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In an environment that is becoming both increasingly competitive and globalised,

businesses have an enormous amount of pressure to produce optimum

performance. I believe that a course such as Business Analytics can help
managers operate their organisations better by aiding them in making more
logical decisions, using data as their raw material.

I want to develop a greater understanding of the business environment in the

modern day and I look forward to learning its key principles. A topic that I am
intrigued by is Risk Management because it includes both an analysis of potential
hazards and the implementation of precautions in order to avoid these risks. This
can be done through Risk Mitigation- where there is an element of risk that is
unavoidable, but the severity of its consequences can be alleviated. I hope that
this degree would teach me widely-transferable skills to enable me to make
effective decisions in business.

A-Levels have prepared me for higher education by developing my

independence; in particular my approach to learning has matured and expanded.
I have learned to utilise the opportunities which are available to me, such as
participating in an online course on 'FutureLearn' called 'Business Analytics using
Forecasting', which broadened my understanding of when forecasting is used
and how to evaluate performance. The International Monetary Fund uses time
series data to forecast inflation and economic activity of each country. This
course has further developed my interest in Business Analytics and I am
enthusiastic about the opportunities I would get on a degree course.

As an inquisitive individual, I always seek for the answer at the root of any
situation. Mathematics has taught me how to have a methodical and systematic
approach to any problem, which incorporates problem-solving and data-handling.
Latin teaches me how to be meticulous in analysis; it has also improved my
communication as I find that discovering the Latin derivative of an English word
expands my vocabulary. Chemistry involves planning and research skills,
practical lab work and an evaluation of data collected. These skills which I have
acquired throughout the duration of my courses will support me as I continue
through to degree-level study.

Being elected as the Latin Prefect and the Sports Captain within my school
entrusts me with a lot of responsibility to represent these areas to other students
at open evenings and school events, and offer support to other pupils through
helping out in Latin lessons. These roles have developed my leadership skills as I
have sought to raise the profile of sport within the school. I understand that a
business-based degree has high demands and requires attributes such as
dedication and resilience. Taking up an activity such as dance, which requires
discipline, attention to precision and creativity has helped to develop these
qualities. I have immersed myself in different genres of dance to become
versatile, and regularly compete at qualifiers all over the UK and even in Europe.
The National Citizenship Service (NCS) taught me critical skills, such as team
cooperation and networking.
I am greatly looking forward to studying a business course at university and will
fully engage myself in university life.