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Mission Statement

Sales Representatives
James Burns
Phone: 661-331-1696
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Quentin Coleman
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John Till
California, Nevada
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David Faassen
Idaho, Washington
Phone: 425-558-0112
Fax: 425-885-2889
Our mission is to be known as the premium grower
who has vast variety, exemplary customer service and
commitment to each customers success and does so
with a team oriented staff driven by their desire to
serve, create, promote and operate in a manner that is
in accord with Gods will and values.
Long Term Relationship
Fiscal Responsibility
Barry Freeman
New Jersey
Phone: 215-588-1669
Fax: 215-493-7426
Michael Burns
Idaho, Montana, Oklahoma, Wyoming,
Western Canada
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General Information..........................................................................
Tree Key...........................................................................................
Japanese Maples...............................................................................
Flowering, Shade, Topiary and Shrubs.............................................
Deciduous Fruit Trees......................................................................
TabIe f Conlenls
To order, or for inquiries
Ihone: (5O3) 658-5181
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Web Sile:
MaiI: I ox 645
Gresham, R 97O3O
Visilors WeIcome
IIease caII for an appoinlmenl.
ur ofhce hours are 8:OO 4:3O Mondav Iridav
Setting the Standard for Customer Success
Here at Leo Gentry Nursery we work hard every day to help bring you
success by growing the highest quality trees in Oregon.
Here are some of the things that we are doing to make this happen.
-Growing on 300 acres on premium Willamette Valley soils
-Harvest over 450,000 trees per year
-Sell over 160 varieties and forms of bare root trees
-Cold storage capability of 115,000 cubic feet to hold trees dormant for late ship orders
-Summer Pruning This pruning provides our customers with a tree that is more heavily
branched and ready for potting up or lining out in the eld. This will greatly reduce the amount
of pruning and in many cases will completely eliminate the need for our customers to prune prior
to planting.
-Drip Irrigation We have seen a dramatic improvement in the quality of trees grown with drip
irrigation. The trees have more brous root systems and by incorporating fertilizer in with the
irrigation on a slower release system we have seen a more consistent product that is larger and
-Advanced growing techniques to create superior root systems for all trees including Oak, Locust
and Sugar Maples.
-Sawdust Storage- We store our entire bare root crop in our 4 acre sawdust yard which allows us
to take advantage of Oregons abundant winter rain and maintain good air circulation for the root
-Grow Straights and stakes To ensure a nice straight trunk from the ground up all our trees are
staked with a Grow Straight and a metal stake. Throughout the growing season our crews will
handle each tree up to as many as 15 times to tape the tree to these stakes creating a nice
straight trunk.
-New varieties and unique forms- We are always looking for new varieties and unique forms to
offer to you.
GeneraI Information
Note: Prices in this catalog are net prices, and are intended
for the Wholesale Trade Only. Prices are stated in U.S. funds,
F.O.B. Canby, Oregon, and cancel all previous price offerings.
A minimum order of $2000 is required.
Discounts are awarded on those invoices paid within terms
and are valid on catalog priced material only. New customers
are entitled to the discount that corresponds with the dollar
amount of their frst order. The chart below shows the discount
percentage associated with annual purchases. Container,
BB and Bareroot orders wiII aII appIy towards your totaI
discount percentage.
DoIIar Amount Discount
Previous Years
Purchase Percentage
Our terms of sale are cash to customers we have not yet
established a relationship. Terms for customers with established
credit are net 30 days. All past due accounts will be charged
1.5 % per month on the unpaid balance. We will consider
new accounts with established companies only after a written
request that provides suffcient credit information upon which
the determination of credit worthiness can be made. A credit
application blank may be found in the appendix. Inter-bank
transfers can be arranged for those customers wishing to do
so. Simply instruct your bank to wire funds to: WEST COAST
BANK ABA Routing # 123200088 Gresham Branch: 473 NW
Burnside, Gresham, Oregon 97030 Credit to the account of:
Leo Gentry Wholesale Nursery, Inc. Contact Leo Gentry Nursery
for Account Number *In addition to Inter-bank transfers, we are
now accepting Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.
Every item in the catalog lists a hardiness rating expressed as
the minimum temperature (F) that the plant can reasonably
well be expected to endure based on the USDA Cold Hardiness
Rating. We choose to use the minimum temperatures from the
USDA Zone rating, rather that the zone number itself on the
assumption that more people are familiar with the minimum
temperatures in their location than are familiar with the ZONE
Numbers. The USDA average annual minimum temperatures
for each Zone are included below for reference.
-50 to -40 F
-40 to -30 F
-30 to -20 F
-20 to -10 F
-10 to 0 F
0 to10 F
10 to 20 F
20 to 30 F
Patent fees are in addition to the catalog prices listed herein.
All patented plant material is clearly indicated in the catalog
and a list of patent fees is tabulated in the Appendix.
We will acknowledge receipt of your order within 10 business
days. Orders submitted by July 15th will be confrmed by
August 1st. Orders placed after August 1st will be confrmed
from remaining product available. All orders will be confrmed
once the credit has been established or full payment has been
made for the amount of the order.
All cancellations must be submitted in writing by November 1.
Cancellations after November 1 are subject to a thirty percent
(30%) restocking charge.
Our goal is to have high quality plants at your place of business
in the best condition possible. This process begins with
propagation and ends with loading your plants on the truck. Our
responsibility ends at this point. We will do our best to locate
trucks for you or we`ll be glad to load the material on a truck
furnished by you. For the trucks that we arrange, all freight will
be C.O.D. and paid to the truck broker, unless otherwise noted.
All shipments will be by refrigerated truck, unless otherwise
To ensure the optimum condition of your order aII bareroot
orders must be shipped by ApriI 15 unIess otherwise
We give no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the variety
or productivity of any tree that we sell. Should any tree prove
untrue to name as labeled, it is mutually agreed that our total
liability, upon satisfactory proof, shall be limited to the purchase
price only.
Plant growth depends on conditions beyond our control. For
this reason, we reserve the option of making substitutions
in grade, up or down, without prior notifcation. If this is not
satisfactory, please let us know at the time you order.
Each order is counted carefully, and only the best trees are
picked to insure shipment of the highest possible grade. Claims
for errors must be made in writing within 5 days of receipt of
goods, and all claims must be accompanied by a photograph
of each tree for which a claim is being requested.
Whip (W) Light Branched (LB) Branched (B)
Serpentine (SERP) Multi Stem (MS)
W Whips are young trees which have a
central leader and little or no
branching. Uniform branching will
appear in the following years.
Excellent for lining out for growing
on to caliper trees.
LB Light Branched Trees are
characterized by a strong central
leader and either have fewer
branches or branches which are
shorter than Branched trees.
Branching will often be heavier on
one side. Ideal for lining out or
potting up for future promotion to
allow trees time to fill out.
B Branched Trees are characterized by
a strong central leader and a full and
balanced branching structure. Ideal
for use in landscape settings or as
strong uniform container trees.
SERP Serpentine Trees have been trained
to develop a curving growth habit.
Caliper of trees is equal to Branched
SF/MS Shrub Form Plants have multiple
stems emerging near ground level
and dont rely on a single central
Serpent i ne and Shrub Forms
Fl oweri ng and Shade Trees
#2 Grade (#2) #1 Light Branched (#1LB) #1 Branched (#1) #1 Heavy (#1HVY)
#2 #2 Grade Trees are best
suited for lining out to grow
on to Landscape size.
Branching is often heavier on
one side and is not
#1LB #1 Light Branched Trees
have fewer branches and are
symmetrical. Ideal for lining
out or potting up for future
promotion or to grow on.
#1 #1 Trees have a full and
balanced branching
structure. Ideal for landscape
settings or for strong
uniform container trees.
#1HVY #1 Heavy Trees are the top of
the line grade Landscape
ready and also ideal for
potting up, generally in
larger #15 containers.
Base Graf t ed Weepi ng Trees
#2 Grade (#2) #1 Light Branched (#1LB) #1 Branched (#1) #1 Heavy (#1HVY)
Top Graf t ed Weepi ng Trees
Note: we take the extra step to |nsure that you rece|ve the h|ghest qua||ty tree poss|b|e. A|| NorWay
Hap|e var|et|es except 6r|mson $entry and 6o|umnar Hap|e are shaped tW|ce. F|rst. they are topped
|n ear|y spr|ng; then We go back to each tree |n |ate June and un|form|y shape the head for superb ba|-
ance. The resu|t|ng p|ant |s |dea| for use |n conta|ners.
'Crimson Sentry'
Crimson Sentry is a sort of Crimson King that was selected by
A. McGill & Son Nursery. It was selected for its bright foliage and
closely spaced leaves. This tree is very columnar and dense in
growth habit.
Zone 4, HxS 25`x15`
1.5B 1.25B 1B 9'B
37.30 34.10 28.30 35.50
8'B 7'B 6'B 5'B
30.80 27.80 25.00 21.00
8'W 7'W 6'W 5'W
17.30 15.60 14.00 12.10
Light green leaves with white margins sets this tree apart
from the other Norway Maples. A round-headed tree with
lots of character.
Zone 4, HxS 35`x25`
1.25B 1B 6'B
23.20 21.90 20.90
5'B 7'W 6'W 5'W
17.00 12.90 12.00 10.20
Japanese MapIes
ACER PaImatum
A vigorous upright grower with large, deep red to blackish-red
leaves that hold their color better than most of the other red-
leafed palmatums, lasting late into the Summer. Fall colors are
usually bright crimson. One of the most popular red uprights.
Zone 5, Ht to 20`
4-5' 3-4' 30-36
45.00 36.00 28.00
ACER Dissectum
'Inabe Shidare'
An outstanding, mounding dissectum noted for its deeply
serrated, large dark, purplish-red leaves in the Summer.
It retains the deep color throughout the growing season,
and is considered by some to have the best color of the red
dissectums. Fall leaf color is a brilliant crimson. Inabe Shidare
is one of the more vigorous dissectums in its class.
Zone 5, Ht to 10`-12`
3-4' 30-36 24-30 18-24
65.00 45.00 38.00 32.00
3-4' 30-36 24-30 18-24
65.00 45.00 38.00 32.00
Beautiful weeping laceleaf maple with rich purplish-red, laceleaf
foliage which becomes spectacular shades of red in autumn.
Wonderful accent to any landscape or mixed in small areas.
Zone 5, Ht to 10-12`
7'W 6'W 5'W
13.50 11.90 10.30
Acer 'ginnaIa'
Distinctive orange-red fall color. Grown both as a single-stemmed
and multi-stemmed tree. Can be used as a screen or hedge.
Does well in containers. Very hardy
Zone 2, HxS 20`x20`
9'MS 8'MS 7'MS 6'MS 5'MS
20.30 18.90 17.40 15.50 14.00
1B 6'B 5'B 4'B
23.40 20.90 15.40 13.20
'Crimson King'
Purple leaves grace this round-headed tree throughout the
growing season. Slower growing than the species. The most
popular of all red-leafed Norways.
Zone 4, HxS 40`x35`
1.25B 1.25LB 1B 1LB
34.10 29.00 28.30 24.10
6'B 6'LB 5'B 8'W
25.00 21.30 21.00 15.20
7'W 6'W 5'W
13.50 12.50 10.80
FIowering and
Shade Trees
Any of the bareroot shade tree varieties listed
may also be ordered B&B for an additional
charge or $5.50 per item in all grades.
'Pond' EmeraId Lustre
Emerald Luster is a very vigorous tree with a dense branching
system and a rounded crown. Dark green leaves turn to a
brilliant yellow during the fall.
Zone 4, HxS 45`x40`
1.5B 1.25B 1B 6'B
28.30 24.50 21.90 18.10
9'W 8'W 7'W 6'W
11.90 11.40 10.90 10.80
r. 'Brandywine'
Columnar form that does well in plantings along streets. Brandywine
has an intense red fall color which peaks as a brilliant purple-red before
dropping its leaves. Peak is later than most rubrum varieties.
Zone 4, HxS: 30x12`
1.5B 1.25B 1B 6'B
44.40 37.90 32.30 26.70
5'B 6'W 5'W
17.20 16.70 14.00
r. 'Fairview FIame

