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greek conversation
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greek conversation
hara garoufalia middle
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Contents v

track listing 1
conversation 1 2
part 1: introductions
part 2: more about yourself
conversation 2 4
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cultural information 22 Track listing 1
pronunciation 25
grammar reference 26 CD 1
listening skills: survival phrases 28 track 1: introduction
GreekEnglish glossary 29 tracks 211: conversation 1
EnglishGreek glossary 32 tracks 1219: conversation 2
tracks 2027: conversation 3
days of the week 35
tracks 2835: conversation 4
numbers 35
greetings and other phrases 35 CD 2
food and drink 36 tracks 18: conversation 5
colours 36 tracks 916: conversation 6
directions 36 tracks 1724: conversation 7
tracks 2532: conversation 8
telling the time 36 tracks 3340: conversation 9
tracks 4148: conversation 10

CD 3
track 1: introduction
tracks 23: conversation 1: introductions; jobs
tracks 45: conversation 2: talking about your family; airport announcements
tracks 67: conversation 3: booking a hotel; bar and hotel prices
tracks 89: conversation 4: asking the way; telling the time
tracks 1011: conversation 5: eating out; likes and dislikes
tracks 1213: conversation 6: shopping at the street market; market prices
tracks 1415: conversation 7: shopping for clothes; colours and clothes
tracks 1617: conversation 8: at the bank; can do, cant do, must do, mustnt do
tracks 1819: conversation 9: entertainment; a trip to an ancient site
tracks 2021: conversation 10: at the chemists; saying goodbye
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2 Conversation 1 3

Part 1: Introductions
Maria Yssas. Eg me i Mara. Ess? Maria Hello, I am (the) Maria. You?
Anne Yssas. me i Anne. Anne Hello, I am (the) Anne.
Costas Ke eg me o Cstas. Ess? Costas And I am (the) Costas. You?
Tom Eg me o Tom. Tom I am (the) Tom.
Maria ste se thiakops? Maria Are you on holiday?
Tom Ne. Ess? Tom Yes. You?
Costas xi. Costas No.
Maria ste ap tin Angla? Maria Are you from (the) England?
Anne Ne, maste ap tin Oksfrthi. Anne Yes, we are from (the) Oxford.
Costas Stin iyi sas! Costas Cheers! (To your health!)
Tom Efxarist. Stin iyi sas! Tom Thanks. To your health!

Part 2: More about yourself

Maria Kalimra, kira Anne. Maria Good morning, Mrs Anne.
Anne Kalimra, kira Mara. Anne Good morning, Mrs Maria.
Maria O krios Tom then ne eth? Maria (The) Mr Tom is not here?
Anne xi. O Tom ne stin plaz. Anne No. (The) Tom is at the beach.
Maria O Cstas ne mihaniks. O krios Tom? Maria Costas is (an) engineer. Mr Tom?
Anne O Tom ne yiatrs. Anne (The) Tom is (a) doctor.
TY GREEK CONVERSATION 2007 14/8/07 10:09 am Page 4

4 Conversation 2 5

Part 1: Talking about your family

Maria Kalispra, kira Anne, krie Tom ti knete? Maria Good evening, Mrs Anne, Mr Tom how are you?
Anne Kalispra, kira Mara, krie Csta maste kal, ess? Anne Good evening, Mrs Maria, Mr Costa were fine. You?
Maria Kal. ste eth mni, i xete pethi? Maria (I am) well. Are you here alone or have you got children?
Tom xoume tho pethi, na yi ke ma kri. Tom We have two children: a son and a daughter.
Al ine stin Angla, sto sxolo. But they are in England, at school.
Anne Ess, xete pethi? Anne You? Have you got children?
Costas xoume tra pethi, na yi, ke tho kres. Costas We have three children: a son and two daughters.
Then ne eth. ne me tin mitra moo stin ATHna. They are not here. They are with my mother in Athens.
Tom O yis mas ne okt xronn, ke i kri mas ne thka. Tom Our son is eight years old and our daughter is ten.
Maria Ta pethi mas ne pnde, eft, ke ena xronn. Maria Our children are five, seven and nine years old.
Anne Ti ikoynia xete! Anne What a family youve got!
Costas Efxarist pol, kira Anne. Costas Thanks very much, Mrs Anne.
Anne Parakal! Anne (Please.) Dont mention it!

