private Partnership Development Norton Rose
Ministry of Planning Indonesia RollOnFriday UK Firm of the Year 2010 award
Mr. Indra manages the implementation of about 95 PPP projects valued up to US$ Law Firm of the Year at the Lawyer Awards 2009
45 billion which are listed in Indonesian PPP Book.
Esparan Munusamy Project Head
Department of Transportation Malaysia Benefits of attending:
• Coordinating current contract design and revising areas that needs to be reconstructed effectively

Testimonials from similar marcus evans events: • Gauging how to deal with distressed and failed projects as well as the implications involved
• Understanding the structure of risk management to not only identify risk in contracts but to allocate it
“I found the presentations rewarding!”
Star Energy
• Highlighting the intricacies of negotiating and refinancing PPP projects
“The conference provided the medium for networking with potential partners in the
transport infrastructure” • Raising additional finance in an environment of budget restrictions and constraints
National Roads Authority • Promoting good corporate governance principles to enhance transparency in PPP contracts
“Pleasure to attend and participate in the event with the presence of such experts • Managing large scale infrastructure projects by capitalising on financing opportunities and sources
who support pricibal of out of box thinking and simplifying means of getting a
Abu Dhabi Municipality

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Day 1

Monday 25th October 2010

0830 Registration & morning coffee 1245 Networking Luncheon

0900 Introduction & opening address by the chair 1400 Session Five – Case study
James Harris Chairman Determining the role of a facilitator in PPP to bring the public,
International Project Finance Association (IPFA) Asia private, finance and legal sector together
Managing Partner • Establishing the pre-requisites for willing investors
Hogan Lovells Lee & Lee, Singapore • Incorporating long term implications for stakeholders in infrastructure projects
• Detecting liabilities at early stages of PPP planning to ease decision making process
0915 Session One – Case study • Qualifying site acquisition through feasibility, policy and risk analysis
Cultivating the right approach to encourage ambitious Ismail Ibrahim CEO
involvement and commitment of private sectors to public Iskandar Regional Development Authority
• Devising proactive strategies as a business proposition to enable more private
1445 Session Six – Expert Presentation
sector involvements
Configuring alternative approaches for the risk of delivery in
• Easing investments from private sector by reforming current policies to business
termination of a PPP project
friendly policies
• Mastering how to write a good termination of contract
• Collaborating clarity and consistency of policies as a significant factor to help
businesses plan and strategise to maintain competitiveness • Scrutinising penalties, termination and approaches to dispute resolution in light of
cancelled projects
• Re-emphasising on the importance of due diligence when preparing deals for
every selected PPP project • Retendering the project and evaluating the costs involved in failed projects
• Structuring PPP projects that are more bankable and attractive for private investors • Evaluating refinancing schemes as the last take before resorting to total
in today’s market conditions cancellation of project
Ajay Saxena PPP Expert - Asian Development Bank
Government of Maharashtra
1000 Session Two – Case study
Developing sustainable design & maintenance frameworks to
ensure long term growth in PPP projects 1530 Afternoon refreshments and networking break
• Keeping up with the changes in technology, immigration and demographic
structures 1600 Session Seven – Case Study
• Striking a balance between returns and services post PPP Enhancing policies and regulations to create an attractive
• Aligning the private and public sectors collaborative strategies throughout the PPP environment for PPP
project lifecycle • Considering PPP initiatives in a clear, concise manner to enhance outcome of PPP
• Identifying countermeasures to overcome challenges during maintenance of • Tracking PPP guidelines and methodologies appropriate to the state and
project encourage growth of projects in the long run
Kanesan Velupillai President • Examining legal, tax and regulatory issues and its long term impact on
Scomi International stakeholders
• Discussing the terms and conditions of joint venture agreements to form strategic
1045 Morning refreshments & networking break partnerships with related Public Private Partnership agencies inside and outside the
Dr. Bastary Pandji Indra Director of Public Private Partnership Development
1115 Session Three – Case study
Ministry of Planning Indonesia
Reengineering the critical drivers for successful implementation
of the PPP projects in the highway sector in India
1645 Session Eight – Case Study
• Supervising timely integration for project privatisation
Leading sustainable development through PPP procurement
• Restructuring project infrastructure chain to boost project development
• Assessing suitability of projects for PPP procurement
• Gaining credibility for a PPP program through smooth and transparent processes
• Analysing the different stages of procurement processes to maximise project
• Setting the right legislative and operational framework for PPP implementation
Sumangal Narendra PPP Director
• Driving innovation by leveraging private sector capabilities and expertise
Department of Transportation & Highways, Government of India
• Understanding the role of procurement and its impact on the budget for projects
Alex Wong Of Counsel
1200 Session Four – Case Study
Hogan Lovells
Driving integrity in fundraising options for social and economic
infrastructure development
1730 Closing remarks from the Chair and end of day one
• Exploring the traditional and alternative source of liquidity
• Closing infrastructure investment gaps by identifying the missing elements in the
infrastructure market to spark a return on investment funds
• Incorporating guarantee instruments and privatisation for long term support of
infrastructure projects Who should attend
• Analysing the competitiveness and flexibility of local banks versus international CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CIOs, Managing Directors, Directors, Presidents, Vice
and their types of fund offerings for PPP projects Presidents, Heads, General Managers, Regional Managers, Managers and
Edgar Saravia Program Manager, East Asia Advisory Services, Infrastructure other senior executives from:
Department • PPP • Projects
International Financial Corporation (IFC) Hong Kong & China
• Infrastructure • Investment
• Project Planning • Project Finance
• Project Management • Infrastructure Development
• Urban Planning • Urban Development
• Procurement • Legal and Contracts
• Finance • Senior Government Officials
• Architecture and Design • Construction
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0830 Registration & morning coffee 1400 Session Five – Case Study
Developing innovative financing models for efficient PPP
0900 Introduction & opening address by the chair outcomes
Keith Martin Chief Executive • Identifying the flow of funds and concentration of fundraising activity in the
Infrastructure Asia, Plenary Group region
Asian Council Member • Analysing the key differences between bond versus commercial debt financing
International Project Finance Association (IPFA) • Evaluating the bond markets available for PPP financing and considering
Complimentary Financing Scheme (CFS)
0915 Session One – Expert Presentation • Analysing the economic environment and the current market trends for financing
Illustrating accurate operational and strategic management for new projects
PPP development from a public perspective
• Addressing the key principles of PPP that is required for the success of overall 1445 Session Six – Case Study
projects Analysing current PPP projects and evaluating the future
• Strengthening the integration of design, construction, finance, maintenance and opportunities for expansion
operation • Identifying the key issues related to funding projects in markets with less liquidity
• Conveying the importance of proper concession, construction, operational and • Exploring on non project financing and alternative funding structures
maintenance agreements involved in PPP project • Determining best financial value through PPP procurement measures
• Building in economies of scale to avoid unexpected risk at different stages of • Revolutionising projects that are cost-effective to achieve value for money
project execution
Nick Merritt Partner
Keith Martin Chief Executive Norton Rose
Infrastructure Asia, Plenary Group
Asian Council Member
International Project Finance Association (IPFA) 1530 Afternoon refreshments and networking break

