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From 911 Encyclopedia:

For bizarre reasons, all 19 hijackers still had been on a watchlist of October 2001 The list was
originally located at Original: 11 October 01 Mirror:

Examples: 19 AlHazmi Nawaf 19 AlHazmi Nawaf M S 19 AlHazmi Nawaf M 19 AlHazmi Nawaf 20

AlHazmi Salem 401 AlHazmi Bandar A Not only them: The Alomaris, the AlGhamdis,
Atta,Mohammad (!!),

EVERYONE OF THE 19 HIJACKERS, was listed there. Info:

"...The NIPC wishes to advise recipients that the FBI is seeking the following individuals who may
have information related to the ongoing investigation of the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks
against the World Trade Center and Pentagon complex..."

Every suspect was listed with a so called SID-number:

Atta, Mohamad (55), AlHazmi, Nawaf (19), Moqed Majed (90?), AlDin, Khayr (2), Aledreesi, Ali M
(395?) Abu Zubaydah was already on that list as No. 275, Binalshib, Ramzi (187), Mousaqui,
Zacarias shared with Moussaoui, Zacarias No. 93

It's getting more bizarre:

Abdullah Al Mujahir aka Jose Padilla seems to have been there in a different spelling as well :
Abdulqadir Mujahid (No.87), but this is a speculation of myself.
This list was linked from the Virginia Rural Water Association.

*Thx to Jesuschrist,, who found more infos on the VRWA.

The VRWA is the Virginia Rurual Water Association.
It reproduced an FBI watchlist, distributed by NIPC, of "individuals who may have information
related to the ongoing investigation of the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks against the World
Trade Center and Pentagon complex" can be seen at
The list was sent to water authorities, warning them to guard against employees or visitors with
these names as possible threats to the water supply. The same list is presented in a different and
more detailed format on the New Jersey water authority's site, where however it lacks the "SID
numbers" specified for each individual of interest in the VRWA version:

The list of 345 potential suspects includes ALL of the 9/11 hijacker names in many different
spellings and variations. This implies that as of Oct. 11, 2001, the FBI had no clue about whether
the identities used in the 9/11 operation were the actual men on the planes (or if there even *were*
such men on the planes, of course).
Not quite an admission of total ignorance, this can be chalked up to "thoroughness" since the
whole issue of identities is vague. After all, the Pentagon did admit that men with the same names
as the hijackers were trained at U.S. bases (saying these were no doubt different men, ahem,
move along and don't ask questions).

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The watchlist was issued by NIPC, the "National Infrastructure Protection Center," possibly the
leading warning-and-threat disseminator of the last year. Check out their website for a whole
wealth of advisories to infrastructure authorities, especially with regard to software and e-threats:

"At any rate, I am satisfied that this list is not a hoax. As of Oct. 11, the FBI was seeking a man
named Mohamad Atta, Mohamed G. Atta, Atta,Mohammad or M. Attar in connection with the 9/11

In addition to the 19 alleged 9/11 hijackers, each in several variations, the list also includes the
men on the FBI's Top 22 Most Wanted Terrorists (including Ramzi Binalshibh), and a number of
names that do not sound like Arabs (Juan Poncho Bennett, Mel Burks)."
After this list circulated in October/November 2002 on some 911-investigative websites, the FBI
released this statement: FBI loses control over "watch list" - private sector obtains list" Good to see
the FBI performing its functions so well
U.S. watch list has 'taken on life of its own, FBI says Versions of watch list distributed to private
sector From Kelli Arena CNN Wednesday, November 20, 2002 Posted: 1:00 AM EST (0600 GMT)

-"FBI officials said Tuesday they have "lost control" of an agency-created watch list of people
wanted for questioning following the September 11 terrorist attacks. Additionally, agency officials
acknowledged that the list, which has gone through several manifestations, has "taken on a life of
its own." and has shown up on several Web sites and contains names of people who have been
cleared of any possible connection to last year's attacks. The FBI said the list was not a list of
suspects, but people who agents wanted to talk to."

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