Registered Plant Fee: $0.55
1.5B 1.25B 1B 6'B 5'B
40.70 37.90 32.30 26.70 17.20
7'W 6'W 5'W 4'W
17.80 16.70 14.00 11.50
A very vigorous grower with vibrant fall color and an excellent
branching system which forms into a well shaped crown. The deep
scarlet color begins earlier than October Glory and lasts into autumn.
Thank you to A. McGill & Son for this impressive red maple.
Zone 4, HxS 40`x35`
r. 'Karpick'
Columnar maple with a uniform dense form. Autumn color is yellow
gradually changing to a brilliant red. Dark green leaves contrast the
bright red branch tips during spring and summer.
Zone 4, HxS: 45` x 20`
1B 6'B 7'W 6'W 5'W
32.30 26.70 17.80 16.70 14.00
Trademarked Plant Fee: $0.25
A straight-stemmed, fast growing maple. New leaves are a rich
burgundy; mature foliage is dark green to bronze. A strikingly beautiful
and very symmetrical tree. More narrow and upright than 'Deborah.
Zone 4, HxS 45`x35`
1.75 1.5B 1.25B 1B
40.70 28.30 24.50 21.90
6'B 9'W 8'W 7'W 6'W
18.10 11.90 11.40 10.90 10.80
'Princeton GoId'
Plant Patent #6727 Plant Patent Fee: $0.75
The foliage of Princeton Gold is an eye-catching bright yellow,
holding the yellow color until leaf drop in the fall. Selected by
Princeton Nursery. Slightly smaller in growth habit to Crimson King,
and produces an oval shape as it matures.
Zone 4, HxS 35`x30`
2B 1.25B 1B 6'B
48.10 34.10 28.40 25.00
7'W 6'W 5'W
13.50 12.30 10.80
'RoyaI Red'
A red-leafed maple resembling Crimson King but thought to be hardier.
Zone 4, 40`x30`
1.25B 1B 1LB 6'B 6'LB
34.10 28.40 24.10 25.00 22.20
5'B 8'W 7'W 6'W 5'W
21.00 15.20 13.50 12.30 10.80
r. 'Armstrong'
A fast grower with a columnar habit, makes this a good choice for a narrow
planting space. The gray bark and dark green leaves make a pleasant contrast.
Expect scarlet fall color with some variation, depending on soil acidity.
Zone 3, HxS 45`x15`
1.75B 1.5B 1.25B 1B 6'B
51.90 44.40 37.90 32.30 26.70
5'B 8'W 7'W 6'W 5'W
17.20 19.30 17.80 16.70 14.00
'EmeraId Queen'
Rapid growth and great form are advantages matched by few
other shade trees. The dark, glossy green foliage adds the
third dimension needed to make this a good choice.
Zone 3, HxS 70`x40`
1.75 1.5B 1.25B
40.70 28.30 24.50
1B 6'B 9'W
21.90 18.10 11.90
8'W 7'W 6'W
11.40 10.90 10.80
r. 'Autumn FIame'
Plant Patent 2377
The leaves of Autumn Flame turn a brilliant scarlet color two weeks
before other Red Maples, and hold the color well into autumn.
Autumn Flame branches readily at a young age, forming a shapely,
dense, well rounded crown.
Zone 3, HxS 35`x35`
1.5B 1.25B 1B 6'B 5'B
44.40 37.90 32.30 26.70 17.20
4'B 7'W 6'W 5'W 4'W
14.70 17.80 16.70 14.00 11.50
r. 'October GIory'
Plant Patent 2116 Plant Patent Fee: $0.50
October Glory is a preferred variety of Red Maple developed
by Princeton Nurseries. The lustrous green foliage, becoming
crimson red in the fall, will hold on a few weeks longer than the
genus. Thank you, Princeton Nursery, for this outstanding tree.
Zone 4, HxS 40`x35`
1.5B 1.25B 1B 6'B 5'B
40.70 37.90 32.30 26.70 17.20
7'W 6'W 5'W 4'W
17.80 16.70 14.00 11.50
6'MS 5'MS 4'MS
31.20 22.90 21.20
r. 'Franksred' (Red Sunset