Part 2: Saying where you live

Anne Yssas, kira Mara ti knete? Anne Hello, Mrs Maria how are you?
Maria Pol kal, kira Anne ess? Maria (I am) very well, Mrs Anne you?
Anne Pol kal. Anne Very well.
Maria Poo ne to spti sas stin Angla? Poo mnete? Maria Where is your house in England? Where do you live?
Anne Mnoome stin Oksfrthi. Anne We live in Oxford.
Maria Ems mnoome sto kndro tis ATHnas, me tin mitra ke ton Maria We live in the centre of Athens, with my mother and my
patra moo. father.
Anne Ems then mnoome me toos gons mas. Alla o athelfs moo Anne We dont live with our parents. But my brother lives near.
mni kond.
TY GREEK CONVERSATION 2007 14/8/07 10:09 am Page 6

6 Conversation 3 7

Part 1: Arranging a hotel room

Tom Signmi. xete na thomtio yi pnde mres? Tom Excuse me. Have you got a room for five days?
Clerk Ne, krie. To ksenothoxo then ne yemto. Clerk Yes, sir. The hotel isnt full.
Anne Pso ne? Anne How much is it?
Clerk na thomtio yia tho ne ekat evr me proin. Clerk A room for two is 100 euros with breakfast.
Tom Kal. Tom Fine.
Clerk THlete na meglo krevti, i tho krevtia? Clerk Do you want a large (double) bed or two (twin) beds?
Tom THloome na meglo krevti, parakal. Tom We want a large bed, please.
Clerk THlete to thomtio smera? Clerk Do you want the room today?
Anne xi, ap vrio. Anne No, from tomorrow.
Clerk To onom sas, parakal? Clerk Your name, please?

Part 2: Ordering a Greek coffee

Anne THlo na kaf. To ksenothoxo xi bar? Anne I want a coffee. Has the hotel got a bar?
Clerk Ne, kira ek. Clerk Yes, madam there.
Tom Endksi. Signmi, THloome tho kafthes, parakal. Tom OK. Excuse me, we want two coffees, please.
Waitress Ti kaf THelete elinik? Waitress What coffee do you want Greek?
Anne Ne eg THlo na mtrio, ke afts THli Anne Yes I want a medium sweet (coffee) and he wants one
na skto. without sugar.
Tom Pso ne? Tom How much are they?
Waitress Pnde evr, krie. Waitress Five euros, sir.
TY GREEK CONVERSATION 2007 14/8/07 10:09 am Page 8

8 Conversation 4 9

Part 1: Asking the way

Tom Signmi. xi na soopermrket eth kond? Tom Excuse me. Is there a supermarket near here?
Clerk Ne, krie. Deksi ap eth, ke arister met ap pennda Clerk Yes, sir. Right from here, and left after 50 metres.
Tom Efxarist. Ti ra fvyi to leoforo yi tin plaz? Tom Thanks. What time does the bus leave for the beach?
Clerk Fvyi stis ena, ke stis thka ke mis. xi mia stsi kond sto Clerk It leaves at 9 and at 10.30. There is a bus stop near the
soopermrket. supermarket.
Tom Then katalavno. Pi sig, parakal. Tom I dont understand. More slowly, please.
Clerk Fvyi stis ena, ke stis thka ke mis. xi mia stsi kond sto Clerk It leaves at 9 and at 10.30. There is a bus stop near the
soopermrket. supermarket.
Anne Efxarist. xi taks eth kond? Anne Thanks. Is there a taxi (stand) near here?
Clerk Ne, arister ap to ksenothoxo, ke met efTHa Clerk Yes. Left from the hotel and then go straight on
ekat mtra. 100 metres.
Tom Efxarist. Tom Thanks.

Part 2: Checking directions

Tom Signmi. Poo ne to soopermrket, parakal? Tom Excuse me. Where is the supermarket, please?
Passerby Apnanti ap to sinem. Passerby Opposite the cinema.
Tom Efxarist. Tom Thanks.

(Shortly afterwards.) (Shortly afterwards.)

Tom Signmi, aft to leoforo piyni stin plaz? Tom Excuse me, does this bus go to the beach?
Driver xi aft. Ekno to leoforo ek ariTHms ikosipnde. Driver Not this one. That bus there number 25.
Tom Efxarist. Tom Thanks.
TY GREEK CONVERSATION 2007 14/8/07 10:09 am Page 10

10 Conversation 5 11

Part 1: Eating out

Costas Signmi THloome na trapzi yia tseris. Costas Excuse me we want a table for four.
Waiter Endksi, krie. Aft to trapzi ne kal. Waiter OK, sir. This table is good.
Maria Efxarist. Ton katlogo, parakal. Anne, Tom, ti sas arsi? Maria Thanks. The menu, please. Anne, Tom, what do you like?
Kras? Psri? Meat? Fish?
Anne Mas arsi pol to psri. Al ne akriv. Anne We like fish very much. But its expensive.
Maria Frte mas ma kalamarkia, ma xoritiki salta, Maria Bring us one portion of little squid, one Greek salad and
ke tho pattes tiganits. two portions of chips.
Waiter Ti THa pyte? Waiter What will you drink?
Tom Moo arsi i retsna. ne endksi yi sas? Tom I like retsina. Is it OK for you?
Maria Then moo arsi i retsna. THlo bra. Maria I dont like retsina. I want beer.
Anne Endksi frte mas mis kil retsna, ke tho bres. Anne OK bring us half a kilo of retsina and two beers.

