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Financial Management Error "There was some communication error" [ID 1280613.1]


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Hyperion Financial Management - Version: to - Release: 9.2 to 11.1

Information in this document applies to any platform.
This knowledge document is a replacement for 752456.1, 806163.1, 981983.1, 1116204.1, 1117535.1, 1200683.1, 1233748.1, 1279832.1 which have been deleted.


This article describes most frequent causes and solutions for issues with access to Financial Management applications when following error appears:

There was some communication error. Response is:


This is a generic error message, that may appear whenever web or application component of Financial Management is not available.

Last Review Date

January 11, 2011

Instructions for the Reader

A Troubleshooting Guide is provided to assist in debugging a specific issue. When possible, diagnostic tools are included in the document to assist in

Troubleshooting Details

Symptoms Cause Fix

1 Release: 9.3.1 11.1.2 Intermittent issues are caused by Remote
Procedure Call (RPC) issues in Windows 2003 Make the following changes on all servers and
Applications sometimes fail to open. SP1 and SP2 and require Windows Registry workstations with the HFM ADM and HFM
update to resolve. Client components, including HFM and
Error: Financial Reporting servers and workstations.
There was some communication error. Response is: http://servername This issue occurs because Windows Server
/hfm/GlobalWorkspaceNav/bpm/modules/com/hyperion/hfm/web/appcontainer 2003 SP1 adds support for new transfer A. If the server is running on Windows 2003
/Adf.asp" syntaxes to the RPC implementation, known as SP1, apply SP2.
"multiple transfer syntax negotiation". In some
circumstances this may lead to premature B. Make the following registry change on
closing of connections between servers and workstations:
1. Click Start > Run, type regedit, and
click OK.
2. Locate and then click the following
registry subkey:
\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\Rpc
If the Rpc key doesn't exist, create it by
right-clicking on "Windows NT" and
click New: Key.
3. Right-click on "Rpc" and select New,
and then click DWORD Value.
4. Type Server2003NegotiateDisable as
the name of the new DWORD Value.
5. Right-click
Server2003NegotiateDisable, and click
6. In the Value Data box, type 1, and then
click OK.
This setting disables the bind time
negotiation and multiple transfer syntax

2 Release: 9.3.0 The UDL file containing connection details to Restore original name or location of the UDL
HFM repository database has been renamed or file.
Attempts to open, delete or create an HFM application through Workspace or moved.
the Desktop Client fail. For version 11 and higher on MS SQL
HFM is unable to communicate to the database database server, the default filename is:
Error: as it cannot find the UDL file referenced in the MS_SQL_SERVER_hfm.udl
"There was some communication error. Response is: http://servername Windows registry key: For earlier versions, you need to either check
/hfm/GlobalWorkspaceNav/bpm/modules/com/hyperion/hfm/web/appcontainer HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ Windows registry on HFM application server or
/Adf.asp Hyperion Solutions\Hyperion Financial the Database UDL field in Web and Server

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An unknown error has occurred in the HsxSQLHelper object. Management\Server\SystemDataLinkFile Configuration utility to find the original name of
An unknown error has occurred in the HsxServerImpl object. the UDL file.
An unknown error has occurred in the HsxServerImpl object."
There is no need to restart any Windows
In HsvEventlog.log appears error: services for the changes to take effect.
"An unknown error has occurred in the HsvDSSQL object"

3 Release: 9.3.1 HFM is still using the old authentication

configuration. The CASSecurity process is 1. Log out all HFM users from the system
After adding a new MSAD provider to the CSS configuration, using the External caching the old CSS configuration in memory. 2. Stop all HFM related services on all
Authentication configuration in Shared Services, externally authenticated HFM application and web server(s).
(MSAD) users are unable to open application. Native users are not affected. 3. Check that HsxServer, HsvDataSource,
HsxService and the CASSecurity
Error: processes are stopped.
"There was some communication error. Response is : http://servername 4. If any of the process from steps 3 are
/hfm/GlobalWorkspaceNav/bpm/modules/com/hyperion/hfm/web/appcontainer not stopping by themselves after a few
/Adf.asp" moments, terminate any remaining
process(es) using task manager "End
On the HFM application server following error appears in Process" functionality
<Hyperion_Home>\logs\HFM\InteropJava.log: 5. Restart/Start all HFM related services.
"ERROR Authentication Token cannot be used due to: There is no provider 6. Try to login as an externally
configured for: msad authenticated user (MSAD) Token cannot be used due
to: There is no provider configured for: msad

4 Release: 9.2.1 HFM Server is unable to access the Shared Make sure that HFM Application Server(s) can
Services configuration information. In order to connect to Shared Services configuration URL
HFM applications do not open in Workspace. obtain configuration information, HFM attempts obtained from HFM application server
to open URL specified in ConnectionInfo Windows Registry key "ConnectionInfo" found
Error: "There was some communication error. Response is : http://servername Windows Registry on the HFM Application in the registry:
/hfm/GlobalWorkspaceNav/bpm/modules/com/hyperion/hfm/web/appcontainer Server.
/Adf.asp" If URL specified there is not accessible, HFM will HEY_KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE
open the HsxServer.exe and CASSecurity.exe \Hyperion Solutions\Hyperion Financial
Opening application in Desktop Client fails with error: processes but it will not be able to list HFM Management\Server\Authentication.
"Error Reference Number: {41D74618-8332-43D9-93EF-4D3454B421D0} applications when users click on connect to
Num: 0x800412c4;Type: 1;DTime: 11/13/2008 8:30:49 PM;Svr: Server/Cluster. The parameter should look like:
SERVERNAME;File: ;Line: -1;Ver:;DStr: Error in ConnectionInfo=http://<servername>:58080
doesInstanceExist();" /interop/framework/getCSSCongFile
In order to open HFM application this URL
When users try to connect to FM cluster, application names are not displayed. must be accessible from all HFM application

