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Nacho Average Philanthropy Night

By: Rachel Carpenter

COLLEGE PARK, MD.- In 1937 the first sorority house was built on campus
for the chapter Kappa Kappa Gamma, but unfortunately in 1993 their charter
was revoked causing all the women to move out of the house. Only a few
months later, the sorority Kappa Alpha Theta moved into the house making it
their own.

Kappa Alpha Theta, typically referred to as Theta, is known for their

philanthropy CASA, Court Appointed Special Advocates. CASA is an
organization that is known for transforming lives; providing abused or
neglected children in the United States with a permanent, safe home with
opportunities to thrive.

There are more than 200 Kappa Alpha Theta chapters around the Unites
States all striving to achieve the same goal of funding their local CASA
organization. For years Gamma Mu, which is the University of Marylands
chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta, has created a night called Nacho Average
Philanthropy Night, in efforts to raise money for CASA.

This night occurs in the chapter house once a year, typically around October.
In months of preparation, Nicola Sharkey the philanthropy director, braces
herself for the hundreds of people about to storm through her event.
October is my favorite month: the leaves change colors, the weather
becomes colder and it is time to support CASA! says Sharkey in an excited
tone of voice. Even though this event causes a ton of stress, I truly love
doing it and raising money for our philanthropy. Its inspiring being able to
help those in need.
The night is always successful because the chapter starts promoting the
night early in the month. Along with this, the chapter President sends emails
to prior alumnae and legacies in hopes that they show up and support the

The event attracts the entire Greek community and others with its promise of
unlimited nachos, tacos and queso for a $5. The event also has raffles,
music, games, photo booths, costumes and house tours.

Since I am not a member of Theta I dont always have the chance to go

inside of their chapter house. But Nacho Average Philanthropy Night allows
me to explore and see a different side of the chapter, which is extremely fun
and interesting. I love it. says Izabelle Greer, a member of Alpha Xi Delta.

Guests have the opportunity to get a full tour from the housing director, Lena
Crain. Crain has lived in the house for nearly five years signifying that she
knows more about the house than any other member in Theta. Previous
alumnae love coming to explore the house they once lived in, sharing stories
and memories always brings smiles to all the guests faces.

Its great seeing excitement come from past alum, it makes you realize how
lucky we are to be a part of a great organization who is supporting such an
amazing cause and supporting those in need says Chase Logan a member
of Theta.

This past year the event hosted a record breaking number of guests while
also raising a record breaking amount of money of $3,900, making the
chapter incredibly proud to be able to donate to CASA. Events like Nacho
Average Philanthropy Night bring people together because they know that
every donation that they give is helping abused and neglected children and
giving them the opportunity to strive and it all occurs at the Kappa Alpha
Theta house at the University of Maryland.