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Donna Faye Tolentino Cruz is the Norzagaray Smiles Club 2017 Club Muse. She was born on June
21, 1990. From a close-knit family of four siblings where love among members is of paramount importance,
Faye, as fondly called by her friends and relatives, grew up in Calumpang, Norazagaray, Bulacan, with the
valued guidance of her mother, Mrs. Epifania Cruz, a retired Master Teacher She took her primary
education at Norzagaray Elementary School and graduated as Salutatorian in 2002. In 2006, she
completed he secondary education at Colegio de Sta. Monica de Angat where she was able to maintain her
good scholastic record, bringing home awards and medals from every recognition ceremony. Faye took up
Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Far Eastern University, where she was also a scholar and member of the
Academic Committee, and graduated in 2010. She passed the Nursing Licensure Examination on the same
year with high rating. She immediately applied as a nurse at Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital and joined
its working staff in no time.

By year 2015, Faye somehow scrutinized herself trying to find what is still missing in within her. Her
work as a nurse is no longer the work she truly admires. Reinventing herself while time is still under her
control, she decided to pursue teaching and enter the academe world. She took education units required to
qualify and completed with outstanding grades. She took the Licensure Examination for Teachers and
passed with flying colors. Faye is currently taking up Master of Arts in Education to cement her future in her
new chosen profession. The value and the importance of education is always in her mind and to be the
best version of herself in this field is her top priority. Faye believes that all the best things in life before you
get requires corresponding hard work and struggle. That is why she is now on the road towards the practice
of the noblest profession in the entire world of job, career and occupation - profession that requires passion
and devotion. Faye also knows very well that the key to success requires action which means that the
formula to success is the combination of patience, persistence and perspiration.

Donna is Lady. The word lady means respect for a woman, and the equivalent of the word
gentleman. A lady is a woman who behaves in a polite way is very true for Faye. She can be described as a
woman with a good heart and a woman of few words. Most people around her know her as a silent type of
girl and someone with a reserved personality. But the people who are close to her heart knows her very
well as someone who is full of high spirits. You would always see her happy and smiling. She loves travels,
adventures and going to beaches. She is a thrill seeker, adrenaline junkie and kid at heart kind of girl. With
strong belief and faith in God, Faye religiously goes to church. Indeed, Faye embodies the ideals that true
beauty emanates from a woman who knows who she is from the bottom of her heart.

Congratulations Miss Donna Faye Tolentino Cruz, Norzagaray Smiles Club 2017 Club Muse!