Part 2: Ordering dessert and paying the bill

Maria Ti THlete glik i froto? Maria What do you want sweet or fruit?
Tom Moo arsoon ta glik, al appse THlo froto. Tom I like sweets but tonight I want fruit.
Costas Frte mas ma karpozi ke ma pepni. Costas Bring us one portion of watermelon and one of melon.
Waiter Ne, krie. Waiter Yes, sir.
Anne Ke ton logariasm, parakal. Anne And the bill, please.
Tom Pso ne? Tom How much is it?
Anne Pennda evr. Anne Fifty euros.
Costas Endksi ikosipnde evr kTHe zevgri. Costas OK 25 euros each couple.
TY GREEK CONVERSATION 2007 14/8/07 10:09 am Page 12

12 Conversation 6 13

Part 1: Shopping and money

Maria Ti THlis ap to soopermrket, Anne? Maria What do you want from the supermarket, Anne?
Anne THlo psmi, tir ke domtes. Anne I want bread, cheese and tomatoes.
THlo kti yi to mesimri stin plaz. I want something for midday at the beach.
Maria Eg THlo merik prgmata yi to taksthi mas stin Maria I want some things for our trip to Athens.
Anne Pos ne aft to tir? ne kal? Anne Whats this cheese like? Is it good?
Maria An soo arsi i fta, ne. Maria If you like feta, yes.
Anne Endksi. THlo mis kil ap aft to tir. Anne OK. I want half a kilo of this cheese.
Ekno to psom ne kal? Is that bread good?
Assistant Ne, ne pol frsko. Assistant Yes, its very fresh.
Anne Signmi. Eknes i domtes pos ne? Anne Excuse me. Those tomatoes what are they like?
ne kals? Are they good?
Assistant Ne, kira. ne frskes. Assistant Yes, madam. Theyre fresh.
Anne Endksi. THlo mis kil. Pso ne la maz? Anne OK. I want half a kilo. How much is it all together?
Assistant Thka evr ke sarnda lept. Assistant Ten euros and 40 cents.
Anne Orste ntheka evr. Anne Here you are 11 euros.
Assistant Ta rsta sas, kira eksnda lept. Assistant Your change, madam 60 cents.

Part 2: More shopping

Anne Ti THlis es, Mara? Anne What do you want, Maria?
Maria THlo ner, biskta, ke kti yi to taksthi. Maria I want water, biscuits and something for the trip.
Signmi. Excuse me.
Assistant Ne, kira. Assistant Yes, madam.
Maria Thste moo ena bookli ner, tho pakta biskta, ke Maria Give me a bottle of water, two packets of biscuits and
tris kres kles. three cold colas.
Anne xoome la. THlis na kaf? Anne Weve got everything. Do you want a coffee?
Maria Yiat xi? Maria Why not?
TY GREEK CONVERSATION 2007 14/8/07 10:09 am Page 14

14 Conversation 7 15

Part 1: Shopping for clothes

Tom THlo merik bloozkia, Csta. Tom I want some t-shirts, Costas.
Costas Ti nomero se? Costas What size are you?
Tom Then ksro. me sarnda tho stin Angla. Tom I dont know. Im 42 in England.
Stin Eltha, ti nomero ne to sarnda tho? In Greece, what size is 42?
Costas ne pennda tho. Costas Its 52.
Tom Moo arsi aft to bloozki se ble. Tom I like that t-shirt in blue.
Signmi, xete aft se ble, nomero pennda tho? Excuse me, have you got this t-shirt in blue, size 52?
Assistant xi, krie. To xoome mno se kkino se aft to Assistant No, sir. Weve only got it in red in this size.
Costas To kkino xrma ne kaltero. Costas The red colour is better.
Tom Endksi. To prno. Pso ne? Tom OK. Ill take it. How much is it?
Assistant Thekapnde evr. THlete kti lo, krie? Assistant Fifteen euros. Do you want anything else, sir?
Tom Ne. THlo na zevgri spra papotsia spor. Tom Yes. I want a pair of white trainers.
me nomero oktmisi stin Angla. Im size eight and a half in England.
Assistant Aft to nomero ne sarnda tra stin Eltha. Assistant This is size 43 in Greece.

