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GoC Training Technical

Competence in use Minimum Hardware Requirements

>> To ensure the successful application of the GoC process into a project - 1.5GHz Processor or greater.
it is recommended that the project ensures that staff have achieved a - 512MB RAM or greater.
minimum level of training in all GoC processes. - 1024 x 768 or greater screen resolution.

Currently qedi offers the following GoC specific Software Requirements

training courses:
- Microsoft Windows XP (professional or
- GoC Lunch and Learn - An overview of the GoC process that is tablet PC edition).
targeted at Project Management. - Microsoft Word (required to view systems
- GoC Foundation Course - A 1 day intensive course aimed at all >> GoC - Guidance on Certification. generated certificates).
personnel who will have a direct input into the completions process. A total Completions Management process - Microsoft Excel (for mass data import).
- GoC Database Course - A 2 day intensive database course for designed to deliver Technical Integrity. - Adobe Acrobat Reader (to view reports).
personnel who will be responsible for populating and running the - Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.1 or greater.
GoC database.
- GoC Development Course - A 2 day course which is aligned directly Internet / Network Connection
to specific project requirements. The goal is to ensure a project is
- 512Kbs or greater broadband internet
equipped with all necessary information in order to successfully
recommended for main users.
implement all aspects of the GoC process.
- Occasional / backup access through

>> Further courses will be made in 2007 to include: 58Kbs dialup modem or over GPRS mobile
phone network is possible (with reduced
- Certification Engineering - A 4 day intensive course for
the development of Certification Engineers.
- GoC web database introduction.
- GoCCMS web database introduction.
GoC - Guidance on Certification.
- Mnemonics and Functional Systemisation.
- Completion of Certification.
A total Completions Management process
- Compilation of Handover Completion Packages (HCPs). designed to deliver Technical Integrity.

qedi, centurion court, north esplanade west, aberdeen, ab11 5qh, scotland, u.k.
t +44 (0)1224 589773 f +44 (0)1224 589772 e w
The GoC process uses The new GoC
minimum certification database is of course
in the assurance of compatible with our
Technical Integrity - this own GoCCMS
reduces the paper chase
Process & Procedures database utilising
The GoC Database
during Commissioning standard Inspection
and Start-up and Test Records
- Provides a methodology that breaks down the total >> The GoC database has been in use since the early
asset into discrete manageable sections. 90s and has been upgraded to a .net web based system

- Provides a breakdown structure that identifies the in 2007. This is ideal for projects with multiple locations

work by systems and sub-systems. since it now operates via the internet and stores all
data on a remote server, thus giving all locations access
- Utilises a process that identifies minimum inspection
to the same live data.
and testing requirements.

- Establishes a clear auditable trail from design through >> The new GoC database is open and can be configured

to construction, commissioning, operations and to accept any client or proprietary Completions system.

ongoing maintenance. This allows projects that have been constructed using
different completions systems to be commissioned in
- Provides a handover process inclusive of all
accordance with the GoC process.
Inspection and testing, punch listing, as-building
and management of change. >> The new GoC database is of course compatible with

>> The GoC Management process defines procedural - Provides a process that supports local, state, national our own GoCCMS database which uses standard

and international codes, standards and legislative Inspection and Test Records. The advantage here is
and certification requirements for the inspection and test that configuration has already been done and the full
activities for Fabrication, Construction, Pre-Commissioning, - Enables projects to demonstrate the achievement
system is already in compliance with the GoC process.

Commissioning and Start-up of systems leading to the of technical integrity. The system is fully web based with the
handover of completed works to the operating group. - Enables operations to demonstrate the maintenance following features:
of technical integrity.
- Simultaneous access from multiple locations over
>> The GoC Management process is broken down into - Provides a risk assessment tool to aid operators in
any internet or intranet connection.
three key elements - The GoC Process and Procedures, evaluating activities associated with normal
- Stand alone use if required.
operations (i.e. shutdowns, maintenance activities).
the Database and Training. - No requirement for local installation.
- No requirement for special software.
- Uses latest web technology.
- User friendly and easy to learn.
- Retrieves records quickly.
- Can be linked to project planning systems.
- Monitors mechanical completion, commissioning
activities, punch-listing progress, management of
change queries, as-building status.
- Easily modified to suit customer requirements.