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Technology Workshop Lesson Plan

Christy Jacobs
Kennesaw State University
Spring 2017

Overview & Purpose

Teachers are constantly overloaded with new information and requirements

for professional learning communities and TYKES. My workshop was
designed to revisit technology applications that we currently have, however
do not take advantage of. The review of technology applications and an
introduction for new teachers that would be beneficial through saving time,
incorporating technology, and maximizing infusion of best practices with

Learning- Lesson Objectives

1. Teachers will download the app for Destiny Discover on their phone.
2. Teachers will successfully login to each of the technology applications.
3. Teachers will find content that is applicable to their curriculum and put
it in a designated folder while in Galileo and Discovery Education
(minimum of 1 journal, video, text, etc. per application).
4. Teachers will watch a virtual field trip of their choice from GPB.

ISTE Standards

2.a: Coach teachers in and model design and implementation of technology-

enhanced learning experiences addressing content standards and student
technology standards.

Materials Needed

1. Smart Board with projection & audio

2. Individual laptops for teachers with internet
3. Logins for teachers- provided on handouts
4. Cell phone

Informational Handouts

1. Destiny Discover- How to obtain and login through the application

2. Galileo- How to use the school code to login, search for scholarly
journals, and find the MLA or APA citations to use
3. Discovery Education- Focus on videos and how to download
4. GPB- Focus on Virtual Fieldtrips
5. Promotional Flyer
6. Technology Workshop Agenda

Assessment/Evaluation Instruments

1. Office 365 Forms-.

a. Pre-Workshop Data: Students completed a survey determining
the entire school population of available devices. This
information was presented to teachers to show the importance of
incorporating BYOD and using the mentioned applications in the
2. Google Forms:
a. Post-Workshop Data- Form will require e-mail address for follow
up with participants who would like assistance to applying
knowledge in their classrooms. After entering their e-mail,
teachers will complete a four-question survey regarding the
workshop and the presenter.

Step by Step Lesson Outline

1. Opening:
a. Teachers will be welcomed to the session (chocolates provided)
and introduced to the four technology applications we will be
reviewing. The beneficial highlights of each application will be
reviewed to hook the teachers into taking advantage of what
the available technology provides.
i. Destiny Discover (work session following)
1. Remediation: The eBooks can be read to students
and vocabulary terms can be defined to clarify what
students are reading.
ii. Galileo (work session following)
iii. Discovery Education (work session following)
iv. GPB (work session following)
2. Work Session:
a. A work session will take place following the introduction to each
application. The teachers will use their handouts and login.
Once they have successfully logged on, they will search for
applicable content in Galileo and Discovery Education to put in
their created folders.
3. Closing:
a. To provide insight into what teachers need, they will be asked to
complete a quick survey from their e-mail to provide feedback
following the workstation and follow-up.

Online Instructional Components

1. Workshop Website
2. Destiny Discover
3. Galileo
4. Discovery Education
5. GPB

Evaluation Tool:

Workshop Evaluation

Workshop Data and Summary

While the purpose of my workshop was to bring focus back to
technology applications that are not fully taken advantage of, it was obvious
that I had more material to cover than I had allotted time. This fact was also
noted in my presenter evaluation as needing improvement regarding my use
of time and the amount of information discussed adequately fitting the time
frame. However, from the materials presented, it is important to note that
everyone felt the workshop was beneficial and that they gained knowledge
regarding most of the applications; aspects of those applications which they
had not previously been aware of or used. When creating the workshop
evaluation, I required e-mail addresses of all responders so that I could
complete a one on one follow-up and assist with applying the new tools in
the classroom. The handouts, which many noted as providing efficient
information and guidelines for being successful with the technology
applications, will also be available for all staff, as well as, the website
created. Due to our school system deciding to move over to a new website
host, I created a Weebly page for this assignment. This site will become a
source of information to use in my current position as media specialist for
Fitzgerald High School and to share with my teachers and improve my
presence as a technology coach and innovator for the school! Further work
will be done to include web 2.0 tools and to work towards the goals of my
final capstone.