Part 2: Buying a present

Tom Csta THlo merik thra yi toos floos mas stin Angla. Tom Costas I want some presents for our friends in England.
Costas Yiat then prnis merik CD me elinik moosik? Costas Why dont you take some CDs of Greek music?
Tom Ti soo arsi? Tom What do you like?
Costas Then moo arsi i modrna moosik. Costas I dont like modern music.
Moo arsoon ta elinik tragothia. ne pi ora. I like Greek songs. Theyre nicer.
Tom Endksi. Prno ekno to CD. Tom OK. I take that CD.
TY GREEK CONVERSATION 2007 14/8/07 10:09 am Page 16

16 Conversation 8 17

Part 1: Money matters

Tom Mara borome na alksoome left eth kond? Tom Maria can we change money near here?
Maria I THniki trpeza ne apnanti. xi mixan anlipsis. Maria The national bank is opposite. It has a cash machine.
Anne Endksi. Anne OK.
Maria Borte na prete left me tin krta sas. Maria You can take money (out) with your card.
Tom Al then xoome tin sost kart maz mas. Tom But we havent got the correct card with us.
Clerk Parakal, kira? Clerk Yes, madam?
Anne Bor na alkso thiaksies angliks lres se evr? Anne Can I change 200 English pounds into euros?
Clerk Mlista, kira. ne akrivs triksia evr. Clerk Certainly, madam. Its exactly 300 euros.
Tom Endksi. Bor na pro left me tin pistotik krta moo? Tom OK. Can I take money (out) with my credit card?
Clerk Kanna prvlima, krie. Psa evr THlete? Clerk No problem, sir. How many euros do you want?
Tom Thiaksia evr. Poo vzo to PIN moo? Tom Two hundred euros. Where do I put my PIN?
Clerk Eth, krie. Clerk Here, sir.

Part 2: More money matters

Maria xis arket left, Anne. Maria Youve got enough money, Anne.
Bors na agorsis to thaktilthi poo soo arsi! You can buy the ring that you like.
Anne Akrivs! Ta xrisafik stin Eltha then ne akriv, ke moo Anne Exactly! Jewellery in Greece isnt expensive and I like it very
arsoon pol! Poo ne to magaz? much! Where is the shop?
Maria ne kond. Pme maz? Maria Its near. Shall we go together?
Anne Ne, pme. Anne Yes, lets go.
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18 Conversation 9 19

Part 1: Entertainment
Assistant Kalimra, krie. Ti THlete? Assistant Good morning, sir. What do you want?
Tom Ti ra arxzi to rgo appse? Tom What time does the film start this evening?
Assistant Arxzi stis oktmisi, ke telini stis ntheka pra ttarto. Assistant It starts at 8.30 and finishes at a quarter to eleven.
Anne Pso ne to isitrio? Anne How much is the ticket?
Assistant ne eft evr ke pennda lept. Assistant Its seven euros and 50 cents.
Tom Prpi na klsoume THsis? Tom Do we have to reserve seats?
Assistant xi, krie. Then klnete THsis sto sinem stin Eltha. Assistant No, sir. You dont reserve seats at the cinema in Greece.
Tom Ti ra klnoun ta magazi smera? Tom What time do the shops close today?
Assistant Smera ne tetrti klnoun stis tho kai mis. Assistant Today is Wednesday they close at 2.30.

Part 2: Tickets for the beach

Anne Tho isitria, parakal. Anne Two tickets, please.
Employee Thka evr. Yi mia ombrla ke tho ksaplstres. Employee Ten euros. For one sunshade and two sunbeds.
Anne Ti ra klni i plaz? Anne What time does the beach close?
Employee Angi stis eft to pro, ke klni stis eft to vrthi. Employee It opens at 7 in the morning and closes at 7 in the
Anne Ora borome na mnoome stin plaz li tin mra. Anne Great we can stay at the beach all day.
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20 Conversation 10 21

Part 1: At the chemists

Anne Signmi. THloome kti yia ngavma ilou. Anne Excuse me. We want something for sunburn.
Pharmacist Prpi na vlete aftn tin krma kTHe tho res. Pharmacist You should put on this cream every two hours.
Tom To stomxi moo me poni. Ti prpi na pro? Tom My stomach hurts. What should I take?
Pharmacist Prpi na prete aft to frmako me pol ner. Pharmacist You should take this medicine with lots of water.
Anne Ti xete yia koonopia? Anne What have you got for mosquitoes?
Pharmacist Prpi na vlete aft to sprei. Pharmacist You should put (on) this spray.
Tom Efxarist pol. Pso ne la aft? Tom Thanks very much. How much is all this?
Pharmacist kosi ksi evr. Pharmacist Twenty-six euros.
Anne Orste. I thiakops mas ne pi akrivs kTHe mra! Anne Here you are. Our holidays are more expensive every

Part 2: Going on an excursion

Anne Ti borome na knoome smera? Anne What can we do today?
Then prpi na pme stin plaz. We shouldnt go to the beach.
Hotel clerk Borte na pte ma ekthrom smera. Hotel clerk You can go on an excursion today.
xi poolman poo piyni sto mooso stin pli. Theres a coach that goes to the museum in the town.
Tom Ap poo prpi na proome to poolman? Tom Where should we take the coach from?
Hotel clerk Ap eth se ma ra. Hotel clerk From here, in one hour.
THlete lgo fagit yi tin ekthrom? Do you want some food for the excursion?
Anne Ne, efxarist. Anne Yes, thanks.
Hotel clerk Mlista, kira. Kal taksthi! Hotel clerk Certainly, madam. Good journey!
TY GREEK CONVERSATION 2007 14/8/07 10:09 am Page 22

22 Cultural information On holiday you will find the atmosphere very relaxed. You can eat or
drink whenever you like. Greeks tend not to plan ahead that much,

so are quite spontaneous with their social gatherings and activities.

