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Man = Alexis Woman = lina Waiter = benjamin

Woman: Excuse me gentleman, Could you help me please?

Man: Yes, sure. What must I do?

Woman: May you tell me where is the new library?

Man: Of course. You have turn right in the next street, so you will see it. I would
like to take you there, Can I?

Woman: Yes, you can. Thank you very much.

Man: You're welcome. Then we might go for a meal if you want.

Woman: yes, i want

WAITER - May I take your order?

Man - Yes. I'd like the chicken and a side order of corn.

WAITER - And what would you like to drink?

Man - I'd like a cup of coffee, please.

WAITER - And what would you like to order?

Woman: I'll take the spaghetti and a salad.

WAITER - What would you like to drink?

Woman - Just water, please.

(after the meal)

WAITER - Would you like something for dessert?

Man - Yes, I'll have the cake, please. (to woman)Would you like something?

Woman - No thanks. I'm full.

(after dessert)

Man - Could we have the check, please?

WAITER - Yes, here it is.

Man - Hmmm. $23.55. Here you are.

WAITER - Thank you. Come again.

Man and woman - Thank you. Goodbye.