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Old Textbooks set distributed in Session 2016-17 has been issued to students in the
session 2017-18 and fresh enrolled students have been given new textbooks in the
school. New set is kept in school and old set is kept at home. Only copies are taken to
school. School has Rubbers, Pencils , scales etc. available for all kids and they need not
to bring it from home. Its reducing burden on little shoulders and comfortable for all.
Class 1st and 2nd students are getting special relief from it.
Happy Birthday wishes to kids with their parents by School

Teachers are encircling the calendar dates by birthday dates of the students and they are greeted Happy
Birthday in morning assembly as well as a message to concerned kid with his parents is communicated
by writing same in the notebook of the student. Some SMCs and teachers have arranged funds to
celebrate the birthday of students. Girls are given special focus under Beti Padhao, Beti Bachao Abhiyan
and they are gifted free stationary if budget is available.
From Class 1st to 5th, there 1381 out of 3275 (42.20%) students having A Grade and 1000 out of 3275 (30.60%)
students in SA I-II, FA I -IV as consolidated score in this session. Hence, total 2381/3275 (72.80%) students have A and
B Grade which is highest in H.P. at present. Only 1.30% (41) students have secured E Grade in this Block. Among these
students, 20 students are out of school children enrolled this year after June/July, 2016. They have been given
education kit consisting of Bag, Notebooks, Writing materials, daily need items like soap, towel etc. to encourage the
study resources. Other 17 students belong to CWSN category and this category students are mostly suffering with
learning disability. Rest 04 students are having problem in learning due to age appropriate admission direct in 4 th or 5th
class without any basic numeracy. Our teachers are making best possible efforts to increase the learning level. D Grade
has been secured by 248 (07.40%) students. Out of these 248 students, 223 students belong to migratory labour class
who often take admission in schools for few weeks and often remain absent. We have started home based education
and remedial classes for them . CHT Sandeep Kumar is example of this type of teaching. He is regularly visiting the huts
of these labourers after school hours and teach the students in their huts. Other 25 students are in special focus

Grade 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Total

A 309(45.50%) 331(48.90%) 247(36.40%) 273(40.10%) 221(39.54%) 1381 (42.20%)
B 192(28.30%) 199 (29.40%) 217(32.00%) 215(31.57%) 177(31.66%) 1000 (30.60%)
C 128 (18.85%) 108 (15.90%) 137(20.20%) 133(19.53%) 99(17.70%) 606 (18.50%)
D 48(07.05%) 33(04.90%) 61 (09.40%) 51(07.48%) 55(09.85%) 248 (07.40%)
E 2 (0.30%) 6 (0.90%) 17 (2.40%) 9(1.32%) 17(1.25%) 41(1.30%)
Total 679 677 679 681 559 3275
Our 1st and 2nd Class students enrollment has also increased in this session and the learning level is also high as
revealed above. In 2nd Class 78.30% students have secured A or B grade. Its credit also goes to PRERNA campaign
launched last year when these students were studying in Class 1 st.

Grades Secured by students of Block Bijhari in March, 2017 Class 1st to 5th






5 7.4


50 45.5
40.1 39.54
40 36.4 Grade A
32 31.57 31.66
28.3 29.4 Grade B
Grade C
18.85 20.2 19.53 Grade D
20 17.7
15.9 Grade E
9 9.85
10 7.05 7.48
0.9 2.4 1.32 1.25
Class 1st Class 2nd Class 3rd Class 4th Class 5th
BRCC Primary Bijhari and BEEO Bijhari jointly honoured meritorious students of 5 th Class on 05-04-17.
The first rank in merit secured by Abhinav GPS Loharli has been selected in Sainik School yesterday.
Community participation in schools of this Block is increasing day by day positively.
Meritorious students honoured in Schools and at Block Level:- Bijhari Block is the only block in HP which have
declared 5th Class Merit and honoured the students and their teachers at Block Level on 05-04-2017.

Best Learning Level Schools in SA I 2016 were awarded on 09-12-2016 at BEEO Office
Bijhari and most of them have repeated same results in March, 2017.

Sr.No. Name of School A Grade B Grade A+B Grade students

1 GPS JabbalKhairiyan 12/12(100%) None 12/12 (100%)
2 GPS BirswinBaliah 6/8 (75%) 2/8 (25%) 8/8 (100%)
3 GPS Mangnoti 4/7 (57.14%) 3/7 (42.86%) 7/7 (100%)
4 GPS Jhanjhiyani 7/16 (43.75%) 9/16 (56.25%) 16/16 (100%)

