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Proposal on: Injury Occurrence and Athletes rehabilitations

Principal Investigator: Abdi Hassan- North Dakota State University- Fargo, ND


Participating in sports can be a fun activity to do, but have you ever thought of the consequences

related to that? Sports related injuries can happen at any given moment in an athlete's lifetime.

But when an athlete gets injured, h/She will have to sit down from playing sports in partial or at

all. In this study proposal, I am interested in knowing what goes in the minds of athletes when

they are told to sit down to recover.


We all had played sports when we were young and had the time to play it, but all the injuries that

we have acquired playing games are not gone. Even though we might not feel the pain now, there

will be a time when all the injuries of today will become the reasons why we cannot walk

tomorrow. To those of us that are athletes, when we get injured from sports related accidents we

might get kicked out of the league to recover. This might create emotional effects in our hearts,

and we will underestimate the pain that is caused by our injuries. In this study, the research that I

would like to focus is how is mobility effects in at recovery mode, athletes may experience

psychological and physical impairments that can impact the probability that they might even

return to that particular sport.

Athletes after injuries, the second research question that this study will focus are how athletes

face the emotional consequences over an extended period. In the meantime, what is already

known by the general public is that sports-related injuries do happen because of an overuse of the

muscles for a long time or using and improper techniques during exercise times before.

According to a study done by Sheinbein (2016). On the Psychological Effect of Injury on the

Athlete says "That Within the United States, there are about an estimated of 7 million sports and
Proposal on: Injury Occurrence and Athletes rehabilitations

Principal Investigator: Abdi Hassan- North Dakota State University- Fargo, ND

recreational injuries per years, and this does not include sports injuries that might go unreported,

such as concussions and strains". In comparison between athletes, I hypothesize that collegiate

football players will be more than likely injured in sports. The athletes will not report that they

got injured because they think that it will jeopardize their NFL career.


To conduct this study in an efficient and less time-consuming way, I will interview the student

from North Dakota state university. This interview will be voluntarily for students to participate

and it will take place at the most populated places at the school such as The memorial union, the

Library and the wellness center.

Questions that will be asked will range from, do you participate any sports actively? Have you

ever injured yourself in sports related activity? If answered yes, how long did it take you recover

from that particular injury? After interviewing enough candidates, I will then tally the total

response and average them into male and female, and from there I will find out who copes with

injuries more easily between the sexes.

Regarding ethical limitation, all responses will be kept confidential. Students will not be video

recorded at the time of the interview, so there is no need to worry about whether their privacy

will be violated. Although I will have a couple of my friends to assist me with recording the data

and I will be asking the questions. In return, I propose this research since it does not require a lot

of money to do it and I hope to expand this research to a higher level of experts.

Proposal on: Injury Occurrence and Athletes rehabilitations

Principal Investigator: Abdi Hassan- North Dakota State University- Fargo, ND

start Date End Date Activity

28-Feb 28-Feb 1st draft of Proposal Due

7-Mar 7-Mar Final draft of Proposal Due

20-Mar 23-Mar Interviews

24-Mar 25-Mar Analyze data

28-Mar 28-Mar Progress Reports Due

13-Apr 13-Apr 1st draft of Research Report Due

20-Apr 20-Apr Final Draft of Research Report Due

2-May 9-May Research Presentations

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Proposal on: Injury Occurrence and Athletes rehabilitations

Principal Investigator: Abdi Hassan- North Dakota State University- Fargo, ND

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