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Case study, Ceramicol Company

With the implementation of the free trades and openness to the world economy,
the Colombian business sector has been strengthened by the need of evaluate
their operational tools toward the opportunities offered by the global market.
Many companies in different sectors of the economy have begun to conduct
studies and make proposals to use these agreements as a way of expansion
and growth. Thus, the company Ceramicol has been in the task of evaluating
the possibilities to enter into the market in other countries, based on more than
30 years of experience and wide recognition in the local Colombian market.
Ceramicol executives found an interesting opportunity of incursion into the U.S.
market with kitchen and tableware, items that have gained a significant place in
the market of this country, which is the main product handled by this company.
Thats why they are considering an ambitious plan for growth and enter to the
U.S. market. In order to break into the U.S. market the company Ceramicol
contacts your company, which has a long successful background for enter to
new markets.

You and your company are responsible for conducting the study about which
are the most appropriated distribution channels for entering into this market with
their products and especially with ceramic tableware. Your work as a consulting
firm is to analyze the U.S. market, to define the consumer and the most
appropriate way to get to them. Then, make a presentation to the executives of
the company. You will show what the most appropriate distribution channels are
for this product and this market. In addition, design a banner that shows to the
company executives graphically the results of your investigation.
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