Greetings and farewells They will stay out late in the evening, but then get up early the next
Yssas is the all-purpose way to say either hello or goodbye in day to start work. Advance booking for restaurants is rare just turn
Greek to a person you dont know or to more than one person. up and wait, or move on if the place is full.
Yssou is the form you use with a friend, relative or child. There are
many forms of greeting in Greek youve met kalimra (good Coffee
morning), kalispra (good evening); theres also kalinxta good
night. You may also hear xrete, literally meaning be happy, for a Greek coffee is famously served in three basic varieties: skto
more formal greeting. (without sugar), mtrio (medium sweet) and glik (sweet). It is
boiled in small copper pots and served in small cups to sip. Watch
out for the coffee grounds that stay in the bottom half of the cup! In
Politeness and directness the summer, most Greeks drink iced coffee in a wide variety of
In Greek, it is not usual always to say please every time you ask for styles. The global coffee culture of latte and espresso is now very
something and to use polite language as we do in English. Could I popular, with familiar branded coffee shops opening up. The
please have a medium coffee would not be normal in Greek just traditional coffee shop (kafenon) is often a male preserve, with
give me a would be fine and is not considered rude. Greeks are (usually) elderly men playing cards and talking politics.
very direct and can be quite physical in their relationships with
people; they tend not to stand in orderly queues, will push and shove Food and drink
a bit on buses and trolley buses, talk loudly in public, get up close to
you and not feel any embarrassment in so doing. They are hospitable Greeks are not big on breakfast, preferring a mid-morning snack, a
and generous to foreigners, especially on the islands and outside the fairly substantial lunch later than usual in the UK, around 2.303.00,
big cities. Having a few words of Greek will open doors and make then snacks and appetizers later in the evening, around 10 pm.
people very welcoming towards you. Tourists may eat and drink at any time, especially in resorts and on
the islands. And, surely, everyone knows Greek mezthes the big
variety of hot and cold snacks that you can eat instead of a main
Daily routines course or share in a group.
Routines used to be based around the hot weather, so it was typical Most tavrnes or restaurants (estiatria) have two kinds of menu
for people to start work very early in the morning and finish by one kind lists ready-cooked food that you can choose and be served
around 2.30, then go home for lunch and a sleep when it was very with immediately. This might be stews or stuffed vegetables, for
hot. They got going again around 7 pm with a coffee and then ate example. The other kind is tis ras in other words, cooked at the
quite late in the evening. Modern city life, however, is more 9 to 5, time. This would be fresh fish, grilled meat etc.
but these cultural habits die hard. Shops and banks close in the
Fresh fish is priced by the kilo and is expensive. It is always best,
afternoons on certain days although most shops stay open all day
and quite usual, to go into the kitchen and inspect the raw fish for
on islands and in holiday resorts. Its a good idea to check with your
size and freshness and ask for your selection to be weighed and
hotel about banking times if you are doing business in town.
priced before it is cooked, otherwise you could get a nasty shock
when the bill arrived!
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24 Smoking Pronunciation 25
Greeks of all ages and both sexes are habitual smokers from quite an Greek is written in a different alphabet from English. In this course,
early age. Hotels and restaurants are supposed to have no-smoking however, we have used the English alphabet to give an approximate
areas but rarely do or rarely police them. Non-smokers, therefore, guide to pronunciation.
have to be quite insistent in hotel breakfast rooms, for example, to
find a no-smoking area. Fortunately, in the six months from May to
October, you can eat outdoors in the open air, so people smoking Stress
near you will be less of a problem. Nevertheless, do not expect All Greek words with more than one syllable have a single stress
smokers to be that sympathetic if you complain or, for that matter, this is marked with an accent. For example, the word for thank you
the hotel or restaurant management. efxarist has the stress on the last syllable.

