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1 — The Color Palette The Total brand is strongly identified with its colors, which play a key role

in brand
recognition and awareness.
We want to streamline color use, to focus on the colors of our logo.

Graphic & Editorial Guidelines - May 2015 | 4

blue and light blue — are taken directly The halftone can vary from 20 to 80%. make them harder to read. data visualizations and complex That said. The Total red must be found in everything we produce. Three of Note: Each of the colors may be used as a halftone. descending order of importance. enable Level Halftones may not be used for typefaces. them — orange. from the logo. because they brand-identifying color we need to capitalize on. you depict in it. 2 colors to be used as widely as possible. even if only in small touches. Level 1 Corporate Level 2 Supporting Identity Pantone® 138C Pantone® 286C Pantone® 279C Pantone® Warm Gray 9C Pantone® 201C M48-Y100 C100-M80 C70-M30 M20-Y20-K60 C40-M100-K80 R245-G150-B0 R0-G65-B150 R75-G150-B205 R131-G120-B111 R157-G34-B53 Level 3 Additional Pantone® 219C Pantone® 2603C Pantone® Cool Gray 8C Pantone® 477C M90 C66-M86 K60 C80-M90-Y100 R218-G24-B132 R112-G32-B130 R136-G139-B141 R98-G59-B42 Pantone® 185C M100-Y80 R225-G0-B50 Pantone® 7716C Pantone® 348C Pantone® 389C Pantone® 108C C87-M20-Y50 C100-Y100-B5 C20-Y85 M5-Y100 R0-G150-B143 R0-G132-B61 R208-G223-B0 R254-G219-B0 Graphic & Editorial Guidelines . so be careful what kind of data to meet your needs.May 2015 | 5 . when there are not enough Level 1 and 2 colors as a warning color. in t-FWFM comprises five supporting colors. a warm gray and a burgundy. tLevel 1 consists solely of the Total red. so that our target t-FWFM comprises additional colors for specific uses audiences instantly realize that it’s a Total document.1 — The Color Palette Our color palette is divided into three levels. such as illustrations. the Another two. red may be perceived in some countries maps.

level that precedes it. Each level may be used only in conjunction with the Examples : Level 1 ! Be careful about using black. except for orange. which may.May 2015 | 6 . One-Color (no choice of color) Two-Color Level 1 Level 2 Level 1 One level 2 color OR Multi-Color Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 as needed Graphic & Editorial Guidelines . Level 1 + Level 2 in rare cases.1 — The Color Palette / Rules for Using Color Our color palette is divided into three levels. in descending order of importance. be used in place of the red when Level 1 + Level 2 + Level 3 using red alone would interfere with comprehension (example: Maps – Pandemic). which will be limited to typefaces and occasionally illustrations.