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Supply and Installation of

(DNV Approved)

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Maritime Aeronautical Land Mobile
1. Salient Features of our MARCOM GMDSS Simulator

DNV Approved Our GMDSS simulator is type-approved by DNV.

GMDSS Examination The examinations in South India is conducted on our

simulator. All the seven institutes conducting the DGS Approved GMDSS
course are using our simulator.

Propagation Algorithm - As a unique feature, the simulator system

incorporates a typical Propagation Algorithm as experienced in the VHF and
MF Communications.

For e.g. as per the geographical positions allocated to the student stations
by the Instructor, the system calculates the approximate distance between
the various student stations. The VHF and MF communication between them
will now be possible only if they are within the VHF range (50 Nm) or MF
range (400 Nm) of each other.

This feature can be used for advanced examination of the students. This can
be activated / deactivated by the instructor.

Fleet-77 The Simulators Fleet-77 module incorporates the latest GMDSS

Distress and Safety features, including Emergency Call Prioritization for
five levels of priorities; distress, urgency, safety, and routine (personal and
business) communications.

The built-in voice prioritization and Call Pre-emption enables non-essential

and low priority communications to be interrupted - ensuring safety and
emergency calls always get through.

Fleet-77 E-mail Service Through the Outluk Xpress feature of the Fleet-
77 module, we can send and receive e-mails between student stations using
ISDN and MPDS services, similar to any other mailing software normally used
in ships.

AIS The simulator is capable of providing this special feature. This again
makes use of the Propagation Algorithm. Only if the student stations are
placed within the VHF range of each other, the details of other stations can
be seen on the AIS module.

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Maritime Aeronautical Land Mobile
Battery Charger Panel this module is provided to enable candidates to
perform Battery On-load and Off-load test, which is a daily mandatory
requirement on board ships.

Fully Network based - Messages can be transmitted between Student

stations and also between the Instructor and student station. The successful
transmission can be checked from the screen of the station to which the
message was sent.
The simulator uses modules that are exact replica of the GMDSS
equipments used on board ships.


Software License for MARCOM GMDSS Simulator (ver 1.3)

consisting of following modules

MF/HF with DSC - Sailor

VHF with DSC - Sailor
INMARSAT-C - Sailor with Capsat
Fleet 77 - Thrane & Thrane
AIS - Nauticast
Navtex Receiver - Samyung
EPIRB - Jotron
SART with RADAR - Jotron
GMDSS Walkie-talkie - Sailor
NBDP Telex
Battery Charger Panel

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Maritime Aeronautical Land Mobile

S. No. Particulars
(in Rupees)
Software License for
1 MARCOM GMDSS Simulator (ver 1.3) 4,50,000
(Instructor + 3 Clients)

Software License for

2 MARCOM GMDSS Simulator (ver 1.3) 7,50,000
(Instructor + 6 Clients)

Software License for

3 MARCOM GMDSS Simulator (ver 1.3) 12,00,000
(Instructor + 12 Clients)

4 CST applicable 5%

Rs. 25,000/-
The Installation The following to be arranged by the Institute:
5 and Training
Flight tickets (To & fro) 1 person
Pick-up from Airport and Back
Decent Accommodation (for 3 days 1 person)

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Maritime Aeronautical Land Mobile
4. Terms and Conditions

1. Proposal Validity - 31st October 2016

2. Warranty 1 year

3. Payment Terms 75% in advance with Purchase Order

25% on installation and commissioning

4. Delivery Period 3 to 4 weeks from the receipt of

formal Purchase order and Advance

5. Computer Hardware and Accessories (as per the list below) to be locally
procured by the Training Centre.

6. Installation of Computers and Networking to be done by the Training Centre

5. Warranty Terms

ELAB offers a Warranty of One year for the Simulator.

During the warranty period, ELAB shall provide telephonic support for any
simulator related complaints from the Institute.

In case the simulator-related complaints cannot be rectified through

telephonic support, ELAB will make use of TeamViewer facility for remote
operation. The Institute will need to provide internet service on the
affected computer system for this purpose.

The Institute is recommended not to use the computer systems for any
purpose other than running the simulator programs. ELAB will not be
responsible for any operational defects of the simulator software caused
due to presence of virus in the systems.

The GMDSS Simulator comes with a Hardlock, which is the actual license
issued to the Institute. The security of the hardlock is the onus of the
institute. ELAB will not take any responsibility for the loss of hardlock.
Issuance of new hardlock will be considered only on fresh purchase of the
simulator software.

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6. Computer Hardware & Accessories (to be procured locally)


S. No Description Quantity
Computer Systems
Original Intel Motherboard (Latest) with
Built-in Sound, LAN
Intel Dual Core 2.0 GHz Box CPU 1 for
2 GB DDR2 800 MHz Memory
80 GB Seagate SATA Hard Disk Drive
1 Cabinet with SMPS
1GBPS Network Card 1 for each
Logitech Keyboard student
Logitech Optical Mouse station
Operating System Windows XP Prof

1 for
2 17 TFT Monitors
1 for each
3 DVD Writer 1 No.
Network Switch (1 GBPS)- 16 port with networking cables
4 1 No.
and connectors.
1 for
5 UPS 700VA
1 for each
1 for
6 Speakers
1 for each

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