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To: Municipal Planning Prepared By: Ronald M. Traub, Director

Commission Community Development
Meeting Date: May 4, 2017

Applicant: Norman A. Kotoch, Jr., Norcon Limited

Status of Applicant: Property owner

Requested Action: Architectural review

Purpose: Architectural reimaging

Existing Zoning: B-2, General Business

Location: 7617 Mentor Avenue

Size: 8,800 sq. ft. multi-tenant commercial building

Existing Land Use: Multi-tenant commercial building

Surrounding Land
Use and Zoning: All surrounding land is zoned B-2, General Business

Zoning History: The building was constructed in 1981 and has accommodated a number of commercial
tenants, most recently T-Mobile.

Regulations: 1133 Site Development Plans
1161.04 Special Provisions Applicable to Industrial and Commercial Zones (c)
Design Guidelines

Public Utilities: All utilities currently exist on-site.

Engineering Comments:
A Building Permit is required for exterior alterations. Plans shall be submitted for
permit review by the Chief Building Official for conformance with the Ohio
Building Code and necessary permits obtained.

Fire Department Comments:

No comments

Police Department Comments:

No comments

Analysis: The proposal is to re-image the faade of the multi-tenant building at 7617 Mentor Avenue. The
re-imaging includes a new EIFS cornice and sign band. The building cornice will be raised to 21
ft., 1 in. on the west end and 20 ft., 1 in. on the east end and accented with a recessed LED light
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band beneath it across the entire faade. Per 1161.04 Special Provisions Applicable to Industrial
and Commercial Zones (c), the use of exposed inert gas lighting as an architectural embellishment
such as building striping or accent lighting may be permitted with prior approval by the Planning
Commission. The existing brick and windows on the lower third of the building will be retained
and augmented with four (4) new EIFS pilasters visually supporting the new raised faade at each
end of the building. The buildings existing parapet height of 18 ft., 6 in. will be maintained in the
middle section of the front faade while each end receives an updated parapet. The applicant is
required to bring building material samples to the meeting for review and approval by the
Commission. While un related to the project, the owner may wish to explore a cross-access
easement with the city-owned property to the west. Development of the city-owned site might, at
a future date, warrant a signal which could facilitate access.

1. The applicant shall provide written confirmation as to the disposition of each of the City Engineers comments
and shall be included as parts of the final building permit submittal.
2. A recessed light band is approved per the night rendering of the south building elevation.

Exhibits: Application, Cover Letter, Elevations, Site Plan, GIS Map

/var/www/apps/conversion/tmp/scratch_6/353595085.doc ARCH-4-17-7601