1000 Session Two – Case study 1600 Session Seven – Case Study
Strengthening negotiation process during PPP contract decision Refinancing PPP projects to ease financial burdens due to cost
making to ensure all parties understand the legal entitlement overruns
and structure • Validating the importance of PPP refinancing in the current economic environment
• Stressing the importance of all roles of parties involved including the contractors • Measuring the risk associated with refinancing
at the negotiation table in advance • Analysing the mechanics and effects of refinancing to the overall outcome of the
• Testing and retesting the risk allocation matrix with investors and lenders project
• Increasing level of commitment by systematically meeting deadlines and • Communicating the benefits of refinancing PPP projects
overcoming uncertainties for the duration of the project
• Delivering well planned communication between stakeholders and to encourage 1645 Session Eight – Panel Discussion
future collaborations Leveraging the objectives of the public and private sector in
Christopher Chuah Head of Infrastructure Projects & Construction achieving most favourable deal for PPP structure
Wong Partnerships Singapore • Defining clearly responsibility and accountability between the owner and the
private enterprise
1045 Morning refreshments & networking break • Breaking down the strategic objective and PPP benefits
• Realising the commercial value that would benefit potential bidders / investors
1115 Session Three – Case study • Facilitating long term PPP pipeline by ensuring equitable sharing of risks and
The public sector point of view in selecting PPP options for the returns
delivery of public infrastructure projects Keith Martin Chief Executive
• Detailing the interest of the public sector in delivering PPP projects Infrastructure Asia, Plenary Group
• Gauging the role of the public side in developing PPP option Asian Council Member
International Project Finance Association (IPFA)
• Funding PPPs through public finance
• Choosing the best strategy to procure PPP projects Robert Gan President
• Uncovering the role of procurement of unsolicited proposals in PPP projects: The Project Management Institute Malaysia
Italian experience Esparan Munusamy Project Head
Alberto Germani PPP Advisor Department of Transportation Malaysia
Department of Transportation Abu Dhabi
1730 Closing remarks from the chair and end of conference
1200 Session Four – Case study
Stabilising key risk factors with the overall expectation from a
PPP contract management
• Identifying drivers to proactively allocate risk among all stakeholders in PPP Why you cannot miss this event
The need for more PPP’s has been on the rise in response to the needs of the local
• Employing comprehensive risk strategy to drive positive investment government to accelerate the materialisation of public service using minimal budget
• Boosting development by identifying commercial risks in retaining strategic or making use of external funds to assist in budget limitations. This therefore creates
control an opportunity for the public sector to engage private financing which demands a
• Deciding the level of coverage and access of private and government finance to particular knowhow. Through the collaboration of both sectors, it allows stronger
ensure risk concerning use of new technology or procedure is justifiable managerial capability; technology knowhow and specialised knowledge.
• Troubleshooting on project risk elements in prevention analysis, allocation, In this ever changing and challenging economy environment, customer’s expectation
mitigation and resolution regimes of public services have increased as well. This justifies why state owned businesses
Puvan Selvanathan Chief Sustainability Officer increasingly have to compete with commercial markets, and to derive the best way to
Sime Darby Group deliver the objectives through the combination of the private and the public sector.
Take this opportunity to heighten your ambitious targets for expanding services and
1245 Networking luncheon investments to improve the quality of your social and economic infrastructure in this
PPP forum. You will be rewarded with a clear perspective of cutting edge
frameworks and strategies, risk evaluation and allocation and capital funding
structures. This event will also offer you an outlook on government’s
viewpoints, support and policies to reengineer successful PPP’s.
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