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Life Interpretation Report for v

With an idea of how things should be in their best, ideal state, you use a combination of an
orderly numeric and linear mind-set with the advanced insights of an elegant philosopher to polish
your world to perfection. You can outsmart any opposition with rational exposition, and have the
imagination to persuade others that they need to do what you know they need to do before they
know it. Self-sufficient and self-involved, you prefer working for yourself but may fulfill two
roles simultaneously, as much of your life has a dual theme.

You possess a generous portion of personal grace, a pleasing manner, and a normally friendly
demeanor. You have many good qualities. You have personal magnetism. You are an outdoor

You are generous. You are affectionate by nature.

You are a calm person. You have a peace loving nature.

Your temperament is sincere. There is an artistic flair to your personality and a deep awareness
of beauty. You are good at making judgments. You are virtuous and take whatever happens to you
philosophically. You will deal with a variety of problems that will cause you to develop ingenuity
and imagination. You are wise. You will do well in situations where you have to be structured in
your thinking such as business management and politics.

You are energetic. You are very persevering once you really want something. You are assertive.
You can be very persuasive, but in a friendly and soft way. You are strong, with independent
views on life, its purpose, and evolutionary direction. You are brave. You are fearless. You are
very impulsive. In your approach to life, your goals are realistic. Your energy and motivation are
quite balanced. You make it a priority to do things in your own way, with your own style, to give
you the comfort of being free of stress.

You are used to getting whatever you want. You influence others attempting to practice piety,
although your motives involve a need for real transformation from the depths.

There is an otherworldly, impractical aspect to your personality and mind. You may have an
eccentric or spiritual nature.

Your egoistic attitude and fanaticism makes you overconfident and careless. You are a greedy
person. You have a materialistic outlook of life. You are not very attached to expansion on the
material plane. You may be parsimonious and can suffer financial challenges. You may pay more
attention to what is wrong than what goes right. You are somewhat naive and do not always know
how to guard against secret enmities or jealousy coming from others.

You are a private person and do not like to show your hurts and injuries to others. You may be
immoral occasionally. Your impulsiveness may lead you to immoral acts.

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You are prone to anger. You have an angry kind of righteousness, and when you are acting according to the
righteous judgments and values, you tend to act harshly and even aggressively. You can be irritable and
spiteful, with a short temper. You tend to be critical.

You are sensitive and zealous. There may be a hesitation to act in some of your endeavors. You may be
lacking in self-confidence. You have a tendency to evaluate yourself only according to feedback from the
environment. Perhaps you are too dependent on the opinions of others.

Paying too much attention to small details, you fail to see the big picture. Staying at home too much can
bring on boredom. You do not act up to standard. Indolence and lethargy may be your weak sides. You may
be a disturbed person. Sometimes the desire to please can distract you from focusing on your own goals.

You may find that you have to work a bit in order to avoid inconsistency or a tendency to drift.

You find happiness in knowledge from foreign lands. Lively and open situations are conducive to the
fulfillment of your desires. You have many contacts who bring happiness. You may find that making others
happy gives you comfort and contentment. Your best way of attaining happiness and inner contentment may
be through selfless service to those who are in need. Longing for happiness and inner contentment, you use
any means to seize anything that you think may bring happiness, even when unrealistic. Your happiness
seems to never be simple or easy; better complicated or a little difficult than not at all. There is not much
happiness found in material gains or family life.

Your body is large. You have medium stature. There is a possibility of having curly hair. Your hair may be
dark brown or black. You have a swarthy complexion. You have beautiful eyes.

Favorable colors for you are green, white, and blue; you should avoid yellow, red, and orange.

You have the gift of the gab. You may be eloquent. You are sweet spoken.

You are a commanding speaker and visibly improve with practice.

Expression of your thoughts and feelings reflect a serious tone. Since you are so careful, you can develop
excellent communication skills.

You may lack eloquence in speech and would rather express yourself through writing than speaking.

Your speaking may be dry and pedantic. You can be very rugged in speech. You tend to speak ill of others.

You are not strong in debate and should avoid arguments as others get the better of you. You need to

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cultivate more tact and charm in your expressions.

Your mind is steady and practical. You are a positive thinker.