5 Release: 9.3.1 11.1.3 The SSL certificate used by MSAD server has SSL certificate used by AD machine must be
not imported into the HFM Application Server. imported into the HFM Application Server. For
Error when opening application in Workspace: The HFM Application Server should have use a further information please refer to SSL
"There was some communication error. Response is : https://servername certificate that AD machines trust. Otherwise, configuration guides available in Enterprise
/hfm/GlobalWorkspaceNav/bpm/modules/com/hyperion/hfm/web/appcontainer HFM gets SSL handshake exception while Performance Management System
/Adf.asp" authenticating users from AD. Documentation Library:
When opening application in Windows Desktop client error: "Could not
authenticate the specified user. %0" Hyperion Product SSL Configuration Guide
In SharedServices_Security_Client.log following error appears:
"Error Code: 2 NestedException: Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance
javax.naming.CommunicationException: simple bind failed: ldapb2a- Management System SSL Configuration Guide [Root exception is Release PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid
certification path to requested target

6 Release: 11.1.2 Active Server Pages (ASP) have not been

installed or enabled in IIS. Install ASP and then run the HFM Web
Financial Management web server is deployed on Windows 2008 server with IIS configuration again. After that assign 'Read' to
7. the handler permissions in IIS 7.0. To install
ASP.NET on Windows Server 2008:
Error when opening application in Workspace:
"There was some communication error. Response is : http://servername 1. In Windows Server 2008, open Control
/hfm/GlobalWorkspaceNav/bpm/modules/com/hyperion/hfm/web/appcontainer Panel, click System and Maintenance,
/Adf.asp" and then click Administrative Tools. In
the left pane of Server Manager, select
When opening HFM web page http://hfm_webserver/hfm following error the node that represents the server that
appears: you are currently working on.
"HTTP Error 404.3 - Not Found 2. In the right pane, expand the Roles
The page you are requesting cannot be served because of the extension Summary section and then click Add
configuration. If the page is a script, add a handler. If the file should be Roles. The Add Roles Wizard appears.
downloaded, add a MIME map." Click Next.
3. The wizard moves to the Select Server
Roles step. Select the Web Server (IIS)
check box and then click Next.
4. The next wizard step that appears is
information that guides you in the
installation. Click Next. The wizard
moves to the Role Services step. A list
of available role services is displayed. If
you click the name of a role, a short
description of the role is displayed.

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5. Select the Application Development

role service, and then select the
ASP.NET check box
6. Select the IIS 6 Management
Compatibility role service.
7. Selecting the IIS 6.0 compatibility role
enables Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 to
manage IIS 7.0 configuration.
8. Click Next and verify the role service
9. Click Install to start the ASP.NET
installation process. When the
installation is complete, click Close.

7 Release: 9.3.3 - 11.1.2 This issue is caused by unpublished Bug Bug 10410635 is currently scheduled to be
10410635. fixed in Financial Management
Users who are not provisioned with the Shared Services Administrator role
cannot open any Financial Management application via Workspace. Users can When Delegated User Management Mode is Workaround: Disable Delegated User
open applications using Windows Desktop client. enabled in Shared Services, users that do not Management in Shared Services. If Delegated
belong to a delegated list cannot open User Management must remain enabled, make
Error when opening application in Workspace: applications they are provisioned for via sure all users belong to at least one delegated
"There was some communication error. Response is : http://servername Workspace. list in Shared Services.
/Adf.asp" For more information about Delegated User
Management see Security Administration
In HsvEventlog.log following error appears: Guide.
"The specified user does not exist."

8 Release: - 11.1.2 Required system language files are missing (ie.
Chinese, Japanese, etc.) The required system language files should be
Users are unable to log on to HFM applications when the OS and Internet installed on user's workstation and the web
Explorer Language Option are set to Japanese or Chinese regional settings. server:
Error appears when opening FM application in Workspace
Steps to check if the system files are installed:
Error when opening application in Workspace:
"There was some communication error. Response is : http://servername 1. From the Control Panel, select
/hfm/GlobalWorkspaceNav/bpm/modules/com/hyperion/hfm/web/appcontainer Regional and Language Options and
/Adf.asp select the Languages tab.
SessionID error 'ASP 0219 : 80004005' 2. In the Supplemental Language support
Invalid LCID section, make sure these options are
/hfm/Common/Core.asp, line 87 selected:
The specified LCID is not available." o Install files for complex script and
right-to-left languages (including Thai).
o Install files for East Asian (Multibyte)
3. If the required type is not checked,
select it and Apply. The system files will
be installed and a reboot may be


NOTE:760412.1 - Sporadic "Access Denied" Messages for Reports with Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) Data Source



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