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Tacoma Swiss

Community Flyer
This flyer is a free service to members of the
Swiss Society of Tacoma (SST), Swiss Ladies
Society Helvetia (SLS), and the Swiss
Sportsmens Club of Tacoma (SSCT).

7 SSCT Board Meeting*** 1 SSCT Board Meeting***
12 SLS Regular and Swiss Relief Society 11 SSCT Golf Tournament
Hilsverein General Meeting* 12-13 SSCT Schwingfest & Dance
16 SST/SSCT Regular Meeting** 17 SST/SSCT Regular Meeting**
24-25 SSCT Crab Feed & Dance C
APRIL 5 SSCT Board Meeting***
4 SSCT Board Meeting*** 10 SLS Regular Meeting*
9 ALL CLUB Childrens Easter Egg Hunt E 21 SST/SSCT Regular Meeting**
& SSCT Ham Shoot (NOTE NEW DATE) N 23 SSCT Oktoberfest
9 SLS Bunco Madness* D 24 SSCT Sight-In-Day
20 SST/SSCT Regular Meeting**
22 Saturday Work Day and Mannerchor Concert
(NOTE NEW DATE) R 2 SSCT Board Meeting***
8 SLS Bunco Madness*
MAY O 19 SST/SSCT Regular Meeting**
2 SSCT Board Meeting
13 SLS Mothers Day Luncheon, Noon F NOVEMBER (*SLS No Regular Meeting)
18 SST/SSCT Regular Meeting** 5 SLS 108th Anniversary Luncheon
E 7 SSCT Board Meeting
6 SSCT Board Meeting*** V 11 Rippli Dinner/Enzian Concert
16 SST/SSCT Regular Meeting**
10 ALL CLUBS Work Day E 19 SSCT Turkey Shotgun Shoot
11 SLS Regular Meeting* N
15 SST/SSCT Regular Meeting** T 5 SSCT Board Meeting
17 SSCT Spring Schwingfest
18 SSCT Shotgun Medal Shoot S 10 SLS Regular Meeting & Christmas Party*
17 SSCT Christmas Ham Shoot & Kids Party
JULY 21 SST/SSCT Regular Meeting**
9 SLS Regular Meeting*
Unless otherwise noted:
11 SSCT Board Meeting*** *Swiss Ladies Society (SLS) Meetings begin at 1:30 p.m.,
20 SST/SSCT Regular Meeting** **Swiss Society of Tacoma (SST) Meetings begin at 6:30 p.m.,
26-30 Swiss Kids Kamp

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SUPPORT THE SSCT AND YOUR PARK! There are still lots of available dates for rental of the halls and R.V.
spaces for SSCT members. The SSCT membership voted to curtail rentals to non-member individuals and groups
and attempt to return to the intent of our charter and operate as a Swiss Park, so we need your support.
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Community Flyer

