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Introduction for each lesson to be used this week for the listening tasks:

Since students are already familiar with this topic, I would use activities that would
gauge students knowledge about the topics. These activities would include:

taking a simple poll

completing survey monkey warm-up questions

writing comments on index cards to answer questions as a brainstorming


Once I get an idea of how familiar my students are with this topic (especially since
they are repeaters from different previous classes so the level of focus their
previous teachers had on this topic might be different) I would get a sense on what
I can focus on in the coming lessons.

o Short-reading of real-world examples from a reading passage

o Video clips followed by relating what theyve watched to their own


o Prediction: the teacher will reveal some facts about the topic and then ask
students a question about what they think the listening will be about
The ways I choose to help explain this themes material would be:

Asking students to listen to real-life conversation/news item about the topic

and complete activities based on that

using visuals to engage students and get them thinking and talking about the

Scripted listening passages to practice note-taking and then transferring

answers to an answer sheet

Some strategies I would use to check for understanding (after Listening Activities):
Paraphrasing the same questions from the listening activities
Discussing with students how and why they arrived at certain answers, in an
attempt to increase student awareness of the processes they use and how
they could do better next time
Complete post-listening follow-up activities to see how students can apply
what they learned in their own lives (how does this relate to my life?) e.g.
students mimic their own festival celebration news interview after listening
to one, or students comment on what they found most interesting in the
listening passage and why.
To conclude the lesson on this theme, I would summarize the main points of what
we took at the end of every lesson, and then again at the end of the week. The
methods I would use for the conclusion include:

Asking a student to orally summarize what we talked about today

Asking students to reflect on what the main points of the lesson (my favorite
strategy would be the 3-2-1 reflection: 3 things I learned, 2 interesting
points, 1 question I still have)

This will help me plan what to do the next class, and peaking their interest as they
connect what weve done today to what they will be taking tomorrow.