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Colleen Mistler

Westfield High School Health Lesson

Lesson Duration: 49 minutes
Lesson 5/11
March 24, 2017
Grade Level: 9.10

Whiteboard and markers
Large white paper
Glencoe Health Textbook
Techniques for avoiding stress index cards

Objectives: should be posted in the classroom for the students to reference, as well as
an agenda
by the end of the lesson, students will be able to :
Describe how stress affects the body both physically and mentally
Use technology to research additional information about stress and how it
impacts the human body

MACF 1.12 Describe the growth patterns and body changes within human beings
throughout the life cycle (from prenatal through late adulthood), including critical periods
in growth and development
MACF 5.11 Analyze healthy ways to express emotions and to cope with feelings,
including the common causes of stress, its effects on the body, and managing stress
MACF 5.13 Analyze research on health behaviors and brain chemistry and emotional
MACF 5.19 Explain positive techniques for handling difficult decisions
MACF 6.11 Identify steps for getting support or help, including identifying resources for
families whose members have special health needs

Activity 1: Question of the Day

The students will enter the classroom and sit in their assigned seat. The question of the
day will be on the board and the students will immediately answer it in their notebook.

Introduction: Review methods for managing stress. Discuss how stress can affect all
parts of a persons life, including their social, mental, and physical health. Discuss the
importance of reliable sources of information and media literacy.
Ask the students...
Have you ever felt sick to your stomach or sore from stress?
What are some methods you use to reduce stress?

Activity 2: Cue Cards

This activity will review the four strategies for avoiding or limiting stress.
Each student will get four cards that say: use refusal skills, plan ahead, think
positively, avoid tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs
The teacher will read situations that pertain to one of the four methods, the students will
raise the card that explains the situation

Activity 3: Body Map

The students may use a variety of textbooks, cell phones, and the computer lab if it can
be reserved to research effects of stress on the body. Students will work in pairs to use
large canvas paper to trace their body. Students will draw the reactions on the body
from stress. *Provide example for students to reference

Ticket to leave: Students will fill out an answer to the question on the ticket to leave,
and hand to the teacher before exiting the room
Todays questions is: What surprised you today while you were researching how stress
can affect the body?