RELIEF SOCIETY MEETING sponsor ed by the SRS. The sponsored by SSCT. Cost $15.00 for the dinner and dance. Chil-
SRS meeting starts immediately after the SLS meeting, about dren 12 and under are free. Gate opens at 10:00 AM, Schwinger
2:30 p.m. ALL Swiss (Men and Women), regardless of any other registration starts at 11:00 AM, with competition at noon for all
Swiss Club affiliation, ARE MEMBES of the Swiss Relief Socie- wrestlers. The bar opens at 10:45 AM and the kitchen at Noon.
ty. Volunteers are needed to come forward to serve on the board. The evening dance starts at 7:30 PM Schwinger Awards begin
about 10:30 PM. The Kitchen closes at 8:00 PM and the Bar at
The purpose of the SRS is to provide support for our local Swiss
1:00 AM.
in need. Please consider joining us to help others. For more in-
formation, contact any Board member listed on Page 3.
SHOOT sponsor ed by SSCT. You must be an SSCT, or asso-
FRIDAY & SATURDAY, MARCH 24 & 25, 2017, CRAB ciated Swiss Club, member to compete for medals. There is no
FEED & DANCE sponsor ed by the SSCT. Dinner both fee to enter the park. Medal shoots are in Class A, B, and C as
nights will be served from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. This event has AD- well as the Martin Holdener Memorial Buddy Shootin this
VANCED reserved seating ONLY and tickets will have table shoot you choose your partner who must be an immediate family
numbers assigned. Dancing follows to Idol Eyez Band. Dinner member (father, mother, son, daughter, 1st cousin, in-law, aunt,
cost $40.00 per person. Please check in for last minute single or uncle or grandchild). All medals awarded are made in Switzer-
double tickets. Contact Marcus Spitzli at 253-722-4502 or e-mail land. for more information and tickets.
20th ANNUAL KIDS SWISS KAMP: Wednesday thr u Sun-
SUNDAY, APRIL 9, 2017, 10:00 A.M.EASTER HAM day, July 26-30, 2017. For children ages 8 to 14 inclusive. Our
SHOTGUN SHOOT sponsor ed by the SSCT. purpose is to teach young people the culture and traditions of
Switzerland and learn of their ethnic heritage. Kamp begins
SUNDAY, APRIL 9, 2017, 2:00 P.M. Wednesday night at 6:00 PM (please feed your child dinner on
CHILDRENS EASTER EGG HUNT sponsor ed Wednesday, July 26th). Your child will stay overnight Wednes-
by all of the SSCT, SLS, and SST. Jeffrey Bohren day, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Classes are held all
and Tabitha have volunteered to chair the Easter Egg day Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning. On Sunday,
Hunt. They would appreciate any help they can get. at about 2:00 PM, there is a parade and program to celebrate
Call Jeffrey at 253-448-9031. SWISS INDEPENDENCE DAY or Bundesfere. Your child
will help produce this celebration, and everyone is invited to
sponsored by SLS. There is no cost, except a nominal fee to play LEARNING AND BRING YOUR ENTIRE EXTENDED
BUNCO. There are usually a few who play JASS. Desserts FAMILY OUT FOR AN AFTERNOON FULL OF SWISS
and coffee will be served, so come on down to the Swiss Park and ENTERTAINMENT, FOOD AND FUN. Following the pa-
enjoy some good entertainment. rade/program, the SRS will serve food in the kitchen, the SSCT
will open the bar, and there will be games to play for adults and
SATURDAY, APRIL 22, 2017MANNERCHOR SPRING children. During Kamp your child will be introduced to all things
CONCERT sponsor ed by SSCTFor only $20: you can relish Swiss history, theater, language, music, instruments, wood
a delicious meal starting at 5:30; enjoy a panoply of Swiss vocals working, sports, flag throwing, handiwork, painting, games, danc-
featuring our guest performers, the Enzian Ladies Choir starting ing as well as baking, cooking and eating Swiss foods! Breakfast,
lunch and dinner are provided Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and
at 7:07; and top the evening off dancing Swiss Landler Music to
breakfast and lunch is provided Sunday. Space for your child is
Kapelle Blaser from 9:00 to midnight. See a Mnnerchor mem-
by reservation only, please complete the reservation form on page
ber for tickets, presale only, or call Greg Vesey at 253-678-4924.
4 of this flyer. The maximum number of children that can partici-
pate is 50. The total cost is $25.00 per child. We supply all your
SATURDAY, MAY 13, 2017: SWISS LADIES MOTHERS childs entertainment needs! We provide an adult for every five
DAY TEA LUNCHEON, 12:00 Noon, sponsor ed by SLS. children and have trained staff to assist with medical needs. If you
Lunch and tea will be served, please bring a teacup for yourself want to helpplease call Louise Hospenthal at 253-896-2593.
and your guest. Reservations are required by May 5th. Please
call any SLS board member listed on Page #3 or sign-up at any Your child needs ONLY bring the following items!
regular meeting to reserve your place today! ABSOLUTELY NO HAIRDRYERS, CURLING IRONS, AIR MAT-
SATURDAY, JUNE 10, 2017, 9:00 a.m. ALL Sleeping bag, pillow and foam mattress
TACOMA SWISS CLUB WORK PARTY. This Towel, personal hygiene items (i.e. toothbrush/paste, comb, etc.)
is an all-hands on deck call to all Tacoma Swiss Underwear & socks for four days, and pajamas
Club members to join us in sprucing up the park
Jeans and shorts
after the winter weather season. Lunch will be
Long and short sleeved shirts
served after the work is done. It would be good to
see some new faces! Sweatshirt and jacket
Tennis shoes, flip-flops/sandals
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Community Flyer


OBITUARIES Swiss Ladies Society (SLS):

President: Barbara Vesey, 253-678-4826
Vice President: Diane Kubicek, 253-376-0524
The SSCT and SST mourn the loss of their Recording Sec: Verena Mauer, 206-714-8211
members Louis Steiner of Puyallup, WA, Financial Sec: Susan Pearson, 253-845-5132
Joseph Fohn, Jr. of Mount Vernon, WA, and Treasurer: Dena Holdener, 253-891-3093
Dan Holdener of Auburn, WA. Sergeant of Arms: Rosemarie Collecchi 360-897-6262
Trustee Yr 1: Gerri Wheelock, 360-825-5105
Trustee Yr 2: Laurie Wheeler, 253-447-4584

Swiss Society of Tacoma (SST):

