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Jada Phillips

December 9, 2016
2nd hour
Annotated Bibliography

Bloom, H. (Ed.). Modern Critical Interpretations: Sula-Toni Morrison. New York, NY:
Chelsea House Publishers.

This is an anthology examines and depicts topics relevant to Sula

such as: race, ancestry, mythology, folklore, politics, language, female
relationships, coming of age. The authors of these works are well known
and respected, such as Barbara Christian who was an author and
professor of African-American Studies at the University of California,
Berkeley. Additionally, many other sources and well-respected authors
contributed to this anthology. Harold Bloom, editor, is an American literary critic
and Sterling Professor of Humanities at Yale University. Modern Critical
Interpretations: Sula-Toni Morrison was published in 1999. This will be
used in my essay to assist me in portraying the thoughts and criticisms of people
that were acquired from the book and how it was received in that time

Messing, J. (2014). Sula by Toni Morrison-An African American Analysis. The California
Journal of Women Writers.

This article claims that African American critical theory is one of the most
diverse modes of interpretation to explore in literary works. Their evidence
is the foundational structures of race, class, and sex found in the text that
dates many years back in our country. It was written 2014, so it
gives a modern perspective on Toni Morrisons Sula. This article refers to
many credible works, such as A World of Difference: An Inter-Cultural
Study of Toni Morrisons Novels by Harding, Wendy, and Jacky Martin and
Toni Morrison: Critical and Theoretical Approaches by Nancy J. Peterson.
This will be used in my paper as support in my persuasive literary

Morrison, T. (1973). Sula. New York, NY: Vintage International.

This novel is my main source. Sula is about a friendship between two females,
Nel and Sula, whose relationship is put on the brinks when Sula sleeps with Nels
husband and fails to believe that her actions were wrong. Nel finally confronts
Sula and she explains herself. Sula then dies and Nel grieves for her. I will use
this novel as a source in my essay by citing specific parts of the book as
supporting evidence for my thoughts.

Williams, C. (N.D.). African Americans and World War I. African and African Diasporan
Transformations in the 20th Century. Retrieved from

World War I was very transformative for the African American Community.
The war directly impacted all African Americans because it was an event with
revolutionary implications for the social, economic, and political future of black
people. The author of this essay is an Associate Professor of African and Afro-
American Studies. The website in which I obtained the work from is sponsored in
part by The New York Public Library and The Schomburg Center for Research in
Black Culture. This will be used in my essay as a reference for the background
and time-period in which Sula was placed.