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may 2017

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216 Vista Ridge Ct,
Gorgeous Contemporary
Mediterranean home is a
dreamer's dream. Backing
up to serene open space with
a seasonal stream, the views
are simply breathtaking. The
flexible floor plan includes
a 4 bedroom with a formal
office. A balcony of the mas-
ter suite with a beautiful tub
in the master bath. Formal
dining area, secluded yard
& a stunning 3 car garage.
The manicured yard is very
low maintenance. Close to
shopping and fine dining.
Sq Ft: 4092
4/5 Bedrooms
4 bathrooms
Lot Sz: 0.3852ac*
MLS # 17024725

Amazing updated 4 bedroom 3 bath home in Crocker Ranch. Brand New Kitchen and Stainless
1716 Fontenay Way, Steel Appliances. Slate Grey Quartz Counter tops give a great contrast to the White Shaker Style
Cabinets with soft close drawers. Wire scrapped Bamboo flooring with the ledger stone covered
Roseville fireplace wall makes this the ultimate home. $459,950 MLS#17022952

Call Bill to f ind your perfect home...

Call Bill to f ind your perfect home...
Granite Bay
Area Specialist
Granite Bay
Area Specialist
(916) 768-1222
Top Producer
Top After Year
(916) 768-1222
Bill Sadek
BRE# 00970296
Bill Sadek
BRE# 00970296

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MAY 2017


General Info (916) 774-7908

General Manager Bob Falk, (530) 852-0225
Circulation Director Kelly Leibold, (530) 852-0201
Content and design manager Julie Miller, (530) 852-0256
Graphic Designer Jamie Hazelton, (530) 852-0205
Advertising Sales Manager John Love, (916) 774-7908
Advertising Sales Staff
Theresa Arnold. Renee Compton, Jane Fox, Gayle Scott
and JoAnn Stuck
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arising from the publication of copy provided by any advertiser for the Roseville Magazine. On the cover: Mikuni
Further, it shall not be liable for any act of omission on the part of the advertiser pertaining Photo by Noelle Konrad
to their published advertisement in the Roseville Magazine.

e Sierra Financial Planning

& Asset Management CONNECT TO new

Financial and Retirement
Investment Management

Jack Johnson
CFP Certified Financial Planner
r CPA Certified Public Accountant
1039 Orlando Ave. in ROSEVILLE, CA
1380 Lead Hill Blvd., Suite 106, Roseville, CA 95746 RV SALES HOURS: MONDAY-SATURDAY 8:30AM-5PM, SUNDAY 10AM-5PM
(916) 791-1572
866.981.6285 |

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recipe athletics
Don't take this burger lightly. Eat it with Local roller derby team competes in first
a napkin at the ready. home bout at Placer County Fairgrounds.
-by Steven Wilson
-by Noelle Konrad

art garden tour


View a new ceramic competition featuring Wandering though lush gardens in the spring
artists from around the world. sunshine on the Los Lagos Garden Tour.
-by Noelle Konrad
-staff report

health rocklin


Dr. Stephanie Sandretti talks roots, Rocklins Quarry Park hosts music at
family practice at Granite Bay Family Dentistry. the new outdoor aphitheater April-October.
-by Noelle Konrad
-by Andrew Westrope

Compassionate Care From Our Family to Yours!

We Care for Your Family Like Our Own
Our Personal Care includes meal preparation, bathing & dressing,
transportation, medication reminders and much more.
Experience in Advance Care such as Alzheimers, Parkinsons,
Hospital to Home Care and much more.
Waddell Family, Owners of Home Care Assistance of Placer County Our Balanced Care Method is a holistic program that
promotes healthy diet, physical exercise, mental stimulation,
socialization and a sense of purpose.
Give Us a Call Today! Our Cognitive Therapeutics Method keeps aging minds
916-226-3737 engaged through research-based activities designed to improve mental
acuity and slow symptoms of mild to moderate cognitive decline. HCO#:314700010

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Moments like this are meant to be cherished.
Well be here if you need us.

Home g
Auto g
Commercial g
Life g

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looking back
As Roseville Magazine heads into its
third year, we would like to thank our
readers, advertisers and the Roseville
Here are some of our favorite photos
from the past year. To catch up on
past issues visit
Look out for our Best of the Best
contest returning at the end of 2017
where you will have a chance to vote
for and recognize your favorite Roseville
~the Roseville Magazine Staff

6 May 2017

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Call for your Free Consultation today

Mention this ad to hear about our April Specials!

General Household Pest Control
Rodent, Bat and Bird Control

Wine Trail
Termite and Dry Rot Inspections Do
Structural Repairs Dou
Real Estate Inspections

Tours 2005
Family Owned and Operated Kat
and serving Placer County since
916 630-1212 Luc

May 20, July 15 & Sept 23


Wine Trail
Wine Food Live Music
Fun & Games
May 20, July 15 & Sept 23
Wine Food Live Music Fun & Games
The May 20 tour includes 6 Wineries:
Double Oak Vineyard & Winery Nevada City Winery
Katoa Cellars Smith Vineyard
Lucchesi Vineyards & Winery Solune Winegrowers

Special Deal
All 3 Tours only $80
$70 for wine club members!
Offer expires 5/19/17

11am-5pm Single tour is $35 per wine trail. Wine club members $30.
Designated driver food & beverages $15. For tickets, go to Sierra
Roseville Magazine 7

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from the cover


roll for 30 years

By Noelle Konrad

Redefining the
rules of sushi

ishii in Japanese translated means delicious, which is
only one of many words that can describe the 30-year-
old beloved Japanese restaurant and sushi bar, Mikunis. Mikuni 30th Anniversary Shuku Party
When looking back at the years that have passed, Chief WHERE: McClellan Event Center,
Dreaming Officer of Mikuni Taro Arai has an attitude of 5411 Luce Avenue McClellan, McClellan Park
gratitude for the memories he has to share. At the realization WHEN: 6:30 p.m. May 9
that his familys dream has been a reality since 1987, Arai COST: $250 per person *Must be 21 years or older
laughed, I dont think Im that old, but I guess I am.
If anyone can love what they do too much, Arai says he is
already there. He has grown to see his fathers vision become a
reality and his mothers cooking inspire millions.
If I was born again, I would do the same, Arai said. (I am) A generous benefactor who initiated Mikunis financial birth
so blessed. never expected anything in return. He was gone by the time
Everyone knows the story of rags to riches that Mikuni Arai could track him down.
illustrates, but their success story is more compelling than most. He never came to see what we did, Arai said.
Through indescribable hard work, faith and perseverance, the Mikuni was built on a foundation of family and customers
family-run business has evolved from a Japanese restaurant are treated as such. Mikuni when translated means kingdom
anticipated to fail to nine full and thriving locations. of God.
They have embodied the philosophy of giving back. We dont have to be the best, we want to be loved by God,
I love charitable events and I always believe in pay it loved by employees, loved by partners, so lets change that whole
forward, Arai said. I want to help somebody that can never idea about running a restaurant, Arai said.
pay me back. It wasnt without effort that the Arai family got their piece of
Philanthropic and community concentrated events are a the American dream.
regular occurrence. Many rolls sold are contributed to help When Arai was 15 his family moved from a small island of
those in need. The rescue roll raised money for the victims Japan to the United States. Previously, he worked a daily paper
of the 2011 Thoku earthquake and tsunami. Recently, more route that he started at age 11. This funded his parents, brother,
than $20,000 was raised for St. Baldrick when Arai shaved his and sisters airfare to San Francisco in 1985.
head and the Mikuni Summer Golf Classic has grown so large Mikuni has brought a piece of Japanese culture to California.
it is being split into two events that consistently raise more than However, sushi rolls are not a common dish in Japan and are
$100,000 and increasing. The Mikuni Charitable Foundation definitely not like the popular ones in this country. Rice and fish
has benefited hospitals, schools, churches and other nonprofit are an expensive treat in Japan.
organizations, too many to mention. continued on page 10

8 May 2017

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Mikuni Taro Arai,
Chief Dreaming
Officer at Mikuni,
has created hundreds
of rolls including this
customized DMC
(DeMarcus Cousins)
Roll. The DMC Roll is
combination of tempura
lobster, white tuna,
avocado and crab mix.
Photos by Noelle Konrad

Roseville Magazine 9

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Every food has a different taste,
different texture. I love it, Arai said. I
want to try new ingredients.
His brother is the chief creative
chef and produces many masterpieces
including Green Tea Tuna, which is one
of their best sellers.
Not every roll is displayed on the
menu. There are too many to keep track
of. Some are consistent hits while others
dont stay on the menu for long.
Frushi was an idea that didnt
seem to take off quite as hoped. It was
a combination of sushi with fruit. The
Unana Roll had banana and unagi (eel).
There was also strawberry with spicy tuna.
That didnt go well either, Arai said.
No worries though, Mikuni has an
endless variety of options when it comes
to traditional and contemporary sushi
that are much more appetizing.
They are all unique to me, in a
continued from page 8 They get to order what they want. different way, Arai said.
All the rules were broken and it Part of Arais job is to travel to where
For me to eat sushi every day is a created a movement in American- they source their ingredients. Mikunis
blessing, Arai said. Japanese cuisine. ingredients are sourced directly from
While there is a side to Arai that is I like everything fun, Arai said. I have Japan and other countries with the
very respectful of tradition, he is also a to create a menu I can enjoy every day. ultimate fresh delivery.
visionary when it comes to sushiology. In 2009 the Kaizen location in Last year Mikuni opened Kaizen
Mikuni is said to be the first to Roseville was established. Kaizen means Oysters, a farm in Humboldt Bay that is
incorporate fried foods, mayonnaise continuous improvement. exclusive to Mikuni and produces oysters
and rice on the outside of the roll. If There is always something new to be similar in taste to the ones found in Arais
a customer asks, there is very little that discovered and tasted. Arai has sampled hometown in Kumamoto, Japan.
Arai wont do, including wrapping hot rare and sometimes disturbing foods, Want to become a master sushi chef
dogs and French fries in a roll or creating such as insects and windpipe, and yet he like Arai? He hosts sushi-making classes,
a burrito roll and then deep frying it. is still searching for a food he doesnt like. but RSVP in advance because they often
I never say no to customers, Arai sell out.
said. The complete story of the Arai
family and Mikunis journey is written
in Arais book Abundance. Stay
tuned for a second and third book
coming soon.
Shuku means celebration.
Mikuni will celebrate their 30-
year milestone with an event at
the McClellan Event Center.
The night will have great
food, live entertainment, gift
boxes, charity fundraisers
and most importantly,
the most loved Japanese
restaurant in the region.

