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Statement of problems

a. What is the trend of deposit mobilization of selected commercial bank?

b. How far the deposit has been efficiently mobilized?
c. How far the portion of deposit has been used as investment and loan?
d. What is the relationship among deposit and investment of the selected
commercial banks?

Objectives of the study

a. To examine how far the deposit have been efficiently mobilized.

b. To sketch the trend of deposit mobilization.
c. To compare the various kinds of deposit with total deposit.
d. To find out the used position of deposit as investment and loan.

Limitations of the study

The proposed study has certain limitation on its part, which are as follows:

a. This study is limited to selected commercial banks.

b. This research work is confine only to the resources mobilization of the
c. The whole study basically depends on secondary data collected from
the institute.
d. The detailed study isn't possible.
e. Time and resources were limited.

Significance of the study

a. Helps to identify the trend of deposits of commercial bank.

b. Analyze the deposit mobilization areas of selected commercial bank.
c. How the bank can help in the economic development of the country.
d. The readers easily can find out the status of fixed deposit, saving
deposit and current deposit of banks.
e. It helps to complete BBS 4th year education.
f. It can be a good assets of library and guideline for other report writer.

Research Methodology

1. Nature and sources of data

The study has used secondary data mostly. As being the secondary
data the information have been collected from annual report of bank,
balance sheet, local newspapers. But beside this the primary data like
gathering information from the employees of the respected banks and
even questionnaire has also been used.
2. Description of population and sample
Population here means the collection or the aggregate of objects. On
the other hand sample means just a portion of the population selected
with a view to draw a conclusions about the population under study.
Population of the study is thirty two commercial banks operating in
the country but it is not possible to study all the related to 32 banks.
Hence only 2 banks have been taken as sample for the whole population
of 32 banks.

Data processing

Various financial accounting and statistical tools have been used in

the study to achieve the objectives of the study. The analysis of data has been
done according to the pattern of data available.

Statistical and Mathematical tools

In this report the following tools have been used.

1. Financial tools
The tools which are used to measure the financial performance of
the concern the financial performance of the concern from long
term as well as short term solvency point view are called financial
tools. In the project work the following financial tools have been
a. Total credit to total deposit ratio.'
b. Total investment to total deposit ratio.
c. Loan and advances to total deposit ratio.
2. Statistical tools
The mathematical tools used to forecast the future on the basis of
past data are called statistical tools. Mainly the following statistical
tools are used:
a. Bar diagram
b. Pie-chart
c. Standard deviation.