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( HONOURED by JHARKHAND RATNA & Patrakarita Rashtriya Samman )
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Kapil Sharma Be Prepared For A Long Struggle ! :-
An Astrological Analysis In Depth By Expert Astrologer
DR. Bhuwan Mohan !
Kapil Sharma was born on 2 nd April, 1981 at about 4.30 A. M. in Amritsar as the
information is available to me and on the basis of the above , the Horoscope of Kapil
Sharma is said to be as follows :- ( This Article was written on 28. 04. 2017 )
______________________________ _____ (People take Astrological Science as
IX Sun 12 Mars X XI very easy and start predicting on the
I 1 X Venus X 11 X Ketu X I basis of only Ascendant Horoscope by
I X X X 10 X 9 I simply observing Planets, but such People
I X X Moon X X I have neither knowledge of Astronomy
I X Mercury X I on which Astrological Science is
I X X X X I based nor they know that for Perfection
I X 2 X X 8 X I in Predictions, does not take into
I X X X X I account the impact of Planets on
I X X X I Human Beings in Isolation, but
I 3 X X X X 7 I instead it should be taken in Totality
I X X 5 X X I of Planets in an Horoscope while on the
I X X X X I other hand, People mostly Predict on
I X X I Ascendant Horoscope, not considering
I X4 X X 6X I the various Divisional Charts which
I X X X X I have Great Importance in Predictions
I X X X Jupiter X I with Precision and Accuracy and
IX Rahu X Saturn X I mostly the People almost regularly in
IX X XI Newspapers seeing the time in hand by
I Horoscope of Kapil Sharma I their own convictions, but such People do
I_______________________ _ _I not realise for their incorrect and
inaccurate Predictions and instead they start again Predicting seeing the time
in hand even though their Predictions continue to be incorrect and inaccurate
and that is why I use to solicit the various Respected Editors that let such
predictions be republished after the incidents have already taken place so that
People may know asto who are the Real Astrologers who Predict Correctly
and Accurately. )
Kapil Sharma was born in Aquarius Ascendant and lord of
Ascendant and twelfth House Saturn is with lord of second and
eleventh Houses Jupiter in the eighth House as well as lord of
seventh House Sun is with lord of third and tenth Houses Mars and
lord of fourth and ninth Houses Venus in the second House while
lord of sixth House Moon is with lord of fifth and eighth Houses
Mercury in the Ascendant
According to Vimshottari, Saturns Dasa is running for Kapil
Sharma and in Transit, Jupiter is in Virgo and Saturn in Sagittarius and
Rahu is in Leo.
I have been writing once and again that the People in the whole World are
getting benefited from the knowledge of India, but the people of our own
Country are not utilising the knowledge of India and if some People are
utilising, they are taking the help of those Persons who have dearth of this
knowledge who are misleading instead of showing the right path and this is
the story of Indian Astrology; whether it is related to Independence of
India ; whether reorganisation of Indian States especially related to
Jharkhand State ; whether the matter is related to Oath Ceremony of the
Prime Minister ( Oath of Office of the Prime Minister by Mr. Atal Behari
Bajpayee for the second time ) ; whether recently Oath of Office of Chief
Minister by Sibu Soren ; People are not utilising the Inidan Astrology in the
best way.
Those who do not consider Astrology , a Science, that is,
Astrological Science and those who could not understand till today asto what
a Complete and Accurate Science it is; with the help of which the Future can
be known Accurately and Timely.
On the basis of all the above and from the Horoscope of Kapil
Sharma, the followings are clearly indicated :-
Before going into Predictions of Kapil Sharma what I say
When the child takes birth, it comes with its own future
Parents give birth to child , but they do not give fortune to it.
Again I say
More than fortune and before time
Nothing takes place ;
Now from Horoscope of Kapil Sharma
Mainly there are three areas the importance of which are displayed in his life
(1) Acquiring wealth-money from working areas to some extent because there are
many-a-thing to be destroyed. Restricting to some extent of coming of wealth-money,
hobbies-enjoyments and happiness of family life because manya-thing to be destroyed.
(2) Secondly, love-affections and investments
There are indications of quarrel-disputes, oppositions-enmity etc., diseases too will be
cause of worries and anxieties, this Horoscope is not making him a healthy man in
coming days.
There shall be danger and it will be difficult to save money ; yes, the more
expenditure of money will be on his acquiring own house or flat etc. ( movable and
immovable property ).
Now, how will be his coming days from his Horoscope ? The best time to earn
money by Kapil Sharma began from September 2014 and this continued upto
November 2016 when his fortune was with him and there were indications of lot of
journeys and the above period was best for progress-prosperity, the time was of
hobbies-enjoyments and of happiness of family life, but as November 2016 passed,
opposition-enmity started and that was the time something or other to be destroyed
entered, albeit in spite of opposition-enmity, the above period will continue upto
October 2017 to some extent ( will be stretched ), but after October 2017, his Lagan
( time of marriage ) will be active, therefore if he thinks, he may be tied in nuptial knot,
he has gain of money from his wife; but the time from November 2017 to September
2018 ( in every way to some extent in spite of opposition-enmity and something or other
to be destroyed, will be all right, but his real struggle will start from October 2018
when his love-affections too will be affected as well as he will take some ill-courageous
steps which will not help him to come out from adverse situations and he will have to
be prepared for a long struggle and during this period, he has to lose many things.
Hence it may be said that he has seen his best period of life for the time being which is
giving the message that it it is going to be over and now, he has a long struggle ahead.
That is all for the time being, more will be latter on.

DR. Bhuwan Mohan

( Honoured by Jharkhand Ratna & Patrakarita Rashtriya Samman )
Astrologer, Journalist and Political Analyst
Academic Counsellor ( Management ) and Advocate, Ranchi High Court,
Regional Secretary Jharkhand ( National Executive )
All India Free Lancer Journalist Federation,
NATRAJ ENCLAVE II , Hinoo, Ranchi 834002 , Mob 09835367711
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