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Antipathy- feeling of dislike

paucity- something only in small amounts/quantities

diachronic- something happening over time
feasibility- possibilities
metaphilosophy- investigation of the nature of philosphy
-John Dewey
Vitalist Tradition
intelligestia- leading social group
Self-image: pride, self-congratulaing, often herois; AA considered to be more peaceful, loving
and not vicious or violent.
Shows AA superiority, only over white Americans
non-violent, due to strong Christian roots, did not impose any AA superiority
Strong Vitalism relates to germ theory (W.E.B. Du Bois)
Borrowed from previous Harvard professor, Albert Busnell Hart, who utilized the theory to
support Anglo-Saxon superiority (Teutonic)
Germ Theory- each race has its own race idea and race spirit, which they help imporove
English-liberty & Freedom; German-science & philo.; romance-lit. & art; but AA haven' given
Du Bois, will be better place with all light-hearted Negros. All civilization have achieved
something but not Afro-Americans.
The Souls of Black Folk (1903) The Gift of Black Folk (1924), Du Bois argues that AA's sense
of submissiveness is a gift of spirit
James Weldon Johnson, supports strong vitalism, explaining Afro-Americans' creative powers
in the arts(not genetic but divine)
racial genius Christian influenced, god-given spirit to AAs
Harlem Renaissance marks a positive point for strong vitalist tradition
James Weldon Johnson gives strong vitlaism a different meaning, he believes in unique
creativity of AA
believes that AA have posessed power through their creative powers in the arts
noble savage - indigene, outsider character who has not been corrupted by civilization and
shows human good
Elijah Muhammad, among others have given birth to strong vitalist tradition throught he
religious doctrine of the Black muslims
They justified AA superiority over whites, utilizing American history
wanted to deny white values, refuse white society and reserve secure the little amount of
humainty left in America
Weak vitalist tradition, began with Afro-American Methodist Episcopal church
White people, due to their greed, do not comprehend the real Christian message
White people are not denied but are positioned to a lower moral status than AA
R.R. Wright peaceful, non-violent, Afro-Americans will gradualy change the white man's
violent, vicious race
Believed the African Methodism will change the white man
Dr. King is cultural argument
African methodist will express Chrsitian peace to the white man
Garvey Movement (Marcus Garvey, Jamaican political leader) Black nationalism and Pan-
Africanism movements spread of Afro-American pride, beauty and strength, without claiming
natural white inferiority
Believed that all races can not live without each other ; didn't preach hate with his Black
religion (Black Jesus, Black Mary)
Garvey was juxtaposed with having Black religion, but stating he loved the white man, and that
the white man behaved in a demonic sense within society
Though believed the white man was evil within society
Chiliastic-doctrine stating Jesus will reign on Earth
MLK- another instance of weak vitalism
believe in non-violence and the idea to love their enemies
wanted to in some way cure/heal the white man of so much hate
believed Blacks had to be submissive and are more meant to be non-violent than other racial
his non-violent movements were sent by God, part of a divine plan
Self-image, vitalist tradition is defensive in character and romantic in content (Strong & Weak)
react to white supremacy and attempt to bring forth pride of their African roots.
attempt to change the stereotypes that society has of them, myths, jokes,etc.
Petit bourgeoisie- social class, peasant, small scale merchants
vitalism seen as a protection for the fear, anxieties, and self-doubts of the middle class AA
parvenu- person of obscure origin who has gained wealth, influence or celebrity
Cultural Sphere vitalism begun with talented AA who had achievements of the West and wanted
to put an end to myths that do not allow AA to be superior, mainly due to white oppression
Political Sphere Vitalism started with ambitious Afro-Americans,
achieved power by not following status quo ran up against racist barriers
returned back to their AA world and helped other ambitious beings.
AA vocation ideology- for AA to utilize their uniqueness and mobilize themselves, be
successful, in the White world, and destroy the hypocrisy of the white world;
vitalist tradition aimed the political struggle, using their uniqueness against the white-world
scratch a vitalist and underneath is a budding bourgeois
Dubois talented tenth show power, education and skills, while the untalented nintieth show gift
of spirit
Vitalist response to challenges of self-image and self-determination is to embrace an Afro-
American culture that hides the uprising of the Afro-American social class
Rationalist Tradition
African-American inferiority, not against everyone but White Americans
weak rationalist tradition
Franklin Frazier, Afro-American history as series of devastating events
Afro-American were environmentally created less than whites
hope for Afro-Americans is to bond with white because assimilation can civilize, refine and
If Afro-Americans had to rise from their own past (history) they would never be successful
Rationalist does not take into action Afro-American history, it disapproves its culture.