You work in an intellectual or spiritual field and may have excellent mental skills. Once you understand
something, you can gain a deep understanding of the matter. Your mind is oriented to gain fulfillment of your
goals. You are always applying your mind carefully to the work at hand.

With a philosophical bent of mind, you will seek understanding about your position and actions in the world.
Sooner or later, you realize your hopes.

You use your mind and discrimination to open new opportunities for you, and lead you to new resources.
You are always comparing yourself to others in a similar situation; you tend to think they are more fortunate
than you. Your mind is irritable in particular when you find that you can't access the information that you

Sometimes you feel trapped by the labyrinth of physical matter. Your thinking can be overly literal rather
than imaginative. You may be narrow-minded. Your thinking processes are unorthodox. It is difficult for you
to follow established procedures; you would rather invent your own methods.

Your mind may tend to be slow and inclined towards overly serious thoughts and pessimism. You may
frequently experience mental dullness, or other intellectual restrictions. Your mind and emotions are filled up
with worldly desires for more status, more gaudy possessions, lovers that are more fancy and ostentatious
houses and vehicles.

You have a pious soul. The people and environment around you easily influence you. Your emotions are very
sensitive to both the high and the low; you may easily get too excited, or too hurt over matters that are not
that important. You may prefer to "feel" rather than to think and can get yourself into trouble this way.
Although at times you may have a hard time putting a finger on it, you can feel that you are a part of a bigger
whole, something that transcends your individuality.

You are given to moods and whims. You may feel as though your sense of individuality is kind of diffused
and non-determined. Disappointments in life may lead to a feeling of frustration. Insatiable desires for
comforts give rise to many emotional upsets and other distortions. Since you are so aware of the role of forces
outside yourself having a say over your destiny, sometimes you feel powerless to do anything because you
feel you have no control over what happens.

You have an intense and easily disturbed emotional life. You will find somewhat complicated psychological
ways to avoid emotional turbulence. You always muse about your past when emotionally upset. Your
emotional life will be subject to a great deal of transformations and confrontations throughout your lifetime.

You may be too self-indulgent concerning your minute-to-minute feelings. You feel your home or property
needs improvement, and you may seek help or new or foreign methods to make home nicer. You find your
way in the world through your feelings, are introverted on subjective issues and everything that you
experience is held in memory. Sometimes you can be hard-hearted.

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Intellectual comprehension and high moral values are qualities that describe you well.

Your thinking is dark and you are too self-serving and self-confident.

You have a good education.

Self-study and research are natural activities for you. Mathematics and scientific research may capture your

Perhaps you may not be educated enough to have a University degree. There are breaks in your higher
education. Your education may make you a misfit in the actual world.

You may have some deep knowledge or insights in the area of mechanical structures. You may have a savage
thirst for knowledge that deprives you of friends and people who could share your thoughts. You have
positive, rewarding experiences in the field of knowledge and education, formal or informal. Your wisdom
and knowledge is superior to your enemies. Your thinking is suited to technical and specialized studies.

You will be open to increased learning every day.

You are very skilled at what you do, and well aware of the leading edge frontiers in your chosen area. You
are skilled to realize your goals with the strength of your ambitions.

You are the winner when conflicts do arise. You are good at dealing with people. You are skilled at
participating in group activities and understand the mindset of society as a whole. You are capable of dealing
with changing and unforeseen circumstances. You can hold an audience. You are able to explain the view of
management or power centers to a wider audience.

You are a good organizer and manager, and can be very practical, frugal, and careful in money matters.

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You are good at spotting new opportunities and acquiring the skills to utilize them. You may enjoy esoteric
or occult abilities.

You may be an excellent computer programmer or skilled in foreign languages.

You are skilled and able to balance a budget well. You are successful in financial dealings. You have some
knowledge in the area of nutrition.

You lack skill in worldly matters. You may lack the drive to work to your full capacity.

You have a good and artistic imagination and you express it creatively. You are a creative person.

Your sense of poetry, metaphor and the making of unusual leaps of thought keep becoming more elaborate.

You like the arts and are blessed with various skills.

You are brave and excel in sports and outdoor activities - in fact, you may teach survival skills. You may be
known as an expert on bodybuilding.