10 May 2017

2017_05_May Roseville Magazine.indd 10 4/28/17 6:56 PM

The Window Box Cafe

Fast & Friendly

Service in a



Not valid on Sundays. Expires 6/10/2017

6835 Five Star Blvd
Rocklin, California
(916) 259-2114

Bio-Warfare Technology
Being Used to Eliminate Your Unwanted Fat?
A ll signs are pointing
to YES! Folsom based
ShapeMasters founder Vince
to improve metabolism and
optimize other vital body
functions. This permanently
Rose, successfully developed reduces unwanted fat cells to
and patented the technology their normal size without the
to disrupt and disable use of shots, drops, pills, or
communications between living even exercise.
microorganisms used in
The result: ShapeMasters
biological warfare applications
rapidly growing clientele are
over 20 years ago.
experiencing amazing results
Today this same technology using this simple-to-apply
is now being used to technology and shedding their
RESTORE diminished cellular FIND OUT MORE! unwanted fat safely, quickly
communications between TEXT SLENDER and permanently.
excess fat cells full of TO 555888 With offices opening across
toxins and heavy metals,
enabling the body to produce 916-932-7077 the country, come find out how you can benefit from this
healthy hormones and
proven technology.
neurotransmitters necessary 101 Park Shore Dr. | Folsom CA 95630

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dining spotlight

Maine arrives
in California
SEA: Crab cakes
over fired green
tomatoes topped
with greens.
Photos by
By Noelle Konrad Noelle Konrad

ere miles from the sea but fresh seafood is at our fingertips. Our specialties here are lobster rolls. The lobster roll is
Old Port Lobster Shack is home of the Ultimate Lobster
head-and-shoulders above everything else. Its a really
Roll and their two other locations have been called the
San Francisco Bay Areas best Maine seafood restaurant. Lucky tasty bite. The green onions are what make it different
for us, there is now a location in Roseville. from any other lobster roll and our bread is amazing.
Just moments after sampling that first bite of the famous Cecil Rhodes, Consultant Chef
lobster rolls, many discover they have found something special.
Our specialties here are lobster rolls. The lobster roll is
head-and-shoulders above everything else. Its a really tasty bite, morning brunch, which is one of the possible new additions
Consultant Chef Cecil Rhodes said. The green onions are what coming this season.
make it different from any other lobster roll and our bread is This is the third location and there are more in the works,
amazing. Rhodes said.
The bread is specially made specifically for Old Port and it Nowhere else can you get authentic Maine-style cuisine with
comes straight from Maine. a California twist, Rhodes said. We have our own seasoning
Manager and Chief Lobster Wrangler Russell Deutsch that we put on it.
recalls with great fondness his time living in Boston and Maine. We do a California twist because I am really into the farm-
While he enjoys living locally now, he simply had to bring those to-fork cuisine, he said, Ive been cooking farm-to-fork before
New England flavors with him to the West Coast. it was farm-to-fork the vegetation we have in the Sacramento
All of our seafood comes from the East Coast, Rhodes area is great.
said, Everything you see on the menu is straight from the East One key indicator of a great seafood shack is the smell. One
Coast/New England area. word comes to mind: fresh. Old Port Lobster Shack invites the
They are open for lunch and dinner with plans of possible senses of smell, sight and taste, to enjoy generous helpings of
expansions soon. The outdoor patio has beer garden benches top-quality seafood from lobster to crab to oyster and much
and tables brought from Germany. It is the perfect spot for a more.

12 May 2017

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old port lobster shack
WHERE: 1565 Eureka Road, Suite 9, Roseville
WHEN: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Wednesday-Sunday
11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday and Tuesday
INFO: (916) 755-4113

The Ipswich whole belly clams are an offering that can

only be found at Old Port. Come by the Old Port Lobster
You cant get (them) anywhere around here, Rhodes Shack for our award winning
said. Lobster Rolls, Oyster and Clam
Have no fear non-seafood eaters; there are several other Rolls, Fish and Chips, Daily
menu selections if seafood is not your favorite, but its Specials, and of course the Best
definitely worth a try. The Shack has options for catering Lobstah West of Kennebunkport!
and delivery, and can accommodate large groups and young
kids, with outdoor seating, take-out and walk-ins welcome.
They are open daily, serving dinner Wednesday through
Sunday until 8 p.m. or as Deutsch says, Until people stop
10 off
Any Purchase of $50 or more
Can not be combined with any other
coming in. offers. Expires May 31, 2017
Loyal customers have found their new secret lunch spot 1565 Eureka Rd, Roseville
with the recently re-opened location. Hurry though, with 916.755.4113
food like this, it will be not kept a secret for much longer. Open: Mon. & Tues. Lunch 11am-3pm, Wed.-Sun. 11am to Close

any large pizza
with this ad
Expires June 10, 2017
5140 Foothills Blvd Suite 110 Roseville

WITH A TWIST: Above, a basket of Fried Ipswich Clams.

Below, a plate of Doubled Up Lobster Rolls.
Photos by Noelle Konrad

Team Party Central!

Private Party Buffet
$7 per person!
Includes 3 slices of
Pizza, unlimited
salad bar and
free use of

Call To Reserve! 916-786-9000

1805 Cirby Way, Ste. 3, Roseville

To feature your restaurant call John Love, Advertising Sales

Manager, at (916) 774-7939

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recipe Mean Green Bacon Burger

1 pound ground grass-fed beef
1 tbsp onion powder
1 tbsp garlic powder
Pink Himalayan salt and pepper
yellow onion
2 large kale leaves
of a cucumber
4 strips of bacon
1 avocado
2 hamburger buns
2 tbsp minced garlic
4 tbsp vegan mayonnaise
(regular mayo is ne)
1 tbsp fresh lemon juice
Pink Himalayan salt and pepper

Mean Green
5-6 organic whole rainbow carrots
1 tbsp olive oil
Pink Himalayan salt and pepper


Place ground beef, onion and
garlic powder in a bowl. Add
salt and pepper to taste and mix
well. Set aside.

e are seasonal beings and creatures of change. Everyone
Slice yellow onion, cucumber,
enjoys a switch in gears, a turn in the weather, and a kale, and avocado and set aside.
variation in the foods we consume. As the weather begins Place four strips of bacon on
to stay consistently warm, I always tend to reach for the classic a griddle and cook to desired
backyard foods: burgers, tacos, kabobs, etc. It is important to texture. I like it crispy.
highlight the different forms beef can assume and understand Once done, place bacon on a
the difference between a mediocre meat product and the best paper towel to drain excess fat.
Set aside. Do not remove bacon
quality for your meal.
grease from griddle.
This is not a burger that should be taken lightly or eaten
Form patties the size of your
noelle konrad without a napkin at the ready. It is a leaning tower of green palm from the ground beef and
food columnist veggies, tangy sauce, hearty patties, and the most beloved place on the griddle with the
ingredient, bacon. There wasnt a lot of bacon fat.
talking going on around my dinner Toast buns in oven at 425
table because every bite is a degrees for 6 minutes. Check
mouthful. The garlic aioli is the consistently to avoid burning.
Great to throw in with the
star of the show. The flavor
rainbow fries.
of the garlic is almost
overwhelming, but is Preheat oven to 425 degrees.
tamed by the tart Use a mandoline to slice carrots
lemon for into thin and wide pieces.
the Arrange fries on a baking sheet
perfect and drizzle with olive oil.
marriage Salt and pepper to taste.
of flavor. Pair
In a separate bowl mix vegan
with rainbow mayo, minced garlic, lemon
carrot fries and you juice, salt and pepper.
have a meal that will literally leave Mix well and spread on buns
you speechless. after toasting.

14 May 2017

2017_05_May Roseville Magazine.indd 14 4/28/17 6:57 PM

chefs corner

meet chef
Randy peters
How long have you been a chef ?
In March of 2017, I started my 48th year in the industry.
I am not a chef. I am very respectful of those men and women
that go to school and go on to earn that great title. I was very
fortunate to work for companies that believed in my skill level
and really an attitude of just push through ... no matter what.
I opened many, many restaurants at a food trainer throughout
the United States and just kept going up the ladder in the
corporate world. Again, I was very blessed for my opportunities
to work for large corporations in food and beverage. I ended up
being a vice president of Food and Beverage designing concepts,
developing menus and writing portioning and styling manuals.

What is your favorite dish or specialty?

Gosh so many ... I love anything breakfast! I love barbecue Name: Randy Peters
and smoking small bites, anything. Really I just love food and
Restaurant: Randy Peters Catering and Event Center,
the experience of food, taking an idea back to our kitchen and
105 Vernon Street, Roseville
putting our twist on it. Watching our chefs get so excited over
a new twist or play of ingredients and food. The joy of talking Culinary Education: My grandmother in Amarillo,
and experiencing food with other people. Watching someone Texas. My grandfather and grandmother owned
taste something new for the first time. Watching their eyes light a lounge in Amarillo called Sleepys Lounge.
up. Watching their mouth and tongue move the food around on It was a cafe and lounge. I would hang around
their pallet. Really there is nothing like it really! my grandmother, always getting in her way while
she would be cooking even as just a little kid.
What do you make when youre not at the restaurant? She gave me my passion for food. I was always
I dont really cook at home that much anymore. There is just responsible for cooking something in the family
or at school. School friends would always come
Lisa and me, but when I do I go on binge, I love making soups
over to my house after school and I would end
and sauces. The last time I went on a binge, I was making two
up cooking something for them .... . l was always
to three different soups a night for about a week. I mean really
passionate about food, it just stuck with me.
what are you going to do with all that? By the end of the week
my refrigerator had seven or eight different types of soup.

What is your favorite ingredient to cook with?

