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On-Campus Interview Questions

Asked by Questions
1. What facilities/funding/software would you need to carry out your research?
2. Tell us about your plans for research and publication.
3. How do you motivate students? Can you give an example of a problem you have
encountered in teaching, and what you did to address it?
4. What do you think are the most prevalent challenges in teaching graduate online
5. What would be an unpleasant and/or uncomfortable situation for you at work?
6. How do you feel about responsibilities of service, mentoring, and advising in the
7. We have a large teaching load here- 3 to 4 classes a term. How would you manage
this and still stay productive in research and writing? What types of support do
expect from the department and college?
8. In terms of collaboration with faculty, what are your strengths and weaknesses?
9. How would students describe your teaching and evaluation styles?
10. What would you consider your biggest research strength? How would you involve
graduate/undergraduate students in your research?
11. What classes would you feel comfortable teaching in our program? Or is there a
particular course you are interested in developing?
12. Do you have any questions for us?

School of Education
University of Louisiana at Monroe
700 University Avenue, Monroe, LA 71209

Campus Visit Program

Dr. Elena Aydarova, Arizona State University
Sunday, February 12

Arrive Monroe (AA 2826) at 5:35 pm

(Dr. Bista will provide transportation)

Dinner with committee members at 6:30 pm

(Dr. Vaux will provide transportation)

Monday, February 13

8:00: Breakfast with Dr. Vaux

9:00 Dr. Leonard Clark, Director, School of Education (Walker 2-37)

9:30 Dr. Eric Pani, VP Academic Affairs (LIB 640)

10:45 Research Presentation (Walker 2-91)

11:15 Q&As with Graduate Students (Walker 2-91)

11: 30 Committee Interview (Walker 2-91)

Lunch with search committee

1:00 Dr. Dorothy Schween, Associate Dean, Assessment and Accreditation (Walker 1-64)
1:30 Dr. Sandi Lemoine, Dean, College of Arts, Education, and Sciences (Walker 1-45)
2:15 Dr. Sushma Krishnamurthy, Director, Graduate School (Sandel 246)
3:30 Campus Visit & Realtor Tour
4:45 Dinner with program faculty
6:00 Departure from Monroe (AA 2853)
(Dr. Bista will provide transportation)
Faculty Candidate Assessment Form
Faculty, Student & Staff Feedback

This assessment form is intended as a tool to assist staff with feedback to the Search Committee. It provides an
organized method of reviewing and rating the candidates.

Please indicate:
I am staff I am faculty
I am student
I am guest/visitor

Candidates Name: __________________________

Please indicate in which of the following activities you participated (check all that
Reviewed candidates CV
Met with candidate
Attended lunch or dinner with candidate
Attended candidates presentation
Other (please explain):

Please comment on the candidates knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience as related
to the qualifications outlined in the Position Vacancy Announcement (see the reverse side
for Job Description):

Please comment on the candidates potential success in scholarship and research


Please comment on the candidates effectiveness as a communicator as reflected in the

interview process:

Please rate the candidate on each of the following:

Excellent Good Fair Poor Unable to

Potential for or evidence of being successful in
performing the duties of the position
Potential for or evidence of being able to achieve
Potential for or evidence of research productivity
& scholarly impact
Potential for or evidence of collaboration with
colleagues both within the libraries and nationally
Ability to make positive contribution to
departments priorities & strategic goals
Potential or demonstrated ability to be a
productive university community member
Potential or demonstrated ability to supervise staff
& students (if relevant)
Based on your involvement in the above activities, do you believe this candidate is
acceptable for the position? ___ Yes ___ No
Other comments?