Public transport and taxis Vowels

Greece has a good system of buses throughout the country, so they Greek vowels are pronounced as follows:
would be first choice over trains, which can be slow and infrequent.
a as in at
Athens has a wonderfully modern, efficient and clean new metro
e as in set
system with built-in archaeological remains. There are also electric
i as in feet
trolley buses and a new tram service from the centre of Athens to the
o as in hot
coast. Tickets for all forms of public transport are very cheap.
oo as in soon
Taxis are cheaper than in other European countries, but have their
own eccentric way of working. Taxi drivers will take more than one
passenger if they are going broadly in the same direction and each Consonants
will pay an individual fare. You have to shout through the front These are pronounced the same as in English, with these differences:
passenger window to say where you are going it takes some th is pronounced as in then e.g. thomtio (room)
practice and a bit of confidence! However, radio taxis are more TH is pronounced as in thin e.g. ATHna (Athens)
plentiful now and you can book them in advance they are more x is pronounced as the ch in (Scottish) loch e.g. efxarist
expensive in that case. (thank you)
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26 Grammar reference Adjectives and nouns 27

In Greek, adjectives have to agree with the nouns they qualify:
Genders: how to say the and a
masculine feminine neuter
the masculine feminine neuter singular o meglos athelfs i megli yinka to meglo krevti
singular plural i megli athelf i megles yinkes ta megla krevtia
subject of the sentence o i to
not subject of the sentence ton tin to
Verb endings
subject of the sentence i i ta to be to have to do can, to
not subject of the sentence toos tis ta be able
eg I me xo kno bor
es you (sing. informal) se xis knis bors
a masculine feminine neuter
afts/aft/aft he/she/it ne xi kni bor
subject of the sentence nas mia na
ems we maste xoome knoome borome
not subject of the sentence nan mia na
ess you (pl. formal) ste xete knete borte

aft/afts/aft they ne xoon knoon boron

My, your, their etc.
Saying you in Greek
my moo As in many other European languages, there is a formal/polite and a
your (sing.) soo familiar form of the word for you in Greek.
his too When talking to an adult you dont know or someone in authority
etc., use the plural form ess, plus the appropriate form of the verb
her tis
see table. When talking or referring to more than one adult, this is
its too also used as the plural form.
our mas When talking to a friend, relative or child, use the familiar form es
your (pl.) sas and the appropriate form of the verb. For more than one friend,
relative or child, use the formal, plural form.
their toos
Take your cue from Greeks you meet and use what they use when
they are talking to you. Young people of the same age are likely to
use the familiar form, even if they dont know each other. Older
adults may be more formal.
TY GREEK CONVERSATION 2007 14/8/07 10:09 am Page 28

28 Listening skills: survival phrases GreekEnglish glossary 29

can we ? borome na ? Numbers in bold indicate the conversation in which the word first
can we change money? borome na alksoome left? appears.

do you speak English? milte anglik? afts, aft 3 he, she es, ess 1 you
afts, aft, aft 4 this eth 1 here
excuse me/sorry signmi
agorzo 8 I buy evr (neut.) 3 euro, euros
help! voTHia akrivs 8 exactly xo 2 I have
akrivs, -, - 5 expensive
how long? psi ra al 2 but fagit (neut.) 10 food
how much is it/are they? pso ne? alkso 8 I change farmako (neut.) 10 chemists
Angla (fem.) 1 England frmako (neut.) 10 medicine
I dont know then ksro angi 9 it opens frte mas 5 bring us
I dont speak Greek (well) then milo elinik (kal) ap 1 from fvgo 4 I leave
appse 5 tonight, this evening flos (masc.), fli (fem.), fli (pl.) 7
I dont understand then katalavno ariTHms/ariTHm 4 number friend, friends
it doesnt matter then pirzi arket 8 enough frskos, -i, -o 6 fresh
arxzi 9 it starts
more slowly pi sig spro 7 white glik, glik 5 sweet, sweets
no, thank you xi, efxarist athelfs, athelf (masc.) 2 brother gons (masc. pl.) 2 parents
vrio 3 tomorrow
OK endksi 2 or
where are the toilets? poo ne i tooaltes? bra, bres (fem.) 5 beer, beers ikoynia (fem.) 2 family
biskto, biskta 6 biscuit, biscuits maste 1 we are
where is ? poo ne ? ble 7 blue me 1 am
where is the hotel? poo ne to ksenothoxo ? bloozki, bloozkia (neut.) 7 t-shirt, ne 1 is, are
t-shirts isitrio, isitria (neut.) 9 ticket, tickets
yes, please ne, parakal bookli, booklia (neut.) 6 bottle,
bottles kafs/kaf, kafthes (masc.) 3
bor 8 I can coffee, coffees
kal 2 well, fine
domta, domtes 6 tomato, kaltero 7 better
tomatoes kals, -, - 5 good
karpozi 5 watermelon
eg 1 I krta (fem.) 8 card
ek 3 there katlogos/katlago (masc.) 5 menu
eknos, -i, -o 4 that kTHe 4 each, every
ekthrom (neut.) 10 excursion kti 6 something
Eltha (fem.) 7 Greece kti lo 7 something else
elinik moosik (fem.) 7 Greek music ke 1 and
eliniks, -, - 3 Greek kndro (neut.) 2 centre
ngavma ilou (neut.) 10 sunburn kil (neut.) 5 kilo
rgo (neut.) 9 film (cinema) kira (fem.) 1 Mrs
TY GREEK CONVERSATION 2007 14/8/07 10:09 am Page 30