Registered Plant Fee: $0.65
Red Sunset is a vigorous grower, and occupies a place of
prominence among the Red Maple cultivars. The summer leaves
are a distinct glossy green that has no equal , followed by a showy
display of orange to red fall color that makes this a truly outstanding
selection. The crown is oval to rounded and uniformly branched
throughout. Hardy to winter conditions.
Zone 5, HxS 45`x35`
1.5B 1.25B 1B 6'B 5'B
40.70 37.90 32.30 26.70 17.20
7'W 6'W 5'W 4'W
17.80 16.70 14.00 11.50
6'MS 5'MS 4'MS
31.20 22.90 21.20
'Sun VaIIey'
Disease resistant red maple with a brilliant red fall color that peaks late
into autumn. Peak color lasts two to three weeks. Symmetrical crown.
Zone 4, HxS 30`x20`
1.25B 1B 6'B 5'B
38.50 32.30 26.70 17.20
4'B 6'W 5'W
14.70 16.70 14.00
Sugar MapIe
This maple is less vigorous than the Norway Maple, but matures
at a greater age. It has one of the fnest autumn colorations of any
tree in North America. The spectacular Autumn colors are orange,
gold, scarlet, and tints of apricot.
Zone 3, HxS 45`x40`
1.25B 1B 6'B 8'W
36.40 30.30 24.90 19.40
7'W 6'W 5'W
17.80 15.30 13.20
s. 'Green Mountain'
Plant Patent 2339 Plant Patent Fee: $0.50
This sugar maple has a desirable oval crown of dark green leaves that
turn orange to scarlet in the fall. The thick leaves of this cultivar prevent
damage from the hot winds that commonly burn the foliage on Sugar
Zone 3, HxS 45`x35`
1B 6'B 5'B 8'W
34.10 30.40 25.30 23.30
7'W 6'W 5'W
19.00 17.80 14.80
'JeffersRed' (Autumn BIaze

Plant Patent 4864 Plant Patent Fee: $1.00
A new cultivar from Jeffers Nursery. A cross between Red Maple
and Silver Maple that provides a great scarlet fall color, drought
tolerance, and vigorous growth.
Zone 3, HxS 50`x40`
1.75B 1.5B 1.25B 1B 6'B
51.90 44.40 37.90 32.30 26.70
5'B 8'W 7'W 6'W 5'W
17.20 18.90 17.80 16.70 14.00
6'MS 5'MS 4'MS
31.20 22.90 21.20
s. 'Legacy'
Plant Patent 4979 Plant Patent Fee: $0.50
A fast growing Sugar Maple with heavy inner branching. Leaves are
shiny and resistant to leaf tatter. The fall color is a beautiful red with
shades of orange, pink, and yellow.
Zone 3, HxS 50`x35`
1.25B 1B 6'B 5'B 8'W
36.40 34.10 30.40 25.30 23.30
7'W 6'W 5'W
19.00 17.80 14.80
x A. pIat. 'Keithsform' (Norwegian Sunset

Plant Patent #7529 Plant Patent Fee: $1.00
Excellent fall color with light orange to red leaves. Similar in
appearance to Acer platanoides 'Norway`. Very uniform canopy
Zone 4, HxS 35`x25`
1.75B 1.5B 1.25B 1B
53.70 46.50 39.90 33.90
8'W 7'W 6'W
22.60 21.00 19.80
nigra 'CuIIy' (Heritage

Plant Patent 4409 Registered Plant Fee: $0.75
A very vigourous grower with beautiful bark that can pull off in
sheets. The bark varies in color from tan to more of a lighter softer
shade of white. The foliage has a dark green color. An attractive
addition or centerpiece for any landscape.
Zone 3 HxS 45`x35`
10'MS 9'MS 8'MS 7'MS
34.30 30.80 27.10 24.10
6'MS 5'MS 4'MS
22.60 20.60 18.40
nigra (River Birch)
A rapid grower to 40`, pyramidal in form and with medium green
foliage. The tree is open at maturity which exposes the exfoliating
bark, ranging from shades of grey-brown to reddish-brown in
Zone 4, HxS 40`x35`
10'MS 9'MS 8'MS 7'MS
34.30 30.80 27.10 24.20
6'MS 5'MS 4'MS 3'MS
20.70 19.30 16.70 15.50
AMELANCHIER Serviceberry
grandiora 'Autumn BriIIiance'
Plant Patent 5717 Plant Patent Fee: $0.75
Fast growing with impressive soft, white blossoms in Spring.
Dark green disease resistant leaves, turn brilliant red in fall.
Zone 4, HxS 20` x 15` (TF)
4'MS 3'MS 2'MS 18MS 12MS
15.00 14.00 11.30 9.10 8.20
6'B 5'B
17.80 15.40
jacquemontii (Jacquemontii Birch)
The beautiful white bark that colors up at an early age is the whitest
of all the Birches. The leaves are dark green, thick, and leathery,
and somewhat resistant to leaf miner.
Zone 3, HxS 40`x30`
2.25B 2B 1.75B 1.5B
38.20 34.10 30.30 26.90
1.25B 1B 6'B 5'B
23.90 21.20 18.70 14.90
4'B 6'W 5'W
12.60 14.40 12.60
8'CL 7'CL
28.80 23.40
nigra 'BNMTF' (Dura Heat

Registered Plant Fee: $0.75
A vigorous grower with lustrous dark green leaves which fade to
yellow during autumn. Exfoliating bark is a creamy-white that ages
to a pinkish-orange and then fnally to a soft brown color.
Zone 4, HxS: 40`x25`
10'MS 9'MS 8'MS 7'MS
34.30 27.10 25.90 24.10
6'MS 5'MS 4'MS 3'MS
22.60 20.60 18.40 15.50
penduIa (European White Birch)
Widely planted for its white bark that develops at an early age.
The broadly pyramidal crown and bright green leaves enhance the
somewhat weeping habit of this tree.
ZONE 2, HxS 45`x30`
1.25B 1B 6'B 5'B 4'B
17.10 13.60 12.10 9.30 8.40
8'MS 7'MS 6'MS
22.70 18.30 16.50
5'MS 4'MS 3'MS
15.70 12.60 10.30
#1H #1 #1L
34.00 28.20 21.50
penduIa 'Youngii' (Young's Weeping Birch)
This tree has a dome-shaped head with slender pendulous branches.
Its twisted stem makes it a true specimen for any landscape.
Zone 2, HxS 15`x20`
A small-leafed, dense, upright tree with a formal appearance. Young
trees form a narrow upright crown, becoming more pyramidal with
age. Heat and drought resistant, and considered to be relatively free of
disease and insect pests. Makes an excellent street tree. Nice yellow
fall color.
Zone 4, HxS 35`x25`
1B 7'B 6'B 5'B
37.80 34.30 30.80 26.80
betuIus 'Fastigiata' (CoIumnar Hornbeam)
4'B 6'W 5'W
23.00 22.40 18.90
Weeping contorted branches and vibrant lavendar blooms make
this tree truly one of a kind. Lavender Twist blooms in mid-April to
mid-May, with bluish green foliage in summer to yellow golden color
during fall.
Zone 4, HxS: 7` x 7`
#1 #1LT #2
43.60 40.40 37.40
canadensis 'Lavender Twist'
CELTIS Hackberry
A large rapidly growing shade tree that has an upright oval growth habit
at youth maturing to a round habit. Hackberry has green summer foliage
color changing to yellow color in fall. Resistant to many environmental
conditions including drought, heat and wind.
Zone 3, HxS 70`x40`
1.75B 1.5B 1.25B 1B 6'B 5'B
32.60 29.60 26.80 24.30 22.00 19.90
occidentaIis (Common Hackberry)
8'W 7'W 6'W 5'W
16.90 15.10 13.50 11.90
Blooms open up to dark red-purple leaves. Very striking tree with
heart shaped leaves which turn to yellow in the fall.
Zone 4, HxS 20`x15`
1.75 B 1.5B 1.25B 1B 6'B 5'B 6'W 5'W
90.00 79.50 63.50 57.80 52.50 46.70 36.20 32.70
canadensis 'Forest Pansy'
Stunning tree with an open habit. Blooms begin with a purplish-red tint
and open to a purplish-pink brilliant color. One of the earliest bloomers.
Has heart shaped leaves and yellow autumn colored leaves.
Zone 4, HxS 30`x15`
1.5B 1.25B 1B 6'B
29.70 26.70 24.00 21.10
5'B 7'W 6'W 5'W
17.40 14.60 12.90 12.30
canadensis 'Eastern Redbud'
Compact tree perfect for landscapes with reddish purple fowers
that bloom in masses followed by thick glossy heart shaped leaves.
Flowers are brilliant when blooming. Leaves turn a gorgeous yellow-
green color during fall.
Zone 6, HxS: 20` x 20`
1.25B 1B 6'B 5'B 6'W 5'W
63.50 57.80 52.50 46.70 36.20 32.70
texensis 'OkIahoma'
popuIifoIia (Whitespire Birch)
This tree is similar in size and appearance to the European White
Birch. The crown of mature trees is pyramidal in shape and the tree is
resistant to Bronze Birch Borer.
Zone 4, HxS 40`x20`
12'MS 10'MS 9'MS 8'MS
30.70 28.20 25.90 23.40
7'MS 6'MS 5'MS 4'MS
20.00 17.80 15.50 13.10
CARAGANA Siberian Peashrub
Fast growing deciduous tree with 3 inch long leaves that have
yellow pea-like fowers during early summer. Drought tolerant
and very cold hardy. Makes an excellent windbreak or hedge.
Zone 2, HxS 20`x15`
#1H #1 #1L #2
33.60 30.30 25.70 22.80
arborescens 'PenduIa' (Weeping Siberian Peashrub)
Unique, weeping specimen with beautiful bright yellow fowers
during early summer. Thing grass-like foliage is bright green. Very
attractive to any landscape.
-30F HxS 6`x6`
#1 #1L #2
32.00 28.60 24.90
arborescens 'WaIker'
Dense round headed Hawthorn with horizontal spreading branches. The
leaves are glossy and dark green during spring which turn from orange to
a deep scarlet red in autumn. Small red fruit hold on into winter.
Zone 4, HxS 25`x30`
crus-gaIIi 'Inermis' ThornIess Cockspur Hawthorn
1B 6'B 6'W 5'W
20.50 16.60 11.00 10.00
Crimson Cloud is a vigorous tree with red fowers in the Spring. It has
a glossy red fruit in the Fall that holds on well into the Winter. This tree
is resistant to leaf spot disease.
Zone 4, HxS 25`x18`
1B 6'B 6'W 5'W
20.50 16.60 11.00 10.00
Iaevigata 'Crimson CIoud'
A round-headed tree covered with deeply lobed leaves. Scarlet double
fowers bring this tree to life in early Spring. Small red fruit holds on well
into the Winter.
Zone 4, HxS 20`x20`
1B 6'B 7'W 6'W
20.50 16.60 12.10 11.00
Iaevigata 'PauIs ScarIet'
americana 'Autumn PurpIe'
Registered Plant Fee: $0.50
Autumn purple is noted for its outstanding reddish to deep purple
fall color. It is a seedless variety with heavily-textured green summer
foliage and a rounded crown.
Zone 4, HxS 45`x40`
1.5B 1.25B 1B 6'B
35.40 32.60 28.80 24.30
8'W 7'W 6'W 5'W
16.70 14.60 13.40 11.50
Patmore Ash is extremely hardy and tolerant of adverse growing
conditions. The glossy-green leafets are deeply serrated; growth habit
is erect and it maintains a good growth rate. Patmore ash is seedless.
Zone 3, HxS 45`x35`
pennsyIvanica 'Patmore'
Plant Patent 4684
1B 8'W 7'W 6'W
28.80 16.70 14.60 13.40
pennsyIvanica 'Summit'
A strong growing, upright ash. The foliage is less glossy than Marshall
Seedless and it defoliates a few weeks earlier.
Zone 2, HxS 45`x25`
1B 6'B 9'W 8'W 7'W 6'W 5'W
28.80 24.10 19.10 16.70 14.60 13.40 11.50
Flat topped, vase shaped canopy on this smaller form of thornless
locust. Golden fall color.
Zone 4, HxS 35`x35`
triacanthos inermis 'ImperiaI'
1.5B 1.25B 1B 6'B
36.50 32.40 28.20 24.00
9'W 8'W 7'W 6'W 5'W
19.20 17.50 16.10 14.40 12.00
1.5B 1B 6'B 8'W
36.50 28.20 24.00 17.50
Asymmetrical form with ascending branches and a strong trunk
make this an above average tree. Dark green foliage holds on longer
than many Honeylocust cultivars.
Zone 4, HxS 45`x35`
triacanthos inermis 'Shademaster