You are steady and reliable concerning your duties. You engage in positive deeds with a consciousness of
your legacy to others and the pull of your own destiny. You harbor a healthy attitude and positive ambitions
in your behavior towards others. You may seem very rough and hard in your behavior externally, but are very
soft and gentle inside. You are quick and clever where it comes to taking advantage of opportunities.

You have a wild side and do not like being told what to do. You can go to great lengths to keep your
activities secret.

You like to act according to ethical norms and principles. You benefit others. You have a high sense of ethics
and are keen to help those less fortunate than you are. You can easily sacrifice your efforts and time by
volunteering help and assisting those who are in need. You easily provide support to others without expecting
to get the same in return. Your energy goes into philanthropic pursuits, looking for the good of society as a
whole. Your aim is to serve. You may put out more than you get in return in serving others.

You are an excellent listener.

You can be haughty sometimes. You may use secrecy and even try to remotely thwart or hinder your
competition in your various dealings. You can be harsh with those who do not match your mental projections.

Detachment from society and the moral and cultural limitations may cause you to break those boundaries and

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act in a way that some would consider immoral. You may not always place the highest morals in the
foreground of your actions and consequently you may indulge in activity that some consider immoral or
illegal. Under stress, you may act secretively and not too honorably.

You like to live close to your roots. You like gardens, plants, and greenery.

You like simple principles that are easy to grasp. You appreciate knowledge that is ancient, thorough, and

You have a liking for water. You like fishes or fishing. You like mathematics and believe in statistics. You
are interested in efficiency and labor saving techniques and technology. You like exploring the mysteries of
life but to express those thoughts in the format of religious or philosophical terms might make you feel
vulnerable. You choose to keep those experiences to yourself. You crave independence. You like to set goals
and often achieve them.

You like to change your house, work, or work place. You like to work in a private, hidden kind of
environment. You may be interested in gambling or esoteric studies.

You are fond of nature, beauty, poetry, and literature.

You will enjoy comfortable beds. You will be interested in doing prayers or spiritual techniques that allow
the mind to settle down and experience inner silence. You will develop a spiritual interest in renunciation,
charitable work, or institutes that have an idealistic purpose.

Pets may be problematic.

The area of higher knowledge, philosophy, or religion might feel uncomfortable to you. You may dislike the
thinking process itself and seek other ways of obtaining knowledge, whether intuitive or speculative.

You may have poor and irregular eating habits. You consume alcohol periodically. You may be addicted to
drinks and drugs.

You may offer a strong resistance to diseases and may heal yourself spiritually. You have concerns for health
and security, which you vigorously try to advance.

Ailments of the chest and sexual problems are possible. Your throat may become dry. Your eyesight can
develop some problem, and for that or other health problems, you will be hospitalized on at least one
occasion. You may face health problems concerning the eyes, the teeth, the breasts, the blood sugar, or the

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reproductive system.

Be careful when swimming or playing in water. You should be careful while boating.

You are a favorite with your father but sometimes have trouble connecting with your mother. You will not
have much happiness from your parents, particularly your father, whose relationship with your mother will
cause some distress to one or both of you.

Your mother is a righteous crusader with a love of philosophy and a magical ability for making the world
reflect her beliefs. She can be a leader of an educational or spiritual organization or a globetrotting author.
She is naturally fortunate, often having wishes fulfilled quickly. Able to handle constant mental and physical
stimulation, your mother is set to benefit from this age of constant media barrage and information overload.
Her expansive, humorous, socially adept disposition allows her to inspire and lead others. She is a knowledge
giver and knows the wisdom of meeting all her commitments. She is highly ethical and dutiful but also
streetwise and witty. She benefits from excellent teachers and guides and has good fortune with several kinds
of education. She is likely to make a name for herself in one or more areas of life. Her prosperous father has
been an example and she is likely to be the same to her grandchildren. She is fortunate and profits from
travels, publishing, university connections, and teaching. Your mother can handle highly confidential affairs
with discretion, as she is the soul of rectitude. A legal mind-set, a dutiful and regulated way of behaving,
makes her a successful strategist. Respectful to elders, she attempts to follow the right path and may run into
complex situations and quirks of human psychology that present barriers to her progress. She attempts to be
tactful and devises the most appropriate ways of speaking the truth. She is a resourceful manager and is
oriented toward serving the widest possible public. She likes to open the tap slowly when beginning to
expand. She may go on long missions or pilgrimages, and may communicate about spiritually uplifting
topics. She is interested in art more as a connoisseur than as a participant. She has a good eye for the bottom
line and has an impressive voice for singing or reciting. Your mother has a truthful nature and emphasizes the
use of higher philosophies in daily life, sometimes in an impractical blend of wanting to use the highest to
achieve the lowest. Destiny carries her to the purlieus of great teachers, and then puts her to work in worldly
arenas to somehow promote an otherworldly message. This can make her somewhat hard or occasionally
makes she feel trapped into using extralegal or out of favor methods to achieve her ends. Such phases are
only temporary, however. Her fortune is likely to come in unusual ways, and comes after she commits to
serving her guru. Spiritual grumbling is ill advised. Your mother is drawn to intellectual and mental work.
Your mother has a strong sense of play and partying, which can turn to self-indulgence. Your mother craves
progress. Your mother dislikes taking orders. Your mother has a liberal view point towards new ideas, but she
will not be attracted to new thoughts to the extent that it would severe all connections from old traditions.
Often your mother can be seen with her nose in a book or newspaper.