Love the marring of herbs and spices .... garlic .... oh my gosh Where do you see yourself in seven years?
... who doesnt love their home smelling like garlic? Again ... gosh ... we just moved into our new 14,000 square
foot event center at 105 Vernon Street, in Roseville. We will
Are there any food trends you are tired of seeing? open up our newest restaurant concept in the fall of 2017,
Oh gosh, please I hope I dont anger people, but here goes: 105 Bistro at this location. So by the fourth quarter of 2017,
Farm to fork, farm to table. I know, I know we are the farm to we will have the three banquet rooms up and running as well as
fork capital, just think so many food people are over playing it. 105 Bistro. We would like to duplicate the Bistro concept possibly
Deep-fried food that has no business being deep fried. to the Quarry in Rocklin, we are looking at Folsom and El
Dorado Hills as well. In 2018 we hope to break ground on two
Where do you source your ingredients? more new concepts, a barbecue house and a Mexican restaurant.
US Foods, Sysco, Whole Foods, Nugget. We are toying with a brew house grub shack concept as well.

Roseville Magazine 15

2017_05_May Roseville Magazine.indd 15 4/28/17 6:57 PM



The potential future value

of a spent dollar

hat is opportunity cost? I get asked this all bought a $4 fancy venti iced green tea latte with no
the time. Just kidding, its actually really rare sweetener, light ice, shaken-not-stirred, every work
that I get asked this question. But here is day? That would be $20 a week, $85 a month, and
why you need to know what it is: Opportunity cost $1,020 a year. That doesnt seem harmful considering
directly impacts every aspect of your finances. In your you are receiving value from enjoying the beverages.
personal economy, lost opportunity cost is everywhere. What does it look like over 40 years though? You will
Opportunity cost is defined as the loss of potential have spent $40,800 on delectable beverages and the
gain from other alternatives when one alternative is lost opportunity cost on that chunk of change would
chosen. I break it down like this: Opportunity cost is be $88,577 for a total cost of $129,377! I personally
garrett konrad the potential future value of a spent dollar. If you buy dont enjoy fancy drinks that much.
nancial columnist a $25,000 car, that car didnt just cost you $25,000. Keep in mind that my two examples above only
The lost opportunity cost is what that $25,000 could assume a 5 percent rate of return. The higher the
have earned if you had kept it and put it to work for return you can earn, the larger the lost opportunity
you over a specified period. cost becomes. It isnt realistic, nor would I ever
It is very important to consider opportunity cost with recommend, that you stop enjoying your own
big items. Many people look at the monthly payment transportation or fancy beverages. It is possible to
of financing that car and dont consider what else they have healthy finances and a secure retirement while
are giving up by having that car. Lets say I bought still enjoying the journey to get there. I simply want
that $25,000 car today and my hypothetical investment you to recognize that your personal economy isnt just
portfolio is earning just 5 percent. I reasonably have effected by the cost to purchase, you have to consider
40 years until retirement. The lost opportunity cost the lost opportunity cost in addition.
on that purchase would be the $25,000, plus the cost
to finance it (lets say $1,953 total of interest for a Garrett Konrad is a lifelong resident of Placer County and
five-year loan at 3 percent), plus the interest I could has been a trusted voice in local written publications,
have earned, compounded each year for 40 years. That seminars, radio, and is president-elect of the Sierra Passport
purchase would set me back $171,378 by the time I Rotary Club in Auburn. Konrad and his company IFC
reach retirement. are Registered Investment Advisors, Member FINRA.
What about multiple purchases? What if you This is not a solicitation for the sale of securities.

16 May 2017

2017_05_May Roseville Magazine.indd 16 4/28/17 6:57 PM

Strategic Counsel and

Planning, Securing Results

Advert se What Every Woman Needs to Know About Divorce

Main Topics of Workshop:

r t ie s Legal ~ Financial ~ Emotional

p e
The Divorce Process Child Custody & Support Dividing Property

Protecting Yourself Legally and Financially
Helping Your Family Cope Avoiding Divorce Courts
Unbiased information presented by local professionals to help you

Here understand all of your options and move forward with your life.
When: The Second Saturday of Every Month from 9 - 11 am
Location & Registration:
H Helping Women Navigate the Challenges of Untying the Knot
RSVP Online or Call 916.797.7737
H Solutions Now Partners For The Long Term
Before you Leave, Call Steve! 916-474-4376
Contact JoAnn Stuck for a complimentary consultation
Advertising Sales Consultant
Stephen M. Fatula, Jr.
Roseville, CA

Indian Creek Country Club

Challenging Public Nine Hole Golf Course
Striving to be the best nine hole experience in Northern California!
A year-round creek, pond and
lake among a few of the hazards
Shaded driving range/large
practice putting green
5 par 4s and 4 par 3s,
bring all your clubs!
Fully stocked Pro Shop
2 PGA golf instructors offering
both group and private lessons
for adults and juniors
Junior Golf Programs available
Mens & Womens clubs
The Club 9 Caf serves up
delicious breakfast and lunch.
Marvelous Monday Madness -
$10.00 per person after 12:00 PM
Two for Tuesday after 12:00 PM,
1967-2017 $17.00 - $8.50 per person
50th Anniversay special - $10.00
Specials - Giveaways
after 12:00 PM
Great Golf
Super Saturday, Twilight all day
ALL YEAR LONG! after 12:00 PM - $14.00

916-652-5546 Two Play for the

4487 Barton Road Price of One!
LOOMIS $17 for 9 holes!
Tuesday after 12:00pm. Mention this ad, carts extra.

2017_05_May Roseville Magazine.indd 17 4/28/17 6:57 PM


goes off center


International Ceramic Art Competition

WHERE: Blue Line Arts, 405 Vernon Street, Suite 100, Roseville
WHEN: Through May 27
INFO: (916) 783-4117 or

he public is invited to view a new ceramic competition Area ceramic artists, Sandy Simon and Robert Brady. Awards
featuring artists from around the world in Blue Line Arts are from third to first place, with the first place winner receiving
International Ceramic Art Competition. The competition $1,000. There will also be a Curators Choice Award, a solo
is entitled Off Center, with a total of 75 pieces showcased in the exhibition given to one participating artist in the Westpark
Coker Family Gallery. Workshop Gallery.
This new competition is an opportunity for artists to People are really interested in clay, even from a young
showcase their vision in an international arena and to give the age. That continues on into adulthood because you can make
public a chance to view creations from other countries, said a three-dimensional image immediately and get to the image
Tony Natsoulas, Exhibitions Coordinator at Blue Line Arts. quickly, states Natsoulas. Its also the basic ingredient of the
Natsoulas is a Northern California native known earth we walk on it, make bricks with it, even the nose-cone
internationally for his unconventional ceramics, especially his of the space shuttle is coated with it. Clay is so ubiquitous, and
large-scale, often whimsical figurative work. has the potential to become something greater than the sum of
We dubbed the competition, Off Center because when its parts amazing art.
pottery is thrown on a wheel it is traditionally on center, but we Blue Line Arts is a non-profit organization established over 50
encouraged the artists to be experimental in their work. Its a years ago to celebrate, promote and create a vibrant community
fun name for the competition because we are featuring art that is through the arts. The gallery is located in Rosevilles downtown
creative, Natsoulas explained. historical district. Blue Line Arts International Ceramic Art
The international panel of jurors includes two illustrious Bay Competition that runs through May 27 at Blue Line Arts.

18 May 2017

2017_05_May Roseville Magazine.indd 18 4/28/17 6:57 PM

More than a Decade of Millions of Dollars You Pay No Fees Unless Personal Attention & Free Injury Case Analysis
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Dr. Kristine Trockels, ND Granite Bay

Naturopathic Doctor
1160 Cirby Way Suite 200
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Call Now: 916-791-0123
FREE 15 Minute Consultation
with the doctor to find out how Naturopathic medicine can benefit you.
Offering IV therapy & Vitamin B12 injections for
optimum wellness. Creating the
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most beautiful
Hair Salon James M. Jack, D.D.S.
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what the fuss is Stephanie Sandretti, D.D.S.
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Specializing in... Zoom! Teeth Whitening
Haircuts, Cleanings & Prevention
Hair Color Cosmetic Dentistry
Permanent Makeup Periodontal Disease
Eyelash Extensions
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4201 Sunrise Blvd. CA. 95628
(707) 701 1331

