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Product (product) products is an important element in a marketing program.

Product strategy may affect other marketing strategies. Purchasing a product is

not just to have the product but also to meet the needs and desires of
Price (Price) According to Monroe (2005) states that the price is an economic
sacrifice your customers to acquire products or services. In addition the price of
one important factor in the decision of consumers to conduct transactions or not
(Engel, Blackwell and Miniard, 1996).
Price is said to be expensive, cheap or mediocre of each individual not to be the
same, because it depends on the individual's perception is triggered by the
environment and the conditions of life of individuals (Schifman and Kanuk, 2001).
Promotion (promotion) Promotion is an activity of communicating information
from the seller to the consumer or any other party in the sales channel to
influence attitudes and behavior. Through advertising a company persuasive
communication directed at the target buyer and the community through the
media called mass media such as newspapers, magazines, tabloids, radio,
television and direct mail (Baker, 2000: 7).
Media campaigns that can be used in this business include (1) Advertising, (2)
sales promotion, (3) Publicity and public relations, and (4) direct marketing.
Determination of a media campaign that will be used based on the type and
shape of the product itself.

Place (Distribution Channels) Kotler (2000: 96) states that "The distribution
channel consists of a set of institutions that perform all activities (functions) that
are used to distribute the product and the status of the owner from the producer
to the consumer". From the above definition can be interpreted that the channels
of distribution of goods is the whole activity or function to move the product
along with the owner's rights from the producer to the final consumer or
industrial user.
Distribution deals with the ease of obtaining the product in the market and
available when consumers look for. Distribution memperli hatkan various
activities of the company to make the product or service dipe roleh and available
to target consumers.
People (participants) The participants here are employees of the service provider
or sales, or those who are involved directly or indirectly in the process of the
service itself, for example in beauty services: such is the reception, doctors and
beauty therapists.
Process (Process) process is an activity that shows how services are provided to
consumers for purchases of goods. Business manager through the front liner
often offer various forms of service for the purpose of attracting consumers.
Amenities free consulting services, product delivery, credit card, card member
services and facilities that affect the image of the company.
Physical evidence (physical environment) The physical environment is a state or
condition which also includes the atmosphere. Characteristics of the physical
environment is the most visible aspect in relation to the situation. The meaning
of this situation is the situation and condition of geography and institutional
environment, decor, room, sound, scent, light, weather, and layout pelatakan
apparent or important environmental stimuli as objects (Belk 1974 within Assael
Of the seven elements of the marketing mix that are the key to success for a
business (services are housed / salon / spa / internet) including the range of
products services that are offered (one stop service), a strategic location,
friendliness and effectiveness of services, parking space adequate, and other
facilities supporting consumer convenience