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Movie evaluation: V for Vendetta

I think the purpose of this movie is to help us understand how, even a small
idea has the capacity to influence the world and bring about an inspiring

The world is pervaded by a ghastly virus while Britain is ruled by a fascist
dictator who offers no freedom. The man in the mask, V, saves a young
woman called Evey and forces her to join him in striking a crushing blow
against the dictatorship. He lays out a great plan to destroy the government
and proceeds it throughout the movie, with Evey following in his footsteps
even after his death.

Audio/ visual:
The lighting and visual effects of the movie clearly portrays the serious and
morbid atmosphere. Since the movie features the fear of war, disease and
famine, the dark lighting and sound effects of the movie fits very well.

I think the creator is a liberal; the movie is about rebels holding out against a
planetary system of control. The main themes are political. Injustice and
treason is especially emphasised.

This movie has been written and co-produced by the Waschowskis, Andy and

The target audience is men and women between the ages of 15-50. I believe
this movie would appeal to people who enjoy watching political movies or
action/thriller type of films.