2017_05_May Roseville Magazine.indd 19 4/28/17 6:57 PM


right at
HomeBy Andrew Westrope

Photos by Kim Palaferri

20 May 2017

2017_05_May Roseville Magazine.indd 20 4/28/17 6:57 PM

Dentist talks roots,
family practice
in Granite Bay

ess than a year after joining a long-established family
dentistry practice in Granite Bay, Dr. Stephanie Sandretti, a
San Francisco native who grew up in Danville, feels right at
home. And in an industry known for causing discomfort, shes
found success by making sure her patients feel the same way.
Sandretti came to the area after finishing dental school at
UCLA with her husband, Matt, who is now an orthodontist in
Sacramento. She said Matt has family and friends in Granite
Bay, so when it came time for the couple to settle down, the
Sacramento area beckoned. Kids get prizes.
My in-laws are from there, and my husband and I have been We have a treasure chest where kids can get prizes, if theyre
together for 10 years, so I know a lot of people in the area. Im good They know they get to go to the treasure bin after, they
very familiar with the town and the schools, she said. A lot of always run to where it is, they know exactly whats going on.
the people that have lived there for many years are familiar with Get the lead out its a mostly metal-free practice.
the Sandretti name, so its nice to have that. None of our crowns have metal. We dont place silver fillings
Sandretti joined Granite Bay Family Dentistry in June 2016 unless absolutely necessary. There are really good materials we
because friends had put her in touch with its owner, Dr. James can place that dont have mercury effects and things like that,
Jack, and because she knew he and his staff were community and a lot of people are trying to get away from having heavy
mainstays. Dr. Jack has had a practice in Granite Bay for more metals in their bodies, so we make all of our fillings and crowns
than 35 years, and the reason Sandretti went into general porcelain or a white-colored material.
practice in the first place, she said, was to cultivate long-term The staff all know the drill.
relationships with patients. Almost everybody other than myself has been there for a long
As a general dentist, you hope to capture a patient for life. time, so the patients will get to know the staff, will get to know
When they come in as a new patient, you hope you can provide the doctors, theyll stick with the same hygienist, things like that,
them with a great experience, and they enjoy it, its comfortable, so theyre feeling more comfortable every time they come. Its
they feel educated and involved in the treatment-planning familiar.
process, she said. One thing I did like about the Granite Bay Show-Tell-Do calms the kiddos.
area is that there is an aging population, and my residency was If Im going to do an exam, Ill show them the mirror and tell
in medically compromised and geriatric dentistry, so I have a them, This is my mirror, Im going to look at your teeth, and
lot of experience in medically compromised patients patients Ill let them hold it and play with it, see that its not scary, maybe
going through chemotherapy and various medical problems, Ive Ill put it in moms mouth to show them that its OK.
dealt with them all. Give kids a grand tour on the first visit.
Now dealing with any patients who come through the door, A lot of times, rather than even doing a full exam and cleaning
ages 2 and up, Sandretti said the trick with anyone is making the on a little kid, well just show them around the office and have
experience as personalized and enjoyable as possible. them do an introduction appointment. Then when they come
Making a trip to the dentist enjoyable can be a formidable back in six months, well try to count their teeth and maybe well
task, especially for kids, but here a few ways she accomplishes it: brush them, so you kind of ease them into it. But thats for really
Stay open five days a week. little kids.
Thats rare in dental offices. We do Friday appointments.
Patients can pick the music
When were going to do a long procedure like a crown
preparation or something, we can play whatever music they want
from the computer.
Technology, like a CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration WHERE: 8769 Auburn-Folsom Road, Granite Bay
of Esthetic Ceramics) machine, hastens procedures. WHEN: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday
and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday
Sometimes you have to wear a temporary (crown) for a couple
INFO: (916) 791-4719
weeks, and this way we can make a crown in the office and
youre done in one appointment.

Roseville Magazine 21

2017_05_May Roseville Magazine.indd 21 4/28/17 6:57 PM


R elieve,
A new form of alternative health
By Noelle Konrad
s cryotherapy becomes increasing popular as a form along with a boost in mood, energy, and relaxation, Kramer
of alternative health treatment, US Cryotherapy has said. The cold therapy acts as a natural exfoliate and assists in
consistently evolved. producing collagen.
This is an emerging transformative technology in the The external stimuli are helping to promote the cellular
alternative health space, Todd Kramer, corporate director of turnover to put your body into full revamp, to produce more skin
operations, said. We were the first to bring this here. cells, to be able to keep up with the loss, Kramer said.
The process begins with an in-depth health screening upon Whether the need is related to athleticism, post-surgical,
check-in. Once given the all-clear, a client then will enter a chronic pain management or simply health and beauty, US
chamber that uses electrically powered dry cold air rather than Cryotherapy offers a variety of treatments catered to individual
nitrogen. The reason for this being that while liquid nitrogen needs.
displaces oxygen, using electrically powered air offers a safer and We are the only true whole-body cryotherapy center really in
healthier atmosphere. the country, Kramer said.
Its actually an oxygen-enriched environment, naturally, They currently have 13 locations and are slated to have
Regional Manager Matt Winchell said. over 20 by the end of this year. With over 500,000 treatments
US Cryotherapy is the only center in the country to use performed, the company has consistently grown over 100
a fully immersive chamber. By covering the entire body, the percent annually.
central nervous system is stimulated resulting in efficiency of the The cryotherapy market is expected to surpass $4.9 billion by
cryotherapy and the benefitting results maximized, Kramer said. 2024, Kramer said.
It puts a reset on your whole body, Kramer said. You feel While most alternative methods of health are rather
like a million bucks. expensive, US Cryotherapy offers plans that can fit any budget.
Cardio machines are located just outside the chamber to Their executive membership program is $79 a month and
assist the bodys warming process. Once the body has reached includes three full-service treatments per month, carryover
a balanced temperature, a host of further treatments become monthly non-usage, discounted drop-in sessions and more.
available. This form of treatment is something that the community
While several sports teams such as the Sacramento Kings, refuses to keep secret by telling their families and friends. Press
Los Angeles Lakers, Detroit Pistons and countless more have Tribune readers voted them Best of the Best for alternative
benefitted from the treatments (so much so that they are having medicine last year. Utilizing cryotherapy has been proven to be
chambers directly installed into their locker-rooms), countless better for reducing inflammation than simply icing the injured
others can benefit from this technique. area and currently a clinical trial is underway at UC Davis
You dont have to be injured to come see us, Kramer said. researching the impact it has on time of recovery.
Beauty is an uncommonly known benefit of cryotherapy, We relieve, restore, and rejuvenate, Kramer said.

22 May 2017

2017_05_May Roseville Magazine.indd 22 4/28/17 6:57 PM

US Cryotherapy
WHERE: 8200 Sierra College Blvd., Suite C, Roseville
WHEN: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday and
10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday through Sunday
INFO: 916-788-2796 or

Roseville Magazine 23

2017_05_May Roseville Magazine.indd 23 4/28/17 6:57 PM

health Lifted salon
WHEN: By appointment only.
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday
and Thursday, 9 a.m. to
8 p.m. Wednesday, 9 a.m.
to 6:30 p.m. Friday and
9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Saturday


Shiny Hair
come from a bottle?
By Roseville Magazine Staff

acki Spellman, stylist, makeup artist and owner of Lifted 2. PROTECT YOUR HAIR
Salon in Roseville, cannot tell you how many times she gets Protecting your hair is a double edged sword. Many blow
asked, What product should I buy to make my hair looks dry or flat iron their hair to smooth it, but these methods can
shiny and healthy? make hair frizzier as well. So can styling creams, oils and even
Its not that simple. some gels and mousses. Protect your hair with a heat protecting
While grabbing a bottle of an oil or shine solution can add product. Avoid alcohol based products.
some nourishment and luster, the answer to shiny hair, is healthy I recommend using Eufora, an organic aloe-vera juice based
hair. When hair is healthy the cuticles of your strands lay flat product, instead of a water based product to receive extra
and smooth and the strands reflect light. healing benefits to your strands. Jacki said.
Follow these seven simple tips, to get back on track to Use a heat protectant after towel drying your hair, emulsify
beautiful shiny hair. a heat protectant in your hands and work it through your hair
starting from the ends, working your way up through your hair
1. USE A GOOD SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER by combing with your fingers.
If there is only one professional product you should spend
your precious pennies on its a decent shampoo, and after that a 3. CONDITIONING TREATMENTS
conditioner. Store bought brands are full of bad sulfates (not A deep conditioning treatment is like a giant gulp of water for
all sulfates are bad), parabens, and detergents that can deplete thirsty hair. It will restore moisture and shine.
your hair of moisture and add build up in your hair. Euforas Nourish Urgent Repair Treatment adds moisture
As a professional stylist, I can tell you that I am baed as to and soothes scalp irritations. The Beautifying Elixir Moisture
how anyone will spend good money on a professional cut and Masque will restore chemical damage. It is hands down, the best
color then turn around and grab shampoo from the store. A conditioning product I have ever used. Jacki recommends.
professional can recommend the best shampoo and conditioner Add a deep conditioner to your hair once a week to twice a
to support your hair type. Jacki said. month, as a part of your new routine.

24 May 2017

2017_05_May Roseville Magazine.indd 24 4/28/17 6:57 PM

Heat damage can cause lackluster hair, by depleting moisture
and causing more split ends. Healthy hair has moisture levels
and cuticle layers in tact and locked in tight to make it shine.
When the cuticle is lifted and the hair is dry or damaged it will
not reflect light causing it to look dull.
Reduce the heat and use gentler styling methods. Keep the
blow dryer nozzle at least six inches away from your hair. If you
have a condenser nozzle, even better. The metal grate at the end
of your dryer will burn your hair just like it will burn your skin.
Keep the air flow to blowing in the direction of your cuticles to
reduce the amount of frizz.
Turn your iron down. There is no need to keep it above 375
degrees unless you are a professional performing a smoothing
treatment. Any hotter than that and the heat will alter the
artificial color molecules in your hair. Professional color services
will fade faster due to the application of heat.
Once perfectly is better than multiple times imperfectly;
meaning whether you are smoothing your hair with a brush
and blowdryer or a flat iron, one slow and purposeful pass is
more effective than repeatedly adding heat.
Let you hair air dry as often as possible. Towel dry well and
style it as the last part of your morning routine.


Many people avoid getting haircuts in order to grow out their
hair. This is a common misconception. When the ends start to
split, they continue until you get dry looking stringy ends. Do not
go longer than three months between haircuts.
When I am helping my client to grow their hair out, I like to
have them come in every eight to ten weeks for what I refer to as
dusting the ends. I prefer to do it on dry straight hair so I can
really see the minimum amount to cut. Spellman said.
Even if its only eighth of an inch your hair needs to be ONCE IN A BLUE MOON: Lifted Salon stylist and master colorist,
Sara Warrington highlights stylist, makeup artist and owner of
maintained in order remain full and grow longer. Think of it
Lifted Salon, Jacki Spellmans hair. In between Jacki maintains the
like tending a rose garden, trim the roses regularly and they
blue herself. Fellow Lifted stylist, Kaitlyn Reese cuts Jackis hair.
will flourish. Photo courtesy of Chris Garn Photography


Transitional shades like ombre, hair painting or balayage and There are color additives out there that prevent chemical
rooted haircolor are currently in style. To maintain healthy, damage or at least keep it to a minimum thanks to the ever
shiny hair while keeping it your favorite transitional hair color, changing technology of the hair color industry and chemists.
go a little longer between highlighting appointments. These professional additives add shine, softness and reduce
I could come up with the most beautiful color formula fading and breakage.
for you, but it wont look good unless your hair is healthy, I use Eufora Color Elixir. It gives your hair amazing results.
Jacki said. You may have also heard of Olaplex, they pretty much started
Keep major color changes to every few months if you feel the this technological advancement in our color processes, Jacki said.
need to change your haircolor with every appointment to avoid
adding damage to your hair. 7.PROTECT YOU HAIR FROM THE SUN AND SWIMMING
Dont stray too far from your natural color. A naturally dark Summer time habits wreak havoc hair. The Roseville heat
brunette lightening their hair to a bright blonde will probably along with spending time the lake, pool, and ocean will dry out
experiencing color damage. Its all relative. The further your hair. Before getting in the pool add those heat protectants
your lighten your hair from your natural color, the more the to your hair. Go the extra mile and get your hair wet with tap
damage. If youre a dark brunette, look into Bronde, honey water, throw a conditioning treatment or a daily conditioner in
or hazelnut shades. your hair and braid it before going out on the water.