Your mother may have dual careers, either successively or contemporaneously. Your mother is a blunt

Your mother may be perceived as somewhat different, extravagant, or eccentric. Physical exercise and open
air do wonders for your mother. Forgetting the good others have done to your mother, your mother may lack
loyalty and the sympathy to understand why she should be loyal. Since your mother has a dual nature,

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important events often happen in pairs, or your mother may have two main goals at once. Your mother may
have to face some upsetting experiences or even premature death. Your mother may have marital difficulties
but remains happy and gives you support. You may take after your mother. You may lose your mother early in
life. You have benevolent feelings for your mother but see that she does not always do what is in her best
interests. You are independent from your mother and somewhat more involved with the interests of your
father. The person you emotionally feel close to, as your mother, may not be your actual mother. Your
relationship with your mother will at some point be very close, but at other times of your life distant and
absent. You may have difficulties with your mother, or she may have difficulties of her own.

You father is the one, who keeps things stable, pleasantly perseveres, and holds together the family. Earthy,
thorough, and conservative, he earns respect from his near and dear ones. He likes to be in the driver's seat.
Your father has a good feel for the desires of the masses, and is comfortable with older and mature
associates. His level of knowledge and understanding is high and is the product of long reflection. He
understands issues of business and the economy, agriculture, the food industry, the role of women in society,
and the pressures that cause markets to go up and down. He is self-controlled, enjoying a gradual
accumulation of wealth, and has a rich, considered way of speaking. He believes in comforts being spread
across the social spectrum and prefers a simple or traditional choice of diet. His structured intellect can bar
him from letting go, enjoying, and relaxing. You father's cravings for material comforts sometimes win out
over ethical niceties. Some of the more hedonistic members of his family tree may have served as examples
of the quest for wealth, good foods, and pleasures. He has a hard time overcoming old negative habits. He
has artistic and musical talent but can sometimes be upended on financial issues. He is a leader in
encouraging people to accumulate money and goods from foreign sources as a matter of policy, and is an
enthusiastic proponent of high tech. Your father likes adorning himself. Success cannot be fully obtained by
your father before the karmic dues of the past are paid. Your father is interested in words, reading, writing,
speech, media, computers, and communications.

Your father may lead a difficult life and experience financial crisis. Your father's work may be highly
respectable. Your father may have more than one job and may travel often.

Your father is talkative. Your father is firm by nature.

Your father mulls over trivial things and this may lead to delay in getting some of his important work done.
Your father is materialistically inclined, with a yen to accumulate luxurious things. Your father can be very
possessive. There are times when physical urges overpower your father's mind - he can feel self-seeking or
even demonic in the grip of a natural overflow.

As a sophisticated and cosmopolitan person, your father relates very well to foreigners.

Your relationship with your father will be better than with your mother. You have a high respect for some
mentor or father figure. As a child, you would have liked to be closer to your father. You try hard to please
your father but he does not seem to understand who you really are. Something about your relationship with
your father may be eclipsed, either he is absent or anxious, or if you are lucky, he may be very spiritual. You
may find it hard to accept him as senior to you. You may be separated from your father's home or contact due
to forces beyond your control that may come from realms of deep psychological transformation or from
embarking on a quest that he cannot follow you on. He may eclipse your identity through overzealous care.

