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Painting Class

Oil Painting PowerPoint Worksheet

As you watch the presentation please following along and fill out his

1. The western world credits the discovery of oil paint to what artist?
2. He was was the first to make the ________________
____________________and oil formula using _______________ oil.
3. These _____________________________ remained in Italy throughout
much of the ________________________ ___________________
thus creating the ____________________among Italian Renaissance
4. Oil paint should never come into contact with what?
5. Following the rules in the presentation will help you avoid what?
6. __________________ _______The primary binding agent in oil

painting made by pressing the seeds of the flax plant.

7. What is VARNISH used for?
8. When do you apply the varnish?
9. Turpenoid or ________________ ______________________ is used to thin oil paint.
10.______________________ this describes the oil content in paints, oil paint _____________ out of

the tube is ________________.

11.___________________Oil Paint from the tube mixed with ___________ to reduce the oil content

12.Describe Fat over lean it means that each succeeding layer of paint should do what?
13.You need to adhere to this rule to prevent _______________________.
14.______________________ ___________ the initial stage or first layer of an oil painting

commonly executed using a _________________________ or ________________ ___________as

a base for the composition

15.______________________- The wooden frame on which canvas or paper is stretched
16.______________________________ the texture created in a paint surface by the movement of

the brush. Impasto usually implies thick_______________ brushwork.

17._______________- Dragging paint in a broken manner over a _________________

______________dry surface.
18._______________: Transparent painting over a light under-painting.

19.Name 3 reasons why you would use oil paints:

20.What is the Golden Rule of Oil Painting?
21.Best way to ______________ ___________is in layers with each one being ______________

than the one __________________- this will allow the paint to _______________ _

22.____________________________________________A method of

painting that represents boldly contrasting lighting, usually

drawing highlights out of a dark scene. Best done with a

darker background and obvious strong light source.

23.__________________: In Italian sfumato means

___________________" a technique used by

24._________________________: Scraping or scrubbing or dragging a _______________layer of

lighter opaque or semi-opaque color over a dark ________________ __________________with a

bristle brush, allowing the under painting to ______________________ through

25.What is Impasto?
26.In drawing we call it _________________________with paint we call it

27.How many days do you have to correct your mistakes?
28.What is the best way to fix a mistake?
29.Name two ways you could SAVE your colors for the next day.
30.(slide 29) What color paint do you use in the 4 th step?
31.How do you clean your brushes?