krios/krie (masc.) 1 Mr mno 7 only sktos, -i, -o 3 plain, without sugar vzo 8 I put
30 klno 9 I close, I reserve mnos, -i, -o 2 alone sosts, -, - 8 correct vrthi (neut.) 9 evening 31
kkino 7 red moo 2 my spti (neut.) 2 house, home
kla, kles (fem.) 6 cola, colas mooso (neut.) 10 museum sprei (neut.) 10 spray xrisafik (neut. pl.) 8 jewellery
kond 2 near stsi (fem.) 4 bus stop xrma 7 colour
koonopi, koonoopia (neut.) 10 ne 1 yes stomxi (neut.) 10 stomach
mosquito, mosquitoes nomero (neut.) 7 size (clothes) sxolo (neut.) 2 school yemtos, -i, -o 3 full
kri, kres (fem.) 2 daughter, yi 3 for
daughters li, les, la 6 all taksthi (neut.) 6 trip, journey yiat 6 why
krma (fem.) 10 cream ombrla (fem.) 9 sunshade, umbrella telini 9 it finishes yiatrs (masc.) 1 doctor
krevti, krevtia (neut.) 3 bed, beds noma, onmata (neut.) 3 name, thaktilthi (neut.) 8 ring (jewellery) yis/yi (masc.) 2 son
kros, kra, kro 6 cold names THlo 3 I want
ksaplstra, ksaplstres (fem.) 9 ra, res (fem.) 5 hour, hours then 1 not zevgri (neut.) 5 couple, pair
sunbed ora 9 great! THsi, THsis (fem.) 9 seat, seats
ksenothoxo (neut.) 3 hotel oros, -a, -o 7 nice thiakops (fem. pl.) 1 holidays
xi 1 no thomtio (neut.) 3 room
left (neut. pl.) 8 money thro, thra (neut.) 7 present,
leoforo (neut.) 4 bus pakto, pakta (neut.) 6 packet presents
lept, lept (neut.) 6 cent, cents; papotsia spor (neut. pl.) 7 trainers thste moo 6 give me
minute, minutes patra (masc.) 2 father tim (fem.) 9 price
lgo, lga 5 a little, some pepni 5 melon tragothi, tragothia (neut.) 7 song,
lra, lres (fem.) 8 pound, pounds prno 7 I take songs
(sterling) peth, pethi (neut.) 2 child, children trpeza (fem.) 8 bank (money)
logariasms/logariasm (masc.) 5 pi 7 more trapzi (neut.) 5 table
bill pistotik krta (fem.) 8 credit card
piyno 4 I go
magaz, magazi (neut.) 8 shop, plaz (fem.) 1 beach
shops pol 2 very
mas 2 our pli (fem.) 10 town, city
maz 8 with poni 10 it hurts
me 3 with poo 2 where
meglos, -i, -o 3 large poolman (neut.) 10 coach
mno 2 I live/stay prgma, prgmata (neut.) 6 thing,
mra, mres (fem.) 3 day, days things
merik, -s, - 6 some, several prpi na 9 should, must, have to
mesimri (fem.) 6 noon, early pro (neut.) 9 morning
afternoon proin (neut.) 3 breakfast
mtrios, -i, -o 3 medium (sweet)
mtro, mtra (neut.) 4 metre, metres rsta (neut. pl.) 6 change (money)
mis, mis 4 half retsna (fem.) 5 retsina
mis kil 5 half a kilo
mitra (fem.) 2 mother sas 2 your
mixan anlipsis (fem.) 8 cash se 1 in, to
machine/ATM smera 3 today
mixaniks (masc.) 1 engineer sinem (neut.) 4 cinema
TY GREEK CONVERSATION 2007 14/8/07 10:09 am Page 32