Your older sister and/or mother are well balanced, successful and rather feminine. Your family is warm and
affectionate and provided an excellent start in life for you to develop healthy social skills. You are playful and
charming with your friends, and family and you are likely to connect well with your children.

You are home loving and much attached to your family. You may be close to female relatives. You may feel

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like the odd man out in your family life, as if everyone else gets more attention than you. You may be
disturbed by domestic turmoil related to children and to losses caused by your partners and siblings. You can
be tyrannically controlling of your family and assistants. Your selfish interests may make you neglect your
family members.

You may have good communication with an older sibling. They may be dependent upon you. Your older
sibling could help in your career.

A younger brother or male friend causes problems, either financial or emotional. You might have some
struggle with your siblings and some strain and worry in your relationship with your mother and father. You
will rely too much on intuition and on being helped by friends and siblings.

Your older sibling may teach some important lessons of life. Elder siblings or friends, who may be older and
wiser or precede you in office, smooth the way for you.

Younger siblings appreciate your interest in them, but your parents may be inaccessible.

You are romantic. You are lovable. You can be possessive in love. You may dream of romance but never be
able to settle down with a real relationship. Your romantic partners are likely to be older than you.

Romances are serious business for you, but they can produce more pain than pleasure. You may put out
money and energy in your pursuit of the opposite sex's company and you may lose respect and assets due to
your bad habits of indulgence. It would be difficult for you get romantically involved with someone without
feeling an obligation. Perhaps, your love relationships may not be as long lasting as you would like.

You may be quite interested in intimate encounters with the opposite sex. You have an active fantasy life and
love to live in your self-made world of stories and dreams.

You have a vigorous and much-enjoyed sex life. You are not strongly interested in sex. Your mate's sexual
response may not be on a par with yours.

Relationships and marriage are important issues in your life. Your spouse is a true friend. The lesson for you
in the realm of marriage might be selfless and sincere service in the relationship. You are oddly analytical in
your attitudes even to those you love, although you may not always show it. Putting your work before your
spouse may cause him/her to look for companionship elsewhere.

Marriage is likely to be afflicted. There is a possibility that you will experience a loss in relationship,
perhaps due to confusion or dullness of some sort, or because your world was so alien to the spouse, and vice
versa. Marital separation is possible. There will be challenges such as divorce, clandestine affairs, elopement,
separation, and health problems.

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Marriage may be difficult; your spouse will cost you a great deal of money.

Your spouse may be a person that you have known since childhood and you are very close. Your spouse is
somewhat independent and very busy in various pursuits. Your husband is the multiple personality type. Your
spouse's speech may be coarse. Your husband often approaches his friends for advice but later makes no use
of it.

Your husband tends to build castles in the air. Your husband always seems to be busy taking part in some

The way you will attract a partner will be cautious and hesitant, with an emphasis on responsibility from the
very onset. It can be said that your husband possesses more than one set of emotional reactions. Your husband
is drawn to asylums, ashrams, sanatoriums, clinics, hermitages, prisons, and out of the way places. Your
husband can be inconstant and indecisive. Your husband easily wastes precious time in getting involved in the
confusion of resolution, desire, decision, indecision, what is to be done and what is not to be done. Your
husband can get caught in contradictions.

Your husband depends on others. Your husband is unable to stay alone. Your husband's imaginative powers
are very fertile but acting assertively to realize his dreams is not his strongest side. Your husband can go
overboard telling others his troubles, attempting to gain sympathy. Your husband's innate flexibility may
sometimes result in inconsistency, in his effort to stay aligned with others. Your partner or spouse may have a
very strong influence on your personality and actions. You may be happier by marrying someone born in a
foreign country. Your spouse's parents may have suffered some misfortune or have been involved in activities
outside the law.

Your spouse is likely to come from a poor background and be much less educated and cultured than you are.
Your husband is prone to spend too much on comforts and luxury. Your spouse may be a spendthrift.

