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Intellectual Property Law

Semester- VI


Module I- Introduction

1) Intellectual property: meaning, nature and significance

2) Various forms of intellectual properties: copyright, patent, trademark, design,
geographical indication, semiconductor and plant variety
3) Major international instruments relating to the protection of intellectual properties: the
Paris Convention, 1883, the Berne Convention, 1886, the WIPO Convention, 1967, the
TRIPs Agreement, 1994 etc.

Module II- Copyright

1) Copyright: meaning ,scope

2) Subject matter of copyright: original literary, dramatic, musical, artistic works;
cinematograph films and sound recordings
3) Ownership of copyright , Assignment and licence of copyright
4) Infringement and exceptions of infringement of copyright and remedies against
infringment of copyright: civil, criminal and administrative.
Module III Trade Marks

1. Trade mark: meaning,scope

2. Absolute and relative grounds of refusal
3. Doctrine of honest concurrent user
4. Procedure for registration and term of protection
5. Rights of holder and assignment and licensing of marks
6. Infringement and remedies
7. Trade marks registry and appellate board
Module IV- Patents
1. Patent: meaning
2. Criteria for patentability and non-patentable inventions
3. Procedure for registration and term of protection
4. Grants of patent, rights of patentee and revocation of patent
5. Compulsory licence and government use of patent
6. Infringement, exceptions to infringement of patent and remedies
7. Patent office and Appellate Board
Module V- Other forms of IP

(A) Design
1. Design: meaning and concept of novel and original
2. Procedure for registration, effect of registration and term of protection
(B) Geographical Indication (GI)
1. Geographical indication:meaning, and difference between GI and trade marks
2. Procedure for registration, effect of registration and term of protection
(C) Plant Variety Protection
1. Plant variety protection: meaning and benefit sharing and farmers rights