Plant Patent 1515 Plant Patent Fee: $0.40
7'W 6'W 5'W
16.10 14.40 12.00
1.5B 1.25B 1B 6'B
36.50 32.40 28.20 24.00
9'W 8'W 7'W 6'W 5'W
19.20 17.50 16.10 14.40 12.00
This pyramidal form of Honeylocust is especially popular because of
its strong trunk and its dark, densely set leaves.
Zone 4, HxS 45`x35`
triacanthos inermis 'SkycoIe' (SkyIine

Plant Patent 1619 Plant Patent Fee: $0.75
1.5B 1.25B 1B 6'B
36.50 32.40 28.20 24.00
8'W 7'W 6'W 5'W
17.50 16.10 14.40 12.00
Golden foliage and a creative branching habit make this tree a
focal point in any landscape. Outstanding color.
Zone 4, HxS 40`x35`
triacanthos inermis 'SuncoIe' (Sunburst

Plant Patent 1313 Plant Patent Fee: $0.75
LABURNUM GoIdenchain tree
A narrow, upright tree with dark green foliage and beautiful bright yellow hanging
clusters of fowers in summer. An excellent addition for your landscape.
Zone 5, HxS 20`x10`
anagyroides 'CoIumnaris' (CoIumnar GoIdenchain Tree)
1.25B 1B 6'B 6'W 5'W
31.20 28.30 23.60 13.70 12.20
A small, graceful tree with very showy, yellow, pea-like fower clusters in
early summer make this a very effective accent piece for any landscape.
Zone 5, HxS 25`x20`
x watereri 'Vossii'
1B 6'B 5'W 4'W
28.30 23.60 12.20 10.20
GYMNOCLADUS Kentucky Coffeetree
Oval, open habit with seed pods. White semi-fragrant fowers in
spring. Unique, interesting silhouette during winter.
Zone 4, HxS 50`x35`
gymnocIadus (Kentucky Coffeetree)
7'W 6'W 5'W
26.60 25.60 22.90
A weeping form of Golden Chain Tree with bright yellow fower
clusters during summer. A wonderful addition to your landscape.
Zone 5, HxS 15`x12`
penduIa 'Weeping GoIdenchain Tree'
#1H #1 #1LT
34.30 31.20 26.00
oxycarpa 'Raywood'
Fast growing, tolerates heat, cold, drought, and poor soil conditions.
Young upright or oval, with age develops a round head. Dark green
summer foliage turning red to purple in fall. Large lawn shade tree.
Zone 5, HxS 35`x25`
1.5B 1.25B 1B 6'B
35.40 32.60 28.80 24.30
8'W 7'W 6'W 5'W
16.70 14.60 13.40 11.50
MALUS CrabappIe
A vigorous growing tree that is symmetrical in habit and covered with
dark green leaves overcast with red. The double, deep rose bloom is
fragrant. The fall color is a striking reddish-purple.
Zone 4, HxS 20`x20`
'Branzam' (Brandywine

Registered Plant Fee: $0.50
1.25B 1B 7'B
20.30 17.20 15.10
Excellent disease resistant crabapple. Dark purple glossy leaves
in a broadly spreading growth habit. Bright pinkish-red fowers.
Zone 4, HxS 16`x22`
Plant Patent 7147 Plant Patent Fee: $0.75
1.25B 1B 7'B
20.30 17.20 15.10
Centurion is a narrow, upright tree. It has glossy green leaves about
3 inches long by 1.5" wide, rose-red blossoms, and bright red fruit.
This cultivar offers good disease resistance to scab.
Zone 4, HxS 20`x 15`
'Centzam' (Centurion