Roseville Magazine 25

2017_05_May Roseville Magazine.indd 25 4/28/17 6:57 PM


The value of
ts been more than 35 years since reports first infections among treated patients during more than
surfaced of young men diagnosed with unusual 2.5 years of observation.
infections which were later confirmed to have been The findings, published in 2015 in the journal,
caused by HIV/AIDS a disease that, back then, Clinical Infectious Diseases, were the first to extend
was akin to a death sentence. the understanding of PrEP in a real-world setting.
Fortunately, with advances in treatment over the Jonathan Volk, MD, MPH, the lead author and
years, this is no longer the case. infectious diseases specialist at Kaiser Permanente
While more than 600,000 Americans have died of San Francisco, reported that the study shows the
AIDS, the number of HIV infections is finally starting treatment prevents new HIV infections even in high-
Chris to see a decline. According to the Centers for Disease risk settings.
Palkowski, MD Control and Prevention the number of new diagnoses Despite the success of PrEP its important to
Physician-in-chief has dropped by 19 percent from 2005 to 2014. understand that it is not a vaccine, does not protect
Kaiser Permanente The medical community is encouraged that more one from other sexually transmitted diseases, needs
Roseville Medical aggressive treatment of those infected with HIV, to be taken regularly to be effective, and ideally is
ongoing prevention campaigns, and newer strategies used in combination with condoms. The most likely
of prexposure prophylaxis (PrEP) are finally beginning candidates for PrEP are those who have higher
to reduce new infections in our communities. risk of becoming infected with HIV by having
Preexposure prophylaxis (PrEP), was initially unprotected sex with a person who has HIV infection
approved by the FDA in 2012 and involves taking a or are of unknown status, according to the CDC.
single daily tablet of Truvada that markedly reduces In this day and age, its vital that were taking
the risk of HIV infection in at risk individuals. appropriate sexual history and risk assessments
Studies have shown that PrEP reduces the risk of to better educate our at risk patients on safer sex,
getting HIV infection by more than 90 percent when routine testing and referral for PrEP and other risk
taken regularly and combined with safer sex education. reduction services when indicated, Dr. Flamm says.
Though PrEP was initially slow to be We really have an opportunity here to improve the
incorporated into practices around the country, we at health of our patients and our community.
Kaiser Permanente have been aggressive and early A growing number of physicians and patients,
adopters, with more than 3,000 patients currently on both locally and nationally, are learning more about
PrEP, said Jason Flamm, MD, a colleague and HIV the value of PrEP, with our HIV experts at Kaiser
specialist in Sacramento. Permanente ahead of the curve in keeping our
We also continue to educate our primary care patients healthy and well.
providers and patients alike on the value of PrEP While its encouraging to see that those infected
with the goal of eliminating all new infections, Dr. with HIV are now living fuller lives than they did
Flamm says. in the past, there is still no cure for HIV/AIDS and
In one of the more far-reaching studies of PrEP, preventing each and every new infection remains the
researchers at Kaiser Permanente found no new HIV goal that we need to keep striving for.

26 May 2017

2017_05_May Roseville Magazine.indd 26 4/28/17 6:57 PM

Fri. 5/5 Ellen Roots & The Harvest
Sat. 5/6 Natalie Cortez & According
to Bazooka
Fri. 5/12 Keith Greeninger plus
Will Morebeck & Kathy Barwick
Sat. 5/13 Marty Cohen & The Sidekicks
Fri. 5/19 Rick Dougherty
Sat. 5/20 Andrew Warren
Fri. 5/26 Noah Tauscher & Curtis Rielley
Sat. 5/27 Uprising

The Acoustic Den Caf

10271 Fairway Dr. #120
Roseville, CA 95678

2017_05_May Roseville Magazine.indd 27 4/28/17 6:57 PM

athletics join the flood
Flood Water Roller Derby
empowers women
though athleticism,
teamwork, competition

and volunteerism. The
organization is always
accepting new recruits who
would like to learn and play
the sport of roller derby.

WHEN: 7:30-10:30 p.m.
Monday and Wednesday
WHERE: Placer County
Fairgrounds Events Center,
800 All America City
By Steven Wilson Boulevard, Roseville
June 10 vs. SO Derby
Aug. 5 vs. Jefferson State

ena Garcia could hardly get out of because of injuries, but never because of illness, so
bed Saturday morning. The one that was very hard to not be there.
they call Shadow Solider has never Despite missing one of their co-founders, FWRD
missed a roller derby bout in her 11- charged on.
year career due to illness. Every game, The team picked up her slack and wiped the
she was one of the first skaters on scene, floor clean against the Port City Roller Girls in a
painting her face black and prepping her 229-52 victory.
teammates for the test ahead. It was hugely successful for us, Garcia added.
But two days before her Flood Water It was exactly what we needed, and it shows that
Roller Derby team hosted their first- theres an interest from our community.
ever home bout at the Placer County In fact, the room was packed. Fans filled the seats
Fairgrounds in Roseville, Garcia came on one side of the events center, while the main stage
down with a bad bug and suddenly and teams huddled on the other. The track, laid out
realized she couldnt be there when on the ground by tape, filled the middle as racers
her squad made history. sped around and around, battling for position and
It was absolutely my luck, scoring points.
admitted Garcia, who helped found We had a great bout and thats exciting,
Flood Water Roller Derby (FWRD) five FWRDs other co-founder Laurel Bad Astral
years ago. Ive missed a few matches Hanson said. We sold a lot more tickets than we
expected, the facility worked out perfectly and we
hope to keep this going and build this relationship
with the Placer County Fairgrounds ownership.
(aka Shadow Soldier) is an 11-year
roller derby veteran and helped Midway through the second half of Saturdays
establish Placer Countys match, Bad Astral had her own 18-point swing as
Flood Water Roller Derby team. the teams jammer, which practically sealed her
File photo by Ike Dodson teams victory.

28 May 2017

2017_05_May Roseville Magazine.indd 28 4/28/17 6:57 PM

SINK OR SWIM: After earning
lead jammer status, Tripsy
rounds the apex approaching
the pack to score points for
Flood Water Roller Derby.
Photo by Bev Ratzlaff

explained. Weve continued to practice twice a week, unless

If you want to see true athleticism in a full-contact theres an event, for almost five years. But it took some doing to
environment between women, then this is your sport. be able to host an event here.
Laurel Bad Astral Hanson, Flood Water Roller Derby co-founder Thanks to persistence from the entire FWRD team, which
went out of their way to crash a Placer County Fair Association
That was awesome, but I couldnt have done it without my Board of Directors meeting and let the board members know
girls, Hanson acknowledged. They made that possible and Im they were serious about hosting a match, their dreams are finally
really proud of them. coming true.
They initially approached us about hosting the event, and
SECURING A HOME COURT we responded by taking 20 people into their board room and
Flood Water Roller Derby, which is working toward becoming presented diagrams and gave them all the info they needed,
a member of the Womens Flat Track Derby Association league Garcia added.
now that they have a home venue, worked consistently for five Roughly half of Flood Waters team reside in Roseville or
years to gain their first home match. Rocklin, but the group also has members from surrounding
Its been our vision, to play in Roseville, since we formed the counties.
team in June of 2012, Hanson admitted. But we met a lot of On Saturday, each of them had the chance to showcase their
opposition. skills on skates in front of their families and friends in their own
Hanson and Garcia run the 501c3 non-profit as a business. neck of the woods.
They spend all of their free time planning workouts, practices, Weve had support from the community since day one, and
competition and events. They worked hard to secure a home they wanted to watch us, but they didnt want to travel, Hanson
court, but it took much longer than they expected. confessed. We partnered with a Woodland team for one season
From the very beginning, Placer County Fairgrounds and co-hosted events, and Woodland is only 20 minutes away.
welcomed us to practice at night, when theyre closed, Hanson continued on page XX

Roseville Magazine 29

2017_05_May Roseville Magazine.indd 29 4/28/17 6:57 PM

TEAMWORK: At left, the Flood
Water Roller Derby team finally
earned the chance to host a home
bout in Roseville at the Placer
County Fairgrounds in early April.
Below, Laurel Bad Astral Hanson
was a co-founder of Flood Water
Roller Derby with Shadow Soldier
in June of 2012.
Photos by Bev Ratzlaff

