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Alleged Crash - According To
American 77 (Pentagon)
American 11 (North
Tower) 04/28/09 ( - Recently it has been
brought to our attention that Air Traffic Control (ATC)
United 175 (South Tower) transcripts reveal United 93 as being airborne after it's
United 93 (Shanksville, alleged crash. Similar scenarios have been offered with
PA) regard to American 77 and American 11 showing an aircraft
target continuing past its alleged crash point in the case of
American 11, or past the turn-around point in the case of
Credentials and American 77. However, both these issues can be easily
Experience explained by "Coast Mode" radar tracking. This is not the
List of Members case with United 93.

Latest News/Articles Radar Coast Mode activates when a transponder is
WTC related
inoperative (or turned off) and primary radar tracking is lost,
which enables ATC to have some sort of reference of the
flight after losing radar coverage of the physical aircraft.
When an aircraft target enters "Coast Mode", ATC is alerted
in the form of a blue tag on the target as well as the tag
letters switching to CST. ATC will readily recognize when an
aircraft enters "Coast Mode".

According to National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)
Flight Path Study, United 93 allegedly impacted the ground
at 10:03am, September 11, 2001. The following transcript
excerpts are provided by the Federal Aviation
Administration. It is a conversation between Air Traffic
Control System Command Center - East, Management
Officers (ntmo-e) and other various facilities. The
conversation is as follows in real time:

(relevant portions have been placed in bold)

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1405 (10:05 a.m.)

ntmo-e: ok united ninety three we're now
receiving a transponder on and he is at
eighty two hundred feet

doug: now transponder and he's eighty

ntmo-e: southeastbound still

doug: eighty two hundred feet and now
getting a transponder on him

ntmo-e: correct

doug: ok buddy


ntmo-e: ok we've lost radar contact with
united ninety three
doug: all right


ntmo-e: sixteen south of Johnstown where
they lost united ninety three and it was
heading turning one four zero heading

doug: which will put him to what do you think

ntmo-e: uh I guess that put him down coming
right just west of Dulles

doug: ok

ntmo-e: if he stays on that heading of course

doug: how we doing John with getting stuff on
the ground

ntmo-e: uh we're they 're not they 're still
going to their original destinations if you look
at TSD you'll see that the eastern part of the
unites states is thinning out

doug: ok

ntmo-e: uh you know airports like dulles uh
new york there we have no aircraft going into

doug: ok


ntmo-e: ok uh there is now on the on united

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ninety three

doug: yes

ntmo-e: there is now a report of black smoke
in the last position I gave you fifteen miles of

doug: from the airplane or from the ground

ntmo-e: uh they're speculating it's from the

doug: ok bud

ntmo-e: uh who hit the ground that's what
they're speculation it's speculation only

doug: ok


doug: hey john

ntmo-e: yes

doug: do we have anything on delta nineteen
eighty nine is she still heading to cleveland?

ntmo-e: delta nineteen eighty nine was
returning to Cleveland and they were no longer
treating it like a hijacked aircraft

doug: ok

ntmo-e: I don't know if he's landed ok; the
last position of united I'm going to give
some coordinates united ninety three

doug: yes

ntmo-e: three nine five one north zero
seven eight four six west

doug: zero seven eight four six

ntmo-e: west

doug: west

doug: all right

ntmo-e: you got the thirty nine fifty one north

doug: ya thirty nine fifty one north zero
seven eighty four six west

ntmo-e: that's the last known position of
united ninety three

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Full Transcript Here

United 93 transponder is recognized by Air Traffic Control as
airborne after alleged impact time. Some have made the
excuse this is due to Coast Mode tracking. ATC did not
recognize any signs of CST (Coast Mode). Further
confirmation that this was not any type of "Coast Mode" is
that ATC also recognized United 93 reporting an altitude.
The only way ATC could observe a reported altitude is if
United 93 were squawking Mode C on the transponder, which
means altitude reporting capability. Further confirmation
comes in the form of latitude and longitude positions
reported by ATC. N39 51 - W78 46 were reported as the last
known radar position of United 93. It is unclear if the
position is reported as Degrees, Minutes or Decimal,
however, standard aviation terminology is in Degrees,
Minutes. With that said, both positions are well past the
alleged United 93 Crash site.

(click image to enlarge)

It is impossible for ATC to have observed United 93
transponder and altitude after the reported impact time and
southeast of the crash site, if United 93 did in fact crash in
Shanksville as the 9/11 Commission would have you believe.

Pilots For 9/11 Truth is an organization of aviation
professionals from around the globe. The organization has
analyzed Flight Data provided by the National
Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). The data does not
support observed events. See Pandora's Black Box - Chapter
Three - Flight Of United 93 for full in depth analysis of
United 93 Flight Data Recorder (Black Box) data provided by
the National Transportation Safety Board. The NTSB/FBI
refuse to comment. Pilots For 9/11 Truth Core member list
continues to grow. for full member list.

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