Registered Plant Fee: $0.50
1B 7'B 6'B
17.20 15.10 13.40
Coralburst is a unique crabapple with dainty coral pink buds opening
into double rose pink fowers. Closely spaced, tiny, dark green leaves
almost hides the twigs. This tree is produced by grafting on 36 inch
standards and is oval in form.
Zone 3, HxS 8`x 8`
'CoraIcoIe' (CoraIburst)
Plant Patent 2983 Plant Patent Fee: $0.75
#1H #1 #1LT #2
19.90 18.10 15.70 14.80
A splendid crabapple that requires low maintenance once
established. It produces dark pink buds, opening to white, and small
yellow to red fruit. Disease resistant.
Zone 4, HxS 18`x25`
1.25B 1B 7'B 6'B 5'B
20.30 17.20 15.10 13.40 12.20
One of the smaller crabapples similar in size to 'Indian Magic, but with
a somewhat more rounded crown. Rose-red fowers, bronze green
leaves, and bright red fruit that persists well into the fall make this an
attractive tree throughout the season.
Zone 4, HxS 18`x20`
'Indian Summer'
1B 7'B 6'B
17.20 15.10 13.40
5'B 6'W 5'W 4'W
12.20 10.10 9.70 8.20
1B 7'B 6'B 5'B 4'B
17.20 15.10 13.40 12.20 10.50
6'W 5'W 4'W
10.10 9.70 8.20
This round headed fowering crabapple has deep red purple foliage
turning to green. The blossoms are a deep dark red. The fruits are
small reddish purple and don`t drop.
Zone 4, HxS 20`x20`
1B 7'B 6'B 5'B 6'W
17.20 15.10 13.40 12.20 10.10
This spreading upright crabapple has a shrubby habit. Foliage is deep
purple, changing to bronzy green in Summer. The fower is purple-red,
fading to pink with white in the center. The persistent fruit is a glossy,
rich red, 1/2" diameter.
Zone 4, HxS 20`x20`
We are happy to be growing Robinson crabapple for its disease
resistance and impressive double pink blossoms. A vigorous grower to
25`; the new foliage is purple, changing to dark green in the summer,
followed by an orange fall color that persists for an extended period.
Zone 4, HxS 25`x25`
1B 7'B 6'B
17.20 15.10 13.40
5'B 6'W 5'W
12.20 10.10 9.70
Sargent Crab is a dwarf tree to about 10 feet with a spread of up to 14
feet. Spring brings a breathtaking display of fragrant, pure white fowers
in clusters, followed by dark red fruit that persists well into the fall.
Zone 5, HxS 10`x14`
1B 3/4B 5'B 4'B
16.20 14.70 13.40 12.20
Dark purple foliage holds its color well throughout the Summer.
Crimson red fowers almost the same color as the foliage are followed
by dark red fruit. This is a very hardy crabapple.
Zone 4, HxS 15`x15`
1B 7'B 6'B 5'B 4'B
17.20 15.10 13.40 12.50 11.30
A dwarf selection of Sargent Crab. Dense branching habit similar to
Coralburst Crab, but matures to a smaller size. Makes a nice patio tree
with its showy, bright red buds followed by pure white single fowers.
Zone 4, HxS 5`x5`
Sargentii 'Tina' (Sargent Tina)
#1H #1 #1LB #2
19.00 17.20 15.00 14.20
A dependable grower with a dense, rounded crown. Snowdrift is
perfectly suited for residential planting. Disease resistant foliage is
dark green and the fowers are pure white. The fruit is orange-red and
1/2" in diameter, persisting until after leaf drop.
Zone 4, HxS 20`x20`
1B 7'B 6'B
17.20 15.10 13.40
5'B 6'W 5'W
12.30 10.10 9.70
This sterile crabapple produces a rounded crown covered with a
profusion of snow white fowers, but it does not produce any fruit. An
ideal tree for those landscape situations that demand a clean tree.
Zone 4, HxS 25`x22`
'Spring Snow'
#15MS 1.25B 1B 7'B 6'B
65.00 19.50 17.80 16.40 15.10
5'B 4'B 4'W
13.40 11.00 8.20
One of the newer crabapples noted for its crisp green foliage and
vigorous growth. The fower is pale pink to snowy white completely
covering the tree. Masses of small red fruit remain on the tree
through January. The tree is disease resistant.
Zone 5, HxS 18`x15`
'Sutyzam' (Sugar Tyme

Plant Patent 7062 Plant Patent Fee: $0.80
1.25B 1B 7'B 6'B
19.60 17.20 15.10 13.40
The foliage is a dark green with a red overcoat. Pink fowers cover this
tree in the spring, and the showy, fall fruit lasts well into December.
Zone 4, HxS 15`x 15`
'Weepcanzam' (Weeping Candied AppIe

Plant Patent 4038 Plant Patent Fee: $0.50
#1H #1 #1LT
37.20 33.50 27.20
#1H #1 #1LT
19.00 17.20 15.00
MORUS MuIberry
This fruitless variety has slender cascading branches that spread to 10',
and dense, glossy dark green foliage. It is noted for its vigorous growth
and pollution tolerance. Grown from tissue culture liners.
Zone 4, HxS 7`x10`
aIba 'ChaparraI' (Weeping MuIberry)
#1HS #1H #1 #1LB #2
26.10 23.70 21.60 19.20 17.60
1.75B 1.5B 1.25B 1B 6'B
32.50 28.40 24.70 21.20 17.30
5'B 8'W 7'W 6'W 5'W
15.60 16.90 14.60 12.50 11.10
A very vigorous tree with a wide spreading crown. The bark exfoliates and is
an olive to creamy color. Bloodgood is resistant to Anthracnose.
Zone 5, HxS 50`x40`
acerifoIia 'BIoodgood'
5'B 8'W 7'W 6'W 5'W
12.00 12.70 12.00 11.30 9.70
1.75B 1.5B 1.25B 1B 6'B
28.90 24.90 22.00 17.80 15.00
A fast growing tree native to interior regions of the Western United States
and readily adaptable to cold winter climates (it really needs cold winter).
Bark is pale grey green to whitish. Pale green leaves have a fat petiole
that causes them to futter in the slightest breeze. Fall leaves are a brilliant
golden yellow that offers a spectacular show, particularly in contrast with
adjacent evergreen foliage and the white bark of the aspen itself.
Zone 2, HxS 40`x20`
tremuIoides (Quaking Aspen)
1.25B 1B 6'B 6'W 5'W
28.40 24.70 20.25 13.75 12.20
Uniform, upright, pyramidal habit. Strong central leader, attractive green
foliage. Plant is densely branched. Attractive, exfoliating bark.
Zone 4, HxS 60`x30`
'Morton CircIe' ExcIamation
1.25B 1B 6'B 8'W 7'W 6'W
26.00 20.20 18.20 15.40 14.45 13.50
Fast growing, narrow upright tree with dense large dark green leaves.
Cold hardy and requires very little maintenance. A great addition to any
Zone 2, HxS 40`x10`
tremuIa 'Erecta' (Swedish Aspen)
PRUNUS FIowering Cherry
1B 6'B 5'B 6'W 5'W
23.20 19.30 18.40 13.60 11.00
#1H #1 #1L #2
25.90 23.90 22.00 20.30
Upright cherry tree with beautiful pink fowers that form in clusters.
Narrow habit make this perfect as a street tree. Foliage is dark green
during the summer changing to an orange-red color during autumn.
Zone 3, HxS 25`x25`
sargentii 'CoIumnaris' (CoIumnar Sargeant Cherry
1B 6'B 5'B 6'W 5'W
23.20 19.30 18.40 13.60 11.00
#1H #1 #1L #2
25.90 23.90 22.00 20.30
The most popular of the fowering cherries, Kwanzan grows to about
25` with strong vase-shaped branching. Double-pink fowers appear in
mid-spring along with bronze-red foliage.
Zone 5, HxS 25`x20`
serruIata 'Kwanzan'
This slower growing and somewhat smaller variety of Kwanzan Cherry
has stiffy upright branches that resemble the form of the Kwanzan.
But it fowers profusely with deep magenta pink to purplish pink double
blossoms, and is bathed in a crown of burgundy colored leaves that
bronze in the fall of the year. Truly an outstanding addition to our growing
stock. Specify Ground Bud (GB) or 4` Graft when ordering.
Zone 5, HxS 20`x15`
serruIata 'RoyaI Burgundy'
Plant Patent 6520 Plant Patent Fee: $0.85
#1H #1 #1L #2
28.40 26.20 24.00 22.20
1B 6'B 5'B 6'W 5'W
23.20 19.30 18.40 13.60 11.00
#1H #1 #1L #2
25.90 23.90 22.00 20.30
Longer fowering cherry than most cultivars. Upright, arching vase
shaped tree with pink blooms in early spring giving way to orange to
bright red fall color.
Zone 6, HxS 30`x30`
prunus 'Okame' Okame Cherry
Small tree with bright green foliage and stunning pure white single
fowers. Very showy tree. Upright during youth becoming wider with
age. Orange fall color.
Zone 5, HxS: 25` x 20`
subhirteIIa 'Snow Goose'
#1XHS #1HS #1H
41.10 34.40 28.50
#1 #1L #2
25.60 20.60 17.80
#1XHS #1HS #1H
41.10 34.40 28.50
#1 #1L #2
25.60 20.60 17.80
A small tree with graceful weeping branches. Double rose-pink
fowers in mid-Spring. Very effective as a patio tree.
Zone 5, HxS 25`x25`
subhirteIIa 'PenduIa' (DoubIe Weeping)
#1XHS #1HS #1H
41.10 34.40 28.50
#1 #1L #2
25.60 20.60 17.80
A small tree forming a rounded pyramidal crown. The leaves come
out light green, then turn to reddish purple later in the Summer. The
fowers are white and bloom in April; fruits are dark purple. Easily
grown and very cold hardy.
Zone 2, HxS 25`x20`
virginiana 'Canada Red' (Choke Cherry)
2B 1.75B 1.5B 1.25B
43.00 38.70 34.60 31.60
1B 7'B 6'B 5'B
25.60 18.50 16.70 14.80
7'MS 6'MS 5'MS 4'MS
26.80 22.20 17.90 14.00
7'W 6'W 5'W 4'W
12.30 11.40 10.50 9.00
The cascading branches of this weeping variety are covered with snow
white fowers that make this an excellent selection for small yards or
Japanese gardens.
Zone 5, HxS 12`x12`
x cv. 'Snofozam' (Snow Fountains Cherry

