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Nathan Visco

Connie Douglas

UWRT 1104-032

May 2, 2017

Are Robots a concern for the future?

Technology is improving at an increased rate, and as a result, robots are being created,

some of them are autonomous, while others, humans operate them. Robots are seen has harmful

to the overall well-being of the economy and society. As our technology continuously improves,

humans will become useless and not needed anymore. There are several positive benefits of

having robots in the workplace. Some of those include speeding up production of products,

ability to go into more dangerous places, and allow doctors and nurses more time with their


The technology that we are seeing today is nothing compared to what we will see in the

near future. Todays technology consists of robots in hospitals, restaurants, airports, and grocery

stores. These robots in hospitals are becoming more advanced in what they can do. One example

of this is a robot called the da Vinci robot, which allows a surgeon to perform a surgery from

across the room. This robot allows a surgeon to only create small incisions on the patients,

resulting in a quicker recovery time. Although this robot is not fully autonomous yet, it requires

fewer surgeons to be in the room while the patient is being performed on. This results in fewer

doctors required, meaning that it will be cheaper for the hospital in the future. Another example

of how robots and the technology to power them has improves is a fully autonomous robot,

named TUG, who has several responsibilities. These robots have the ability to serve multiple

areas of a hospital, including, the pharmacy, laboratory, nursing, food services, cleaning and
Visco 2

soiled linens, and environmental services. The benefits of having these robots working in

hospitals, allows for nurses and doctors to have more time to focus on their patients. Another

benefit of having an autonomous robot delivering medical supplies and performing the other

tasks, helps out with making sure that the right medication is supplied to the correct patient.

The idea and reality of having robots replace our jobs in the future has been a topic of

discussion. The idea of having robots replacing jobs is becoming more of a reality and could

have a major impact on our economy. Robots replacing our jobs would mean that there wouldnt

be any jobs for humans to do, resulting in a declining economy. Another downside to having

robots take over the jobs of humans is that robots may not show an emotion when interacting

with humans. Humans enjoy being able to feel emotions with other humans, which would not be

conveyed if there was a robot taking its place.

In the end, we will not be able stop the progression of technology and how it will shape

our economy and society, but we might have the ability to slow down the rate at which it is

progressing. This would allow for future generations to find work and be able to have a job and

positively benefit society and the economy.