You have many friends. You enjoy their friendship greatly. Friends may sympathize with you and even
consider you a martyr or one who has suffered much. You are connected to organizations which are likely to
be famous and successful. Employees and older people tend to be your supporters and allies. It is difficult to
maintain close friends who are happy and balanced. Some of your friends go through health problems and
other serious troubles which you may be able to help them overcome, and in the end they usually get through
their difficulties.

Through friends you will see your destiny realized. You will get acquainted with influential people who will
enhance your success. You have a transforming effect on your friends and associates. You get along with
most people, but you are particularly attracted to intellectuals and artists. You can outlast many of your
friends in activities, as you have endurance and staying power. You learn the most important lessons from

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your friends and what happens to them, which may not be all pleasant.

Your enemies and adversaries may have more financial resources than you and you may be on the losing end
materially in your dealings with them.

Sometimes people accuse you of being spaced out or not all there. There are often questions and uncertainty
as to how you really feel and think about a situation. Others sometimes find you to be crude or rude, which
may hold you back from deserved promotions. You are generally liked and popular with most people, because
you are romantic and attractive to the opposite sex. You will be quite popular. You are celebrated due to your
bright wit. You are a brilliant soul whose radiance may be only seen by your close friends and associates.
Older people like you better than young people do.

You will be well known and connect well with prosperous individuals. In extreme cases you might lose a
high position due to treachery or adverse public reactions. You prefer being surrounded by successful people,
whether artists, businesspeople, or social activists.

You are very hospitable and like to entertain others at home. You may cause unnecessary dramas and
traumas for those around you. You form relationships easily, and you try to be at harmony with everyone.
Dealing with simple, honest people puts your heart and mind at peace, as an antidote to your tendency to
attract commotion. Your capability of making a relationship is very useful in business and social life.

Associations with foreigners or foreign countries will be beneficial and will widen your horizons.

You are ambitious. You are keen about getting ahead and finding your fortune in life. You set your dreams
high. You carefully plan the phases of your career.

You will be an expert in your line of activity. Your work involves service to others. Your field of work is
likely to involve a lot of communication. You have a great talent for performing detail work. You could come
under pressure and perhaps even fail sometimes in your work with large organizations. Your progress in
business or occupation may have some obstacles or setbacks along the way. You may have to deal with
personal or confidential information. You are a persistent researcher. You adapt yourself to others' needs as a
way of getting your job done. Your career is related to an area which is somewhat unusual or hard to define.

You may have good business acumen. Business progress may be stilted due to lack of vision.

Your employers and teachers may be from foreign countries. A boss is an unpopular figure to you. Disliking
routine work, especially involving subordination, you clash with superiors.

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Your employees may include foreigners, as will your students. You may have difficulties with employees or

You are courageous, assertive and pushing in your work, but in an irregular, impulsive kind of way.
Confused goals and aspirations may adversely affect your career.

You may attain a great position of power. You may gain fame for unusual accomplishments. You belong to
organizations with high status. You get to associate with people of status and celebrity. You have helpers or
aides or servants who help fight your causes. You stand out in a crowd. Most of the projects that you set your
mind to succeed. You attain remarkable victories. Eventually, you will be successful due to the deep lore you
acquire that others will find useful.

You are serious and you become successful and well established after the age of 35. There may be
unexpected changes in career. There will be some obstruction or delay in your career development. If you
have creative talents, this placement will make it very difficult for you to express them or will delay the time
when you become recognized for your talents. You may excel in foreign countries or while working for a
foreign owned company.

You will be concerned to safeguard your reputation and your honor. With perseverance you can be
recognized as an authority in your field. You have a strong sense of honor and you constantly try to act
morally. You may be well known in political circles. Political problems may be an issue in your life. Your
relationship with the government may have some strain.

You will do all right for yourself financially. Your connections will bring you good income and success. You
will earn income in a variety of ways, but always in a fair manner. On the whole you are self-made.

You will get many prosperous opportunities. You will make a lot of money. There will always be a way for
you to have some financial resources. Previous lives have lined you up to cash in this time. Wealth and
acclaim are likely to come to you. You become wealthy but may be distant from your relatives and family.
You will gain vehicles, clothing, wealth, happiness and respect after overcoming some obstacles. Your
openness to opportunities brings you gains and prosperity.