Registered Plant Fee: $0.75
#1XHS #1HS #1H
44.60 37.30 30.70
#1 #1L #2
27.60 22.50 19.70
#1HS #1H #1 #1L #2
41.00 37.20 33.50 27.20 23.40
1.5B 1.25B 1B
29.20 26.20 23.30
7'B 6'B 5'B 5'W
20.60 19.40 18.90 11.90
A fast growing tree with graceful, open branching. An abundance
of fragrant, single white fowers make this a particularly showy tree.
Adaptable to a wide variety of soils.
Zone 5, HxS 40`x35`
x yedoensis 'Yoshino'
#1H #1 #1L #2
24.50 22.80 20.90 19.40
The red bark var|et|es ||sted be|oW are a|| doub|e grafted p|ants. F|rst. the redbark |nner-stock
standard [Frunus serru|a - |rch ark 6herryl |s grafted onto the rootstock. and a||oWed to groW for
tWo seasons; then the oWer|ng cherry var|ety |s top grafted the fo||oW|ng season. what resu|ts |s a
|ove|y spec|men W|th pee||ng bark s|m||ar |n nature to that of an Acer gr|seum [paperbark map|el but
much br|ghter red |n appearance. The resu|t takes an extra year to produce. but |t's Worth the Wa|t.
x cv. 'Snofozam' (Snow Fountains Cherry)

on Redbark
The cascading branches of this weeping variety are covered
with snow white fowers that make this an excellent selection for
small yards or Japanese gardens.
Zone 5, HxS 12`x12`
#1H #1 4' Graft #1L 6' Graft #2
40.20 35.80 30.20 26.50
PRUNUS FIowering PIum
1.5B 1.25B 1B 7'B 6'B
25.40 21.10 18.20 15.50 14.20
5'B 4'B 7'W 6'W 5'W
11.40 10.40 12.60 11.40 10.00

