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Common Lesson Plan

Grade Level: 5th

Subject: PE
Date: 4/22/17
Common Core/State Standard(s):
SD Physical Education Standards:
Catches with consistent control with both partners moving in dynamic, small-
sided practice tasks. (S1.E16.5c)
. Throws (both underhand and overhand) to a large target with accuracy.
Critiques the etiquette involved in rules of various game activities. (S4.E5.5a)
Accepts, recognizes and actively involves others with both higher and lower
skill abilities into physical activities and group projects. (S4.E4.5a)

Learning Objective(s): Students will be able to(SWBAT)

The students will demonstrate teamwork.
The students will demonstrate throwing and catching skills.
The students will be able to demonstrate the rules of the game.

Rationale: Describe how this lesson is developmentally appropriate:


What skills and content are needed to master the lesson objective(s)?
The students need to understand how to throw and catch the
dodgeballs. They need to learn to work as a team. They also need
to know how to build the hula-huts.
How is this objective relevant to students, their lives, and/or the real world?
The students need to learn to work as a team or collaboratively as
well as follow and understand rules. These are two important life
What types of instructional strategies will you use to deliver the content?
I will use direct instruction to inform the students of the rules and
strategies of the game.
How does your lesson reflect educational theories/theorists?
Jean Piaget authored a theory based on the idea that a developing
child builds cognitive structures, mental "maps", for
understanding and responding to physical experiences within their
environment. Teachers must emphasize the critical role that
experiences, or interactions with the surrounding environment,
play in student learning.
How will you measure students readiness/level of understanding prior to
teaching this lesson? (e.g., KWL chart, SMARTboard responder quiz, whole-class
Q&A with response cards, individual student pre-test, etc.).
I will assess the students readiness by asking them if they have
ever played the game pin guard? Hula-hut attack is very similar
to pin guard and dodgeball. It should be a somewhat easy

How will the students demonstrate that they have attained the goals of the
Explain how the assessment aligns to the objective.
Include a copy of the lesson assessment.
Provide exemplar student responses/products (model outcome).
The students will demonstrate what they have learned by
playing/participating in the game. They will have to demonstrate
teamwork as well as throwing and catching skills. The students
will be able to explain and demonstrate the rules of the game.

How will you evaluate the students work/performance? ( e.g., rubric, weighted
responses, checklist)
Report results in qualitative and/or quantitative format.
I will assess the students on their participation. How they behave
and follow the rules of the game are factors that contribute to
their grade. Every student will start the day with 5 points, but will
be docked if they are not well behaved or do not follow the rules
of the game.
Key Vocabulary: Technology needed:
List words that you will either introduce or How will you use technology to
review which build background/schema engage students in authentic
relevant to the content area. learning experiences?
Dodgeball How will you address diverse
Hula-Hut learning needs through technology?
Hula-Hut Builders No technology is required.

Other required materials:


What accommodations/modifications will you include for students with special
needs? (use contextual information ) How will you make accommodations for the
identified students during each phase of the lesson?
Guided Practice
Independent Practice
I will be sure to explain the rules of the game very clear and
simple. I will bring the students in close so they can hear
and see clearly. The students know which students need
special accommodations and they are careful not to hurt
them as well as help protect them and involve them.
Therefore, I will use the other students in class to help the
special needs students. The special needs students will
participate fully in the activity.
Lesson Opening:
Lesson Plan Implementation

How will you

activate student interest?
present the learning objective(s) in an engaging and student-friendly way?
make connections to past learning?
convey the importance of the learning objective and make it relevant to
your students lives?
explain to students the sequence of instruction? (preview the activities for
the period)
communicate what knowledge or skills students will be expected to
produce by the close of the lesson?
I will make the connection I will open the lesson by
introducing the game Hula-hut pin guard
which the students have already played and understand the
rules. Then I will present the objective; the objective is to
knockdown the other teams hula-huts before they knock
your teams over. I will explain the importance of working as
a team and playing within the rules of the game. Following
rules and working as a team are two important life skills that
they will encounter the rest of their lives.
Instructional Input
I Do

How will you model/explain/demonstrate all knowledge and skills required of

the objective?
Restate the objective
Introduce new material (describe what types of instructional supports
Guided Practice
You Do We Do

How will students practice, with your support, all content and skills required to
continue to internalize the objective? (How will students be engaged?)
The students will be engaged by participating in the
Independent Practice
How will you clearly state and model academic and behavioral expectations?
I will reiterate what is expected of them before the start
of the game and restate as needed throughout the game.
Lesson Closing
How will students independently practice the knowledge and skills required by
How will you
Review the skills/content taught in an interactive manner (whole/small
group, individually)
Reemphasize and clarify the objective
Reassess students mastery of, or progress toward the objective? (if not
already assessed)
I will close the lesson by having the students setup the game
for the next class period. I will then have them go change. I
will ask the students what they liked and disliked about the
game. I will then restate the objectives and dismiss the

After you have administered your assessments (formal or informal) for this lesson,
Refect Analyze

analyze the results.

How did the students perform on this assessment? To what degree did they
achieve mastery toward the lesson objective(s)?
The students performed well. They achieved the objectives
Reflect on your effectiveness as a teacher based on the analysis of students
List two things you feel you did well to plan, implement, or assess
I planned this lesson well. I made sure everyone was