underneath. Athletes who compete for

the love of the sport and for friendly
If you want to see true athleticism in a
full-contact environment between women,
then this is your sport, Hanson said. We
train hard. At least twice a week, were out
here for three hours, and most of us get
But very few people made the journey. All of our scheduled matches are in another workout during the week. You
So we knew, if we wanted to grow, we home bouts at the moment, Garcia have to be extremely fit to play derby.
needed something right here in town. admitted. Well look to schedule a Their names are pretty great, too
With Saturdays bout in the books, tournament soon, but it depends on Zero Fox, Flipper Dee Bird, Sweaty
FWRD can look ahead to their next availability and travel. Letty, Sugar and Fiest, Scary Mary Jane,
match and the rest of the 2017 season. Cancer Crusher and Lowdown Dirty.
I was told people were bummed that THE ROLLER DERBYVERSE The derby monikers are an important
our next one isnt until June, Garcia Inside the converted roller derby arena aspect of the lifestyle. Each one caters to
acknowledged. I guess they thought in Roseville, a pack of women glide the specifics of the skater, whether it is
thered be one there every month, which across the concrete, speeding around Tactical Nuclear Penguin (Sarah Rafferty)
is awesome. The people wanted to see us the circle track, violently jostling for or RamJet the Rookie (Jamie Hazelton).
compete again. positioning and launching their bodies Thats one of the best parts of roller
Although Garcia and company have perilously into a fray, often crashing to derby, Hanson joked.
four more bouts scheduled over the next the floor. And the Flood is always looking for
six months, they could partake in a few A jammer, identified by the star on new participants.
road games if the add a tournament to their helmet, makes a break for a slender Were hoping to get an influx of new
their docket. gap between her blockers, slipping into a skaters to come in and play, Garcia
stretch of open floor as others scramble added. We have all sorts of options,
to stay ahead. If she laps the group again, too. People can purchase a GroupOn
she scores necessary points for her team. and come play for 30 days and its kind
The roller derby universe is made for of like a bootcamp. But they dont
aggressive, strong women, ready to take have to purchase it through GroupOn.
on any foe. Interested skaters just need to contact us
Its the fastest growing female sport in and they can come in on any Monday or
the world and its in consideration for the Wednesday night when were practicing
Olympics, Hanson pointed out. So we and they can join.
built this to ultimately reach that level. FWRDs training helps newcomers
Although the roller derby ladies can learn the rules of the game, get more
appear unapproachable or scary at first comfortable on skates, learn how to
glance, quite the opposite is true. compete and stay safe on the course.
Most first-time roller derby attendees Most newcomers wind up with a few
become fans of the sport, despite their bruises, but leave their first practice with
initial misgivings, and its because of new goals, a new appreciation for the
the ladies suiting up. Skates, makeup sport and new friends.
and uniforms cover up the hard- Thats probably why its the fastest-
working, eccentric and dedicated athletes growing sport in the world.

30 May 2017

2017_05_May Roseville Magazine.indd 30 4/28/17 6:57 PM

adopt a pet

A friend for Life

Dog adoption and cat adoption saves lives.
Here are a few adoptable pets in the Roseville
area. For more information on these featured pets
call (916) 782-7722 or visit

Baby Bandit capone Darling EEVEE ella

Domestic Snowshoe American Stafford- Chihuahua Mix Terrier, American Domestic
Shorthair Male shire Terrier Mix Female Staffordshire Mediumhair
Male Male Terrier Mix Female

harvey Jessie Lil Kim Oreo

Shepherd Mix Domestic Domestic Domestic
Male Shorthair Shorthair Shorthair
Female Female Female

Phyllo Sally Toshia yoda

Domestic Siamese Domestic Siamese
Shorthair Female Shorthair Male
Male Male

This months pet page is sponsored by:

Love Pets?
Help out our furry friends by sponsoring
this page. Help pets find a home.
Email: presstribune@
Cage Free Grooming Services with Set Appointment Times

6040 Stanford Ranch Rd. Rocklin
Roseville Magazine 31

2017_05_May Roseville Magazine.indd 31 4/28/17 6:58 PM

garden tour
aturday, May 20, is a date worthy of
a reservation on the calendar. The
2017 Garden Tour is hosted once
again in the luxurious community of Los
Lagos. Wandering though lush gardens
in the spring sunshine is an anticipated
annual event for many in Granite Bay
and neighboring areas.
Each year the Los Lagos Garden
Tours proceeds go toward benefiting
a different charitable organization.
Seniors First is the beneficiary of the
occasion this year and will assist in their
mission to provide long-term support
and services to help Placer County
older adults maintain their independence
and thrive.
Its a relaxing day, Stephanie
Vierstra, development director of Seniors
First said.
The tour consists of five home-gardens
filled with extravagance and are unique.

Each stop has live music, catered-
food and wines from a variety of local
restaurants and wineries. No two are

the same, making each garden a new
People will stay all day. They really
make a day of it, said Vierstra. They
(the gardens) are all really different.
From ethereal gardens of vines and
green grasses to koi ponds and stunning
BY Noelle Konrad views, the featured gardens and homes
Los Lagos Garden Tour evoke a different atmosphere, such as
to help fund Seniors First classic English terraces to Tuscan-inspired
The homeowners who open their
homes are very hospitable, Vierstra said.
Tickets are sold for $35 or $40 the day
of, which includes the cost of the entire
garden tour transportation, food, libations
and all-day leisure.
It appeals to everybody, said
Vierstra. Its a great way to help people
at the same time.
Tickets can be purchased ahead of
time online or the morning of the Garden
Tour at the starting location of St. Joseph
Los Lagos garden tour Marello Church. Shuttles will bus groups
into the gated community of Los Lagos
WHERE: 7200 Auburn Folsom Road, Granite Bay
from the church starting at 10 a.m.
WHEN: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., May 20 Rain or shine with no refunds. No pets allowed.
COST: $35, $40 the day of the tour The Los Lagos Garden Committee
INFO: (800) 878-9222, ex 231 hosts this annual event for the betterment
of charity and the enjoyment of the

32 May 2017

2017_05_May Roseville Magazine.indd 32 4/28/17 6:58 PM

More about Seniors First
Seniors First seven unique
Senior nutrition
Adult day programs
Friendly visitors
Assisted living placements
Home safety, repairs, and
Information and assistance

The services that Seniors First

offer has been unduplicated
in Placer Country since it first
began providing programs in
1997. They have contributed
an all-inclusive service center
for the older-adult community.
Their mission is to assist in
allowing seniors maintain their
independence in their day-to-
day lives.
Each year over 80,000
different services are provided,
from nutrition to transportation
to information and assistance.
Over 20,000 meals are served,
5,000 of which are delivered
directly to homes. 12,000 rides
are administered for errands,
appointments, and more. These
are only a few numbers that
emphasize the impact Seniors
First has on the community for
seniors and their families.
Photos by Noelle Konrad There are several ways the
community can contribute in the
care of local seniors. As stated
on Seniors First flyer, When you
donate money, supplies, or your
time, youre helping us ensure
that thousands of seniors remain
healthy, happy, and independent
in their own homes.

Roseville Magazine 33

2017_05_May Roseville Magazine.indd 33 4/28/17 6:58 PM

real estate

Real Estate Transactions
The following are all of the recent real estate transactions that took place with all real estate
agents in Roseville between March 1-31, 2017. Data provided by CoreLogic.

1. 10001 Woodcreek Oaks Boulevard #713 $84,000 30. 1501 Secret Ravine Parkway #1636 $292,500 59. 1982 Ajay Drive $345,000
2. 633 Encinal Avenue $128,000 31. 1303 Trevor Way $295,000 60. 2016 Peridot Street $345,000
3. 101 Roadhouse Court $137,500 32. 1812 Woodacre Way $300,000 61. 406 Yosemite Street $347,500
4. 269 Sharp Circle #4 $169,000 33. 1526 Sierra Gardens Drive $300,000 62. 1611 Oak Tree Drive $349,000
5. 10001 Woodcreek Oaks Boulevard #1724 $175,000 34. 1335 Hidalgo Circle $308,000 63. 330 Margaret Way $349,000
6. 413 5th Street $201,000 35. 1192 Manza Circle $308,000 64. 3040 Village Plaza Drive $349,500
7. 238 Fig Street $205,000 36. 1404 Lorimer Way $310,000 65. 1303 Dante Circle $350,000
8. 709 Grove Street $206,500 37. 1217 Crestmont Avenue $310,000 66. 403 Dante Circle $350,000
9. 1916 Wildwood Way $210,000 38. 511 Patton Drive $312,000 67. 1716 Fontenay Way $355,000
10. 1675 Vernon Street #57 $220,000 39. 1642 Bushy Tail Street $315,000 68. 221 Grape Street $355,000
11. 308 Castle Court $225,000 40. 2110 North Cirby Way $315,000 69. 1204 Mckinley Drive $361,500
12. 515 Arlene Drive $226,000 41. 1610 Loon Lake Street $316,000 70. 2572 Woodfield Way $365,000
13. 1973 Inglis Way $230,000 42. 346 Hemphill Way $320,000 71. 1409 Monicas Garden Place $366,000
14. 420 Cameron Way $230,000 43. 122 S Lincoln Street $320,000 72. 1272 Impressionist Loop $368,000
15. 116 Shasta Street $244,000 44. 4333 Coach Whip Way $325,000 73. 2077 Camino Real Way $370,000
16. 618 Barbara Way $245,000 45. 589 Oakborough Ave $325,000 74. 324 Princeton Court $370,000
17. 133 Elm Street $250,000 46. 800 Trimble Way $330,000 75. 539 Roseville Ridge Court $373,000
18. 605 Wemberly Drive $251,500 47. 1240 Palm Avenue $330,000 76. 467 Bridgeford Drive $375,000
19. 1609 Dante Circle $255,000 48. 908 Trimble Way $330,000 77. 2476 Julliard Circle $375,000
20. 108 Fig Street $264,000 49. 812 Elisa Way $330,000 78. 993 Portside Circle $376,000
21. 233 Birch Street $265,000 50. 160 Talmont Circle #160 $330,000 79. 1564 Palatia Drive $379,000
22. 101 San Juan Avenue $265,100 51. 7589 Timberrose Way $331,500 80. 1244 Crescendo Drive $380,000
23. 1175 Ravine View Drive $275,000 52. 2546 Pleasant Grove Boulevard $334,000 81. 1836 Magenta Drive $380,000
24. 304 Jesse Avenue $278,000 53. 363 Sawtell Road $335,000 82. 1528 Morning Glory Lane $382,000
25. 1200 Hickory Street $283,000 54. 1308 Daisy Court $338,500 83. 90 Talmont Circle #90 $384,000
26. 172 Ivy Street $288,000 55. 1649 Marseille Lane $339,000 84. 216 Scepter Court $388,000
27. 222 Birch Street $290,000 56. 641 Blackstone Court $340,000 85. 1536 Snapdragon Lane $389,000
28. 176 Ivy Street $290,000 57. 405 Sunbury Court $340,000 86. 3488 Apollo Circle $390,000
29. 1501 Arncliffe Way $291,000 58. 1104 Melrose Avenue $343,000 87. 8957 Rising Mist Way $390,000