32 EnglishGreek glossary (I) go piyno

good kals, -, -
Mrs kira
museum mooso 33
great! ora must prpi na
[NB: Verbs are given in the I form.] cinema sinem
Greece Eltha my moo
(I) close klno
Greek eliniks, -, -
all li, les, la coach polman
Greek music elinik moosik name, names noma, onmata
alone mnos, -i, -o coffee kafs/kaf
near kond
(I) am (eg) me coffees kafthes
half mis, mis nice oros, -a, -o
and ke cola kla
(I) have xo no xi
(they) are (aft) ne cold kros, kra, kro
he afts noon (early afternoon) mesimri
(we) are (ems) maste colour xrma
here eth not then
(you) are (es) se, (ess) ste correct sosts, -, -
holidays thiakops number ariTHms
at se couple zevgri
hotel ksenothoxo
at the sto, stin cream krma
hour, hours ra, res only mno
at (of time) stis credit card pistotik krta
house, home spti (I) open ango
at 5 oclock stis pnde
(it) hurts poni or
daughter, daughters kri, kres
our mas
bank (money) trpeza day, days mra, mres
I eg
bath bnio doctor yiatrs
in se packet pakto
beach plaz
is ne parents gons
bed, beds krevti, krevtia each, every kTHe
he is afts ne plain (without sugar) sktos, -i, -o
beer bra engineer mixaniks
she is aft ne pound, pounds (sterling) lra, lres
better kaltero England Angla
it aft present, presents thro, thra
bill logariasms enough arket
price tim
biscuit, biscuits biskto, biskta euro, euros evr
jewellery xrisafik (I) put vzo
blue ble evening vrthi
bottle bookli exactly akrivs
kilo kil red kkino
breakfast proin excursion ekthrom
(I) reserve klno
(I) bring frno expensive akrivs, -, -
large meglos, -i, -o retsina retsna
bring us frte mas
(I) leave fvgo ring (finger) thaktilthi
brother athelfs family ikoynia
(a) little lgo room thomtio
bus leoforo father patras
(I) live/stay mno
bus stop stsi film (cinema) rgo
school sxolo
but al fine kal
medicine frmako seat, seats THsi, THsis
(I) buy agorzo (it) finishes telini
medium (sweet) mtrios, -i, -o she aft
food fagit
melon pepni shop, shops magaz, magazi
(I) can bor na for yi
menu katlogos size (clothes) nomero
card krta fresh frskos, -i, -o
metre, metres mtro, mtra some lga
cash machine/ATM mixan anlipsis friend flos (masc.), fli (fem.)
minute, minutes lept, lept some, several merik, -s, -
cent, cents lept, lept friends fli
money left something kti
centre kndro from ap
more pi something else kti lo
(I) change alkso full yemtos, -i, -o
morning pro son yis
change (money) rsta
mosquito koonopi song, songs tragothi, tragothia
chemists farmako (I) give dno
mother mitra spray sprei
child, children peth, pethi give me thste moo
Mr krios/krie (I) start arxzo
TY GREEK CONVERSATION 2007 14/8/07 10:09 am Page 34

stomach stomxi very pol

34 sunbed ksaplstra Days of the week Greetings and 35
sunburn ngavma ilou (I) want THlo Monday theftra other phrases
sunshade, umbrella ombrla watermelon karpozi Tuesday trti
all together la maz
sweet, sweets glik, glik well kal Wednesday tetrti
cheers, to your health stin iyi sas
where poo Thursday pmpti
good evening kalispra
table trapzi white spro Friday paraskev
good morning kalimra
(I) take prno why yiat Saturday svato
good night kalinxta
that eknos, -i, -o with maz, me Sunday kiriak
hello/goodbye yssas
there ek
here you are orste
they aft yes ne
how are you? ti knete?
thing, things prgma, prgmata you es, ess
how do you do? xro pol
this afts, aft, aft your sas Numbers lets go pme
ticket isitrio
0 mithn (I) like moo arsi/arsoon
to se
1 nas, ma, na (we) like mas arsi/arsoon
today smera
2 tho my name is me lne , to onom
tomato, tomatoes domta, domtes
3 tra, tris moo ne
tomorrow vrio
4 tssera, tsseris no problem kanna prvlima
tonight, this evening appse
5 pnde OK, all right endksi
town, city pli
6 ksi please, dont mention it, youre
trainers papotsia spor
7 eft welcome parakal
trip taksthi
8 okt thank you (very much) efxarist (pol)
t-shirt bloozki
9 ena whats it like? pos ne?
10 thka whats your name? pos sas lne?
11 ntheka
12 ththeka
13 thekatra
14 thekatssera
15 thekapnde
16 thka ksi
17 thka eft
18 thka okt
19 thka ena
20 kosi
25 kosi pnde
30 trinda
40 sarnda
50 pennda
60 eksnda
70 evthomnda
80 ogthnda
90 enennda
100 ekat
200 thiaksia
TY GREEK CONVERSATION 2007 14/8/07 10:09 am Page 36

36 Food and drink Directions

teach yourself: the range

beer, beers bra, bres after met ap
biscuit(s) biskto, biskta before prin
bread psom left arister
cheese tir next to thpla se
chips pattes tiganits opposite apnanti ap
feta cheese
kafs, kaf
tir fta
straight on
efTHa teach
Greek salad
little squid
xoritiki salta
Telling the time yourself
meat kras at (5) oclock stis [pnde]
melon pepni half past (5) [pnde] ke mis From Advanced Sudoku to Zulu, youll find everything you need in the
octopus xtapthi quarter past (5) [pnde] ke ttarto teach yourself range, in books, on CD and on DVD.
sweet, sweets glik, glik quarter to (5) [pnde] pra
Visit for more details.
tea tsi ttarto
tomato(es) domta, domtes what time? ti ra?
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teach yourself: the range

teach yourself: the range

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teach yourself: the range

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