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Student Teaching Cooperating Teacher Final Evaluation

Spring, 2017
Student: Kelsey Roark Date: 3/6/2017
School: R. S. Payne Elementary
Grade Level: 4 Subject: Math

Consider the student teachers overall performance and growth when assigning a performance rating to each of
the Virginia Uniform Performance Standards. Specific indicators for each standard are listed in the Student
Teaching Handbook. Please refer to and consider the specific indicators for each standard as you complete this
evaluation. Your frank and honest assessment is most beneficial.

Performance Rating Scale:

5 - Exemplary: Consistently exceeds expectations at an exceptional level for a student teacher on all indicators.
4 - Highly Proficient: Meets and frequently exceeds expectations for a student teacher on most indicators.
3 - Proficient: Meets expectations at an acceptable level for a student teacher on most indicators.
2 - Developing: Does not consistently meet expectations at an acceptable level for a student teacher on several indicators.
1 - Unacceptable: Does not meet expectations for a student teacher on most or all indicators.

VA Uniform Performance Standard Rating

1 Professional Knowledge 5
2 Instructional Planning 5
3 Instructional Delivery 4
4 Assessment of and for Student Learning 4
5 Learning Environment 5
6 Professionalism 5
7 Student Academic Progress (Not assessed)

In the space below please provide overall comments regarding specific strengths and weaknesses related to the
performance of the student teacher. Feel free to attach another page if necessary.

I have been extremely impressed with Ms. Roark. She is what we call a natural to our profession, and I am
very excited for her as she continues working towards having her own classroom.

Kelsey strives to do her best in everything that she does. She asks many questions, and is accepting of all
feedback. She implements suggested strategies and tweaks them to make them her own.

In the short time that she was with me she formed lasting relationships with my students, got to know them
both personally and academically, and worked very hard to ensure she was meeting each of their needs.

Ms. Roark created her own lessons and assessments and used them to determine how successful her teaching
had been. She also used the data to create follow-up lessons to ensure her students achieved her desired

Kelsey works well under pressure and dives right into challenging situations. This week she went above and
beyond when she taught without me for 2 days while I was out of state. Even though there was a substitute in
the room she took the lead both days and handled this responsibility with grace and professionalism.

I am so honored to have been able to work with Kelsey, and hope that some day I am able to work with her
again. Wherever she finds herself in the future, her school will be very lucky to have her!!

Cooperating Teachers Digital Signature: Tammy Heddings

Student Teachers Digital Signature: Kelsey Roark

(Student Teacher: By typing my name above I verify that I have received and read this report.)