2017_05_May Roseville Magazine.indd 34 4/28/17 6:58 PM

88. 3127 Poseidon Lane $390,000 131. 7553 School House Lane $440,000
89. 1905 Ellesmere Loop $390,000 132. 1317 Muscat Circle $440,000
90. 5100 Sugar Pine Loop $390,000 133. 4523 Wanderlust Loop $440,000
91. 601 Vernon Oaks Drive $391,000 134. 1888 Cymbeline Street $442,000
92. 1492 Kingswood Drive $391,000 135. 300 Bramble Court $445,000
93. 3230 Europa Street $392,000 136. 618 Lunardi Way $449,000
94. 317 School House Court $392,500 137. 8016 Steamboat Lane $450,000
95. 6225 Burnt Cedar Way $395,000 138. 609 Ringneck Court $454,000
96. 1529 Marseille Lane $395,000 139. 1407 Springfield Drive $454,500
97. 2203 Longview Drive $396,000 140. 1760 San Esteban Circle $460,000
98. 3081 Parkham Drive $400,000 141. 1829 Glastonbury Circle $460,000
99. 1710 Gateforth Drive $400,000 142. 6605 Alder Park Circle $460,000
100. 2013 Robin Brook Way $401,000 143. 1615 Ashford Drive $465,000
101. 1454 Zinnia Way $404,000 144. 1968 Monterey Pines Drive $465,000
102. 3217 Village Center Drive $405,000 145. 1524 Avanti Drive $470,000
103. 1513 Lathwell Way $405,000 146. 6893 Cherry Ridge Circle $470,000
104. 1877 Vignolia Loop $405,100 147. 501 Red Crested Court $472,500
105. 6025 Buggy Whip Lane $408,000 148. 1904 Larkin Drive $473,500
106. 1840 San Carlos Circle $409,000 149. 4193 Weathervane Way $475,000
107. 4138 Sylvan Glen Lane $410,000 150. 2009 Capri Drive $475,000
108. 549 Peace Water Court $411,000 151. 9480 Littoral Street $475,000
109. 1703 Meadowlark Way $415,000 152. 7501 Paiute Point Road $480,000
110. 2532 Du Bois Drive $418,000 153. 128 Artemis Court $485,000
111. 1624 Debenham Street $420,000 154. 401 Hanworth Court $485,000
112. 1229 Formby Way $420,000 155. 4204 Shorthorn Way $487,000 174. 2032 San Esteban Circle $550,000
113. 2056 Culverhill Way $422,000 156. 116 Ambridge Court $487,500 175. 401 Bonicelli Court $550,000
114. 409 Yale Drive $422,000 157. 164 La Vina Court $490,000 176. 9149 Moondancer Circle $556,000
115. 7764 Timberrose Way $423,000 158. 9211 Courtney Way $495,000 177. 1616 Cantamar Way $560,000
116. 1757 Terracina Circle $424,000 159. 2064 Ashbury Lane $499,000 178. 27 Trehowell Court $565,000
117. 6821 Copper Glen Circle $424,500 160. 1853 Greywood Circle $500,000 179. 448 Misty Haven Court $580,000
118. 3447 Kennerleigh Parkway $425,000 161. 7271 Lyne Bay Drive $500,000 180. 116 Ivory Court #25855 $590,000
119. 4709 Cottage Lane $425,000 162. 1010 Chippendale Way $515,000 181. 9215 Pinehurst Drive $592,500
120. 1235 Chenin Blanc Circle $430,000 163. 2176 Stansfield Drive $515,000 182. 1102 Bodega Court $596,000
121. 1577 Snapdragon Lane $430,000 164. 1949 Casterbridge Drive $522,500 183. 505 Bristol Court $599,000
122. 1415 Everett Way $430,000 165. 4368 Brick Mason Circle $523,500 184. 2565 Summerland Way $624,000
123. 404 Dennis Court $430,000 166. 9402 Billy Mitchell Boulevard $525,000 185. 200 Mustang Court $655,000
124. 4821 Mount Rose Way $430,000 167. 1633 Diamond Woods Circle $528,500 186. 316 Sandstone Court $656,000
125. 1656 Soledad Drive $435,000 168. 7437 Goose Meadows Way $530,000 187. 6049 Rose Garden Lane $657,500
126. 2161 Thornecroft Lane $435,000 169. 7142 Lyne Bay Drive $530,000 188. 2845 Carradale Drive $703,000
127. 1918 Mclaren Drive $438,000 170. 208 Swazey Court $537,500 189. 617 Barcelona Court $721,000
128. 4048 Settlers Ridge Way $439,000 171. 4015 Clouds Hill Road $540,000 190. 2289 Corin Drive $792,500
129. 1404 Musgrave Drive $440,000 172. 27 Capitola Court $543,500 191. 1576 Oak Hill Way $805,000
130. 803 Cottonwood Drive $440,000 173. 6112 Parkminster Way $544,000 192. 8722 Wentworth Court $840,000

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Call John Love, Advertising Sales Manager, (916) 774-7908

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May 2017 To submit an event to Roseville Magazines calendar of events email

may 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 may 13

Roseville Downtown get energized

Tuesday Nights Summer is here, time to get energized!
Find out what your family can do to keep
Free event, open to everyone, features cool in the hot summer sun and how
live music with Madison Hudson and Roseville Electric Utility can save you
Dylan Scott, wine, ale, food, shopping, money doing it.
entertainment, kids zone, arts and crafts
and vendors. Where: Roseville Utility Exploration
Center, 1501 Pleasant Grove Boulevard
Where: Vernon Street Square, 311 When: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Vernon Street in Downtown Roseville Saturday May 13
When: 5-9 p.m. Info:

may 3, 10, 17 may 13-14

Wine down Wednesday Berryfest
Wednesdays just got better. Sample Celebrating the harvest of the straw-
regional wine, enjoy live music and berry on Mothers Day weekend. Event
spend some quality time with friends. features strawberry treats, shopping,
Each week offers different varietals cooking demonstrations and live bands.
BerryFest is loaded with fun for the kids.
Where: Vernon Street Square, 311
Vernon Street in Downtown Roseville Where: Placer County Fairgrounds,
When: 5:30-7:30 p.m. Wednesdays 800 All American City Boulevard
through May 17 When: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Cost: $10 Cost: $10, seniors 60 and over and kids
Info: 6-12 $5, kids 5 and under free.

may 20
may 7

I Love the 80s Fun Run Concerts on the square

Grab your headband, leg warmers, para- Come on down to enjoy some tasty
chute pants and totally rad friends for the food truck grub, visit the beer garden
most excellent adventure! Proceeds ben- and claim your space for the show.
efit at-risk youth recreation programs. No coolers, outside alcohol, smoking,
glass or animals permitted. Thunder
Where: Vernon Street Square, 311 Cover will be playing May 20.
Vernon Street in Downtown Roseville
When: 9 a.m. Sunday, May 7 Where: Vernon Street Square, 311
Cost: $45 to enter the 10K, $40 for the Vernon Street in Downtown Roseville
5K and kids 14 and under are $35 When: 7:30 p.m. Saturday, May 20
Info: Cost: Free

36 May 2017

2017_05_May Roseville Magazine.indd 36 4/28/17 6:58 PM

Year round Farmers markets

may 19-20 tuesdays

Oceans of Fabric, Foothill FARMERS MARKET

Presented by the Roseville Quilters Enjoy fresh local produce, meats,
Guild. Event features quilts, vendors, music and fun. The weekly Farmers
basket raffle, boutique and door prizes. Market is open year round.
Refreshments and lunch available.
Where: Parking lot near Whole
Where: Lutheran Church of the Foods and Peets Coffee at the
Resurrection, 6365 Douglas Boulevard Fountains. 1198 Roseville Parkway
When: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday, May 19 When: 8:30 a.m. to
and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, May 20 1 p.m., Tuesdays
Cost: $7 Info:

may 19 wednesdays

Rosevilles Friday Flicks Kaiser permanente

presents Moana farmers market
Eating more fruits and vegetables
Grab a blanket, lawn chair and the is part of good health. The Kaiser
family for a movie under the stars! In the Permanente Farmers Markes are
square, weather permitting. Free movie. open year round.
Concessions available for purchase.
Where: Kaiser Medical Offices,
Where: Vernon Street Square, 311 1001 Riverside Avenue, in Roseville
Vernon Street in Downtown Roseville When: 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
When: 7:30 p.m. Friday, May 19 Wednesdays
Info: Info:

may 20 thursdays

Rock Art Mysteries Kaiser permanente

Take a walk with through our historic site farmers market
to observe petroglyphs by lantern light. Eating more fruits and vegetables
Journey back in time and explore ideas is part of good health. The Kaiser
about the purpose of these mysterious Permanente Farmers Markes are
symbols carved in stone thousands of open year round.
years ago.
Where: Kaiser Clinic,
Where: 8 p.m. Saturday, May 20 1600 Eureka Road in Roseville
When: Maidu Museum and Historic Site, When: 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
1970 Johnson Ranch Drive in Roseville Info:
Cost: $6
Info: (916) 774-5934 or

Roseville Magazine 37

2017_05_May Roseville Magazine.indd 37 4/28/17 6:58 PM

rocklin courtesy photos

in the park
Quarry park
concert schedule
MAY 17: RUSD Jazz Concert
MAY 25: Gather
JUNE 4: Celebrate the Arts!
JUNE 8-10: Shakespeare in the Park
JUNE 18: Platinum Living
Amphitheater Concert
Rocklins Quarry Park JUNE 22: Gather
JULY 7: Free Movie Friday
hosts music April-October JULY 21: Comedy Under the Stars
By Noelle Konrad JULY 27: Gather
JULY 30: Stairway to Stardom
AUG. 24: Gather

uarry Parks construction was completed in 2016, just in AUG. 26: Platinum Living
time for its first season. The City of Rocklin has taken great Amphitheater Concert
measures in beautifying the space and enticing locals and SEPT.28: Gather
eager tourists to this destination spot. OCT. 17: Platinum Living
Amphitheater Concert
The quarry has been out here forever, Bob Hilton, manager
OCT. 26: Gather
of business development for the City of Rocklin.
The parks season opened April 8 with a free welcome-
all faire. This event included music, treats and kicked off the
seasons concerts.
Gather is a monthly event that will take place with free
The final event of the season will be a public send-off or a
goodbye evening Oct. 26.
Quarry Park is evolving more and more each year.
(We want to make it) as pretty as possible, Hilton said.
Zip lines, rope climbing, picnic areas, and an entire adventure
park are in the works. Rocklin Adventure Park is anticipated to
open in the fall.
The adventure continues with everything we do, said
Hilton. (It) used to be isolated and unused and now it is
beautiful and becoming a destination. Come out and enjoy it.

