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Mahalingam Temple : Mahalingam Temple Detail...



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Sri Mahalingam temple

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Moolavar : Mahalingam
Urchavar : -
Amman / Thayar : Perumulaiyaal
Slogam Thala Virutcham : Marutha tree
64 siva vadivangal Theertham : Kaarunyamirtham
64 Thiruvilayaadal
Agamam / Pooja : -
Old year : 1000-2000 years old
Historical Name : -
City : Thiruvitaimaruthur
District : Thanjavur
State : Tamil Nadu


Poets : Tirujnanasampanthar, Appar, Sundarar pongunool maarpineer

puthappataiyeer poonkangai thankucen cataiyineer caamavetham
othineer enkum ezhilaa maraiyorkal muraiyaal eththa itaimaruthil
mankultoy koile koilaaka makizhntheere.
-Tirujnanasampanthar This is the 30th holy place
in the southern banks of Kaveri consecrated by Thevaram.


In the month of Thai Thaipoosam 10 days festival Brahmotsavam.

Everyday there will be the procession of the Lord, both in the morning and
evening, in dierent carriers. On the 10th day, the festival gets completed
with the theerthavaari. In the Vaikaasi month the grand
Vasanthotsavam festival for 10 days Tirukkalyaanam festival, Ambaal
tapasu, Ambaal thannai thaane prayer festivals are conducted with
fanfare. In this holy place, Thiruvaathirai, Aaadipooram and Karthigai are
celebrated in a signicant manner. On the monthly, pratosha days, the
devotees in large number throng the temple. On the important festivity
days like Deepavali, Pongal, Tamil / English New Year Days, special poojas
and abhishekams are performed.

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Mahalingam Temple : Mahalingam Temple Detail...

Temple's Speciality:

The Lord of this holy place graces us as swayambu moorthi. The

Thiruvitaimaruthur Mookambigai of this place is as famous and great like
the Karnataka Kollur Mookambigai. In India, only in Kollur and
Thiruvitaimaruthur, Mookambigai shrines are seen.

Opening Time:

The temple is open from 6.00 am to 11.00 am and from 5.00pm to 8.00


Arulmigu Jothi Mahalinga Swami Tirukkoil, Thiruvitaimaruthur - 612 104,

Thanjavur District.


+91- 435- 2460660.

General Information:

There are four Vinayaka temples in the corners of the four streets where
Temple Car is pulled. At the theradi (the Car Station) is the Vinayaka
temple, in the East Street the Viswanatha temple, in the West Street is
the Rishipureeswarar temple, in the South Street Aatmanaatha temple and
in the North Street is the Chocknaatha temple. Lord Mahalingeswarar sits
in the middle amidst these temples. Hence, this holy place is identied as
panchalinga sthalam. The Vinayakar of this place is known as Aanta


Devotees in large numbers come and worship the Mookambigai shrine,

since it is considered to be powerful. The married couples worship
intensely that they should conceive without any problems and beget
babies. Likewise, women pray for safe delivery. This kind of worship
signicantly prevails in this shrine.

Devotees who circle methodically the big prakaaram and then worship the
Prime Deity are surely relieved of mental aberration, psychic depression,
madness and like sicknesses. That they enjoy great relief and happiness
could be seen even today. By worshipping the Prime Deity, Lord
Mahalinga Swamy, ones sorrow and unhappiness are alleviated. Those
who wish for good marriage and those who long for ospring can perform
prayers here. They will get mental peace.
Moreover, one can pray for job attainment, enhancement in business and
promotion in the job. The Lord denitely grants their wishes.

Thanks giving:

Abhishekam can be performed to the Lord with ingredients like milk, curd,
panchamirtham, rice our, honey, rosewater, soft coconut water, sandal
paste, vibhuthi, rice powder and tamarind powder. We can also don the
Lord with new dhoti, Ambal with new sari and oer food to the devotees
who come to the temple.. We can oer naivedyam to the Lord and
distribute it to the devotees. We can also participate in the regular pooja,
abhisheka performances. Those who can aord can donate to the temple

Greatness Of Temple:

Mookambigai : The Thiruvitaimaruthur Mookambigai of this place is as

famous and great like the Karnataka Kollur Mookambigai. In India, only in
Kollur and Thiruvitaimaruthur, Mookambigai shrines are seen; it is not
found anywhere else. Only here a separate sanctum could be seen. In
this temple, the Mookambigai sanctum is on the southern side of Ambals
sanctum. The inner sanctum of this temple is constructed like the North
Indian temple structure. In this sanctum, the most powerful Maha Meru

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Mahalingam Temple : Mahalingam Temple Detail...

Srichakram is installed.