5 GPS Loharli 57/73(78%) 13/73 (17.80) 70/73 (95.80%)

6 GPS Baliah 18/26 (69.23%) 6/26(23.07%) 24/26 (92.30%)
7 GPS Kudhar 11/20 (55%) 5/20 (25%) 1680%)

It reflects the learning level of Block Bijhari Primary level students and hence, learning has been
top indicator continuously in session 2016-17.
Seating Plan changed in Bijhari Block
Bijhari Block has changed the seating plan in the form of half circle, arch, full circle and C type plan depending
on available resources and room size. In case of desks, C type plan is preferred while oval or half circle plans
are used where the mats are used for sitting in classrooms. It has good impacts.
Installing CCTV Cameras in the Classrooms
GPS Barsar has installed two CCTV cameras for school campus and classroom monitoring while GPS Bhota will
install same next month.Solar Lights are being installed in the school campus and energy saving bulbs and fans
are being purchased under School Grant. Water purifiers are being used
Multicolour Classrooms & Tricolour Painted Schools
Multicolour classrooms are being developed by using Maintenance Grant and it is creating best possible
environment in the classrooms. Many newly constructed classrooms are best ever developed in last one year.
Herbal Garden in Primary Schools
GPS Raili-Jajri and GPS Karsai have started the development of large herbal gardens in the schools as
they have plenty land available for this purpose. Eco friendly schools are being developed rapidly here.
Our retired CHT Shri Shyam Lal is giving Vidyanjali by teaching free after retirement in GPS Dandroo
volunteerly. The retired teachers bank is being developed for ensuring regular study in single teacher
schools. In this mission, we have also included Community Teachers funded by public.
Free Education Kits and Stationary and uniforms- by SSA, Public and School Staff or SMCs
GPS Bijhari, GPS Bahal Patialan, GPS Gujrera , GPS Bijhari Boys and GPS Barsar, GPS Chakmoh etc.
has distributed free uniforms, sweaters and writing materials to the students at their own expenses and
public donation. This trend has been supported by us in media and its results are very encouraging.
School Leadership Training received by us in NUEPA in Dec. 16 was delivered to all teachers personally by us in all
clusters in January, 2017. SMCs were oriented and session plan SDP/School Vision were made.
Awarding Best Teachers whose students stood 1 st , 2nd or 3rd at Block Level in 5th Class Exams held in March, 2015
which was declared only by Bijhari Block at its own initiative.

We have issued Appreciation Letters to all 39 teachers whose children are studying in the Govt. Schools at present and
17 teachers have shifted their children from Private to Govt. Schools due to our continuous inputs.
We have honoured Best Teachers (HT/ /JBT/PATs) or Schools with Appreciation Letters in the Block Bijhari who were
found best during monitoring of 77 schools done from September 2015 to December, 2015 and 15 Schools honoured in
March, 2017 which were found good during the record sudden inspection of 50 schools done in one week(February
Best CHTs also were given Appreciation Certificate for innovations and best works like GPS Dandroo
who has bought its own jeep to ensure transport facility to students and GPS Bhota ,Barsar and Maharal
and Bhakreri worked tremendously to increase the enrollment about 1.5 times. Our 5 schools (Maximum
in HP from a single Primary Education Block) were honoured under Khas Shiksha for best practices in
Own TATA Sumo purchased by GPS Dandroo and did 43 fresh admissions in Session 2016-17 due to cheap transportation.
Model GPS Maharal has introduced transport facility to students yesterday on 13-04-2017 by
hiring a Jeep on monthly basis.Its start of a new revolution for govt. school students.
Activity Calender and School Vision 2020 developed by each school this year on our constant demand.
Three schools which were on the verge of closing due to 6 or 7 enrollment last year have been revived and they have
more than 15 students now.At present, we have ten such schools which are on the verge of closure due to less than 10
enrollment and we are working with teachers and SMC members to cross the minimum defined enrollment in these
schools by adopting NCERT Textbooks for English Medium for Class 1 st and 2nd as HP Board has no such textbooks
available for these classes and its major reason of decline in the enrollment.
Tricolour Schools- Classes full of Teaching Learning Materials and CCE Portfolios
Separate Wall Library in each classroom and use of waste materials for School Decoration and TLMs
Joint Meeting of CHTs of two blocks Bhoranj and Bijhari organized in GPS Bhota on 04-01-2017.
CHTs monthly meetings are being organized on Second Saturday and after 3 pm if its urgent to be done on any working
day to avoid loss of studies of the students studying in the schools. The monthly cluster level meeting of Head Teachers
has also been fixed to be done after 3:00 pm from April, 2017 onwards.
BRCC Primary blog has been launched on the day of joining and its address is It
has more than 200 posts at present and all informations, letters and circulars are available to all.Videos of Best Folk
Song, Folk Dance, Group Dance , Drama etc. have been uploaded by me on youtube and they are available on this web

All 107 Schools of my Block have been shown on Block with all required details which are asked through DISE. The
photos of buildings, classrooms and full profile of the school alongwithall required details and contact numbers of the
staff are available on it.
CCE related changes related orientation programme for all Private Schools in this Block was also organized by BRCC
PrimaryBijhari in June, 2016 at Block Level. It was first such orientation programme for Private Schools held formally
and all Govt. Schools have also been conveyed same through Teacher Training and monthly meetings held in April,
2016. Hence, new pattern related clarity was given in time for better evaluation.
Admission Campaigns launched formally for Govt. Primary Schools through Posters release from each schools