Krauters Vesuvius is similar to Thundercloud, except that the growth
habit is narrower and smaller. It develops an oval upright head, covered
with the darkest purple leaves of the fowering plums. Leaf color is
maintained until the leaves drop. Flowers are small and pale pink.
Zone 4, HxS 15`x15`
cerasifera 'Krauter Vesuvius'
1.5B 1.25B 1B 7'B
25.40 21.10 18.20 14.90
The dark purple foliage of this tree holds its color well in full
sun. This tree is more tolerant of changing temperatures than
Thundercloud. It has a single pink fower and will bear some fruit.
Zone 3, HxS 20`x20`
cerasifera 'Newport'
6'B 5'B 6'W
14.20 11.40 10.90
We fnd this the most popular of the plum varieties. Deep purple
foliage holds its rich color throughout the growing season. The
fowers are pale pink and will fade to white as they mature. A broad
headed tree with a spread of up to 20`.
Zone 4, HxS 20`x20`
cerasifera 'ThundercIoud'
1.5B 1.25B 1B 7'B 6'B
25.40 21.10 18.20 15.50 14.20
5'B 4'B 7'W 6'W 5'W
11.40 10.40 12.60 11.40 10.00
1B 7'B 6'B 5'B 6'W 5'W 4'W
16.50 14.90 13.60 10.90 10.90 9.60 9.40
This purple leafed plum shows off its new growth with glossy bronze
foliage and turns deep burgundy when mature. Blooms a showy white
Zone 4, HxS 20`x5`
cerasifera 'Cripoizam' Crimson Pointe
CoIumnar PIum
Used in hedges or by itself, this purple leafed, multi-stemmed shrub
is useful in all landscape situations. It has pale pink fowers in early
Spring and dark purple fruit in July.
Zone 5, HxS 8`x8`
cistena-Shrub (Sandcherry)
3'SF 2'SF 18SF
9.60 8.80 7.00
PYRUS FIowering Pear
Vigorous and broadly pyramidal in early years then maturing into an oval
crown with a strong central leader. Masses of white blossoms in Spring.
The waxy green foliage changes from brilliant purple-red to orange in the
Fall. Aristocrat is insect and storm resistant and is tolerant of wet or dry
Zone 4, HxS 40`x30`
caIIeryana 'Aristocrat'
Plant Patent 3193 Plant Patent Fee: $0.35
1.25B 1B 6'B 5'B
33.10 28.30 23.60 20.10
6'W 5'W 4'W
14.90 12.20 10.40
Capital Pear has a very narrow, upright form. Beautiful white blooms
with glossy green summer foliage. Fall color is purple-orange.
Zone 4, HxS 30`x10`
caIIeryana 'CapitaI'
1.25B 1B 6'B 5'B 5'W
33.10 28.30 23.60 20.10 12.20
Autumn Blaze is covered in white blossoms during spring, has glossy green
leaves during summer gradually changing to an excellent deep red color in
autumn. Has distinct pyramidal shaped crown.
Zone 4, HxS 30`x30`
caIIeryana 'Autumn BIaze'
1.25B 1B 6'B 5'B
33.10 28.30 23.60 20.10
6'W 5'W 4'W
14.90 12.20 10.40
A rapidly growing tree covered with glossy green, leathery leaves.
The form is upright like Bradford, but more narrow. Abundant white
fowers. The fall colors are shades of crimson and purple, with colors
developing a few weeks before Bradford.
Zone 5, HxS 35`x25`
caIIeryana 'Redspire'
1.5B 1.25B 1B 6'B
38.30 33.10 28.30 23.60
5'B 5'W
20.10 12.20
New Bradford has very showy white blooms during spring and then the
green leaves begin to turn dark red in autumn before falling. Bradford is
very disease resistant making this pear tree perfect for the front yard.
Zone 4, HxS 50`x30`
caIIeryana 'New Bradford'
1.25B 1B 6'B 5'B
33.10 28.30 23.60 20.10
6'W 5'W 4'W
14.90 12.20 10.40
caIIeryana 'ChanticIeer'
Plant Patent 2489 Plant Patent Fee: $0.65
This tree forms a narrow, upright, somewhat pyramidal crown with crisp,
glossy green foliage that turns reddish in the Fall. The fowers are white
and form in clusters.
Zone 4, HxS 40`x15`
1.75B 1.5B 1.25B 1B 6'B
44.10 38.30 33.10 28.30 23.60
5'B 4'B 6'W 5'W 4'W
20.10 16.90 14.90 12.20 10.40
6'W 5'W
15.20 13.80
Red Oak grows very fast, maturing into a round-headed tree. The Fall color is
dark red with the leaves persistent during the winter months. This tree is known
to be resistant to pollution, making it a good selection for industrial sites.
Zone 3, HxS 75`x55`
boreaIis (Northern Red Oak)
1.75B 1.5B 1.25B 1B
33.70 31.60 29.70 27.90
6'B 5'B 8'W 7'W
23.40 20.70 18.00 16.60
This oak has the most brilliant Fall color of any oak. Its branching
habit is open, forming a rounded crown with age.
Zone 4, HxS 50`x40`
coccinea (ScarIet Oak)
1.75B 1.5B 1.25B 1B
42.60 37.90 33.70 29.80
6'B 5'B 9'W 8'W
23.40 20.70 19.60 18.00
7'W 6'W 5'W
16.60 15.20 13.80
An impressive tree that has an open branch structure and
characteristic sturdy appearance. The long leaves are glossy-
green on the top and have a whitish tint on the bottom. Yellow
to yellowish-brown vibrant fall color. Faster growing and more
tolerant than many other Quercus species.
Zone 3, HxS 55`x45`
macrocarpa (Bur Oak)
1.5B 1.25B 1B 6'B 9'W
38.50 33.00 27.90 23.40 19.60
8'W 7'W 6'W 5'W
18.10 16.40 15.10 13.90
Pin Oak grows with a broad pyramidal head, and does well in wet,
poorly drained soils. The bright green glossy leaves are similar in size
to those of Scarlet Oak. Red fall color holds well.
Zone 4, HxS 55`x40`
paIustris (Pin Oak)
1.75B 1.5B 1.25B 1B 9'B
33.50 29.50 25.80 20.10 25.30
8'B 7'B 6'B 5'B 8'W
23.10 21.60 18.50 15.10 16.30
7'W 6'W 5'W
14.80 12.90 11.70
Shumard Oak has a brilliant yellow to red fall color with an open,
broadly oval branching habit. Shape is similar to Scarlet Oak.
Zone 5, HxS 50`x40`
shumardii (Shumard Oak)
1.5B 1.25B 1B 6'B 5'B 7'W
38.50 33.00 27.90 23.40 20.70 16.60
Relatively slow growing oak with shiny dark green leaves giving
way to yellowish brown/red fall color. Canopy structure is open
with a rounded habit.
Zone 4, HxS 45`x45`
bicoIor (Swamp White Oak)
1.5B 1.25B 1B
38.50 33.00 27.90
6'B 5'B 7'W
23.40 20.70 16.60
Upright oval shaped head. Fast grower. Highly resistant to
powdery mildew. Dark green leaves changing to a yellow-brown
during fall.
Zone 4, HxS 40`x15`
x warei 'Long' RegaI Prince
1B 6'B 5'B
28.70 25.00 20.10
Dark green leaves during spring giving way to yellow fall leaves.
Zone 5, HxS 50-100`
robur 'Attention' WandeII Oak
1.25B 1B 6'B 7'W 6'W
29.70 27.90 23.65 16.60 15.20
English Oak is a columnar tree that matures to more of a pyramidal
form with age. Foliage is dark green that holds until fall. This is a
great tree if there is limited planting space.
Zone 5, HxS 50`x15`
robur fastigiata 'CoIumnar' (EngIish Oak)
1B 6'B 9'W 8'W
28.70 25.00 20.20 18.40
7'W 6'W 5'W
16.70 15.20 13.80
2B 1.75B 1.5B 1.25B
51.60 44.70 38.50 32.90
Graceful arching branches weep all the way to the ground on this
small deciduous tree. Early spring branches are covered with
wooly gray catkins before the leaves appear.
Zone 5, HxS 8`x8`
caprea 'PenduIa' (Weeping Pussy WiIIow)
#1H #1 #1LT
28.50 25.60 20.60
#1HS #1H #1 #1LT #2
34.40 28.50 25.60 20.60 18.70
#1HS #1H #1 #1LT
41.00 37.20 33.50 27.20
Contorted weeping pussy willow, will frst grow upward, then
branches will begin to weep downward. Catkins open white,
mature to yellow. Red-Orange characteristic branching.
Zone 5, HxS 6`x4`
caprea 'CurIy Locks'
#1HS #1H #1 #1LT
34.40 28.50 25.60 20.60
A very narrow upright Mt. Ash. Its branches are symmetrical with rich dark
green leaves that are silver on the underside. The clusters of berries are a
brilliant red.
Zone 2, HxS 35`x20`
aucuparia 'Michred' (CardinaI RoyaI)
Plant Patent 3114 Plant Patent Fee: $0.75
1.75B 1.5B 1.25B 1B
36.20 31.40 27.00 23.10
9'W 8'W 7'W 6'W
19.70 17.20 15.00 12.30
An exciting new willow with variegated foliage that opens with a
combination of pink, white, and green. Foliage fades to green as it
matures. May be trimmed three times during the growing season to
fush the new variegated foliage again.
Zone 5, HxS unknown*
integra 'Hakuro Nishiki' (Variegated WiIIow)
#1HS #1H #1 #1LT #2
34.40 28.50 25.60 20.60 18.70
#1HS #1H #1 #1LT #2
34.40 28.50 25.60 20.60 17.80
A very slender, weeping form with bluish-green foliage and purple branches.
Will leaf out very early in the spring and hold leaves well into the fall.
Zone 3, HxS 8`x5`
purpurea 'PenduIa' (Weeping BIue Arctic WiIIow)
#1HS #1H #1 #1LT
34.40 28.50 25.60 20.60
TILIA Linden
This fast growing tree develops a straight trunk, strong pyramidal
branching, and dark green foliage. The enormous glossy green leaves
provide for an interesting texture.
Zone 2, HxS 70`x40`
americana 'Redmond'
2B 1.75B 1.5B 1.25B 1B
45.00 39.60 34.80 30.30 26.30
6'B 8'W 7'W 6'W 5'W
23.10 14.80 13.70 12.80 10.90
This hardy tree is at home in a wide range of temperature and soil
conditions. The round to pyramidal habit supports dark green leaves
with lighter undersides. A good landscape tree in urban areas. Creamy
white fower clusters in July are quite fragrant.
Zone 3, HxS 40`x35`
cordata (LittIe Leaf Linden)
1.25B 6'B 5'B 6'W
26.20 23.10 20.10 13.80
Upright lilac tree with unique reddish-brown bark. Fragrant white fowers in
large panicles. Blooms early summer.
Zone 5, HxS 20`x15`
reticuIata (Japanese Tree LiIac)
7'W 6'W 5'W 4'W
21.90 20.10 18.50 17.10
Fast growing deciduous tree with a round canopy. Slender, bright
green leaves emerge in spring followed by yellow fall color.
Zone 4, HxS: 50`x50`
matsudana 'Navajo' GIobe WiIIow
6'B 5'B 6'W 5'W
15.00 12.00 11.30 9.70
Rapid grower and easy to grow. Bright orange stems show excellent
winter interest. Thrives in full sun, wet, normal, loamy, or poor soils. Prune
back to 12-15" late winter - early spring to display the exceptional bright
new growth.
Zone 2, HxS 4-5`x4` (if pruned)
aIba 'Britzensis' CoraI Embers WiIIow
#1HS #1H #1 #1LT
34.40 28.50 25.60 20.60
A fast grower with a broad pyramidal shape. Vibrant green leaves
gradually change to a beautiful yellow color in the fall.
Zone 3, HxS 45`x35`
tomentosa 'SterIing'
Plant Patent 6511
1B 8'W 7'W 6'W 5'W
30.60 16.40 15.70 15.20 13.60
Allee Elm is noted for its upright arching habit that resembles a vase
shape. It has been shown to be resistant to Dutch Elm Disease. Bright
green leaves gradually change to a yellowish-red color during fall.
Exfoliating bark exposes different shades of orange, brown and gray.
Zone 4, HxS 70` x 60`
morton 'AccoIade

' (AccoIade EIm)

Registered Plant Fee: $0.60
1B 6'B 5'B 4'B
26.30 21.00 17.00 12.70
6'W 5'W
14.60 14.00
Triumph has an oval shaped canopy with large, dark glossy green
leaves and a strong upright branching system. Has been shown to
be resistant to Dutch Elm Disease. Leaves change to a yellow color
during fall. Great for use as a street tree.
Zone 5, HxS 55`x45`
morton 'GIossy' (Triumph EIm)
Trademarked Plant Fee: $0.60
6'B 5'B 4'B 6'W 5'W
21.00 17.00 12.70 14.60 14.00
Allee Elm is noted for its upright arching habit that resembles a vase
shape. It has been shown to be resistant to Dutch Elm Disease. Bright
green leaves gradually change to a yellowish-red color during fall.
Exfoliating bark exposes different shades of orange, brown and gray.
Zone 5, HxS 50`x35`
parviora 'Emer II' (AIIee

Plant Patent 7552
1B 6'B 5'B 4'B 5'W
26.30 21.00 17.00 12.70 14.00
ZELKOVA Japanese ZeIkova
Relatively low branched zelkova with reddish-purple fall color that
makes a good street tree.
Zone 5, HxS 50`x40`
serrata (Japanese ZeIkova)
1.5B 1.25B 1B 6'B
28.80 25.30 22.10 19.20
This is a very graceful, vase-shaped tree, with a straight trunk. Its large green
leaves, like the American Elm, turn to an attractive rusty red in the fall. It is
highly resistant to Dutch Elm Disease, and to leaf-eating and bark beetles.
Zone 4, HxS 45`x45`
serrata 'ViIIage Green'
Plant Patent 2337
1.5B 1.25B 1B 6'B
38.40 33.80 29.60 25.60
5'B 7'W 6'W 5'W
21.40 17.80 16.20 13.90
Attractive tree with a narrow upright growth habit which resembles a
vase shape. Deep green foliage. Will accent any landscape setting.
Zone 4, HxS 45`x20`
serrata 'Musashino'
1.25B 1B 6'B 5'B
33.80 29.60 25.60 21.40
7'W 6'W 5'W
17.80 16.20 13.90
Flesh is frm and crisp with an acid-to-sweetness ratio like standard Braeburn.
Pollinizers: Red Delicious, Gala, Golden Delicious, Crabapple.
Zone 5
Eve Braeburn

