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Department for Education

2 St Pauls Place
125 Norfolk Street
Sheffield S1 2FJ

Date: 2 May 2017

Sabhooi Samili
Epping Forest College
Borders Lane
IG10 3SA

Dear Sabhooi

As you are aware, Deputy FE Commissioner Marilyn Hawkins and FE Advisers Beri Hare
and Bob Smith will be visiting Epping Forest College on 10 th and 11th May to assess the
colleges progress since being in Commissioner-led intervention.

The FEC Team will arrive at 09:00am on 10th May to have an initial pre-meeting amongst
themselves, before commencing formal meetings from 10:00 am. (I would be grateful if you
could please arrange a room for this). The team would then like to meet with you initially,
followed by a meeting with the Chair, ideally at 11: am. During the course of their visit,
Marilyn would like to meet with the Clerk but is happy for this to be on either the 10 th or 11th.
In addition, she would like to meet a small group of Governors, including at least one new
Governor if possible.

On Quality related matters, Beri Hare would like to meet with VP Curriculum and Quality,
the Teaching & Learning Manager, the work-based learning/employer engagement
Manager, Heads of School, the Governor with responsibility for Quality & Standards, a
group of full time and part-time staff (new and established if possible) and a group of full-
time and part-time students.

On Finance related matters, Bob Smith would like to meet with the Senior Lead, Head of
Finance, Head of Management Information Systems, Chair of Finance and Chair of Audit.

In preparing for the stocktake assessment, the FEC team have also requested to see the
following documents prior to their visit:


Data for attendance, retention, achievement etc. Total for the college and the split by
age and also the split by level against National rates please.
Apprenticeship success overall and timely - against National rates,
Management Accounts,

Mid-year forecast,

Current learner numbers against target.

The team can be flexible with the time-table of meetings to suit the College and expect to
finish around 1-2 pm on the 11th May. I would appreciate it if you could prepare an itinerary
for the visit and forward this, together with the requested documents to the above email
address by noon 8 May 2017.

Finally, would you please provide 2 car parking spaces.

If you should have any queries, please email us at the address at the top of this letter.

Yours sincerely

Further Education Commissioners Office

Richard Atkins FE Commissioner
Marilyn Hawkins Deputy FE Commissioner
Beri Hare FE Adviser
Bob Smith FE Adviser
David Jeffrey ESFA Deputy Director