News Published in Dainik Jagran on 06 th April, 2017 Media also appreciated this move

100% Schools monitored in 11 Months , Record of sudden inspection in 50 schools spread in rural areas
Enrollment in this Block has increased at lower class level and we are constantly creating awareness in public for
enhancing it. Beggar girls have been identified and given admission with free incentives.
All Clusters E-mail IDs have been created by me and the teachers are now getting updates through email. Tabs have
been given to CHTs and they have been asked to just use them to send the documents. Schools have been asked to
create their email id and all communication to all schools will be via email from 01-01-2017.
Whatsapp Group of Bijhari Block has been created by me which has more than 152/252 teachers who get all latest
updates, circulars and daily news in Hindi at morning.
100 % Schools have been visited by BEEO and BRCC jointly in one year and all findings are highlighted in media
regularly. These details are available on our blog where clippings with date of publishing are available. Many Schools
have been inspected twice or thrice suddenly. We have been top in inspection of the schools in entire district.
Videography of monitoring process is also done to keep the realities open to public.
SA I Question Papers (in year 2016) have been developed by Teachers of the Block collectively and they have been
published at Block Level through CHTs. Uniform datesheet and uniform question papers have been conducted in SA I .
Uniformity was our own idea and it was also cheap for the schools in management cost . The management was done by
CHTs at their own level.

All Schools were supplied textbooks within one day of receiving them form Depot and all titles were made
available on 06-03-2017. This Block has lowest transportation costs instead of highest number of textbooks and
farthest distance from HPBOSE Depot Hamirpur. All textbooks were delivered same day in clusters directly from the
Hamirpur and reached in the schools same or next day.Hence, all 107 schools had received textbooks in advance .
Old damaged school properties and materials broken has been started to be write off now. Two clusters have been
completed and rest will be completed by 15 th May, 2017.About previous 50 years properties have been reviewed and
removed if necessary. It is making schools scrap free.
Shifting of spare desks from GPS Bara to GPS Suder, GPS Phagoti to GPS Nalwar-Bhater has been done. Further ,
spare desks from GPS Maharal, GPS Biar and GPS Dhabiri is to be done to benefit the schools without desks.
100% SMC members have been trained last year and this year. Hence, community mobilization has been done properly
for smooth running of SSA.
Bijhari Block was outstanding in PRERNA Abhiyan last year and within next two months, we will also ensure that no child
remains in the basic group and all will have better grades. In year 2016, PRERNA Abhiyan had recognized 12 out of first
20 schools from our Block. 2nd Place was given at 1st phase endline to GPS Dandroo and third place was secured by
GPS Loharli which were given free computer and Appreciation Letters by DC Hamirpur on 15-08-2015. In the 2 nd phase,
GPS Pahloo and GPS Ropari have been given awards by Distt. Administration. Hence, PRERNA has been most
successful through our Block.
Teaching work continues in Huts after school hours- devotion by the teachers in this Block
Educational Excursions are organized every year by many schools of this Block with permission of Department and
parents of students.
Seven model schools have been introduced. Their name is GPS Maharal, GPS Dandroo, GPS Bhota, GPS Barsar, GPS
Loharli, GPS Bhakreri and GPS Jaure Amb which have high number of students, good facilities and better teaching
results. Result of GPS Dandroo had dropped in SA I but it has improved now..

Our attempt is to minimize the absence of teachers from Classroom and teachers duties in other places and works have
been reduced upto 75% this year. Average duties outside the school for any purpose has been limited upto 12 days per
teacher per year. Only 5 JBTs and 5 CHTs have been deputed beyond this limit due to orders from Directorate and other
authorities. Hence, maximum time is devoted within classroom by maximum teachers and it is helping in achieving more.

SMS Based / Whats App of Homework

This practice was firstly done by me in year 2012 and thereafter, some schools have adopted it. Parents of our students
get daily sms of homework from teacher. Two schools are presently carrying it on trial basis.

School websites
GPS Loharli has established its website in year 2011 and it has all the information related to this school like School
Enrollment, SMC Proceedings Record, Funds Utilization and other information which can be demanded by anyone
under RTI. Three other schools are also establishing these. Only thing to do is to support them.
TLM Based Schools
GPS Bhota, GPS Ropari, GPS Loharli, GPS Gaarli, GPS Barsar, GPS Dakhyoda , GPS Dandroo, GPS Bhakreri, GPS
Dain, GPS Kuriah, , GPS Mansui, GPS Choa, GPS Janehan, GPS Raili-Jajri, GPS Gaarli, GPS Giaragran, GPS Saur,
GPS Jhiralari, GPS Bairi etc. have maximum TLMs available in the school and classrooms well painted with various
concepts and formulas.
TA DA payments and grant release is done within two days by me. It has stopped delay and unnecessary queries.
Fully Online Block
107 /107 Schools are now officially online at in a record time of two months in the area where
signal problem is found maximum. The feedback and online constant supervision is helping us to be number 1 in this
work by 31-12-2016.
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