7/8B 11/16B 9/16 B

11.10 10.55 9.20
MALUS Fruiting AppIe
Fruit deep, rich red with stripe. Firm and favorful.Good for storage. Early Harvest.
Pollinizers: Red Delicious, Gala, Golden Delicious.
Zone 3
Buckeye GaIa

7/8B 11/16B 9/16B 7/16 B

12.80 12.00 10.80 9.50
Crisp and Sweet two-toned fruit. stores very well. Mid season.
Pollinizers: Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Fuji, Golden Delicious.
Zone 3
UItima GaIa
7/8B 11/16B 9/16B 7/16 B
12.80 12.00 10.80 9.50
Yellow-Green. Large late, crisp tart, excelent keeper.
Pollinizers: Empire,Red Delicious, Braeburn
Zone 5
Granny Smith
7/8B 11/16B 9/16B
11.10 10.40 9.20
Large Flourescent red fruit, sweet-tart favor. Mid season.
Pollinizers: Red Delicious, Lodi, Gala, Liberty, Golden Delicious, Fuji.
Zone 4
Honey Crisp
7/8B 11/16B 9/16B 7/16 B
12.80 12.00 10.80 9.50
A fast grower with a tight, upright habit. The leaves are leathery textured
and dark green. A good straight trunked tree for the landscape.
Zone 3, HxS 45`x35`
cordata 'Greenspire'
Plant Patent 2086 Plant Patent Fee: $0.50
1B 6'B 5'B 4'B 6'W
30.60 26.00 21.20 17.50 15.20
5'W 4'W
13.50 12.00
Firm, crisp, juicy, favorful. Mid sweet distinctive favor. High quality all
purpose. Bears very young and annually if thined.
Pollinizers: Red Delicious or crabapple.
Zone 5
GoIden DeIicious
7/8B 11/16B 9/16B 7/16 B
11.10 10.40 9.20 8.10
Tangy aromatic. Fresh/pies/cider. Mid season.
Pollinizers: Red Delicious, Gala, Liberty, Honey Gold, Golden Delicious.
Zone 4
7/8B 11/16B 9/16B 7/16 B
11.10 10.40 9.20 8.10
Sweet, crisp, favorful. Early fall. Small compact tree.
Pollinizers: Liberty, Granny Smith, Gala, Golden Delicious.
Zone 4
Red DeIicious
7/8B 11/16B 9/16B 7/16 B
11.10 10.40 9.20 8.10
Prunus Fruiting Cherry
No. 1 cherry, mid-season. Firm, juicy, sweet, and almost black when ripe.
Pollinizers: Black Tarttarian, Van, Rainer Sam. Stella in colder climates.
Zone 4
'Bing Cherry - Sweet'
7/8B 11/16B 9/16B 7/16 B
13.20 12.40 11.80 10.45
Purplish black fruit with dark red fesh and very sweet taste.
Pollinizers: Bing, Rainier, Stella, Royal Ann
Zone 5
'Tartarian BIack Cherry - Sweet'
7/8B 11/16B 9/16B
13.20 12.40 11.80
Large, light red skin, yellow fesh. Perfect for cobblers, pies. Extremely
winter hardy. Disease resistant.
Pollinizers: Self-fertile
Zone 4
'Montmorencey Cherry - Tart'
11/16B 9/16B 7/16B
12.40 11.80 10.45
Dwarf tree 10` ft. Tart cherry, great pies, fresh, jams/freezing.
Pollinizers: Self-fertile
Zone 3
'Meteor Cherry - Tart'
9/16B 7/16B
11.80 10.45
Distinct and superior favor. Vigorous, hardy and bears early.
Pollinizers: Van, Black Tartarian, Lambert, Bing, Stella
Zone 4
'Rainier Cherry - Sweet'
11/16B 9/16B 7/16B
12.40 11.80 10.45
Fruit large, light yellow with pink blush, sweet all-purpose cherry. Mid-season.
Pollinizers: Van, Rainier, Sam, Stella
Zone 6
'RoyaI Anne Cherry' (NapoIeon) - Sweet
11/16B 9/16B 7/16B
12.40 11.80 10.45
Prunus Fruiting PIum
Large sweet, juicy, rich favor-one of the best. Long harvest season. Hardy,
heavy bearing.
Pollinizers: Beauty or Santa Rosa
Zone 5
'EIephant Heart PIum'
7/8B 11/16B 9/16B 7/16 B
11.00 10.10 9.00 7.80
Very rich, sweet favor, fresh/canned/jam, mid-season.
Pollinizers: Self-fertile
Zone 5
'Green Gage PIum'
7/8B 11/16B 9/16B 7/16 B
11.00 10.10 9.00 7.80
One of the largest and most beautiful plums. Juicy, tangy, favorful good fresh.
Pollinizers: Self-fertile
Zone 5
'Santa Rosa PIum'
7/8B 11/16B 9/16B 7/16 B
11.00 10.10 9.00 7.80
Hardy Italian prune. Excelent Producer.
Pollinizers: Self-fertile
Zone 5
'StanIey PIum'
7/8B 11/16B 9/16B 7/16 B
11.00 10.10 9.00 7.80
Medium sized fruite, yellow skin with russet dots. Fruit crisp, juicy with
very good favor. Mid-season.
Pollinizers: Liberty, Golden Delicious, Jonagold, MacIntosh
Zone 4
7/8B 11/16B 9/16B 7/16 B
11.10 10.40 9.20 8.10
Dark sweet feshed fruit. Matures after Bing.
Zone 5
11/16B 9/16B 7/16B
12.40 11.80 10.45
Medium, shiny, dark red fruit. Bears heavy and resistant to cracking. Hardy
and heave bearing. Mid-season.
Pollinizers: Bing, Lambert, Royal Ann, Rainier, Stella
Zone 5
11/16B 9/16B 7/16B
12.40 11.80 10.45
Late harvest. Skin is dark red with russet dots. Good dessert quality. Good for
cold regions.
Pollinizers: Pollinizer required
Zone 4
7/8B 11/16B 9/16B 7/16 B
11.00 10.10 9.00 7.80
Very hardy for Northern climates, richly favored.
Pollinizers: Self-fertile
Zone 3
7/8B 11/16B 9/16B 7/16 B
11.00 10.10 9.00 7.80
Pyrus Fruiting Pear
Easy to grow, juicy, sweet. Fresh/canning. Keeps well, small tree bears heavy.
Pollinizers: Any other Asian pear
Zone 5
'20th Century Pear' (Nijisseiki) (Asian)
11/16B 9/16B 7/16 B
11.00 10.00 8.50
Red Version of world`s most popular pear. Early mid-season, high quality,
tolerates hot summers.
Pollinizers: Self-fertile in arid West. Elsewhere, pollenized by
Bosc, d`Anjou, Winter Nelis.
Zone 5
'BartIett Pear'
11/16B 9/16B 7/16 B
11.00 10.00 8.50
Long & narrow shape, brown skin. Superb quality, one of the best. Harvest late
Oct. Fresh/cooked.
Pollinizers: Barlett
Zone 4
'Bosc Pear'
11/16B 9/16B 7/16 B
11.00 10.00 8.50
The gift pack pear. Sweet,aromatic,fne texture, superb favor and quality.
Late harvest.
Pollinizers: Self-fertile in arid West or plant with Barlett
Zone 4
'Comice Pear'
11/16B 9/16B 7/16 B
11.00 10.00 8.50
Large top quality. Ripe in September. Juicy, sweet, favorful. Very productive
and vigorous.
Pollinizers: Shinko, Chojuro, Bartlatt, or 20th Century.
Zone 4
'Hosui' (Asian)
9/16B 7/16 B
11.00 10.00
Easy to grow, juicy, sweet. Keeps well, vigorous, heavy bearing.
Pollinizers: Any other Asian pear.
Zone 4
'Shinseiki' (Asian)
9/16B 7/16 B
11.00 10.00
Fruit is frm and juicy with rich favor. Vigorous and productive tree.
Pollinizers: Bartlett or any other pear with same bloom time.
Zone 4
11/16B 9/16B 7/16 B
11.00 10.00 8.50