Moola Linga Sthalam : According to the rules of temple structure,

Lord Mahalinga Swamy remains as the central Prime Deity in this temple,
amidst the temples and surrounded by deities. They are: Tiruvalanchuzhi-
Vinayakar, Swamimalai-Murugan, Sejnalur-Chandeswarar, Sooriyanarkoil-
Sooriyan and other nine planets, Chidambaram-Natarajar, Sirkaali-
Bhairavar, and Thiruvavaduthurai-Tirunandhi. This is a very signicant

Aswamedha pratakshinam : Reaching the temple and circling the

inner way of the rst wall, to worship the Lord Marudapperumaan is known
as Aswamedha pratakshinam. Those who do this will receive all benets.
Before beginning this sacred exercise, one should worship Lord Muruga .
One has to limit his prayer duration as one, half and quarter mandalams.
The going around also must be stipulated as one hundred and eight,
twenty-four, twelve and seven circles. It is believed that the devotees
who circle around on the Thirukarthigai Deepam day and during the Thai
month festival will receive immense benets. Next to this is the
Kodumudi prakaaram. To go around this prakaraam is equal to going
round the Mount Kailas and receive benediction.

Pattinathaar and Badragiriyaar : The life-history of Pattinathaar and

this Thiruvidaimaruthur temple has close connection. Pattinathaar has
sung many songs on the Lord Maruthavaanar of this temple. His disciple
is Badragiriyaar, who was a King once upon a time, renounced everything
and became the disciple of Pattinathaar. Both the guru and the disciple
went on pilgrimage to all the Siva temples, came and stayed at
Thiruvidaimaruthur. Pattinathaar never kept even a begging bowl. On the
other hand, the disciple had a begging bowl and also a dog. Once the
Lord disguised as a Siva-devotee came and asked alms to Pattinathaar
who told Him: I am a beggar. I do not have anything to give. Theres a
family man near the west tower of this temple. The Lord went to that
place and begged Badragiriyaar, who realized and felt sad that the
begging bowl and the dog had made him a family man. Thinking so, he
threw the bowl on the dog. The begging bowl broke and the dog also
died. The Lord then appeared before him and granted moksa to
Badragiriyaar and also to the dog. That place could be seen even today.
It is called the Naayatiyaar Koil in the East Maada Street. One can see
this site in this sacred place.

The Sacred Place where Lord Mahalinga worshipped Himself : This holy
place is situated between Mallikaarjunam Sri Sailam in the North and
Thiruputaimaruthur (Putaarjunam) of the Tirunelveli District in the South,
and is called Itaimaruthu (Madhyarjunam). The Sanskrit word, Arjunam
means maruda tree. The sacred tree in all these three places is the
maruda tree. Lords Saturn and Moon have worshipped here. To the sage
Kasyapa, the Lord of Itaimaruthu, Lord Marudavaanar has appeared as
child Krishna. There are about 32 theerthams (holy water) like
Kaarunayaamirtha Theertham and Kavirippoosa Theertham. For the 27
stars, there are 27 lingams.

On the four sides are temples for Viswanaathar, Aathmanaathar,

Rishipureeswarar and Chockanaathar and so this place is called
Panchalingasthalam. Varaguna Pandiyan came to this sacred place and
got relieved of his brahmahatthi dosha. Since Pattinathaar,
Badragiriyaar, Varaguna Pandiyan, Arunagirinaathar and Karuvoor Thevar
have worshipped the Lord here, this place has become quite well-known.
Here Badragiriyaar and his disciple attained mukti.

Pattinathaar has sung many songs celebrating this place. The four
Nayanmaar, Appar, Tirujnanasambandar, Sundarar and Manickvaasagar
have composed Thevaram songs consecrating this temple.
Arunagirinaatar have celebrated this place in his Tiruppugazh. Those with
Anusha star can be relieved of their aictions in this place.

Temple History:

Sage Agasthya, along with the other sages came to Itaimaruthur and
performed tapasya meditating on Goddess Umadevi. Goddess Uma also
appeared before the sage. The sages accordingly worshipped the
Goddess and requested that they would like to see the Lord also.
Umadevi, for the sake of the sages, went in Sivatapasya. The Lord

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Mahalingam Temple : Mahalingam Temple Detail...

granted Her wish and appeared before Her and the sages. After appearing
before them, the Lord began worshipping the Jothi Lingam. The
surprised Umadevi asked the Lord: O Lord! It is the practice that
Brahman and other deities worship thee. But, thou art worshipping thine
own self! The Lord replied: Uma Devi! We are the Ultimate who worship
and accept worship. It is because these sages have forgotten to worship
us, we are worshipping ourselves. That is why Im worshipping myself.
The Legend says that from that day onwards the sages performed worship
according to the Kaamika Law and received great benets.

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