38 May 2017

2017_05_May Roseville Magazine.indd 38 4/28/17 6:58 PM

Homemade Chips & Salsa
Are Always Included As
Part of Your Meal
Serving Wine & Margaritas

Chimichurri Grilled Fish Soft Tacos


Grilled Basa fillets cooked with fresh lime, served on a bed of romaine
lettuce, topped with cabbage, chopped tomatoes and our signature
Chimichurri Habanero sauce.
with any purchase over $3.50
Open Daily 2164 Sunset Blvd., Ste 210 Rocklin 916-773-1800
for Breakfast With this coupon. Not valid with other offers, discounts or
7:30am-10:30am promotions. One coupon per person. Expires 6-10-17.


with any purchase over $3.50
2164 Sunset Blvd., Ste 210 Rocklin 916-773-1800
With this coupon. Not valid with other offers, discounts or
promotions. One coupon per person. Expires 6-10-17.


2164 Sunset Blvd Ste 210 Rocklin 916-773-1800 with any purchase over $3.50
(Located In Rocklin Park Plaza On The Corner Of Sunset & Park)
Open 7 days a week 7:30am-9pm Gift Certificates Available CATERING 2164 Sunset Blvd., Ste 210 Rocklin 916-773-1800
AVAILABLE With this coupon. Not valid with other offers, discounts or
COME VISIT OUR OTHER LOCATION IN ARDEN ARCADE, promotions. One coupon per person. Expires 6-10-17.


Spray in Bedliners Lifetime Warranty
Full Color Options
Complete Exterior & Interior Coating
Jeeps Trucks Boats Trailers RVs


Winches Bumpers Fenders Tool Boxes Racks
Bed Covers Steps Fender Flairs Light Bars
Suspension Kits Wheels Tires Grilles
Floor Mat Recovery Kits


3032 Thunder Valley Court #300, Lincoln

2017_05_May Roseville Magazine.indd 39 4/28/17 6:58 PM

rocklin calendar

May 2017 To submit an event to Roseville Magazines calendar of events email

may 7 may 12

Dinosaur day and science fest Free movie friday

Event includes arts and crafts, a physics
show, physics toys, ;live animals,
presents Moana
explosions and more. Proceeds benefit So bring out your blankets, costumes,
the Sierra College Natural History friends, and family and enjoy this free
Museum. movie under the stars. This event is also
combined with Rocklin Reveal.
Where: Sierra College Rocklin, Natural
History Museum, 5000 Rocklin Road Where: Quarry Park,
When: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 4000 Rocklin Road, Rocklin
Cost: $5 general, $2 students and When: 8 p.m. Friday, May 12
seniors, museum members free Info:
Info: (916) 660-7926

may 4-7 may 17

9th annual Rocklin Rocklin Unified school district

community Festival jazz concert
Event features carnival rides, beer and Celebrate Jazz Music under the stars.
wine garden, food court, vendors and Award winning student musicians from
more. Sponsored by Rocklin Kiwanis Rocklin, Lincoln, Whitney, Sierra College
and the City of Rocklin. and Spring View will play at Quarry
Park's amphitheater.
Where: Johnson-Springview Park,
5480 5th Street, in Rocklin Where: Quarry Park,
When: 4-9 p.m. Thursday, 4-11 p.m. 4000 Rocklin Road, Rocklin
Friday, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Saturday and When: 5-9 p.m. Wednesday, May 17
11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday Cost: Free
Info: Info:

may 12 may 25

Rocklin Reveal Gather at quarry park

Kick off the entertainment season with Gather is a monthly event that takes
the sneek peak at upcoming events and place with free admission. Event features
a special City of Rocklin Open House. live music, DJs, food trucks, local
Rescheduled from April 8. restuants, vendors, craft beer and a
kids carnival.
Where: Quarry Park,
4000 Rocklin Road, Rocklin Where: Quarry Park,
When: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. 4000 Rocklin Road, Rocklin
Saturday, April 8 When: Thursday May 25
Cost: Free Cost: Free
Info: (916) 625-5232 or Info: (916) 625-5200

40 May 2017

2017_05_May Roseville Magazine.indd 40 4/28/17 6:58 PM

special advertising supplement

PROMOTING A healthy lifestyle

epair, restore, improve. The process begins with a patient
Transform to a new you. consultation, where a personalized plan
This is the motto over at is devised for each individuals specific
Above & Beyond Clinics. needs.
When it comes to providing the best Some of the options offered include:
personal care for your appearance, New patient exams and follow-ups
weight, and rejuvenation therapies, the Behavioral counseling
doctors at Above & Beyond Clinics strive Oral medications
to fulfill desired results. Supplements mommy make-over and more. Another
For about a year, they have been Vitamin injections has a primary focus of weight loss and
known as a one-stop-shop for everything truSculpt treatment non-invasive methods such as Botox and
cosmetic surgery, only now, Above & A convenient way to reshape the body laser hair removal. They also specialize in
Beyond Clinics has added a new location and remove that pesky fat that just wont pain management.
with a new focus. seem to disappear is truSculpt. This PRP injections or platelet-rich plasma
A new weight loss center has opened as non-invasive technique uses warming injections utilize a portion of the patients
recently as April of this year, welcoming radio-frequency energy to allow heat blood in order to promote healing. Pen
any and all who seek to find the balance into the deep layers of the skin. And it treatments are also offered and offer
of a healthy lifestyle and manage their is said to improve overall body contours results that promote anti-aging, removal
personal weight loss journey. while simultaneously reducing fat and the of scars, and overall healthier skin.
(We are) open to anyone, Weight appearance of cellulite. "I feel and look fresher! Im more
Loss and Cosmetic Coordinator Cindy While one side of Above & Beyond is confident and I feel better about
Machuca said. We are promoting a focused on cosmetic surgical procedures myself, said customer, Monica Lowe.
healthy lifestyle not just losing weight. such as tummy tucks, facelifts, the Youll love your results.

B eauty Management Services

REPAIR, RESTORE, IMPROVE Transform to a New You!
Injectibles Cosmetic Surgery
Botox TummyTuck
Restylane Mommy make over
Juvaderm Breast lift, or
Kybella augmentation
PRP and others

Weight Management Services

Laser Procedures Medical provider evaluation
and follow-up Pain Management
Pearl Fractional FDA approved appetite PRP Injections
Hair removal Injections supplements Prolozone
Laser genesis NeutriMed Meal supplementation Injections
Laser vein removal Kids Program Pen Treatments
Very Busy Professional Program and others
and others TruSculpt

729 Sunrise Ave, Ste 619 Roseville, CA 95661

2017_05_May Roseville Magazine.indd 41 4/28/17 6:58 PM

special advertising supplement achieve calmness, entering a theta brain wave state resulting in a

profound state of relaxation. When combined with the zero-
gravity environment, the floatation allows your body and mind
to enter into a deep state of relaxation not found anywhere

else on earth.
While there are many different types of float units, a single
float suite and a double float suite (which can accommodate
two people in one float suite) are now available in the northern
region so you can try it with a friend.
Floating doesnt just help with stress though. It helps with

re you stressed? Need a break from the world for just problems such as:
a moment? Float your stress away. Today, stressed Insomnia and exhaustion Jet lag
managers, injury patients and exhausted moms alike are Chronic pain and fatigue Neurosis
turning to floatation therapy as a wonderful addition to general Anxiety Back and neck pain
health and well-being. Floating helps to stimulate the bodys own Muscular skeletal Irritable bowel syndrome
natural power of healing and regeneration. Stress reduction Gastric ulcers
Float therapy is a luxurious escape from the Depression Pre-menstrual tension
constant stress of lifes daily pressures and a Migraines Post-natal depression
natural way to heal the body and mind. The Rheumatic conditions Addictions (drugs,
concept is similar to the mineral salt baths Speeds recovery alcohol and tobacco)
at the Dead Sea in Israel. One thousand from illness Healthier skin
pounds of Epsom salt is dissolved into a Cardiovascular Panic attacks and
shallow pool of skin temperature water conditions associated problems
to create this effect. Both lightproof and High-blood pressure Lack of concentration,
soundproof, this peaceful space frees you Multiple sclerosis motivation and
of gravity, noise and other distractions. As Fibromyalgia memory loss
if in deep meditation, your body and mind and arthritis

(RETAIL $65)


2017_05_May Roseville Magazine.indd 42 4/28/17 6:58 PM

D! E
E D!
JUST N D JUST 79,000
PE $7

617 Gianni Court Roseville 7121 Shoreside Court Granite Bay 1753 Orvietto Drive Roseville
916.698.8076 916.716.9069 916.698.8076
Cal BRE #01933328 Cal BRE #01247653 Cal BRE #01933328

E To advertise here call JUST 99,700

JoAnn Stuck
or email:
4 Car Garage with Pool!
Gayle Scott 5943 Tanus Circle Rocklin
1307 Rolling Hills Drive Roseville
916.774.7932 ANNA RUIZ Masters Club
Life Member

or email: 916.412.2675 Cal BRE #01438238
Cal BRE #00903372

Co n g r a t u l a t io n s 2 0 1 6
e r s !

M e m b

Maste r s C l u b
to all the Masters Club
recipients for their
hard work and
success in

2017_05_May Roseville Magazine.indd 43 4/28/17 6:59 PM

Trish Hurtado
CalBRE #01806644
SOLD $1,220,000

Alicia Finlay
Alicia is a Fully
Licensed Assistant
and Marketing
Director for
Trish Hurtado
CalBRE #02016606
(BUYER'S AGENT) 916.969.9259
CLOSED AT $840,000

SOLD $510,000 SOLD $379,000 SOLD $925,000


2017_05_May Roseville Magazine.indd 44 4/28/17 6:59 PM