Finances may not be very smooth. You may not be able to handle your finances well.

You easily get things that make you comfortable.

Friends and friendships will contribute to your income.

You are bound to become financially successful and innovative in your career. Your career, reputation and

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status will open up many great opportunities in terms of experience and new avenues for financial resources
for you. You gain amply from business and service positions.

You keep close track of your possessions and have neatly arranged closets. Be careful when buying used
cars, as they can give you trouble. Your car or other vehicles are important to you and sometimes cause
annoyance. Also try to curtail your taste for owning vehicles beyond your means.

You may make money in real estate. You may invest in land and property. You will have many houses. You
may have problems with land, property or vehicles, it is advisable to always have insurance. Beware of
problems in the foundation of your house.

You are financially comfortable. You may be generous towards spiritual causes. You or your spouse spend
on learning and education. You are good at making beneficial investments, but have to watch out for

Beware of robberies as your security may be threatened from time to time. You tend to spend on
partnership-related activities and not get an adequate return for the money or energy expended.

Your actions and work are oriented around the spiritual values in your life. You can be quite intense and
defensive about your spiritual or religious views. While you may be drawn to the technical side of yoga and
other spiritual disciplines you do not normally go in for devotional practices.

You may reach enlightenment in this lifetime. It is possible that you are rather enlightened and are a secret
spiritual genius. You may be entirely devoted to the unfoldment of spiritual consciousness to the exclusion of
everything else. You may decide to define or try to realize your individual boundaries with spiritual practices
or self-sacrifice, with which you may actually attain the highest stage of self-realization. Occult subjects hold
a fascination for you. You are likely to know techniques for gaining spiritual advancement such as mantras,
prayers, meditations, and other life-giving practices. Also you have a deep streak of wisdom in your soul and
easily succeed in meditation. Spiritual practice such as meditation will give you a very rewarding experience,
and help you a great deal. If you follow the spiritual path, you get the finest of gurus, and you spend some
time living in the guru's ashram.

You may gain access to specialized fields of spiritual knowledge. You gain knowledge of sacred and holy
doctrines and you have a very strong sense of purpose in life. Losses and death are often perceived in a
positive, spiritual context. You may also have a desire to withdraw from society, to seek out and come to
terms with this universal sense of wholeness within you.

There may be a tendency to be unreal or hypocritical, particularly in showing goodness and religious fervor.
You have a well-developed inner life and strong opinions about the nature of after-death experience.

In religion you follow your head more than your heart. You can be very psychic and you are interested in
reading scriptures.

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You may go through periods of severe doubt or atheism. You are non-appreciative towards religious values.
You may be eclectic in matters of religion and spirit and offend those who are fundamentalist or purist.

You may live away from your homeland. You are likely to live in residences owned by someone else.

You are fond of change. You are very restless, changeable and are fond of wandering and travelling; you
will have many changes in your life. You enjoy vacationing and visiting friends. You are fond of water, lakes
or sea, and may go on a voyage but always love to come back to your home. You are somewhat of a nomad
not securely tied down by home, relatives, properties, community life etc. You may have to leave home or
travel quite a bit. You can be restless. You may travel a lot - especially on short trips. You have an inclination
to travel to distant countries. You are likely to move away from the place were you grew up, and you may go
through a number of subsequent moves after you settle in another area. There may be travels on account of
your work to exotic or spiritual places. You prefer not to spread yourself too thin by excessive travelling.
Travel is problematic.

In a sense it could be said that the flow of life supports you.

You will leave home at an early age. You will gradually amass more and more land, buildings, and cash until
by the age of 60 or so, you are quite financially secure.

Life seems unkind to you at times. There may be significant defeats that you have to go through; sometimes a
fall is harder after a rise.

Your actions tend to be supported by good luck. Your desires are often fulfilled and you are lucky for others

Due to the credit of your previous birth, you will be fortunate in have amazing healing capabilities. You may
improve your luck by being of service to women or female deities. There is a natural attraction to improve
your life by moving away, and going to other countries.

You may be confined either in a prison or in a hospital. In your life you may have associations with places of
seclusion like hospitals, prisons or asylums.

Secrecy may backfire against you sometimes, so be careful out there.

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Excellent stones for you are emerald, green tourmaline, and opal or diamond.

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