SNGERFEST 2017 The 29th Pacific Coast Swiss Sing- President: Walt Fischlin, 253-864-3522
ing and Yodeling Festival, hosted by the San Joaquin Valley Vice President: Markus Spitzli, 253-722-4502
Swiss Echoes of Ripon, CA, will be held in Modesto, CA Recording Sec: Mick Spane, 253-845-3723
from June 22-25, 2017. The 28th Sngerfest which the Financial Sec: Gary Inglin, 360-897-0552
Mnnerchor Edelweiss and the Swiss Sportsmen's club of Treasurer: Jeff Bohren, 253-845-8924
Tacoma hosted in 2014 was very well supported by the Trustee Yr 1: George Birchler, 253-874-4391
Ripon club. Take advantage of this outstanding Swiss cul- Trustee Yr 2: Martin Inglin, 253-531-5640
tural event. Information is available on the festival website, Trustee Yr 3: Carl Spane, 253-927-2894 Hope to see you there! Trustee Yr 3: Marshall: Ed Bisig, 253-845-6722
DEMO & SPRING PREPARATION: Swiss Ladies Enzian Choir (SLEC):
Provided by the Puyallup Rose Society President: Virginia Wyssen, 425-254-8296
(PRS), March 11, 2017 starting at 10:00 Vice President: Lisa Pozzi, 253-639-3208
AM. Learn from PRS rosarians how to Secretary: Kathy Hurley, 253-691-3531
prune and care for your roses. Open to all Treasurer: Carol Cavett, 253-863-9796
who are interested. Coffee & doughnuts Music: Librarian: Judy Garner, 253-722-8946
provided. For more information about
PRS meetings and how to join contact: Dan Simmons, 253- Swiss Relief Society (SRS) AKA Hilfsverein:
862-0423 or e-mail See you President: Rosemarie Collecchi, 360-897-6262
There! HAPPY ROSES! Vice President: Rita Patten, 253-973-3636
Secretary: Susan Pearson, 253-845-5132
Treasurer: Judy Meinert, 253-939-1234
KNOEPFLI Trustee: Linda Ulrich 253-922-5345
(Swiss Dumplings)
Swiss Sportsmens Club of Tacoma (SSCT):
2 1/3 C Sifted Flour 3 QTS Boiling salted water President: Willie Schatz, 206-604-9299
1 TSP Salt Grated Swiss or Parmesan Cheese Vice President: Jeff Munroe, 253-736-5169
1 Egg (slightly beaten) 1 medium/small onion, chopped and Secretary: Lance Docken, 253-970-2404
1 Cup water browned in butter Treasurer: Joe Imhof, Jr., 253-324-0696
Schwinging Officers: Larry Holdener, 253-862-6830
Sift the flour and salt together in a large bowl. Mix the egg and and Joe Baur, 360-825-5779
water together, beating lightly with a fork. Slowly add the liquid Range Officer: Scott Scheibal, 253-431-0864
to flour mixture beating until smooth, batter will be very thick. Wednesday Crewmeister: Carl Spane, 253-927-2894
Spoon the batter into the boiling water by 1/2 teaspoonful's, Trustee Year 1: Greg Vesey, 253-678-4924
dipping the spoon into the water each time. This will keep the Trustee Year 2: Nick Gratzer, 253-651-4140
batter from sticking to the spoon. Cook only one layer of knoep- Trustee Year 3: Leonard Soler, 253-268-0541
fli at a time. After they rise to the surface, cook gently for about Marshall: Martin Inglin, 253-531-5640
5 minutes or until tender. Remove from water with slotted spoon, Mannerchor Chairman: Greg Vesey, 253-678-4924
draining over pan for a second or two and place in a warm bowl. Barmeister: Brian Holdener, 253-891-3093
Repeat until batter is used up. As you layer the knoepfli in the Board Chairman: John Bohren, 253-922-8566
bowl sprinkle each layer with grated Swiss or parmesan cheese, Board Emeritus: Charlie Ochsner, 253-862-8737
to your taste. Pour the onion and butter mixture over the top.
Swiss Parkmeister: Cur t Simmons, 253-862-1142
Serve as a side dish with Swiss steak and mushrooms.
Tacoma Swiss Communities
Spring Edition 2017
9205198th Avenue E
Bonney Lake, WA 98391


(Please complete a separate application for each child)

Parent Name: __________________________________ Childs Name: ___________________________

Street Address: _______________________________ City: ______________ ST: ____ ZIP: ________

Telephone: _________________________________ Birth date of child: __________________________

Swiss Heritage; Parent, Grand Parent: ______________________________________________________

Born in Switzerland in what town or place? ______________________ T-Shirt Size: _________________

YOU MUST INCLUDE: A copy of the front and back of your insurance card and a permission slip for the
child to be treated in the case of a medical emergency. Also include any medications and instructions that
are important for the health of your child, including any allergies. (PLEASE NOTE: Applications are pro-
cessed first come, first serve. Failure to submit ALL required information with your registration will
result in your child not being accepted over another who followed proper guidelines!)

A Hold Harmless Form will be sent to all participants and must be returned prior to the child being admitted
to the Kids Swiss Kamp.

Mail completed application form and payment check ($25.00) to: