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1. Swelling and discoloured 11. Pocket 9mm. Diagnosis of perio-

endo lesion
a. What are other differential diagnoses?
b. What are further investigations needed?
c. What are treatment options for this patient?

2. Endo treated tooth on UR1 with poor prognosis and need to be

extracted. Patient wearing upper partial denture and need to add
a. What are clinical relevant/information need to be included
in treatment
b. What are information on laboratory would be provided for
c. What are advices that should be given to patient?
d. What problem that patient may interfere?

3. 65 years old female with unhealing extraoral sinus, resistant to

antibiotic. Having DM and on oral hypoglycemic drug. Osteoporosis
on oral alendronate (bisphosphonate). Rheumatoid arthritis
corticosteroid. Cant speak English but live in UK.
a. Management of GDP.
b. Relevant history and justification.
c. What is the possible diagnosis?

4. 25 years old female, plan for minor oral surgery (removal of

wisdom tooth) under GA. Patient on oral contraceptive drug.
Smoking 15 cigarette/day.
a. What are the indication for removal of wisdom tooth?
b. What advice should be given to patient with regards to GA?
c. If MOS under LA, what action should be made to prevent

5. Randomised controlled trial. Comparing between bur and

ultrasonic endo weak. P-value 0.056, P-value molar 0.02
a. What is randomized controlled trial?
b. What is null hypothesis of the paper?
c. What indication of P-value?
- overall
- for molars
d. 4 factors influence treatment success that contribute to
data collection.
e. What are radiographic findings of success.

6. Patient with generalized attrition, spacing, recession.

a. What are the probable diagnosis?
b. What questions should be asked to know about the etiology
of the
c. What special investigations and diagnostic records needed?
d. Dahl appliance to increase vertical dimension
- What type of tooth movement extrude molar

7. 8 years old with unerupted UR1.

a. What are the cause of the unerupted tooth?
b. What are special investigations needed?

8. Trigeminal neuralgia carbamazepine.

a. What are side effect of carbamazepine?
b. Write how to prescribe carbamazepine.
c. 4 other drug to treat trigeminal neuralgia.
d. What special investigations needed for overall

9. Fractured mesial of UR1. One morning appointment to get

married dentist do composite restoration.
a. 4 clinical relevant to restoration.
b. Give criteria of good anterior restoration.
c. How to optimize polymerization
d. Dental and health issue in this case.

10. Fracture zygoma

a. Radiographic view
b. How to take OMV

11. Explain about

a. Stroke
1. History and DPT given. Mesioangular impaction of 38.
a. What are the factors that influence the difficulty during
tooth removal?
b. Indications of wisdom tooth removal.
c. What are the side effect of MOS?

2. 8 years old boy with cross bite of the UR2 (intraoral picture
a. Design upper removable appliance to correct the cross bite
sample of
lab card given

3. 5 years old child, came to the clinic with facial swelling on the left
side of the face.
a. Write prescription antibiotic and analgesic prescription
slip given.

4. Sjogren syndrome
a. What is Sjogren syndrome?
b. Investigation
c. Management

5. Statistic question x ingat sgt soalan ni tapi dia bagi power of

calculation for sample size.
a. What is the important of power of calculation?
Paper 1 (EMQ and Single best answer)

1. What are the cause of syncope.

2. Surgical jaw osteotomy.
3. White lesion candida
- chronic hypoplastic
- acute atropic
- chronic atropic

4. Pulp treatment in adult

- irreversible
- chronic suppurative apical perio
- acute periapical
- dentine hypersensitivity
5. Research case control, cohort, RCT, meta analysis
6. Filings ZOE, composite, amalgam, SSC
7. Cranial nerve with palsy of one of the cranial nerve.
8. Muscle of mastication with deformity
- upper lip numbness
- ID nerve block involve which muscle
- denture loose
9. Vesicobullous lesion
- pemphigus
- Behcet syndrome
- lichen planus
- chronic leukemia
10. Development
- Age of calcification and eruption
- canine should be palpable
- second primary molar hypomineralisation start at what age
- first molar hypoplasia
11. Sensitivity, specificity, positive likelihood
12. Maxilla derived from?
13. Avulsion, lateral luxation, cervical third, dentoalveolar fracture
14. Main cause of unerupted UR1.
15. Cardiac arrest treatment.
16. Composite less bond to dentine why
- enamel hydrophobic
- composite hydrophobic
- acid etch layer
- smear layer
17. Endo irrigation solution, apical root end filling, root canal
18. Bacterial involve chronic perio, aggressive perio, angular
19. Clinical safeguarding governance communication, risk
management, patient
20. Cause of caries in 55 years old female with rheumatoid arthritis,
taking diclofenac sodium, taking eye drop (Sjogren syndrome), poor
OH, xerostomia,
21. Dentrifices (Fluoride) child age 3 with high caries, stroke
patient, patient 16 years old with high caries risk
22. Dentrifice for high cries in 3 years old
23. Patient with DM, agitated, hyperactive, treatment option
- give high glucose
- send patient home
24. Ottawa charter
25. Different fluoride concentration given with different type of
MFDS Part 2.

1. History taking
23 years old male, came to your practice. Havent visit your clinic
for 5 years. Take full history of this patient.
Greet as usual, tanya dia kenapa dah lama tak datang untuk check
up, c/o tak suka with the teeth appearance, dia rasa gigi dia pendek,
tanya pasal sensitivity, severity, habit bruxism, diet soft drinks,
PMH tanya dia are u happy with your appearance bulimic,
anorexic, combination between attrition and erosion. Explain about
his condition, management sket2.

2. History taking
40 years old female, pain and intermittent swelling at the right side
of her cheek.
Take full history.
Chief complaint, when was the pain meal time syndrome, nature of
the pain, mouth dryness, any difficulty during talking, other problem
eye dryness problem, joint problem, all my question actually
towards xerostomia, sjogren syndrome, salivary duct obturation.
Explain about further investigation. Patient keep asking is it cancer.

3. Explaining x-ray DPT

45 years old male, c/o looseness of the bridge at the upper right
Greet, tanya main complain, ask permission to discuss about the
radiographic findings, the patient was very nice and respond very
well when I explain, explain about the bridge prognosis very poor
as very severe bone resorption at the abutment, patient tanya boleh
fix semula tak bridge tu. Then explain also about other finding. DPT
x berapa clear ada caries at several teeth, perio problem. Lastly I
also explain about the option if we need to extract the abutment
teeth denture and implant. Patient tanya what is implant, cost?

4. Explaining treatment option

47 years old female, COPD, plan for dental clearance (extraction).
Give treatment option.
Patient keep on coughing during the conversation. Greet patient,
ask permission to discuss about the treatment option. Ask her are
u alright coz dia keep on coughing. Give treatment option, LA, LA+
sedation, general anaesthetic. Patient was needle phobic, so xnak
LA, so kena explain about the risk of GA for COPD patient.

5. 70 years old male, cardiac problem, on warfarin, INR result given

more than 3.5. Plan for tooth extraction. Explain patient concern.
Uncle ni baik sgt. Explain about the INR result and its importance
before extraction. Explain to him that I need to refer him back to his
GP to repeat the blood test. Patient ask about bruising and bleeding
after extraction. So I explain about the local measure for post-
operative bleeding.

6. Female, suspected to have proximal caries at the upper molar.

Plan to take bite wings radiograph. Patient concern about radiation
Explain about the dose very low, compare with daily radiation
exposure from the environment, Patient ask about cancer

7. 45 Female, daughter getting married very soon, kalau x silap

missing upper front teeth. Give treatment option.
Explain about all the treatment option, denture, bridge, implant.
Due to time limitation so denture is the best option. But also
explain about long term management bridge and implant.
Advantage and disadvantage, cost

8. 50 years old female, perio problem, mobile anterior teeth.

Manage patient concern.
This patient was a bit fussy. First I explain about her perio problem,
what is perio problem, causes, then I discuss about the
management splinting the tooth, explain about prognosis,
treatment option if we need to remove the tooth, denture, implant.
Oral hygiene instruction. Ask about medical problem diabetic or

9. Picture given. Patient has an upper full denture. She cant wear
the denture since a week ago. Explain about her condition.
First I ask about the chief complain and why she cant wear the
denture pain. The picture showed a very erythematous upper gum
and a bit swollen. Explain that it is probably denture stomatitis
explain about it, causes. Then management antifungal. But she
said that she already got the medicine from her GP and the
condition still the same. I also ask about denture hygiene. She said
she clean her denture thoroughly everyday. X sure ape diagnosis. So
I said I am going to review her again after a week. If the condition
still the same, I will refer her to the specialist patient tanya
specialist ape? Ada candidate explain about PMMA allergy but she
has wear the denture for years.

10. 8 Year old boy, avulsed UR1 splinted. Father came to your clinic
to discuss about his sons tooth.
First, I ask the father to tell me briefly about the trauma. Then he
asked about the prognosis of the tooth in long term. I told him that
it depends on the time of extraoral time, storage medium, stage of
the tooth development. I also discuss about the possible outcome
for traumatised tooth root resorption, non vital, infection etc. Also
about the treatment option if we need to remove the tooth. Denture,
RRB, implant at what age, cost.